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N. B. To find any particular Book, or Pamphlet, see the

Table of Contents, prefixed to the Volume.

Æ imputation of an unmanly




APOLLONIUS, his geometrical wri.

tings praised, 18. His tract on "

inclinations, reftitution of, by

Horsley, criticised, 19. fear of death, 220.

ARABIAN Authors. See ORIEN. AGRICULTURE, account of

course of expertments in, 162– ARIANS, a tribe of, the ancient 167. Char. of various writers Germans, their ferocious manon, 231. Experiments in, 303, ners and fingular cuftoms, 559. 378, 449, 477

ARISTOTLE, his art of poetry, in
Arkin, Mr. his essay on the liga- what respects a masterpiece, 557.

cure of arteries, 219. His obf. AUCHTER MUCHTY, wife of, mo-
on the external use of prepara- dernized, 45•
tions of lead, 485

AUGUSTUS, Cæfar, his bad cha-
ALEXANDER the Great, his cha- racter, 526. See alfo OCTA-

racter, 7 ALMIDA, a tragedy, critique on, Axis of the earth, supposed alte150.

ration in the position of, discalAMERICA discovered by the Green

landers, 183, Anglo-Saxons, their spirit of li.

B. berty, and care for its preservation in their conftitution of


Ailly, M. his memoir on vernment, 496.

the motion of the nodes, and ANIMALCULA, produced in veget

che variation in the inclination able infusions, corious account of Jupiter's satellites, 523. of, and hypotheses concerning, Baldwin, Mr his account of the 207.

cultivat on of lucerne criticied, ANTONY, Marc, relation of the 478.

remarkable manner of his death, BANNATYNE, George, his ancient 113.

Scottish poems, 42.



fed, 203.


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ers, 80.

Biftism, the duty, circumstances, BROWNRIGG, Mr. his account of

and benefits of, investigated, the American oil of ground-nuts,

Parther obf. on the fub. 206.
ject, 499.

BUTTERBURR, its medicinal uses,
BARON, Richard, his zeal for the

political writings of Milion, 334.
Sketch of his character, 336.

Battles, military obs. on several,
in modern wars, 273•.

BEAUSOBRE, M. de, his obs. on count utility and cul-
forefight, &c. 549.

cure of, 483.
Becket,, Archbishop, his worth- CÆSAR, advantageous traits of his
less character, 569.

character, 6. His conduct in
BEECH-MAST oil, the making of, connection with the deaths of

recommended, to supply the Antony and Cleopatra, 112
place of oil of olives, 537.

1 20.
Beguelin, M. his attempt to re. Camden, Lord, opposes the judge

concile che metaphysics of Leib- ment of Lord Mansfield, in re-
nitz with the physical principles gard to the idea of the credibi.
of Newton, 545

lity of witnesses, 3+.
BEHMEN, Jacob, specimen of the CANTON, Mr. his experiments re-
nonsenfical jargon of his follow- specting the luminous appear.

ance of the sea, 329.
BELISARIUS, his military exploits

city of, described, 401.
in Italy, 97. His wretched fub- Caro, the elder, his ungenerous
jection to his wife, 100. Far- treatment of his servants, &c. 4.
ther particulars of his history, Catti, a tribe of ancient Ger-

mans, their warlike turn and
BERNOUILLE, M. his three me. character, 560.

moirs in the Hift. of the Acad. CelTÆ, ancient, their manner of
of Sciences, 541.

life, &c. 405. Their enthu-
Blythe's book of husbandry cri- fialtic love of freedom, 409.
ticised, 232

Their language, 410.
BOILEAU, Mr. his art of poetry, CHALIEU, Abbé de, his verses,
the best extant, 558.

bidding adieu to Fontenay, 512.
BORDA, Chevalier, his investiga- Englished, ib.

gation of a famous problem on CHATEAUVICEUX, M. de, his

the motion of fluids, 520. writings on husbandry, 236.
Botany, encomium on that sci- CHERUSCI, ancient Germans, their
ence, 131.

character, 560.
BRAKENRIDGE, Dr. remarks on CHINA, number of inhabitants in,
his calculations of the number

of inhabitants in London, 133- CHINESE language, fome remarks

on, 318, 403.

