Poetical Works of the Rev. Dr. Edward Young: With the Life of the Author, المجلد 2

الغلاف الأمامي
Benjamin Johnson, Jacob Johnson, & Robert Johnson, 1805

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الصفحة 107 - Bewilder'd in the vale; in all unlike! His full reverse in all! What higher praise? What stronger demonstration of the right? The present, all their care; the future, his. When public welfare calls, or private want, They give to fame; his bounty he conceals. Their virtues varnish nature; his, exalt.
الصفحة 176 - Shot through vast masses of enormous weight ? Who bid brute matter's restive lump assume Such various forms, and gave it wings to fly ? Has matter innate motion ? then each atom, Asserting its indisputable right To dance, would form an universe of dust...
الصفحة 136 - Heaven gives us friends to bless the present scene; Resumes them, to prepare us for the next. All evils natural are moral goods ; All discipline, indulgence, on the whole. None are unhappy : all have cause to smile, But such as to themselves that cause deny.
الصفحة 150 - Streams to a point, and centres in my sight ! Nor tarries there ; I feel it at my heart. My heart, at once, it humbles and exalts ; Lays it in dust, and calls it to the skies. Who sees it unexalted, or...
الصفحة 63 - Hope, like a cordial, innocent, tho' strong, Man's heart, at once, inspirits, and serenes ; Nor makes him pay his wisdom for his joys ; Tis all, our present state can safely bear, Health to the frame ! and vigour to the mind ! A joy...
الصفحة 175 - Retire; — the world shut out; — thy thoughts call home ; — Imagination's airy wing repress ; — Lock up thy senses ; — let no passion stir;— Wake all to Reason ? — let her reign alone ;— Then in thy soul's deep silence, and the depth Of Nature's silence, midnight, thus inquire, As I have done, and shall inquire no more. In Nature's channel thus the questions run :
الصفحة 134 - ... aspect, turns Her adamantine key's enormous size Through destiny's inextricable wards, Deep driving every bolt, on both their fates. Then, from the crystal battlements of heaven, Down, down, she hurls it thro' the dark profound, Ten thousand thousand fathom ; there to rust, And ne'er unlock her resolution more.
الصفحة 139 - For all I bless thee ; most, for the severe ; * Her death— my own at hand — the fiery gulf, That flaming bound of wrath omnipotent ! It thunders ; — but it thunders to preserve ; It strengthens what it strikes ; its wholesome dread Averts the dreaded pain ; its hideous groans Join heav'n's sweet hallelujahs in thy praise, Great Source of good alone ! How kind in all ! In vengeance kind ! pain, death, Gehenna, save.
الصفحة 85 - With laurels, in full senate, greatly falls, By seeming friends, that honour and destroy. We rise in glory as we sink in pride. Where boasting ends, there dignity begins...
الصفحة 176 - Yet grant it true; new difficulties rise; I'm still quite out at sea; nor see the shore. Whence Earth, and these bright orbs ? — Eternal too? Grant matter was eternal ; still these orbs Would want some other father; — much design Is seen in all their motions, all their makes; Design implies intelligence, and art; That can't be, from themselves — or man : that art Man scarce can comprehend, could man bestow ? And nothing greater yet allow'd than man.

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