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Luther and the Lutheran Reformation. Henry Glassford Bell, Esq. % vole

By the Rev. John Scott, A.M. 2 vols. 18mo. Portrait. 18mo. Portraits.

Life of Sir Isaac Newton.

By Sir The Life of Andrew Jackson, President David Brewster, K.B., LL.D., F.R.S.

of the United States of Ainerica. By 18mo. Engravings. William Cobbelt, M.P. 18mo. With Memoirs of the Empress Josephine a Portrait.

By John S. Memes, LL.D. 18mo. Matthias and his Impostures ; or, the Portraits. Progress of Fanaticism. Illustrated The Court and Camp of Bonaparte. in the Extraordinary Case of Robert 18mo. Portrait. Matthews and some of his Forerunners and Disciples. By William L. Lives and Voyages of Drake, CaverStone. 18mo.

dish, and Dampier. Including an

Introductory View of the earlier DisSketches and Eccentricities of Colonel

coveries in the South Seas, and the David Crockett. 12mo.

History of the Bucaniers. 18mg Anecdotes of Sir Walter Scoft. By the Portraits.

Ettrick Shepherd. With a life of Memoirs of Celebrated Female Sovethe Author, by 8. Dewitt Bloodgood,

reigns. By Mrs. Jameson. 2 vole Esq. 12mo.

18mo. The Life of Baron Cuvier. By Mrs. Lives of Celebrated Travellers. By Lee. 12mo.

James Augustus St. John. 3 vols. The Life, Character, and Literary La. 18mn. bours of Samuel Drew, A.M. By his Life of Frederick the Second, King of eldest Son. 12mo.

Prussia, by Lord Dover. 2 vols. My Imprisonments: Memoirs of Silvio 18mo. Portrait. Pellico da Saluzzo. Translated from Indian Biography; or, an Historical the Įtalian. By Thomas Roscoe. Account of those Individuals who 12mo.

have been distinguished among the The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. By

North American Natives as Orators, J. G. Lockhart, Esq. ? vols. 18mo.

Warriors, Statesmen, and other RePortraits.

markable Characters. By B. B. The Life of Nelson. By Robert Sou.

Thatcher, Esq. 2 vols, 18mo. Por

trait. they, LL.D. 18mg. Portrait.

History of Charlemagne. To which is

prefixed an Introduction, comprising The Life and Actions of Alexander the

ihe History of France from the ear, Great. By the Rev. J. Williams.

liest Period to the Birth of Charle18mo. Map.

magne. By G. P. R. James. 18mo, The Life of Lord Byron. By John Portrait.

Galt, Esq. 18mo. The Life of Mahammed, Founder of the The Life of Oliver Cromwell. By the

Rev. M. Russell, LL.D. 2 vols. Religion of Islam, and of the Empire

18mo. Portrait. of the Saracens. By the Rev. George Bush, of New York. 18mo. With Memoir of the Life of Peter the Great. Engravinga.

By John Barrow, Esq. 18mo. Por The Life and Times of George the

trait. Fourtn. With Anecdotes of distin- Lives of the Apostles and Early Marguished Persons of the last Fifty tyrs of the Church. 18mo. Engra. Years. By Rey. George Croly.

vinge. 18mo.

Sketches of the Lives of Distinguished Lives of the inost eminent Painters and

Females. Written for Young Ladies, Sculptors. By Allan Cunningham, with a view to their Mental and Esq. 5 vols. 18mo. Portraits.

Moral Improvement. By an Amer,

ican Lady, 18mo. Portrait, &c. The Life Mary,


Ву 6


VOYAGES, TRAVELS, ETC. Incidents of Travel in Central America, / Two Years before the Mast; a Personal

Chiapas, and Yucatan. By John L. Narrative of Life at Sea By R. H. Stephens, Esq., Author of Incidents Dana, Jr. 18mo. of Travel in Egypt, Arabia Petræa, The Far West: or, a Tour beyond the and the Holy Land.” With a Map

Mountains. 2 vols. 12mo, aud 80 Engravings. 2 vols. 8vo

Incidents of Travel in Greece, Turkey, Letters froin Abroad to Kindred at

Russia, and Poland. By the Author Ilome. By Miss C. M. Sedgwick. of " Incidents of Travel in Egypt, 2 vols. 12mo.

