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In the following pages is offered a list of all the poetical works of American origin which have come under notice in the course of this undertaking. They are arranged in the chronological order of their publication.





The Psalms in Metre; faithfully translated for the use, edification and comfort of the Saints in public and private, especially in . New England. Carnbridge, Stephen Daye, 1640. Crown 8vo,

pp. 300.

Several Poems compiled with great variety of wit and learning, full of delight: wherein especially is contained a compleat discourse and description of the four Elements, Constitutions, Ages of Man, Seasons of the Year, together with an exact Epitome of the three first Monarchyes, namely, the Assyrian, Persian, Grecian, and Romane Commonwealth, from the beginning to the end of their last King, with diverse other pleasant and serious Poems, by a Gentlewoman in New England. (Mrs Anne Bradstreet.) The second Edition, corrected by the author, and enlarged by an addition of several poems found amongst her papers after her death. Boston, John Foster, 1678. 18mo, pp. 255.

Elegie on the Rev. Thomas Shepard, Pastor of the church in Charlestown, by Urian Oakes. Boston, Samuel Green, 1668. 4to.

A Looking Glass for the Times, by Peter Folger. 1676.
New England's Crisis. (B. Tompson. ) 12mo, pp. 31.

An Elegie upon the Death of the Rev. Mr Thomas Shepard late Teacher at the Church at Charlestown. By a great admirer of his worth, and true mourner for his death. 1677.

A Poem on the death of John Alden of Duxborough, who died in 1687, (by John Cotton,) reprinted.

A Lacrymatory, designed for the tears let fall at the funeral of Mrs Sarah Leveret, who died 2d 11mo. 1704, 5. Boston, Samuel Phillips, 1705. 18mo, pp. 4. (With a Funeral Sermon.)

A poem on Elijah’s Translation, occasioned by the death of the Reverend and learned Mr Samuel Willard, late pastor to a church of Christ in Boston, and Vice President of Harvard College in Cambridge. By Mr Colman, V. D. M. Boston, Benjamin Eliot, 1707 18mo, pp. 14.

Meat out of the Eater, or Meditations concerning the necessity, and usefulness of Affliction unto God's children, all tending to prepare them for, and comfort them under the cross. By Michael Wigglesworth, corrected and amended by the author in the year 1703. The Fifth Edition. Boston, J. Allen for Robert Starke, 1717. 18mo,

pp. 143.

Psalterium Americanum, the book of Psalıns, in a translation exactly conformed unto the original, but all in blank verse; fitted unto the tunes commonly used in our churches. Which pure offering is accompanied with illustrations digging for hidden treasures in it, and rules to employ it upon the glorious and various intentions of it. Whereto are added some other portions of the Sacred Scripture to enrich the Cantional. (By Cotton Mather.) Boston, S. Kneeland, 1718. 12mo, pp. 426.

Gloria Britannorum, or The British Worthies, a Poem, being an Essay on the characters of the most illustrious persons in Camp or Cabinet &c. Boston, J. Franklin, for N. Buttolph, 1723. 12mo,

pp. 30.

Pitchero Threnodia, or an Elegiack Poem, sacred to the memory of the late Rev. Nathaniel Pitcher, Pastor of the North Church in Scituate &c. Boston, B. Green, 1724. 12mo, pp. 12.

A Poem on the death of Peter Thacher of Milton and Samuel Danforth of Taunton, by John Danforth. 8vo.

Poetical Meditations, being the improvement of some vacant hours, by Roger Wolcott Esquire, with a preface by the Rev. Mr Bulkley of Colchester. New London, T. Green, 1725. 12mo, pp. 78.

The Life and Death of Old Father Janus, the vile author of the late wicked Courant, a satyr. Boston, J. Franklin, 1726. 12mo, pp. 7.

A Monumental Gratitude attempted, in a poetical relation of the deliverance of several of the members of Yale College, in passing the Sound from South Hold to New Haven, August 20th, 1726. New London, T. Green, 1727. pp. 10.

Zeuma, or The Love of Liberty, a Poem in three books, by James Ralph. London, S. Billingsley, 1729. 8vo.

To His Excellency Governor Belcher, on the Death of his Lady. An Epistle by the Rev. Mr Byles, Boston, 1736. 4to, pp. 8.

On the death of the Queen, a poem, inscribed to His Excellency Governor Belcher, by the Rev. Mr Byles. Boston, J. Draper, for D. Henchman, 1738. 4to, pp. 7.

An Elegy addressed to His Excellency Governor Belcher, on the death of his brother-in-law the Hon. Daniel Oliver Esq. (Subscribed M. Byles.) 8vo, pp. 6.

The Comet, a poem, (M. Byles.) Boston, B. Green & Co., and D. Gookin, 1744. 8vo, pp. 4.

