Spiritual Paths: Forgiveness

الغلاف الأمامي
Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2002 - 463 من الصفحات
With page after page of inspiration, meditation, and introspection, these two new books in our Spiritual Paths series provide a welcome way to reflect upon great words from the wise. Decorated with inspiring designs, both Peace and Forgiveness speak to the voice within us all that longs for harmony and serenity.What better time to offer two titles that will resonate with so many readers? Filled with insightful quotations, extracts from prayers, and devotions from saints, prophets, gurus, and other religious leaders, Peace and Forgiveness deliver both enlightenment and meaning to anyone on a spiritual quest.Peace and Forgiveness bring together words and wisdom from a variety of faiths and philosophies, as well as from modern writers. Every contribution sheds light on a demanding and spiritually rewarding facet of human nature. Each beautifully illustrated page is designed to help readers get in touch with their higher nature, to discover the sacred in the everyday, and to find their own paths to forgiveness and peace.

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