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Dawning through Heav'n: forth ruth'd with whirl

wind found The chariot of paternal Deity,

Flashing thick flames, wheel within wheel undrawn,
Itfelf instinct with Spirit, but convoy'd
By four Cherubic shapes; four faces each
Had wondrous; as with stars their bodies all
And wings were set with eyes,

the wheels


and rifing again from the grave: And I looked, and behold, a whirland thus as St. Paul says Rom. I. wind came out of the north, a great 4. He was declared to be the Son of cloud, and a fire infolding itself, I. 4. God with power, according to the Or perhaps the author here drew Spirit of holiness, by the resurrection laiah likewise to his assistance, Isa. from the dead. Greenwood. LXVI. 15. For behold the Lord will

come awith fire, and with his cbaricts 749.- ferth rush'd with whirl like a whirlwind.

wind jound &c.] Milton has raised his defcription in this book

--wheel within wheel undrawn, with many images taken out of

Itself instinct with Spirit, but conthe poctical parts of Scripture.

voy'd The Meffiah's chariot is formed

By four Cherubic shapes; upon a vision of Ezekiel, who, as Grotius observes, has very much Also out of the midħ therenf came the in him of Homer's spirit' in the likeness of four living creatures, and poetical parts of his prophecy.

their appearance was as it were a Adulifon.

Wheel in the middle of a wheel; and

quhen the living creatures Vint, the The whole description indeed is zubecls avent by them, for the fpirit drawn almost word for word from of the living creature was in the Ezekiel, as the reader will see by wheels. I. 5, 16, 19, 20. comparing them together.

-- four faces each -forth rush'd with whirlwind Had wondrous; as with stars their found

bedies all The chariot of paternal Deity, And wings were set with eyes with Flashing thick flames,

eyes the wheels


Of beril, and carreering fires between;
Over their heads a crystal firmament,
Whereon a saphir throne, inlaid with pure
Amber, and colors of the show'ry arch.
He in celestial panoply all arm'd
Of radiant Urim, work divinely wrought,
Ascended; at his right hand victory
Sat eagle-wing’d; beside him hung his bow




And every one had four faces. I. 6. fal, firetched forth over their beads And their whole body, and their above: And above the firmament that wings, and the wheels were full of was over their heads was the likeeyes round about, X. 12.

ness of a throne, as the appearance

of a saphir fione: And I saw as tle -the wheels

color of amber, as the appearance of Of beril, and carreering fires be- the bow that is in the cloud in the tween ;

day of rain. I. 22, 26, 27, 28. The beril is a precious stone of a

760. He in celisial panepły all

arm'd sea-green color, and carreering fires

Of radiant Urim,] All arm'd in are lightnings darting out by fits, complete heavenly armour of raa metaphor taken from the run- diant light. Celeftial panoply is in ning in tilts ; The appearance of the allusion to St. Paul's expreffion, wheels and their work was like unto

Eph. VI. 11.

Put on the panoply, the color of a beril; and the fire was

the whole armour of God. The word bright, and out of the fire went forth

was used before, ver. 527: Urim lightning, I. 18, 13.

and Thummim were something in Over their heads a crystal firma- Aaron's breastplate; what they

were critics and commentators are ment, Whereon a faphir throne, inlaid by no means agreed; but the word

Urim fignifies light and Thummin

perfection; and therefore Milton Amber, and colors of the show'ry very properly gives the epithet of arch.

radiant to Urim. It is most pro

bable that Urim and Thummim were And the likeness of the firmament up- only names given to signify the on the heads of the living creatures clearne's and certainty of the diwas as the color of the terrible cry- vine answers, which were obtain’d

with pure

And quiver with three bolted thunder stor’d,
And from about him fierce effusion roll'd

Of smoke and bickering flame and sparkles dire:
Attended with ten thousand thousand Saints,
He onward came, far off his coming shone;
And twenty thousand (I their number heard)
Chariots of God, half on each hand were seen : 770
He on the wings of Cherub rode sublime
On the crystallin sky, in saphir thron’d,
Illustrious far and wide, but by his own
First seen; them unexpected joy surpris’d,
When the great ensign of Messiah blaz'd 775
Aloft by Angels borne, his sign in Heaven;


by the high-pricft consulting God 767. Attended with ten thousand with his breast-plate on, in contra

thousand Saints, distinction to the obscure, enigma He onward come, &c.] Jude 14. tical, uncertain and imperfect an Behold the Lord cometh with ten túsäswers of the Heathen oracles. sands of his Saints.