Poems. The Conflagration, The God of Tempest and Earthquake. (M. Byles.) Boston, D. Fowle & Z. Fowle. 12mo, pp. 8.

A Collection of Poems by several hands. Boston, B. Green & Co. & D. Gookin, 1744. 8vo, pp. 55.

Poems on Several Occasions, original and translated, by the late Reverend and learned John Adams, M. A. Boston, D. Gookin, 1745. 12mo, pp. 176.

Philosophic Solitude, or the Choice of a Rural Life, a poem by a gentleman educated at Yale College, (William Livingston.) New York, James Parker, 1747. 4to.

A Brief and plain Essay on God's wonder-working providence for New England, in the reduction of Louisbourg and the fortresses thereunto belonging on Cape Breton, with a short hint in the beginning on the French taking and plundering the people of Canso, which led the several governments to unite and pursue that expedition. With the names of the leading officers in the army and the several regiments to which they belonged, by Samuel Niles. New London, T. Green, 1747. 12mo, pp. 34.

On the death of the Rev. Benjamin Colman, D. D. who deceased August 29th 1747, an eclogue, attempted by 0 E a young student. Boston, Rogers & Fowle, 1748. 8vo, pp. 8.

Entertainment for a Winter's Evening, being a full and true account of a strange and wonderful sight seen at Boston, &c. By me the Hon. B. B. Esq. (Joseph Green.) Boston, G. Rogers, 1750. 12mo, pp. 15.

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The Day of Doom, or a poetical description of the great and last Judgment, with a short discourse about Eternity, by Michael Wigglesworth, A. M., Teacher of the church in Maldon, New England, The seventh edition enlarged. Boston, Thomas Fleet, 1751. 18mo,

pp. 114.

A Poem, occasioned by the Death of the Honorable Jonathan Law, late Governor of Connecticut, 1751. 4to, pp. 8.

A New Version of the Psalms of David, fitted to the tunes used in the churches, with several hymns out of the Old and New Testament, by John Barnard, pastor of a church in Marblehead. Boston, J. Draper, 1752. 12mo, pp. 278,

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The Grand Arcanum Detected, or a wonderful phenomenon explained, which has baffled the scrutiny of many ages. By Me, Phil Arcanos, Gent. Student in Astrology, (Joseph Green.) Printed in the year 1755. 12mo, pp. 14.

A New Version of the Psalms of David. By the Rev. Thomas Cradock, Rector of St. Thomas's, Baltimore county, Maryland: Aunapolis, Jonas Green, 1756. 8vo, pp. 160.

Pennsylvania, a Poem, by a Student of the College of Philadela phia. Philadelphia, 1756, Folio.

Tilden's Miscellaneous Poems on divers occasions, chiefly to animate and rouse the soldiers. 1756. 12mo, pp. 30.

The Choice, a Poem after the manner of Mr Pomfret. By a Young Gentleman, (B. Church.) Boston, Edes & Gill, 1757. 4to,

pp. 15.

Poems on divers Subjects, by Martha Brewster of Lebanon. New London, John Green, 1757. 4to, pp. 35.

A poem, sacred to the memory of the Hon. Josiah Willard Esq. late Secretary of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay. (Peter Oliver.) Boston, Green & Russell, 1757. 12mo, pp. 16.

New England's Misery. The Procuring Cause and Remedy Proposed. Composed October 1758. Boston, Z. Fowle & S. Draper, 1758. 12mo, pp. 15.

The Conquest of Louisbourg, a poem, by John Maylem, Philo Bellum. Boston, 1758. 8vo, pp. 16.

Gallic Perfidy, a poem by John Maylem, Philo Bellum. Boston, Benjamin Mecom, 1758. 8vo, pp. 15.

A Paraphrase, on part of the Economy of Human Life. (James Bowdoin.) Boston, Green & Russell, 1759. 8vo, pp. 88.

Pietas et Gratulatio Collegii Cantabrigiensis apud Novanglos. Boston, J. Green & J. Russell, 1761. 4to, pp. 106.

War, Temporal and Spiritual, considered, dated Rowley, May 18th 1762. 12mo, pp. 16.

Ode on the Glorious success of His Majesty's arms and present greatness of the English Nation, (Nathaniel Evans.) Philadelphia, William Dunlap, 1762. 4to, pp. 14.

Science. A Poem by Francis Hopkinson Esq. Philadelphia, William Dunlap, 1762. 4to, pp. 19.

The Military Glory of Great Britain, an Entertainment given by the late candidates for Bachelor's Degree at the close of the Anniversary Commencement held in Nassau Hall, New Jersey, Sept. 27th, 1762. Philadelphia, William Bradford, 1762. 8vo, pp. 15.

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