Ghost Rider

الغلاف الأمامي
iUniverse, 01‏/02‏/2003 - 310 من الصفحات
Not since Kiss of the Spider Woman has a story about the effects of persecution on the human mind interwoven fantastic and realistic elements as effectively. A story of biting irony and bitter satire, leaning heavily on Nabokov s Pale Fire, Ghost Rider addresses contemporary social concerns with its elegant, crisp prose. The protagonist has no name and no identity. Together with her memory, they have been taken in a Latin American war. When she falls for a famous rider, she must descend into the pits of her past, to tell him her story, and is forced to add new chapters as she peels away hidden layers of herself. Initially, there seems to be nothing wrong with her, except for a strange affinity for ghosts. Her memories of fear-filled nights take her back to Peru, into the vengeful mind of an executed man. Claiming she has killed him, he tries to convince her of the advantages of being dead. To banish him, she sets music against her blood-reeking past. When she finally succeeds, she is eighty-two. But it might be a dream, like the rest of her story, or her final nightmare. Nothing rules out that she could awake in the torture chamber, facing her final hour.

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