The History of the Late Minority: Exhibiting the Condvct, Principles, and Views, of that Party, Dvring the Years 1762, 1763, 1764, and 1765

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printed in the year MDCCLXV; and reprinted, with some additions, in the year, 1766 - 332 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 38 - Upon these -conditions, and these conditions only, his royal highness thinks he has a right not to doubt of having a most cordial support from all those good men who mean their country and this constitution well, and that they will become his and his family's friends, and unite with him to promote the good government...
الصفحة 165 - ... from it. As to a libel, the evidence is partly internal and partly external. The paper itfelf may not be compleat and conclufive evidence, for it may be dark, and unintelligible without the inuendos, which are the external evidence.
الصفحة 35 - I am sure no gentleman will contradict. A difference of opinion, with regard to measures to be taken against Spain, of the highest importance to the honour of the Crown, and to the most essential national interests, and this founded on what Spain had already done, not on what that court may farther intend to do, was the cause of my resigning the seals.
الصفحة 36 - I have explained these matters only for the honour of truth, not in any view to court return of confidence from any man, who, with a credulity as weak as it is injurious, has thought fit...
الصفحة 223 - ... of the people from his majefty, to withdraw them from their obedience to the laws of the realm, and to excite them to traiterons infurreftions againft his majefty's government ; and ordered to be burnt by the hands of the common hangman.
الصفحة 228 - I have reafon to believe you was not * fo much in the dark as you affected and ' chofe to be. Was the complaint, made * before fo many gentlemen, on purpofe ' that they might interpofe ? To cut off * every pretence of ignorance as to the * author, I whifper in your ear, that every * paflage in the North Briton, in which you have been named, or even alluded to, was written by Your humble fervant, JOHN WILKES.
الصفحة 239 - Libel could poffibly, by any Abufe of Language, or has any where been called, inadvertently, a Breach of the Peace, there is not the leaft Colour to fay, that the Libeller can be bound to give Sureties for the Peace, for the following Reafons : Becaufe none can be fo bound un.lefs he be taken in the actual Commitment of a Breach of the Peace, ftriking or...
الصفحة 149 - Efq. herewith fent you for being the author >^ and publifher of a moft infamous and feditious libel intitled the North Briton number 45 tending to inflame the minds and alienate the affections of the people from his Majefty and to excite them to traiterous infurreclions againft the government and to keep him fafe and clofe until he fhall be delivered by due courfe of law and for fo doing this mall be your warrant Given at St.
الصفحة 112 - Liberty than the Extenfion of the Laws of Excife, over new Orders of Men, who, by mere Ignorance and Inadvertency, may be fubjected to the fevered Penalties for Things done in the common, ordinary, and neceflary Management of their Farms.
الصفحة 235 - And it being moved to agree with the Commons in the faid refolution, The fame was objected to. After long debate thereupon...

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