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The Ruins of Pæstum and other compositions in verse. Salem, Cushing & Appleton, 1822. 4to, pp. 128.

Ethic Strains on subjects sublime and beautiful, and minor poems, by Thomas Odiorne A. M. 1822.

Lyrics, by W. B. Tappan. 1822.

The Siege of Constantinople, a poem by S. L. Fairfield, Charleston, 1822.

Clio, No. I, and II. by J. G. Percival. New Haven, 1822.
Prometheus with other poems, by J. G. Percival. 1822.
Traits of the Aborigines of America, a poem. 1822.

Valdemar, or the Castle of the Cliff, by J. W. Simmons. 1822.
The Phantom Barge, and other poems. 1822.

The Troubadour and other poems, by John C. M'Call. Philadelphia, H. C. Carey & I. Lea, 1822. 12mo, pp. 64.

Poems by William B. Tappan. Philadelphia, James Crissy, 1822. 12mo, pp. 252.

Poems by George Bancroft. Cambridge, Hilliard & Metcalf, 1823. 12mo, pp. 77.

Poems by Alonzo Lewis, Portsmouth, Harrison Gray & Eben L. Childs, 1823. 12mo, pp. 200.

The Fall of Iturbide, or Mexico Delivered, a tragedy in five acts, by Henry K. Strong, A. B. Preceptor of the Pittsfield Academy. Pittsfield, Phineas Allen, 1823. 12mo, pp. 38.

The Rejected Addresses offered for the Philadelphia Theatre, with the prize address. 1823.

Poems by S. L. Fairfield 1823. 12mo,

Better to Be, a poem in six books, by Joseph Eve. 1823.

Julian, a dramatic Fragment, by J. W. Simmons 1823. American Sketches, Farmer's Fireside, a poem. 1823. Philomathic prize poem. The Muse of Hesperia, a poetic reverie. Cincinnati, 1823.

War, a poem by Samuel Webber, M. D. 1823. 12mo.

Genius of Oblivion, and other poems, by a lady of New Hampshire. 1823.

The Mystic Mount, and Voice, by Arthur Genio Esq. New York. 1823.

Rodolph, a Fragment. Baltimore, 1823. 8vo.

Guiseppino, an occidental story. 18mo.

Original Poetical Effusions, religious, moral, and sentimental, from

the pen of A. S. G. second edition. Dedham, John Adams, 1823, 18mo. pp. 180.

Poems by James G. Percival, New York, Charles Wiley 1823. 8vo, pp. 396.

The Henriade of Voltaire translated into English verse, by a citizen of Carolina, Cantos I. and II. New Jersey, R. J. Megarly, 1823. 12mo, pp. 80.

Waltham, an American Revolutionary Tale in three cantos, by James M'Henry. New York, E. Bliss & E. White, 1823. 18mo, PP. 70.

Poems on religious and historical subjects, by Refine Weeks. Second Edition corrected and enlarged. New York, Mahlon Day, 1823. 12mo, pp. 418.

My Mind and its Thoughts, in Sketches, Fragments and Essays, by Sarah Wentworth Morton of Dorchester, Mass. Boston, Wells & Lilly, 1823. 8vo, pp. 295.

Poems by Selleck Osborn. Boston, J. P. Orcutt, 1823. 12mo, pp.


Athens and other poems, by the author of The Ruins of Pæstum: Salem, Cushing & Appleton. 1824. 8vo, pp. 84.

Boston Prize Poems and other specimens of dramatic poetry. Boston, J. T. Buckingham, 1824. 12mo, pp. 130..

Regular Hymns on a great variety of Evangelical subjects and important occasions, with musical directions for all the varieties of appropriate expressions, by Samuel Willard.


A Collection of Fugitive Poems. J. Mortimer, Philadelphia, 1824: 18mo, pp. 74.

The Vision of Liberty, a poem recited before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard College, August 27, 1824, by Henry Ware jr. Boston, O. Everett. 8vo.