Arabia Petrea, and the Holy Land." Letters from the Old World. By a 2 vols, 12mo. Seventh Edition. EnLady of New-York. 2 vols. 12mo. gravings.

Great Britain, France, and Belgium. Travels in the United States. By J.S. A short Tour in 1835. By Heman

Buckingham, Esg. 2 vols. 8vo. Humphrey, D.D. 2 vols. 12mo. The Nestorians; or, the Lost Tribes.

Containing Evidence of their Identity, The Life and Travels of Mungo Park, an Account of their Manners, Cus With the Substance of later Discov. toms, and Ceremonies, together with eries relative to his lamented Fate Sketches of Travel in Ancient As

and the Termination of the Niger. syria, Armenia, Media, and Me: opo 18mo. Engravings. tamia, and Illustrations of Scripture Retrospect of Western Travel. By Miss Prophecy. By Asahel Grant, M.D. | H. Martineau. 2 vols. 12mo. 12mo. Map.

A Year in Spain. By a Young Amer Embassy to the Eastern Courts of Si

ican. 3 vols. 12mo. Vignette Emam, Cochin-China, and Muscat. B

bellishments. Fancy muslin. Edmund Roberts. 8vo.

| Spain Revisited. By the Author of Voyage of the United States Frigate

"A Year in Spain." 2 vols. 12mo, Potomac, under the Command of

Engravings. Fancy muslin. Coin. John Downes, during the Cir- | cumnavigation of the Globe, in the The American in England. By the Years 1831, 1832, 1833, and 1834; in Auihor of "A Year in Spain." 2 cluding a particular Account of the vols, 12mo. Fancy muslin. Engagement at Quallah-Battoo, on ravels and Researches in Caffraria; the coast of Sumatra; with all the describing the Character, Customs, official Documents relating to the and Moral Condition of the Tribes same. By J. N. Reynolds. Svo, inhabiting that Portion of Southern Illustrated with ten Steel Engra- | Africa By Stephen Kay. 12mo. vings. Fancy muslin.

Maps, &c. Voyages for the Discovery of a North- | A Narrative of Four Voyages to the

west Passage from the Atlantic to South Sea, North and South Pacific the Pacific, and Narrative of an At

Ocean, Chinese Sea, Ethiopic and tempt to reach the North Pole. By Southern Atlantic Ocean, and AnW. E. Parry, Capt. R.N., F.R.S. 2

tarctic Ocean. From the Year 1822 vols. 18mo. Engravings. . . to 1831. Comprising an Account of Travels in Europe : viz., in England some valuable Discoveries, including Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy,

the Massacre Islands, where thirteen Switzerland, some parts of Germany,

of the Author's Crew were massacred and the Netherlands, during the

and eaten by Cannibals By Capt. Years 1835 and '36. By Wilbur

Benjamin Morrell, Jun. 8vo. Fisk. D.D. 8vo, With Engravings, Narrative of a Vovage to the South Sheep extra.

Seas, in 1829-31. By Abby Jane The Life and Adventures of Bruce, the Morrell, who accompanied her husAfrican Traveller. By Major Sir F.

band, Capt. B. Morrell, Jun., of the B. Head. 18mo. Portrait.

Schooner Antarctio. 12mo. Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym

Petræa, and the Holy Land. By an of Nantucket. Comprising the Do American. 2 vols. i2mo, 1 welfth tails of a Mutiny and atrocious Edition. Engravings.

Butchery on board the American

Brig Grampus, on her way to the The Tourist, or Pocket Manual for South Seas, in the Month of June, Travellers on the Uudson River, the 1827. 12mo.