And twenty thousand (I their 765. And from abcut him fierce nuinber heard) efirfion roll'd

Chariots of God, Of smoke and bickering flame ard

Sparkles dire:] A furious The chariots of God are twenty tbautempeft pouring forth smoke and land. Pfal. LXVIII. 17. i beard fighting Hame round about him. the number of them. Rev. VII. 4: Bickering, fighting and thence de- Let it be remark'd how much of Nroying, of the Welsh Bicre a

his fublimity, even in the sublimet combai. There went up a looke part of his works, Milton owes to cut of his nofirils, and fire out of Scripture, his mouth devoured. Plal. XVIII. 8. ai fire fhol devour before him, and 771. He on the wings of Cherub it jhall te try remifluous round &c.] Pfal. XVIII. 10. rode upex about him. Pial. L. 3: Hume, a Cherub &c. Greenwood.


Under whose conduct Michael soon reduc'd
His army,

circumfus'd on either wing,
Under their Head imbodied all in one.
Before him pow'r divine his way prepar’d; 780
At his command th’ uprooted hills retir’d
Each to his place; they heard his voice and went
Obfequious; Heav'n his wonted face renew'd,
And with fresh flow'rets hill and valley smild.
This saw his hapless foes but stood obdur'd, 785
And to rebellious fight rallied their Powers
Insensate, hope conceiving from despair.
In heav'nly Spi'rits could such perverseness dwell?
But to convince the proud what signs avail,


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776.-his fign] The sign of the goodness, to renew the cuonted face cross probably. Greenwood. of Heaven. Greenwood.

779. Under obeir Head-] Rom. 787.-hope conceiving from XI. 5. We being many are one

despair.] Imitated from body in Chrift. Col. I. i 8. He is Virgil. the lead of the body. Greenwood.

Una falus vi&tis nullam fperare sa

lutem. En, 11. 354. 791. At bis command &c.] We frequently read in the Scriptures of Or rather from Quintus Curtius. the hills and mountains trembling Lib. 5. cap. 4. lgnaviam quoque and moving at the preience or the necesitas acuit, ei Jäpe desperatio command of the Lord: but it is spei caufa eft. generally, if not always, mentioned

738. In hea-v'nly Spirits could such as the effect or proof of his high

perverfenes a well ?]
displeasure. Here the poet lays
hold of the same thought, and ap --Tantæne aninis cæleftibus ir.c?
plies it as an inttauce of his great

Virg. En.I.

K k

797. In

Or wonders move th' obdurate to relent?

790 They harden’d more by what might most re

clame, Grieving to see his glory, at the sight Took envy; and aspiring to his hight, Stood reimbatteľ'd fierce, by force or fraud Weening to prosper, and at length prevail 795 Against God and Messiah, or to fall In universal ruin last; and now To final battel drew, disdaining flight, Or faint retreat; when the great Son of God To all his host on either hand thus spake. 800

Stand still in bright array, ye Saints, here stand Ye Angels arm’d, this day from battel rest; Faithful hath been your warfare, and of God Accepted, fearless in his righteous cause, have receiv’d, so have


done Invincibly; but of this cursed crew The punishment to other hand belongs;


And as ye


797. In univerfal ruin loft;] So in Dr. Bentley's edition, but withit is in Milton's iwo first editions ; out any note upon it, or any thing and if he wrote last, it must be to distinguish the alteration, as if understood the same as at loft: it had been so printed in all the but I was thinking whether it former editions. would not be better to read In uni 808. Vengeance is his, or whes versal rnin 147, when I found it so be jole appoints :) To mete


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