Spiritual Songs, composed and published by Henry Bridgewater, L. O. of Chesterfield county Va. Richmond, 1824.

The Album, a collection of original and selected poems elegantly printed for presents. 1824.

The Gossip, by M'Donald Clarke. New York, 1824. 12mo.
The Elixir of Moonshine, by M'Donald Clarke.

Reminiscences, Moral poems and Translations, with an appendix, by J. Fellowes Esq. 1824.

Poems by Edward C. Pinkney, Baltimore, 1824. pp. 76.

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Lays of Melpomene, by Sumner L. Fairfield. Portland, 1824. 12mo, pp. 72.

The Sisters of St. Clara, a Portuguese Tale, by S. L. Fairfield. Portland, 1824. 12mo, pp. 54.

A Collection of fugitive poems. Philadelphia, Thomas C. Clarke, 1824, 18mo, pp. 74.

Ode suggested by Rembrandt Peale's National Portrait of Washington, Philadelphia, 1824, 8vo.

Pains of the Imagination, a poem read before the Phi Beta Kappa Society at Dartmouth College, August 19th, 1824, by Nathaniel H. Carter. Boston, A. Sampson 1824. 8vo, pp. 25.

Songs by the Way, chiefly devotional, with translations and imitations, by the Rev. George W. Doane, A. M. New York, E. Bliss, 1824.

The Cat-Fight, a mock heroic poem, supported with copious extracts from ancient and modern classic authors &c. by Doctor Ebenezer Mack, author of Anatomy in Rhyme. New York, 1824. 12mo, pp. 276.

Escalala, an American Tale, by Samuel B. Beach. Utica, Wm. Williams, 1824. 12mo, pp. 109.

Phelles, King of Tyre, or the downfal of tyranny, a tragedy in five acts, as performed at the New York Theatre. New York, C. Wiley, 1825. 18mo, pp. 76.

Gospel Melodies, and other occasional poems, by the Rev. Albert A. Mullen, A. M. Rector of Christ's church, Charleston. Charleston, J. R. Shenck 1825, 12mo, pp. 104.

Triumphs of Liberty, the prize Ode recited by Mr Finn at the Boston Theatre on the anniversary of Washington's Birth Day, February 22, 1825, by Ebenezer Bailey 1825. 8vo, pp. 8.

Ode for the celebration of the Battle of Bunker Hill at the laying of the Monumental Stone, June 17, 1825, by Grenville Mellen. Boston, Cummings, Hilliard & Co, 1825. 8vo, pp. 16.

A Defence of Col. William Lovetruth Bluster in a letter to William Wagtail Esq. done into verse by Mr Aminadab Sledgehammer, Poet Laureate of Catahoola. New Orleans. 1825. 12mo, pp. 11.

The Garland, a New General Repository of Fugitive Poetry, edited by G. A. Gamage, No. 1. June 1825, 8vo. pp. 16.

Poem delivered before the Connecticut Alpha of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, September 13, 1825, by James G. Percival. Boston, Richardson & Lord. 8vo, pp. 40.


Mina, a Dramatic Sketch, by Sumner Lincoln Fairfield. Baltimore, Joseph Robinson, 1825. 12mo, pp. 120.

Zophiel, a poem by Mrs Brooks. Boston, Richardson & Lord, 1825. 18mo, pp. 72.

Leisure Hours at Sea, being a few miscellaneous poems by a midshipman of the United States Navy. New York, G. C. Morgan, E. Bliss & E. White, 1825. 12mo, pp. 148.

Occasional Pieces of poetry, by John G. C. Brainard. New York, E. Bliss & E. White, 1825. 12mo, pp. 110.

Hadad, a dramatic poem, by James A. Hillhouse, author of Percy's Masque and the Judgment. New York, E. Bliss & E. White, 1825. 8vo, pp. 208.

Poems by John Turvill Adams. New Haven, A. H. Maltby & Co. 1825. 12mo, pp. 47.

