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by the Ministry of that Despised People, called Quakers; and in the Springings of that Light, Life, and Holy Power in him, which they had tely and faithfully Teftified of, and directed his Mind to, were these things written,, and are now Published as a thankful Teftimony of the Goodness of the Lord to him, and for the benefit of others. In Two Parts.

The Works of Samuel Fiber, in Folio.

The Works of that Memorable and Ancient Servant of Chrift Stephen Crifp; containing allo Journal of his Life, giving an Account of his Convincement, Travels, Labours and Sufferings in and for the Truth. price bound 5 s.

Truth's Innocency and Simplicity fhining, through the Convertion, Gofpel-Miniftry, La bours, Epiftles of Love, Teftimonies and Warn» ings to Profeffor and Prophane (with the Long t 2nd Patient Sufferings) of that Ancient and Faithful Minifter and Servant of Jefus Chrift, Thomas Fabr. price Bound 5 s.

The Memory of the Righteous Revived, being a Brief Collection of the Books and written Epifiles of John Camm and John Audland; together with feveral Teftimonies relating to those two faithful Labourers. price Bound 2 s.

A plain Account of certain Chriftian Experi ences, Labours, Services and Sufferings of that Apcient Servant, and Minifter of Chrift, Roget Hebden. Containing both Warning, Confolation and Instruction in Righteousness. Price Bound 1

Piety Promoted, in a Collection of the Dying Sayings of many of the People called Quaer With a brief Account of fome of their Labours in the Gospel, and Sufferings for the fame Why Joba Tomkins. price bound is.








The Chriftian Quaker, and his Divine Teftis mony, ftated and vindcated, from Scripture, Rea fon and Authority. By w. Penn. price Bound 2 s

Primitive Chriftianity Revived, in the Faith and Practice of the People called Quakers! Written in Teftimony to the present Difpenfa tion of God, through them to the World; that Prejudices may be removed,the Simple informed the Well-inclined encouraged, and the Truth and its Innocent Friends rightly represented By W. Penn. price Bound 1 s.

A Defence of a Paper, entituled, Gofpe Trut's, against the Exceptions of the Bishop of Cork's Teftimony (against the Quakers.) By Penn. price Bound 1 s.

A Brief Account of the Rife and Progress of the People called Quakers in which their Fundamental Principle, Doctrines, Worship, Miniftry and Difcipline, are plainly declared, to prevent the Mistakes and Perverfions that Ignorance and Prejudice may make to Abuse the Credulous, With a Summary Relation of the former Dipenfations of God in the World, by way of Introduction. By w. Penn. price Bound 1 s.

An Account of w. Penn's Travels in Holland and Germany, for the Service of the Gospel of Chrift; by way of Journal. Containing alfo divers Letters and Epiftles, writ to feveral Great and Eminent Perfons, whilst there. The Second Impreffion. Corrected by the Author's own Copy; with fome Anfwers not before Printed. Price Bound 2 s.

God's Protecting Providence, Maa's Sureft Help and Defence, in times of the greatest Dif ficulty, and moft eminent Danger. Evidencd in the Remarkable Deliverance of Robert Barrow, with


with divers other Perfons, from the Devouring Waves of the Sea, among which they fuffered Shipwrack; And alfo, from the cruel Devouring Jaws of the Inhumane Canibals of Florida. Faichfully related by one of the Perfons concerned therein, Fonathan Dickenfon. Price Stitch'd 8 d.

Lux Evangelica Atteftata: Or, a further Teftimony to the Sufficiency of the Light Within. Being a Reply to George Keith's Cenfure, In his Book, Intituled, An Account of the Quakers Politicks, Upon certain Pallages in my Book, Intituled, Mercy Covering the Fudgment-Seat, &c. For the clearing of Truth from G. K's Mifreprefentations, and Satisfying of Sober Enquirers into the True State of the Controverfie between us By Richard Claridge. Price ftitch'd 1 s.