Their know-
Drirons, ancient, their manner ledge in sciences, ib. Their re-

of life, &c. 405. --Their lan. I gion, ib.
guage, 410.

CLEMENTINA, a tragedy, critique
BROMFIELD, Mr. his method of

on, 244.
performing the ligatures of ar. CLEOPATRA, her remarkable ca.
teries, 219.

taltrophe described, 116.
Brown, Dr. his curious method Coccos nucifera, described, 399.
of dete&ting a thief, 531,
APP, Ruv. vol, xliv,




&c. 524.


Commerce, &c. maxims relating Euler, M. his curious discuffon
to, 17.

of the construction of compound
Corn, obl. on the bounty on, 240. object-glasses, 541, 543.
CONSERVA, a natural paper form-
ed of its filaments, 206.

CoxcomB, French, genuine pic-
ture of one, 67.

ABLES—the Wilding and
CRASSUS, his character, 6.

Broom, 227.-The Misletes
CROMWELL, Oliver, a quack, 531. and Passion-flower, 228.

Faith, its nature and influence,


FALLOWING, of ground, advan-

tages of, 257.
ALSTON, family of, in Cum- FARM, proportional one described,

berland, its pedigree, 361.
Delisle, M. his new maps of FARMING affairs, 54, 162, 230,
Georgia, Armenia, Babylonia, 257, 303, 378, 388, 448,

De Ré Rustica, that publica- FEVER-Few, sweet, its medicinal
tion cenfured, 478.

virtues, 4140
DISSENTERS, their righe to a full Fluids. See BORDA.

and free toleration maintaiced, ForesiGHT. See PRESSENTI

DOG-F18: described, 393. TORLAIX, Marquis, extract from

the mem. of, 48.

FOSTER, Rev. Mr. his sentiments

on religious establishments con-

traverted, 192.
CKEBERG, his voyage to FRANCE the rival of England, from
China, 404

the time of William the Cog.
Eilis, Mr. his obs. on a particu-

queror, 567.
lar manner of ir crease in the ani- FRANCHEVILLE, M. de, his ac-
malcula of vegetable infusions, count of a vegetable oil to sopo

ply the place of oil of olives,
the farmer, his writings, 537.
characterized, 235:

his obf. on the
ENGLAND the 'rival of France,

ifle of Tharsis, 550.
from what æra, 567.

FRENCH, modern, remarkable for
ENGLISH, ancient conftitution of, their infidelity in regard to the

Chriftian religion, 533-536.
ENTHUSIASM, poetic, effects op-

posite to those of religious en-
thufiafm, 266, Pope deficient

in it, ib.
EPHEMERIS, afronomical, for ARDENING, modern, corious
1772, account of, 214.

observations on, 346.
ESTABLISHMENTS, of religion, GEOMETRY, obr. on. 22. Pro

productive of bad effe&s, 193. blenis in ditto, analysis of, 23.
Right of, to require sabí, to ar- GERMANs, ancient, their manners,
ticles of faith, controverted, &c. 412, · Their spirit of inde-

pendency, 465. Diftin&t cha-


E China, 404


racters of their different tribes, How MAŃ, Rev. Mr. his obs, on

the utility of the drill husbandry
GOLDSMITH, Dr. remarkable in- commended, 480.

arcuracies in his life of Lord Hurd, Mr. his commentary on
B lingbroke, 19.

Horace praised, 558.
Gooch, Mr. his account of a re- Hydrostatics, fome curious

markable separation of the scarf phenomena in, 518.

fkin, 213.


GOULARD, M. his doctrine in re-
spect to the faturnine appl ċa-

tions in furgery, &c. contefted,

CELANDERS, ancient, their
Greeks, modern, still resemble strong attachment to liberty,

their ancestors in their great love 177. Their regulations of go.
of their country, 505. Instances vernment, &c, ib,
of, 506, seq. Their adherence JEBB, Rev. Mr. his apology for
also to the old customs of their his lectures, 82,
country, 513. Manners of their Jews, conformity of their customs
ladies, ib.

with those of the negroes, 550.
Ground, how to lay out, agree- Illinois, their country described,

able to the modern carte in gar. 10. Government of, 11.
dening, 346.