Don Juan, Cantos XVII. and XVIII. New York, C. Wiley, 1825. 18mo, pp. 101.

Lays of Leisure, The Italian Husband, a dramatic poem, The Young Dreamer, a fugitive offering in verse. Philadelphia, Jesper Harding, 1825. 18mo, pp. 103.

Mengwe, a Tale of the Frontier. Princeton and Philadelphia, Carey & Lea, 1825. 18mo, pp. 76.

The Pleasures of Friendship, and original melodies, by James M'Henry. Philadelphia, A. R. Poole, 1825. 12mo, pp. 96.

Orondalie, a tale of the Crusades, by Byron Whippoorwill Esq. to which are added other original poems. Hudson, New York, P. Sturtevant, 1825. 8vo, pp. 67.

King Caucus, a poem by Walter Wagstaff, Esq. New York, E. Bliss & E. White, 1825. 8vo, pp. 67.

The Passage of the Sea, a Scripture poem, by S. L. Fairfield. New York, 1825.

Leisure Hours, a series of occasional poems. Boston, Cummings, Hilliard & Co. 12mo.

Poems on Miscellaneous subjects, composed between the year 1818 and the present time, by N. Brashears. Washington, F. S. Myer, 1826. 12mo, pp. 116.

The Appeal for suffering genius, a poetical address for the benefit of the Boston Bard, and the Triumph of Truth, a poem, by Daniel Bryan. Washington City, Way & Gideon, 1826. 8vo, pp. 80.

The Grave of Byron, with other poems, by George Lunt. Boston Hilliard, Gray & Co. 1826. 18mo, pp. 84.

The Harvest Festival, with other poems, by F. S: Hill. Boston, True & Greene, 1826. 18mo, pp. 79.

Miscellaneous Poems selected from the United States Literary Gazette. Boston, Cummings, Hilliard & Co, 1826, 18mo, pp, 172. Anniversary Poem delivered at New Haven, Conn. before the Connecticut Alpha of the Phi Beta Kappa, September 12th 1826, by James G. Brooks, of the New York Alpha. New York, G. & C. Carvill, 1826. 8vo, pp. 28.

Oriental Harp, Poems of the Boston Bard. Providence, R. I. Smith & Parmenter, 1826. 8vo, pp. 254.

The Religion of the Sun, a posthumous poem of Thomas Paine, with a preface by the proprietor. Philadelphia, 1826. 12mo, pp. 28.

The Lay of Gratitude, consisting of poems occasioned by the recent visit of Lafayette to the United States, by Daniel Bryan. Philadelphia, H. C. Carey & I. Lea, 1826. 8vo, pp. 104.

Africa, a poem. Andover, Flagg & Gould. 1826. 12mo, pp. 20. Miscellaneous Poems, by Mrs Eliza Munden. Charleston S. C. 1826. 12mo, pp. 286.

A Descant on Universalism, a poem, by John Peck. Boston, 1826. 18mo, pp. 35.

Journals of the Ocean, and other Miscellaneous poems, by a Seaman. New York 1826.

Rufiana, or the poetical sinnings of William Rufus of Charleston, S. C. New York, 1826. 12mo, pp. 144.

The Daughters of Eve, by a Lady, published in aid of the New York female association for the support and instruction of the indigent deaf and dumb. Schenectady, 1826. 12mo, pp. 90.

Eleanor, and other poems, by Charles W. Thompson. Philadelphia, 1826.

The Rest of the Nations, a poem by Grenville Mellen. Portland, 1826. 8vo. pp. 28.

Lyric poems by William B. Tappan. Philadelphia, Ash & Mason, 1826.

Horace in New York, a satire. New York 1826.

Poems by Milton Ward. Plymouth. 18mo, pp. 108.

The Populous Village, a poem recited before the Philermenian Society of Brown University, September, 1826. Providence, 1826. 8vo, pp. 18.

The Sailor Boy's First Voyage, a Ballad in two parts. Boston, Wait, Greene & Co. 1826. 18mo, pp. 125.

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