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الصفحة lxxxviii - Arcot, he drew from every quarter whatever a savage ferocity could add to his new rudiments in the arts of destruction ; and compounding all the materials of fury, havoc, and desolation into one black cloud, he hung for a while on the declivities of the mountains.
الصفحة lxxxiv - You well know, gentlemen, how soon one of those stupendous masses, now reposing on their shadows in perfect stillness, how soon, upon any call of patriotism, or of necessity, it would assume the likeness of an animated thing, instinct with life and motion - how soon it would ruffle, as it were, its swelling plumage - how quickly it would put forth all its beauty and its bravery, collect its scattered elements of strength, and awaken its dormant thunder.
الصفحة lxxxviii - A storm of universal fire blasted every field, consumed every house, destroyed every temple. The miserable inhabitants, flying from their flaming villages, in part were slaughtered; others, without regard to sex, to age, to the respect of rank, or sacredness of function, fathers torn from children, husbands from wives, enveloped in a whirlwind of cavalry, and amidst the goading spears of drivers and the trampling of pursuing horses, were swept into captivity in an unknown and hostile land.
الصفحة lxxxiv - The resources created by peace are means of war. In cherishing those resources, we but accumulate those means. Our present repose is no more a proof of inability to act, than the state of inertness and inactivity in which...
الصفحة lxxxviii - The alms of the settlement, in this dreadful exigency, were certainly liberal ; and all was done by charity that private charity could do; but it was a people in beggary; it was a nation which stretched out its hands for food. For months together these creatures of sufferance, whose very excess and luxury in their most plenteous days had fallen short of the allowance of our austerest fasts, silent, patient, resigned, without sedition or disturbance, almost without complaint...
الصفحة lxxxv - I might, as a constituent, come to your bar and demand my liberty, — I do call upon you, by the laws of the land and their violation, by the...
الصفحة xcii - Then may we hope that even Africa, though last of all the quarters of the globe, shall enjoy at length, in the evening of her days, those blessings which have descended so plentifully upon us in a much earlier period of the world.
الصفحة xix - FORBES (CAPT. CJFS) British Burma and its People; sketches of Native Manners, Customs, and Religion. Cr. Svo. 10$. QcL FORD (RICHARD). Gatherings from Spain. Post Svo. 3s. 6d. FORSYTH (WILLIAM). Hortensius ; an Historical Essay on the Office and Duties of an Advocate. Illustrations.
الصفحة lxxxvii - who is it that causes this river to rise in the high mountains, and to empty itself into the ocean? Who is it that causes to blow the loud winds of winter, and that calms them again in summer?
الصفحة lxxxv - ... .Do not suffer the arrogance of England to imagine a surviving hope in the fears of Ireland. Do not send the people to their own resolves for liberty, passing by the tribunals of justice and the high court of Parliament ; neither imagine, that, by any formation of...

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