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Proface, mach good way it do Rruga, en restet.

to get he rest, a term from the Square, sometimes to quarrei. yan Ita! Reserre, to guard, to preserve military exercise.

Synarer, a quarreliste les Profane, 8:1 metimes, free of carefully

Setuos, kind wl god or devil, Shash, a liniature prasou. speech, talkative,

Resulre, sumetinies for dissolve. Serenith tseverell, a feld spa Syarney, to w tenint Profession, end and purpose of Hespere, cutivn, regard to con nated from others to bear curosie, sometimes for a rnle or CURRIDR

and krans

*quare Prolirt, cay, distant. Respective, respectfel, or respec. Sever, the person who placed the state. to place conspicuously, Proraplare, gestion, insti. table,

dishes in order.

, eshibited gativa,

Respectively, respectfaly Shud bore, burde on shards Siasatys, a disorder pecahar » Prome, homble or prompt Rex, what I resolved on.

i res Properture, the becessaries of a ketrl, Uteter back,

Start up, to pick ap without dis. Sluin, culott, or tinctore. theatre. Revers, reverberales.


id, a decoy tv catct birto Prurani, provender.

Rerait of bien, change of com. Sturen Hercules, Samson. Stannyel, the Ame of a kind of Pranr, aumetics for to prome plerien

Shre, sbiniek brighi, gay, Pagging, taat word for coveting Retsits, revolters

Sber, pelincid, transparent

Stark, stiff as a thief or sharper

ftkoumatie, for capricious, ha. Sheni, seodet, snaghly treated. Siche, sometimes for a chair of Pule, colour betweeu russet and

Serres inch, sherry sack,

Rid, to enclose.
Siire are

Startsis, otstesten.
Put, tu pound
Hibald, rwd fe'low.
Sy to use

Sintax, tre, tetimes pro-
Pusse, 19w Wroch.
Rid to destroy
Soon, projected

hunced as three y...ble. Putler.oni, one wbus potu out his kirl, to elit

Shore gron, a kind of game. Serea, the wood. The ances. money on interest or wther ad. Nircis, wanton.

Shovel barat, shulling med at SIC, to help or betten valtake. A, a cirile

the game nivel tarii. Strije, the hinter part, eluse Puttack, a mean species of hawk, kisa, probably a cant word for S341, aeries dag

sler 1.ey.

Stowider cli, per, a buf Slukier, one who stood by Quail, to sink, to find Rinked, eneircled

Shrrad, voletimes for severe, port the combatants, as in. al landstically dreseed Hitle, the backur shore.


pire wake, thrown into trepida. Mirady, egr al rank

Sari, confessina

Sagnetical, marised or stigma lloni. Riral, equals Sirime, tu ell to confession.

Dzed Quarry, the game after it is Rire, iu dincharge er bare Site, purpose of its luttes Seill, sometimes for coostat, billed.

Home, toutous hurry. Sce, tub, oy, ut seat. royal.
Quin deck, funrtis part of a konya, a sab, « despicable Sere, a common voider. Sediy, kladly, toxly.

Sightless, usikhty

Serated, slape:i. laal, 1 scal, an angry back. Ato the cross

Six Ats, l. e steel, the perfo Sine, etits es trstis. head. tooky, bonding with rocks rated part of the Helmet

til bed, furged; trum srutky, ar 2way, stuspicious, unsettled.

Hopetrus, rhuist tricles, u Single, sumetimes for weak, lit. Orell, sometimes to marder. brisive language.

Staccata, a thrust or #tat Curier, a murderer.

ry, refuery:
Sister, toimitale or re-ecl.o.

Stuck, furieties turbin
Thuras, reports,
Hundei, a circular dance, Sith, itd sitarice, riuce.

Stomach, smietinestirse Qural, porsait. Houtre, a cirtie 32-5, aliw.nes

resultinn, pride, or haghati Question, sometimes, capversa.Huuse, draught of jollity, ca. Seurs métés, kin's mates.

Stil, reason

Stone.don, crossbow to stopt trist, one who goes in search: Ruyal, or real, a coin of the value of, is of me importance

stres. of other.

of ten shillings

Stinker, a tapater; tron Skin, Storer, hay made of charae raak Quiddita, sulieties Regally burneyed, ly stap drink

Kra, it is for thuthu will, it the oil, written

Skier, to scoRT.

Strachy, Trucky. Ihre. plied by substitution of eni Quileta, evasiun), ehteanery

sre, to trest with indignity,

Stro!, martin, avaricinus. Lainaia, a post or butt set up Roynish, mangy. Suivy

S cate, carne, che riik.

Straites, put to itiles 4ip, basty, *Baate re ned, the reribsets!

