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الصفحة 279 - The success of this unique system of war depends upon almost complete unity of action of the entire native population. That such unity is a fact is too obvious to admit of discussion; how it is brought about and maintained is not so plain.
الصفحة 232 - I shall therefore close this paper with predicting, that whatever State shall thoroughly comprehend the nature and advantages of rifled barrel pieces, and, having facilitated and completed their construction, shall introduce into their armies their general use with a dexterity in the management of them ; they will by this means acquire a superiority, which will almost equal anything that has been done at any time by the particular excellence of any one kind of arms...
الصفحة 635 - Success attend Admiral Nelson ! God bless Captain Miller ! We thank them for the officers they have placed over us. We are happy and comfortable, and will shed every drop of blood in our veins to support them ; and the name of the Theseus shall be immortalised as high as the Captain's.
الصفحة 162 - ... young Prince (for he is at least Prince of Scotland) had vaulted from Cope's neck into St. James's House ; but he is still at Edinburgh ; and his cousin Grafton, the lord chamberlain has not even given orders for fitting up this palace for his reception. The good people of England have at last rubbed their eyes and looked about them. A wonderful spirit is arisen in all counties, and among all sorts of people. The nobility are raising regiments, and every body else is — being raised. Dr. Herring...
الصفحة 314 - Five submarine vessels of the type invented by Mr. Holland have been ordered, the first of which should be delivered next autumn. What the future value of these boats may be in naval warfare can only be a matter of conjecture.
الصفحة 628 - Institution contains the best professional Library in the United Kingdom ; an excellent collection of Maps and Charts ; Reading and Smoking Rooms provided with the leading papers, periodicals, and writing materials ; an interesting Museum ; and a Theatre in which lectures upon professional subjects, followed by discussion, are frequently given.
الصفحة 193 - Imports and total Exports. Imports and Exports by sea are not separately shown in the Canadian returns.
الصفحة 279 - In other words, the towns, regardless of the fact of American occupation and town organization, are the actual bases for all insurgent military activities, and not only so in the sense of furnishing supplies for the so-called flying columns of guerrillas, but as affording secure places of refuge.
الصفحة 279 - The people of the islands, however, during the past five years have been maddened by rhetorical sophistry and stimulants applied to national pride, until the power of discriminating in behalf of matters of public concern or private interest (never very strongly established among them), has for the time being been almost entirely suspended. As a substitute for all other considerations, the people seem to be actuated by the idea that in all doubtful matters of politics or war, men are never nearer...

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