Western Canal and Stage Road to Narrative of an Expedition through the

Niagara Falis, down Lake Ontario

and the St. Lawrence to Morrt real Upper Mississippi to Itasca Lake, the actual source of this River; einbra.

and Quebec. Comprising also the

Routes to Lebanon, Ballston, and cing an Exploratory Trip through the St. Croix and Burntwood (or Broule)

Saratoga Springs. 18mo. With a Rivers. By theory Schoolcraft. 8vo.

Map. With Maps.

Things as they are; or, Notes of a Paris and the Parisians, in 1835. By

Traveller through some of the Mid

12mo. Frances Troliope.

dle and Northern States.

8vo. Engravings.

Engravings. Sketches of Turkey in 1831 and 1832. Observations on Professions, LiteraBy an American. 8vo. Engravings.

ture, Manners, and Emigration in the United States and Canada. By the

Rev. Isaac Fidler. 12o. A Narrative of the Visit to the American (hurches, by the Deputation from Narrative of Voyages to Explore the

Shores of Africa, Arabia, and Madathe Congregational Union of England and Wales. By Andrew Reed, D.D.,

gascar; performed in H. M. Ships and James Matheson, D.D. 2 vols.

Leven and Barracouta, under the 12mo.

Direction of Captain W. F. W.

Owen, R.N, 2 vols. 12mo. Four Years in Great B

By Cal

A Subaliern's Furlough. Descriptive vin Colton. 12ino.

of Scenery in various parts of the Visits and Sketches at Home and

Uuited States, Upper and Lower Abroad. With Tales and Miscella

Canada, New-Brunswick, and Nova nies now first collected, and a new Scotia, during the Summer and AuEdition of the “Diary of an En

tumn of 1832. By E. T. Coke, nuyée.” By Mrs. Jameson. 2 vols. Lieutenant of the 45th Regiment. % 12mo.

vols. 12.no. Letters from the Ægean. By James Narrative of Discovery and Adventure Einerson, Esq. 8vo.

in Polar Seas and Regions. With The Southwest. By a Yankee. In 2 Illustrations of their Climate, GeolVols. 12 mio.

ogy, and Natural History, and an The Rambler in North America. By

Account of the Whale-Fishery. By

Professors I.eslie and Jameson, and C. J. Latrobe, Author of the “ Alpenstock,” &c. 2 vols. 12mo.

Hugh Murray, Esq. 18mo. Maps,

&c. The Rambler in Mexico. By Charles Narrative of Discovery and Adventure Joseph Latrobe. 12mo.

in Africa. From the earliest Ages Constantinople and its Environs. In a to the present Time. With Ulustra

Series of Letters, exhibiting the ac tions of its Geology, Mineralogy, and tual State of the Manners, Customs, Zoology. By Prosessor Jaineson, and and Habits of the Turks, Armenians,

J Wilson and Hugh Murray, Esqrs. Jews, and Greeks, as modified by the

18mo. Engravings. policy of Sultan Mahmoud. By an Description of Pitcairn's Island and its American long resident at Constanti

Inhabitants, With an Authentic Iiole (Connodore Porter). 2 vols.

Account of the Mutiny of the Ship 12ino.

Bounty, and of the subsequent ForA Winter on the West. By a New tunes of the Mulineers. By J. Bar

Yorker (C. F. Hoffman, Esq.). In 2 row, Esq. 180o. Engravings.

Vols. 12ino. Polynesian Researches, during a Resi. Journal of an Expedition to Explore

dence of nearly eight Years in the the Course and Termination of the Society and Sandwich Islands By Niger. With a Narrative of a VoyWilliam Ellis. 4 vols. 12mo. With age down that River to its Termina Maps, &c.

tion. By Richard and John Lander.