7 dites, camned as exige.

Strone and arrix*85, scrie. proaches and scuit REA, to be noisy, disderly Sietet vetwisted

times for olyan hely:"153 found played in concert. Hi, burada rustig Sexhis, arts

Stranie, sume'imes for tu op. fil, sometimes ID rete Rre nie!ındafie,

counterfeit piece

Deittance, return of injuries or Hypote, te ih os.


Strasy, strayib favura Run, for reshring.

Slips, á contrivance in leather, Serkev, cant word for a bor. Cuirer, nimble, active Ruth, pity, compassion

Li start two digs at the same

rower. ate, sometimes, to observe or


Stuck, or rock for stuccola, i regard. Sarterton, the name of lear Sliceret, sliced

rerin in fencing Saeringo!!!, the beli xhi iskren Slaps, loose breecbes et trov. Stapes sucesory, abiities nute Rabets, as ornament for the nutice of the most fo.ch.

tlan hukh. herk


ugh, the skin which the ser. Submerged, shelmed under water karbid.surker, a young rabbit Suasant, grave appearade.

pent tirs off annually.

Stribe, eometnes totidur Hare of heren, snrietting de Sade to sink down.

Sloket, delayed

sarrender srended Irvin hexvell, hes Salut, a helmet

Salar, torre

Stelies, Hisguised disres. veny Jaitiers, satyrs

masd, wired, cleared

Su<*. sometimes for neces. Rue, a single-root Sassinge, S. Doming.

3. rebeke, bert Kerk, the last feeting restige of Saadiat, of a sind; culour, the Srce 2p%, caut puterase, proba. Successive, i e, title, lille to the the highest ciuuils

enlaar of the true love bound biy fisik ang sure! 70 reck, to harass by exactions Sirro, discourse

Srij, in signban feirw. Suggest, fumetimes, tu tempe, to Run, for rain Say, old word for silk.

Jansonetimes 12r anger Humipallon, u rampiog low eros. Scal, to disperse, to optead,


Shitet, dressed tere Suling, weighing

ene, corrisriors, gentlt qua. Sumpter, either the torre, orele Rpl, rapturueely affected Sal!. a word of reproach, acab intes ct wind,

Package that colisty's ico Muded sincu, a length rechones Sramble, to scrumble,

Sol, sometimes, tsryitade, re. LPn. brand, erined nicely


Superfaous, overclothed. 7."> Marin, to devoar voracistsly. Seansling, measure or propor Slideres, some species of cois.

Well Living in a boudance, kanal, reached


Rakely, without preparation, sul Serged, decorated with flugs.

Surrenge, cenation, step.

Joru, a greater or heavier crime. denly, hastily

Scalk, destructina, bam. Sureii a deer danng his third surreig perl, ieden.
Rayed, bexrayed.
Scance, the head, ut a kind o!

Swarl, or scris, lack or dark

year Rave, a bale.

Sirt, to choi me int

brumit. Rechral, a horn, a tate to call Siutih, tourner crash Surts, differ ut degrees op kinds. Serrshing, imposing, bullying the dogs bach. Sermers, fenders, F.

Sort on it, bure and rank, Sefa, the quantity. Tocht Reck, to care for Screlca, sably fe*-**. Sot, fooi. Ir

down by a single stroke ut liie Rerkiesi care ess.

Sirusoed, steriel, strobolike, or Souri garnet, a gudgeon, a terin scythe. Nertriera, a kind of Ante

short and charty

of repruach.

Say, weight ce momentum kelloffice phrases, alchoure con- Sonila, #bals hab.

Sout, sweet, or an exclamatico Sceitered, se tered tersation, from the form of the Seam, lard

denoting neariness

Singe.luckiers, makes or sruters.
dors dind.
Sramels, lird
Sople to drag Rawli

Sundes, swouned.
ked plague, the erysipelas, St. Sramy side without, inside out. Soler, the line of a huond.
Antaly's fire.
Sear, dry
Spanirlei, doxaed.

Table, the palm of the haad es. Reccáy, thiacolored by traoke. Sear, tu close up.

aprak parret, to act childishly Tables, books or ivory for me

tended, a picture
Keris, probly for wliecla,

and foolishly
Ruei, to courte
Secling, blinding
Speak holiday, i.e. Wirds, euri.

morandums. Regree!, exchange of salotation. Sol, ter se dom

Cously and electually chosen

bearines, ama't drums. Reserdar, resoin pense, return, Semblab.y. in resemblance, alike. Sperulution, for sight

14 order, iskee tueamures Hun, sumetimes used tor Srniury, seniority

perubdire instruments, the leg the vulgar populace. Sanel, a foorish n cornets.


