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grows out of the doctrine that he ty if the doctrine is true, is a sin is the greatest of all beings, capa- if the doctrine is untrue. ble of enjoying more than any Repentance is another duty enother being, or than all other be joined in the gospel. But this duings, from which it results that ty is the practical result of the his happiness is of more impor- doctrine of human depravity. If tance thau that of all other beings. men were not subjects of moral The duty of loving God with the depravity, it could not be their love of esteem, grows out of the duty to repent of sin. And the doctrine that he is a being of per- nature and extent of the duty defect moral rectitude. Let these pend upon the nature and extent doctrines be proved untrue, and of the doctrine. If the doctrine these doties cease to be obligatory of partial depravity is true, then Let it be proved that God is no it is duty to repent only of a part greater than his creatures, and it of our actions ; but if the doctrine becomes wrong to value his happi- is true that men before regeneraDess any more than theirs. Let tion are totally depraved, then it it be proved that he is not a be- is their duty to repent of all they ing of moral rectitude, and it be- have done to that time. comes wrong to love him with the Faith in Christ is a duty enjoinlove of esteem. Let it be proveded in the gospel. But this duty that he is a being of the same mor- is the practical result of the docal characier with Satan, and it be- trine of atonement. Let it be comes a sin to feel any more com- proved that Christ did not make placency in his character, and a atonement by his death for the duty to abhor him with the whole sins of the world, and it would be heart.

wrong for us to trust in his atonThe expression of right affec- ing blood for the pardon of our tions towards God in the language sins. Let it be proved that he of prayer and praise-constitutes was only a man, like Paul, that the worship of God. It is a duty he was no greater teacher than to worship God, and it is wrong to Paul, and that his death was only worship a creature. The duty of that of a martyr, like Paul's, and worshipping one God depends on it would be wrong to consider him the doctrine that there is but one as the Saviour of the world, any God. If there are more gods than more than Paul. one, then it is wrong to confine It is the duty of guilty men to our worship to one only. If the love God, repent of sin, and beOne God 'subsists in three per- lieve in Christ, without any delay. sons, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, But this duty is the practical rethen it is a duty to worship him sult of the

doctrine of human abil- . as a Trinity in Unity. If Christ ity. If the unregenerate are the is not God, then it is a sin to subjects of a natural inability to worship him as God. If the Holy | love God, repent of sin, and beGhost is not God, it is a sin to lieve in Christ, such an inability

a worship him as God. The duty as they are under to create a in each case depends upon the world, then it cannot be their doctrine. Let the doctrine be present duty to do these things, proved untrue, and the duty ceas- any more than it can be their duty es to be a duty, and becomes a sin. to create a world. Or, in other words, wbat is a du- Self-denial is a duty enjoined in the gospel. But this duty is by what instruments they may, the practical result of the doctrine then it is duty to exercise submisof disinterested benevolence.- sion to God in them all. But let This doctrine teaches that the in- it be proved that there are any of trinsic worth of things is the prop- them in which he has no agency, er measure of our regard; that my and it becomes wrong to submit to own happiness is no more valuable him in all such. Indeed if God for being mine, nor my neighbour's has no design nor agency in the any less valuable for not being wicked conduct of men, he must mine; and that it is wrong for me be opposed to it on the whole, as to prefer a less good of my own well as opposed to it in itself conto a greater good of my neighbour. sidered. And of course, it must If this doctrine should be proved be our duty to feel opposed to it untrue, and it should be proved on the whole, as well as opposed that the proper measure of our re- to it in itself considered.

And gard is to put our own happiness so, any kind of submission to those in the first place, and to value afflictions which come upon us other things in proportion as they through the wicked conduct of are conducive to that, then itmen, inust be wrong: would follow that self-denial is It is a duty enjoined in the gospel no duty, but a sin.

that we love our enemies, and es. It is a duty enjoined in the gos-ercise patience and meekness unpel, that we love our neighbour as der all their injurious treatment; ourselves, and do unto all men as not resisting evil, nor returning we would they should do unto us. evil for evil to any man, but good This is the grand rule of all our for evil, and blessing for cursing. intercourse with our fellow men. But this duty is the practical reBut this duty is the practical result of the doctrine of disinterested sult of the doctrine of disinterested benevolence, and is strongly enbenevolence. If that doctrine is not forced by the doctrine of decrees, true, and, selfishness is right, then and the doctrine of human depravmy own interest is the only rule to ity. If the doctrine of disinterbe observed; and the thing to be estedness is true, then we ought to considered is, what will be most for regard the welfare of others for my advantage; and I must love my its own sake; of our enemies, as neighbour no further than I can be a really as of our friends. We gainer by it, and for no other reason. ought to seek their good, and treat