2 vols. 18mo. Engravings. A Home Tour through the Manufac

turmg Districts of England. By Sir The Travels and Researches of Alex. George Head 12.no.

ander Von Hurnbuldt; being a con


densed Narrative of his Journeys in Professor Wilson. 18mo. With a the Equinoctial Regions of America, Map, &c. and in Asiatic Russia; together with An Historical Account of the CircumAnalyses of his more important In

navigation of the Globe, and of the vestigations. By W. Macgillivray,

Progress of Discovery in the Pacific A.M. 18ino. Engravings.

Ocean, from the Voyage of Magellan Lives and Voyages of Drake, Caven to the Death of Cook. 18mo. With

dish, and Dampier. Including an numerous Engravings. Introductory View of the earlier Dis

Perils of the Sea; being Authentio coveries in the South Seas, and the Narratives of Remarkable and AffectHistory of the Bucaniers. 18mo.

ing Disasters upon the Deep. With Portraits.

Illustrations of the Power and GoodLives of Celebrated Travellers. By J. ness of God in wonderful PreservaA. St. John, 3 vols. 18mo,

tions. 18mo. Engravings. Historical View of the Progress of Dis. Caroline Westerley; or, the Young

eovery on the Northern Coasts of Traveller from Ohio. By Mrs. North America. From the earliest Phelps (formerly Mrs. Lincoln) Period to the present Time. By P.

18mo. Engravings. F. Tytler, Esq. With descriptive An Improved Map of the Hudson River, Sketches of the Natural History of with the Post Roads between Newthe North American Regions. By York and Albany.


liest_Ages to the Reformation. By On the Gospels. New and Enlarged the Rev. George Waddington, M.A.

Edition, illustrated by numerous 8vo. Engravings, and a Map of Jerusa- Beauties of the Bible, selected from the lem by Catherwood. 2 vols.

Old and New Testaments, with vari

ous Remarks and brief Dissertations, On the Acts of the Apostles.

Designed for the Use of Schools and On Romans.--75 cents.

the Improvement of Youth. By Ezra

Sampson. 18mo.
On First Corinthians.--75 cents.
On Second Corinthians and Gala.

NATURAL THEOLOGY. tians. Questions to the above in separate Paley's Natural Theology. With Ilins. volumes.-25 cents per vol.

trative Notes, by Henry Lord Brough

am, F.R.S., and Sir Charles Bell, Mosheim's Institutes of Ecclesiastical

K.G.H., F.R.S. L. & E. With nuHistory, Ancient and Modern, in four

merous Woodcuts. To which are Books, much Corrected, Enlarged,

added Preliminary Observations and and Improved, from the Primary Au Notes. By Alonzo Potter, D.D. 2 thorities. A new and literal Trans.

vols. 18mo. lation from the original Latin, with copious

additional Notes, original and on the Power, Wisdom, and Goodness selected. By James Murdock, D.D.

of God, as manifested in the Adapta

tion of External Nature to the Moral 3 vols. 8vo. Sheep extra.

and Intellectual Constitution of Man. Prideaux's Connexions; or, the Old

By the Rev. Thomas Chalmers, D.D and New Testaments connected, in

Professor of Divinity in the Univer. the History of the Jews and neigh sity of Edinburgh. 12mo. bouring Nations, from the Declension of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah The Hand; its Mechanism and Vital to the Time of Christ. By Humphrey

Endowments as evincing Design.

By Sir Charles Bell, K.G.H., F.R.S., Prideaux, D.D. New Edition. In 2 vols. 8vo. Maps and Engravings.

L. & E. 12mo. Sheep extra.

On Astronomy and General Physics History of Christianity, from the Birth By the Rev. William Whewell, M.A.,

of Christ to the Abolition of Paganism F.R.S. 12mo. in the Roman Empire. By Rev. I. Sacred History of the Worla, as dis H. Milman.

played in the Creation and subse A History of the Church, from the ear: quent Events to the Deluye. At

tempted to be philosophically consid Military; and an Esplanation of the ered in a series of Letters to a Son. appellative Terms mentioned in tho By Sharon Turner, F.S.A. 3 vols. Old and New Testaments. By the 18mo.