Tutit corroton or stice. Remueios, removal from place to Serx, eonsetines for reason and Speed, fate or event,

Preke, i. e, a house, to go into a place, shifting bateral affection.


Spore, to stir. Revikes, Journeys, stages. Srperaerton, the North

grill, to destroy,

Tal, sometimes to strike with Reader, sometimes to describe. Spyuence, of degree, methodie Spleen, often for hurry, or tu.

Jamneuess or disease. Reneke, tu renonnce

mintutis apeed

Take tk, ta eubaue. Repuir. generally siguies to re- Sere, dry, withered.

Spotterd, wicked

Telest, often for telur.
Serpigo, a kind of letter. Sprag, ready, alert.

Tarre, to stimulare, la set on
Repreis, recal's.
Sessa, from cesser, be quiet. sprighted, hanted.

7 asked, sometinics for tased. Heput, reporters

Sa Vu, a term from ten. Springhult, a disease incident to l'asselagentie sur tercei gentie, keproof, confutatoa nis.





,ادره ]

species of hand


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Tawny coat, the dreng of a sums Traveres, an ancient military | Umber, a dusky, yellow.co.osred W'autel osalt, candla ben m'her wpantur word ut curand.

earth Teration, sometimes for censare traversel, e. arms, arma Comed, discolosred.

Wart, to increase er satire


Unancied, without extreme sac- Waren, soft, yielding, easily ob. Ters, sorrow, grief, or trouble. Tray.trip, a kind of game at ton.

literated 79T, to med like I.

tables, or draughts.
Inatotdert, navoidable

Wes and lke pin, discases of the
Trperanre, temperature
Treachers, traitors.

Cabarbed bare, uncovered, eye. Tend, doueumes for me Trenched, ent or Karved. Fr. beardless

H'e, very little Tender, in regard with affection. Trick, sometimes top a peceli- Unhaled, i.e. sword not blunted Heen, to think or imagine. Tral, to take up residence. arity of feature

a foils are

Welch, unetimes, tu valve or Tarcel, the male baw Trick, to dress out. I'mbitied, unbriller

esteem Vernis, the techoreal language of Tricksy, clever, adroit.

l'rbonneted, without any addi. Weird, prophetic. Trigon, Anes, Leo, and Sagitta. tion forum dignities, Curta.

W'eftin, the sky Tente, attested. genuine.

Unbreatherd, exercised, Hekin eye, b. ne eye. Testeraed, kralities with a tester, Trin, to defeat or disappsint practised.

Weld-a near, well sday, Jack-d. Or perce

7 npie, for third, is one of the Unrape, a torm in hunting, to day, Tatry, cunohypervish, fretful three

stop every hole before the fus Werd, to g. latser, string boy sbich any Trampås, sometimes for show, is uncaped or turned out of the Westward Ave, the name of a play almal is tastened. mass, revels. bag

acted in Shaipeare's time. Tharroup, third boruagh, a Trol-y-dames, tron madame, l'ackargod, onattacked,

H'eter, ssed for ram peace officer

the game of mine bles. Uncler, Lansind, to ruin. Welend, varied with protsle. Tiesnick, the ry. Troll, to sing trippinky

I'nevined, nurefineil, apadu ned. rances; from Acks, protube. TREP, muscolar strength, or ap Trousera, pr. bably for trawaers, Unconfirmed, tnpracused rances, a small sheitesti pearance of manhid. or a kind of breeches.

the ways of the world, pot Whe'r, often for whetber. hardened.

W'Arre, sometimes for whereas Thud peached, thickly inter. Trot, a familiar address to


Undercraft, a phrase from he. Whiffer, an other wbo walked Thill, II, the shafts of a cart Trox, to imagine or conceive; I raldry, to wear beneath the in processions. OFW

Wila, but trow

crest. The Arlon, thin covering of hair True, sometimes for honest. U nepretual, i, e. fre, shining #mystock, ihe carter's whip.

without heat.

#dTing, harrying away. Thoá, tmelimes tur melan. Trudie.lat/, a species of dog. CALLY 7 rustra, furthrinted

l'ncprentre, inexpressible. Hie, being sent Thrusenical, insolently boasting: try cusclusions, try esperiments. C'ngenitured, not having geni. Whiting time bleacbieg time. from Threru, a braggaduciu io7.fail, the sweating process

Wisirs, bleachers einen Terence.

in the renereal disorder. l'abaired, uglearded, youthfal. White, a pocket clasp 19, Thread, sometimes for to pass. Tucke, toccata, a flourish on a l'etappe, suntetimes

Whooping, measure and recany. 7orre pele, nich velvet,


chievously wackish, asleeky. Ink Thrift, a state of prosperity, Tupped, lien with; from fup, a L'obsod, free from domestic Whempied, bonded, of veiled: 74rmed, made of brom, the ram.

frum epimple, a bood. end of the weaver's warp. Turbygood, for turiupin, a naked Unhouse lled, without having the Winchester geost, stromper : 1.6, the nikname for a watoa Leguar


the stews were turimerly the Tickle, sonetime, fortirati Therapist, a species of precions Unmastered, licentious,

censed by the bishop of Wis. ich le bruin, the name of a strong steve, cappureed to be ondued proper, commen,

chester huur

with extraordinary virtues,
U Nitred, nutno ned.

