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engaged in the investigation of natural phenomena by the light of revealed truth, and therefore beholding and pourtraying them in those full proportions of beauty, grandeur and symmetry, over which the darkness of the natural man throws a veil of obscurity. We sincerely hope the author will pursue bis plan, as marked out for further development; and meantime we request all our friends to bring the work under the notice of their medical acquaintance, more especially the youthful students of tbe science. We do not subscribe to Mr. Gardner's evident opinion on the subject of modern Geology: we repudiate the system in toto; but it is a point where Christians may agree to differ. With regard to Mesmerism, we most heartily concur in his indignant exposure of it, as a vile deception; at the same time believing, which he does not, that satanic agency is sometimes connected with it, more closely than with every ordinary lie. We wish all success to this truly Christian Volume.

We are now going to notice some books en masse, as safe and profitable ; for as this season will doubtless prove a great seed-time of error, it is something to be able to point out a few of good tendency.

“ SABBATH STUDIES, upon life, death,” &c. By the Author of “ A Synopsis of the Evidences of Christianity.” (Macardy.) A small book, interesting, and scriptural

“ CHRISTIAN HAPPINESS considered in its relation to men, families and Churches." By E. Mannering. (Snow.) Is ditto. We believe the Author is a Digsepting Minister. So was John Flavel, so were Owen, Baxter, and a host of sbining lights.

“THE NORWOOD SCHOOLS.” (Roake and Varty.) is a most interesting statement by the Rev. Joseph Brown, M.A., the Chaplain, of the system pursued towards the eleven hundred poor children always resident in the Establishment, paupers, rescued from the prison-walls of the union workhouses—We utterly abhor the New Poor Law; and this seems to be such a redeeming trait, through the Lord's merciful interposition, and by the humane earnestness of the Chaplain, that we are willing to bring it forward. We do not in all points exactly go along with the Author, but we highly respect bis zeal and love, as shewn in this very interesting little statement.

“SYNOPSIS of the Evidences of Christianity.” Joseph Macardy. Second Edition. Powerfully written, clear and distinct.

The LITURGY of the Church of England explained.” In three volumes, and the Collects, &c. By Mrs. S. Maddock. (Houlston and Co.) Are very useful aaxiliaries to mothers in teaching their children. They have passed through several editions, and the profits go to Jerusalem. We wish, however, that the truly estimable authoress would expunge the silly story of the gospel being first introduced into Britain by the Popish Monk sent over by Gregory. It is wholly untrue: Augustine was OPPOSED by the true and orthodox Christian Church of Britain, most stoutly; and it was only by a fearful slaughter of the ministers of Christ's Church, among the fastnesses of Wales, that Rome was enabled to plant her heel in these lands. Ireland had then a far purer Church than Rome ; so had Scotland, so had Britain. It is very important to bring this before children, and not fill their minds with the absurd romance of Gregory and the “ Angles,” or Angels ; ” giving to him who by his own showing was “the Antichrist,” the merit of doing what he strove hard to undo.

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“THE TEACHER'S COMPANION : designed to exhibit the principles of Sunday School Instruction and discipline,” by R. N. Collins. (Houlston and Co.) is very valuable indeed. We know not a more admirable work of the kind.

Now come the Religious Tract Society's recent publications: we read them over, because we dare not recommend any thing on trust; but the admirable plan of revision adopted by this Society is a most strong safeguard. “ The Royal gift-book for the Young," is a sort of small annual, adorned with a very spirited portrait of our dear little Prince of Wales, as a frontispiece. It consists of miscellaneous pieces, prose and verse: all very nice and good.

“ Lessons in reading, for children in families and schools, with questions on the principal subjects." Attractive, and full of information on all sorts of matters. We particularly relish the account of the Reformation.

PLAY-HOURS ; or the happy children,” is quite a “ book of sports” for students under ten years; and mingled with much that is profitable.

“ COLUMBUS and his times.” A history of that extraordinary man and his achievements.

“ SHORT TEXTs in short words; for daily use among those learning to read"-All Scripture.

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“THE LOBSTER.” A peculiarly interesting continuation of the square books.

THE Sunday School Union have another Annual Number of their 66 Sunday School Teacher's Class Register and Diary,” for 1843. Carefully selected lessons, and other matter ; with abundant space, on very handsome paper, for notes and observations. They bave also published No. 1. of The Juvenile Harmonist: a Collection of Tunes and Pieces for children, arranged for two trebles and a bass. Very good.

Seeley AND BURNSIDE have published a Third Edition of “Molyneux on Baptismal Regeneration," in a very cheap form. The Bishop of London has been answered by various hands. The Rev. James J. Holloway, D.D. has published "A Reply," (Hatchards) in a thick pamphlet; chiefly on the points of Baptismal Regeneration, and Sacramental Justification. The soundness of his views is, by God's grace, un-impaired. Two smaller tracts (Nisbet) one entitled “ Danger and Daty,” by Rev. R. Marks ; the other - The Charge of the Bishop of London examined, and its anscriptoral tendency set forth, by One of the Laity,” deserve special attention.

We have one thing more to add to our long list. Vocal music is now becoming the universal accomplishment, and among our friends devotional music will ever hold the first place. We wish to mention two handsome quarto volumes entitled MeloDIA SACRA, comprising all the Psalms, according to the authorized version of our Church, and a splendid collection of Hymns and Anthems; the music composed by ancient and modern authors, arranged for one, two, three, or four voices, with the Organ or Piano, by D. Weyman, late Vicar-Choral of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin. A new and improved Edition, with an index to above 500 of our choicest hymns, and references to suitable tunes. (Marcus Moses, Dublin.) It is quite the national work in Ireland ; and is truly a rich feast of music, as all must admit who have been in St. Patrick's Cathedral. The Publisher has made it complete by adding four separate little books, numbered, and arranged for tenor ; 1st treble ; contra tenor and 2nd treble; and bass. Thus enabling a whole party to join, without crowding round the instrument. Entire, the set is really a library of sacred music.

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