Rev. John Brown. With a Life of Celestial Scenery; or, the Wonders of the Authwor, and an Essay on the

the Planetary System displayed. Il Evidences of Christianity. 8vo.lustrating the Perfections of Deity Sheep extra. and a Plurality of Worlds. By 1. The Harmony of Christian Faith and Dick, LL.D. ismo. Engravings. Christian Character, and the Culture

and Discipline of the Mind. By Jolin The Sidereal Heavens, and other Sub

Abercrombie, M.D. 18mo. jects connected with Astronomy, as Protestant Jesuitism. By a Protestant. illustrative of the Character oi the 12mo. Deity, and an Infinity of Worlds. Sermons of the Rev. James Saurin, late By Thomas Dick, LL.D. 18mo.

Pastor of the French Church at the Engravings.

Hague. From the French, by the

Rev. Robert Robinson, Rev. Henry Sermons. By Rev. Juhn Summerfield.

Hunter, D.D., and Rev. Joseph Sut. Edited by Rev. Daniel Smith. 8vo.

cliffe, Á.M. A new Edition, with

additional Sermons. Revised and A Narrative of Events connected with

corrected by the Rev. Samuel Burder, the Rise and Progress of the Protes A.M. With a likeness of the Author tant Episcopal Church in Virginia.

and a general Index. From the last To which is added an Appendix, con London Edition. With a Preface by taining the Journals of the Conven

the Rev. J. P. K. Henshaw, D.D. 2 tions in Virginia from the Commence

vols. 8vo. Sheep extra. ment to the present Tiine. By F. L. Hawks. Svo.

Demonstration of the Truth of the

Christian Religion. By Alex. Keith, History of the Bible. By the Rev. G.

D.D. 12mo. Plates. R. Gleig. 2 vols. 18mo. Map.

A Treatise on the Millennium; in

which the prevailing Theories on The Life of Christ, in the Words of the

that Subject are carefully examined, Evangelists. A complete Harmony and the irue Scriptural Doctrine at: of the Gospel History of our Saviour.

tempted to be elicited and established Small 4to. With thirty Engravings

By George Bushi, A.M. 12mo. ou Wood, by Adams.

The Consistency of the whole Scheme Religion in its Relation to the Present

of Revelation with itself and with Life. In a Series of Lectures, deliv.

Human Reason. By Philip Nicholas ered before the Young Men's Associ

Shuttleworth, D.D. 18mo.-45 cents. ation of Utica, by A. B. Johnson, and published at their request.

A Concordance to the Holy Scriptures Evidence of the Truth of the Christian

of the Old and New Testaments. By

Rev. John Brown. 32mo. Religion, derived from the literal Fulfilment of Prophecy. By Rev. The Comforter; or, Extracts selected Alex Keith. 12mo.

for the Consolation of Mourners The Works of the Rev. Robert Hall,

under the Bereavement of Friends A.M. With a brief Memoir of his

and Relations. By a Village Pastor. Lise, by Dr. Gregory, and Observa

12mo. tions on his Character as a Preacher, Thoughts on the Religious State of the hy the Rev. John Foster.

Edited by

Country; with Reasons for preferring Olinthus Gregory, LL.D. In 3 vols. Episcopacy. By the Rev. Calvin 8vo. Portrait. sheep extra.

Colton. 2mo. Thu Miscellaneous Works of the Rev. Christianity Independent of the Civil John Wesley. 3 vols. 8vo.

Government. 12mo. A Dictionary of the Holy Bible. Con- Help to Faith ; or, a Summary of the tuining an Historical Account of the

Evidences of the Genuineness, AuPersons; a Geographical and Histor

thenticity, Credibility, and Divine Auical Account of the Places; a Literal,

thority of the Holy Scriptures. By Critical, and Systematical Descrip

Rev. P. P. Sandford. 12mo. tion of other objects, whether Nat- Sunday Eveningg ; or, an easy Introural, Artificial, Civil, Religious, or duction to the Reading of the Bible,

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