Anguis Flagellatus; or, a Switch for the Snake. Being an Answer to the Third and Laft Edition of the Snake in the Grafs. Wherein that Author's Injustice, both in Quotation and Story, are difcovered and obviated. And the Truth, Doctrinally delivered by us, ftated and maintained, in oppofition to his Mifreprefentation and Perverfion. By Jofeph Wyeth. To which is added, a Supplement by G. whitebead.

SACRED Hiftory: Or the Hiftorical Part of the Holy Scriptures of the Old Teftament; Gathered out from the other Parts thereof, and Digefted,(as near as well could be) into due Me thod, with refpe&t to order of Time and Place, With fome Obfervations, here and rhere, tend. ing to Illuftrate fome Paflages therein, And a Table to the wbole in Folio, By Thomas Ellwood. Price 10s.

A Scripture Catichism for Children by Amb. Rigg, Price Bound 6d.


The Harmony of Divine and Heavenly Do&rines, demonftrated in fundry Declarations, on Variety of Subjects. Preached at the Quakers Meetings in London, by Mr. w. Penn, Mr. G. Whitehead, Mr. S. Waldenfield, Mr. B. Coole; taken in Short hand, as it was delivered by them, and now Faithfully Tranfcribed and Published for the Information of thofe, who by reafon of Ignorance, may have received a prejudice against them. By a Lover of that People, price 1 s. 6d.

A brief Teftimony to the great Duty of Prayer; fhewing the Nature and Benefit thereof; to which is added, Many Eminent and Select Inftances of God's Answer to Prayer: Collected out of the Record of Holy Scriptures. By F. T. one of the People called Quakers. With a Poftfcript by F. F. The Second Edition, with Additi ons. Price 6 d.

Truth Prevalent; and the Quakers difcharged from the Norfolk-Rectors Furious Charge. In a Sober Anfwer to their Book, falfly tiled The Principles of the Quakers further fhewn to be Blafphemous and Seditious: By these thus remarked Authors, viz. Edward Beckham, D. D. Rector of Gayton-Thorp; Henry Meriton, M. A. Rector of Oxborough; Lancaster Topcliffe, L. L. B. Rector of Hockwold; Norfolk. Upon due Ex amination Anfwered, by George whitehead, a Servant of Chrift price 2 s.

Light and Truth difcovering and detecting Sophiftry and Deceit: In Reply to a Book call'd APlain Difcovery of many grofs Falfhood's, &c. by G. Keith. Together with Animadverfions on G.K's Anfwer to his own Queries, concerning the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper (fo calls ed) By F. Field, Price 6 d.



More Fruits of Solitude; being the Second part of Reflections and Maxims, relating to the Conduct of Humane Life. By the Author of the former. price 9 d.

The Harmony of the Old and New Teftment; and the fulfilling of the Prophets, concerning our Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift, and his Kingdom and Glory in the latter Days. With a brief Concordance of the Names and Attributes, &c. given unto Chrift; and fome texts of Scripture, collected concerning Chrift's Humiliation and Sufferings; alfo, of his most excellent Dignity and Glorification. publifhed. for the benefit of Chriftians and Jews, by Tomkins. With an Appendix to the Jews, by W. Penn. 3d Edition, with Additions. price 15. No Crofs, No Crown, A Difcourfe of the Matnre and Difcipline of the Holy Cross of Chrift. In 2 parts. 6th Edition. by w. Penn. price bound 3 s.

England's prefent Intereft confidered, with Honour to the Prince, and Safety to the People. In Answer to this one Queftion, Vhat is most Fit, Eafie and Safe to be done, for Allaying the Heat of contrary Interefts, and making them Confiftent with the Profperity of the Kingdom? Submitted to the Confideration of our Superiours. price bound is.

Truth's Vindication; or, a gentle Stroke to wipe off the foul Afperfions, falle Accufations and Mifreprefentations, caft upon the people of God, called Quakers, both with refpect to their Principles, and their way of Profelyting People over to them. price bound 15.

A Teftimony to the Truth of God, as held forth by the people called Quakers, being a short


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