Wicker-gates, gates hastaty

closed tom fear or danger Tiling.alley, an interjection of Tangling Jaci, & pantry Basi Uniwestinnable, averse to cesver.


Winsored, lied, enned. content Time, alpener.

Trigger-bottle, a wickered bottle, l'arespectire, inconsiderate. Histow
7 oreless, untiately.
Tyed, limited, op circa macribe
Irrest, disquiet

Hisa, saretimes, us recommend

Usrah Timely parted, 1... ghost, de.

youths, beardless ur desire. parted on the course of time


11., sumetimes tos senses. and nature

Veil, sometimes to cast down, to insteling, unresisting er anfeel. Ito-cuerad, he wha know Tire, en fosten, in fix the talons let fall down.

pinselt a cackold, and 1. constre radiant, or volant, a kind of face ror, Innged with a beard.

I'mirched, clean, not defiled. tented, bean.dress

I'adidity, sunettes for valae. Unsquares, as stunes anadapted Wu, to be sorry. 7tred, sometimes for adurned unity, an illusjon.

to their purposes.

Windered, able to perforan on7nd, to produce a tud, a certain arrituge, opportunity.

l'estanches, incontinent

ders. quotity u wool V'anthrace, armour for the ara. Vaterapering, hot stening.

#urd, crazy, 7oces, weanng their habita.

Untenird, tot probed, virulent Wosirian, giving an idea of . T kared, sputted.



l'merede, singolar,


*they tuhar Tag, rakib toit


comun use

H'ectward, ciesthet a wow, or

rather hated.
Pombay, a masculine, forward Vanni, the avant, what went be. Interved, invaluable.

fare, or the ya tard.
lpipria, tilart

Worts, the ancient Date Too much, any sum, ever Vanera, the forepart

I's od NACE, sometimes for Widos cabbake. muh. Ielare velvet


HA, know

Wreck, reseatment
Tapless, sapreme, Sovereige. Venetan, admittance, a fashion ('tit, * merry festival.
Tippée, to tamble

armitied from Venice.

Unter ance, the extremity of de Wrest, an instrstent for dramak Wuscher, the teatures, the trait. l'enew, bout a

fiance fetsin

op the aut. of a karpi . Toward and towards, sometimes schoul. instead of reactiness l'eneys, venews. Hart, to beckon,

#rested pomy, pomp obtained Toys, Fometimes for

by vielenie
wbime, t'eni, rumour, materials for dis. Woke, sometimes, to hire or re.

ward, tfight,

L'rified, whiskled. 76u, to naravel, to close er l'enfayes, the bules of a fute.

Men'il, probably for maned, de reeg he worked, agitated. 4 fertai, verbose

cayed, or in the wale.

Hrytny, doresting
Trace. melinien, to fullor or l'ervy, to bear witness.

Maened, pale, na de wan.
Succeed in
I'ery, umetimes for immertiate.

Hoxton, sometimes for a man Yere, handy, sinable
Trel, the went left by tbe pas.Free, to draw or persuade.

feelle, and effeminate.

Y cara, tu grieve or vel. sage of the game. lice, a grap. A minie, Wsppruel, probab y recayer or

Yory, to kick Trammel, to catch; tremmel is a I're a terni at cards, to brag.


Yesty, foaming, frothy. #pecies of wel 1 Wlenteth, probably tage:h

Ward, defence, a phrase in the Trenedl, probably some kind of Tirkin creats, maiden garisado

art of defence. ferry, dam, critice.

Harder, Roard or mentinel.

Zony, a boffoca, & merry Ar. Translate, someta. for to Virginal, a kind of spionet,

Iarn, sonetimes to summons. change or transform. Virginal, belonging to a virgin 'Warp, to change from the ha.

Kurden, Aspecies of large pear.


Zealous, pious, influenced by reTO Celaway the saper fini. 1'iroux, sometimes for sati.

bitua. 1168 of to check ; sulirass in

tural state

Ze, a term of certempt. The ferus hanting

11 sati, a lind of drink, or is. Viscol, advisenient.

letter Zi, net in any verd lemperate tubing.

enginally Teateele.

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