The Bee: Or Literary Weekly Intelligencer, المجلد 17

الغلاف الأمامي
James Anderson
Mundell and Son, 1793

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الصفحة 178 - The insect youth are on the wing, Eager to taste the honied spring And float amid the liquid noon ; Some lightly o'er the current skim, Some show their gaily-gilded trim Quick-glancing to the sun.
الصفحة 178 - To Contemplation's sober eye Such is the race of Man : And they that creep, and they that fly Shall end where they began. Alike the busy and the gay But flutter thro' life's little day, In Fortune's varying colours drest: Brush'd by the hand of rough Mischance.
الصفحة 323 - The ploughman inly smiles to see upturn His mellow glebe, best pledge of future crop : With glee the gardener eyes his smoking beds : E'en pining sickness feels a short relief. The happy schoolboy brings transported forth His...
الصفحة 165 - In seventy or eighty years a man may have a deep gust of the world, know what it is, what it can afford, and what 'tis to have been a man.
الصفحة 26 - Philadelphia; by trade a printer ; and a bachelor ; I have some relations at" Boston, to whom I am going to make a visit: my stay will be short, and I shall then return and follow my business, as a prudent man ought to do. This is all I know of myself, and all I can possibly inform you of; I beg, therefore, that you will have pity upon me and my horse, and give us both some refreshment.
الصفحة 116 - ... to whom he secretly gave a signal, so as to let him .know the individuals he wanted, to the number often or twenty out of a flock of some hundreds.
الصفحة 171 - Potherbs here and there he found: Which cultivated with his daily Care, And bruis'd with Vervain, were his frugal Fare. Sometimes white...
الصفحة vii - Nation will furnish speedily a force sufficient to assist in repelling the attacks with which they are at this moment threatened by the army of Italy, which marches towards Toulon, and by that of General Carteau, who directs his forces against Marseilles. VI. That the people of Toulon...
الصفحة 116 - ... out of a flock of some hundreds ; he then went away, and from a distance of several miles, sent back the dog by himself in the night time, who picked out the individual sheep that had been pointed out to him, separated them from the flock, and drove them before him...
الصفحة 190 - Where, notwithstanding the difference of religion, Such extraordinary honours were paid to his memory, As had never graced that of any other British subject, Since the death of Sir Philip Sydney.

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