Observations and Reflections, on an Act, Passed in the Year, 1774, for the Settlement, of the Province of Quebec: Intended to Have Been Then Printed for the Use of the Electors of Great Britain, But Now First Published

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J. Stockdale, 1782 - 20 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 13 - ... conftitute, and ordain laws, ftatutes, and ordinances for the publick peace, welfare, and good government of our faid colonies, and of the people and inhabitants thereof, as near as may be agreeable to the laws of England, and under fuch regulations and reftrictions as are ufed in other colonies : and in the mean time, and untill fuch affemblies can be called as aforefaid, all perfons inhabiting in, or reforting to, our faid colonies, may confide in our royal protection for the enjoyment of the...
الصفحة 12 - Canadians (hall continue to be governed according to the cuftom of Paris, and the laws and ufages...
الصفحة 14 - Colonies . and in the meantime, and until such assemblies can be called as aforesaid, all persons inhabiting in or resorting to our said Colonies, may confide in our royal protection for the enjoyment of the benefit of our laws of our realm of England ; for which purpose we have given power under our Great Seal to the Governors of our said Colonies respectively, to erect and constitute, with the advice of our said Council respectively. Courts of Judicature and public justice within our said Colonies,...

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