Infidelity abounds in France,


INOCULATION, of the small-pox,

a great cause of the late increase

of inhabitants in London, &c.
Afiz, the Persian poet, spe- 15

cimen of his works, 427. JOHŃ, King of England, his con-
HAMILTON, Mr. bis account of tests with Philip of France, &c.

a late eruption of Vesuvius, 201. 575. With his English barons,
HARTE, Mr. his agricultural wri- 576. With the Pope, ib.
tings extolled, 239.

his bad character, 577,
HEAT, general effects of, enume. Johnson, Dr. Samuel, attacks Ju.

nius, 330.
HEBERDEN, Dr. his obs, on the Jones, William, Esq; his demon-

number of inhabitants in Ma. Iracion of a law of motion, in
deira, 139, 140.

On the dif. the case of a body deflected by
ferent quantities of rain which two forces, tending constantly
appear to fail at different heights

to the same point, 135.
on the same ground, 331.

HEROD's cruely in the slaughter JURIES, trials by, the great bul.

of the infants, critical remarks wark of the English conftitution,
on, 295.

12 10
NEWSON, Mr, his account of the
lymphatic lyttem in fith, &c.

HOFFMAN, Dr. his experiments


rated, 155.


Les atope

Horace, an ode of his compared
with the Persian of Hafiz, 428.

his art of poetry the code
of reason, 557

gardens, 350.
LAMBERT, M, his experiment on

the magnet, 538.

ܐ Qq



LANDE, M. de la, his memoir on crown, 577. Besieged in Los-
the theory of the planet Mercu-

don, ib.
ry, 521.

Louis VII, King of France, his
LANE, Mr. his account of the so- quarrel with the English, 578.
lubility of iron in fimple water,

IX. his character, ib.
by the intervention of fixed air, Louis XIV. story of him and

Mad. de Montespan, 61.
Laws, in terrorem, cruelty and in- LYMPHATICS, See Hewsos,
justice of, 188.

LEAD, preparations of, their use Lysons, Dr. his account of an
in surgery, 485

extraordinary case of a girl who
LEGARD, Sir Digby, his account had swallowed three pins, 210.

of the drill husbandry criticised, LUCERNÈ. See BALDWIN.


LIBERTY, strong attachment of

the ancient inhabitants of the Adox, Dr. Bishop 'of Wor,
north of Europe to it, 177.

his sermon on inoculation
LIEUTEAU D, his fvnopas, propo- commended, 15.

fals for a translation of, into Magnets, experiments on, 538.
English, 495.

MAGNETICAL currents, curious
Lire, the expectation of, in re- memoir on the curvature of,

spect to annuities, calculated, 538.

MAHOMET, a quack, 531.
LIGATURE of the artery. See MAINTENON, Madam, account of

AIKIN. See BromFIELD. her theatrical exhibitions at St.
LIGHTNING, methods for securing Cyr, 62.

churches, &c. from damage by, MANSFIELD, Lord, fru expoftu-

lation with, 35. His ípirited
Lisle, Mr. his book of husban. speech in defence of toleration
dry animadverted on, 234.

and religious liberty, 190. See
LITER, Dr. his book of shells more of him under CAMDEN,

improved in a new edition, MANUFACTURERS, British, cheir

diffoluteness, 14.
Locke, Mr. his philosophical wri. MANURES, list of, 258.
tings extolled, 280.

MATTHEW, St. authenticity of the
Logic, obr. on, 282.

att and ad chapters of his gof-
LONDON, calculations of the num. pel, disputed, 293

ber of the inhabitants, 137. MAYER, Professor, his tables of
Critical obs.on the public build- the moon's motions, &c. pab.
ings of, 280.

lished here by authority, 214,
Louis, the Fat, rivalship between 284-290.

him and Henry of England, Merian, M. his enquiry into the

comparative duration and inten-
Louis, the Young, (King of fity of pleasure and pain, 547.

France) his conteits with Henry Milton, his political writings
King of England, 569. Re.

extolled, 335
flections on his character, 570. MONADES, of Leibnitz, curious
Louis, Prince, son to Philip, King account of the nature of, 446.

of France, his expedition to Monkey, a fingular one described,
Engiand, and defigo upon the 207


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