Lives of the Queens of England of the House of Hanover, المجلد 2

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الصفحة 362 - And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.
الصفحة 189 - Thy prime decree? The sun to me is dark And silent as the moon, When she deserts the night, Hid in her vacant interlunar cave.
الصفحة 250 - Cholmondeley, that even in the event of any accident happening to my daughter, which I trust Providence in its mercy will avert, I shall not infringe the terms of the restriction by proposing, at any period, a connection of a more particular nature.
الصفحة 26 - One there was, though of another species, the noblest figure I ever saw, the High Constable of Scotland, Lord Errol. As one saw him in a space capable of containing him, one admired him. At the wedding, dressed in tissue, he looked like one of the Giants in Guildhall, new gilt. It added to the energy of his person, that one considered him acting so considerable a part in that very Hall, where, so few years ago, one saw his father, Lord Kilmarnock, condemned to the block.
الصفحة 40 - To a friend," says John Duke of Buckingham, " I will expose my weakness : I am oftener missing a pretty gallery in the old house I pulled down, than pleased with a saloon which I built in its stead, though a thousand times better in all respects.
الصفحة 181 - ... dismissed and turned away, and made capricious changes everywhere, from the Lord Chamberlain to the grooms and footmen ; he had turned away the Queen's favourite coachman, made footmen grooms, and " vice versa ;" and what was still worse, because more notorious, had removed Lords of the Bedchamber without a shadow of reason ; that all this afflicted the Royal Family beyond measure ; the Queen was ill and cross, the Princesses low, depressed, and quite sinking under it...
الصفحة 25 - Roxana, was the finest figure at a distance ; she complained to George Selwyn that she was to walk with Lady Portsmouth, who would have a wig, and a stick — " Pho," said he, "you will only look as if you were taken up by the constable.
الصفحة 262 - On the other matters produced in the course of the inquiry, the King is advised that none of the facts or allegations stated in preliminary examinations, carried on in the absence of the parties interested, can be considered as legally, or conclusively, established. But in those examinations, and even in the answer drawn in the name of the Princess by her legal advisers, there have appeared circumstances of conduct on the part of the Princess, which his Majesty never could regard but with serious...
الصفحة 6 - Our Queen that is to be, has seen very little of the World, but her very good sense, vivacity, and cheerfulness, I dare say will recommend her to the King, and make her the darling of the British nation. She is no regular beauty, but she is of a very pretty size, has a charming complexion, very pretty eyes, and finely made. In short she is a very fine girl.
الصفحة 49 - You seem not to know the character of the Queen : here it is — She is a good woman, a good wife, a tender mother; and an unmeddling Queen. The King loves her as a woman; but, I verily believe, has never yet spoken one word to her about business.

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