A Companion to Melville Studies

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John Bryant
Greenwood Press, 1986 - 906 من الصفحات

John Bryant has assembled a unique collection of critical writings dealing with the life, art, and influence of Herman Melville. More than just a survey of his works, this book is an intellectual guide that comprises the learning and insight of twenty-five noted Melville scholars, as well as their suggestions for further research. In combining criticism and bibliography, each chapter assesses the critical debates that have emerged concerning Melville's thought and art. The Companion also examines Melville's life and influence on the world of books, modern thought, foreign cultures, and popular culture.

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A Companion to Melville studies

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This remarkable book belongs in every library collection that emphasizes American literature. Its 11 "textural'' chapters focus on individual works by Melville, providing accounts of origins and ... قراءة التقييم بأكمله


A Life and the Lives
Melville the Traveler
Melville the Duyckinck Crowd
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