The Elements of Euclid, Viz: The Errors, by which Theon, Or Others, Have Long Ago Vitiated These Books, are Corrected; and Some of Euclid's Demonstrations are Restored. Also the Book of Euclid's Data, in Like Manner Corrected. the first six books, together with the eleventh and twelfth

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J. Nourse, London, and J. Balfour, Edinburgh, 1775 - 520 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 32 - If two triangles have two angles of the one equal to two angles of the other, each to each, and one side equal to one side, viz. either the sides adjacent to the equal...
الصفحة 165 - D ; wherefore the remaining angle at C is equal to the remaining angle at F ; Therefore the triangle ABC is equiangular to the triangle DEF.
الصفحة 170 - If two triangles have one angle of the one equal to one angle of the other and the sides about these equal angles proportional, the triangles are similar.
الصفحة 10 - When several angles are at one point B, any ' one of them is expressed by three letters, of which ' the letter that is at the vertex of the angle, that is, at ' the point in which the straight lines that contain the ' angle meet one another, is put between the other two ' letters, and one of these two is...
الصفحة 55 - If a straight line be divided into two equal parts, and also into two unequal parts; the rectangle contained by the unequal parts, together with the square of the line between the points of section, is equal to the square of half the line.
الصفحة 32 - ... then shall the other sides be equal, each to each; and also the third angle of the one to the third angle of the other. Let ABC, DEF be two triangles which have the angles ABC, BCA equal to the angles DEF, EFD, viz.
الصفحة 45 - To describe a parallelogram that shall be equal to a given triangle, and have one of its angles equal to a given rectilineal angle.
الصفحة 211 - AB shall be at right angles to the plane CK. Let any plane DE pass through AB, and let CE be the common section of the planes DE, CK ; take any point F in CE, from which draw FG in the plane DE at right D angles to CE ; and because AB is , perpendicular to the plane CK, therefore it is also perpendicular to every straight line in that plane meeting it (3.
الصفحة 38 - F, which is the common vertex of the triangles ; that is, together with four right angles. Therefore all the angles of the figure, together with four right angles, are equal to twice as many right angles as the figure has sides.
الصفحة 304 - Thus, if B be the extremity of the line AB, or the common extremity of the two lines AB, KB, this extremity is called a point, and has no length : For if it have any, this length must either be part of the length of the line AB, or of the line KB.

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