Submission to God under the them kindly. But if the doctrine common afflictions of life, is a duty of selfishness is true, and our own enjoined in the gospel. Eli did good is to be our supreme object, right, if he expressed the feelings then we need not seek the good of his heart, when he said, “It is of our enemies any further than it the Lord; let him do what seem is for our interest so to do. And eth him good.” And Job, when if it is for our interest to resist evil, he said, “The Lord gave and and return evil for evil, in some the Lord hath taken away ; circumstances, as many think it is, blessed be the name of the Lord.' then it is right so to do, in those But this duty is the practical result circumstances. It was observed of the doctrine of the universal de- that the duty of patience and crees and agency of God. If it meekness under injurious treatis the hand of God that brings af- ment is enforced by the doctrine fictions upon us, let them come of the divine decrees and the doc

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trine of human depravity : for if / whether they come with or without the agency of God is employed in human instrumentality, then it is bringing these things upon us, and proper to ask himn for those bleswe deserve them all at his hands, sings; but not otherwise. If we it becomes us to receive them all are dependant upon God for his with meekness and patience to Holy Spirit to make us better, it wards those whoin he selects as is proper to pray for it; but not othhis instruments.

erwise. If God cannot incline our It is a gospel duty that we make hearts, without diminishing or dean unreserved and unconditional stroying our free agency, then he surrender of our souls to God, be- cannot make us better, by any ining willing to be in his hands, and fluence he can exercise upon us; at his sovereign disposal. We and it is absurd and wrong to ask are in his hands, and we ought him to do it. If it is God that connot to wish to get out of his hands. verts and sanctifies others, causing He will dispose of as according to them to turn from their evil ways, bis sovereign pleasure; and we and causing them to walk in his ought to be willing to have him do statutes, then it is proper to ask So. It is the wicked only that him to do it; but not otherwisc. “would fain flee out of his hand." The duty of praying for all blesBut this duty is the practical re- sings, whether spiritual or temsult of the doctrine of the divine poral, with submission, saying,

, sovereignty. If God has not a with our Lord and Master, « not sovereign right to dispose of us as my will, but thine be done,” is he pleases, it cannot be our duty the practical result of the doctrine to be willing he should. If he ex- of disinterested benevolence, and ercises bis sovereignty merely be the doctrine of the divine omniscause he is so powerful that he cience. If God knows all things, cannot be successfully resisted, he knows what is most for his glory, from capice, or partiality, or self- and if the glory of God ought to ishness, it ought not to be acqui- be regarded by us more than our esced in. But since he exercises own individual happiness, then it his sovereignty according to the is duty to make our happiness dictates of infinite wisdom and subordinate to his glory. But if infinite goodness; since his sov- the doctrine of selfishness is true, ereignty is nothing more than his then it is duty to desire the secudisposal of every creature in that rity of our own eternal happiness way which is on the whole wisest above all things, and in our pray. and best; it is our duty to rejoice ers to make it our supreme object, that the Lord reigns, and that he and ask for its security at all reigns over us.

events, even if the glory of God It is a duty to pray to God, must be sacrificed to it. It is the “ lifting up holy hands.” The duty of all men to pray, because scriptures are abundant in enjoin- all men are equally dependant on ing this duty upon all. But the God. And it is the duty of all duty of prayer is the practical re- men, whether saints or sinners, sult of the doctrine of dependence. immediately to pray; listing up If in any thing we are not depend holy bands.' But this is the pracant upon God, that thing is not a tical result of the doctrine of huproper subject of prayer to God. man ability. It can only be the If we are dependant upon God for duty of men to do as well as they the common blessings of life, can. And if they are the subjects


of a natural inability to make a ho- | the belief of error the means of ly prayer, then it can only be their destruction. If error is the means duty to make as good a prayer as of sanctification, and the truth is they can without any holiness in it. of hurtful tendency, then the duty Watchfulness against sin is a gos- is reversed; and we ought to bear pel duty. But this is the practi- error, and avoid hearing the truth. cal result of the doctrine of free Self-examination is a gospelagency. If men

were not free duty. We ought to look well to agents, they would not be capable the foundation of our hope, and of committing sin, and would have take heed that we be not deceived. no need to watch against it. But this duty is the practical reWatchfulness against sin is the sult of the doctrine of the deceitduty of Christians. And this duty fulness of the human heart, and is is enforced by the doctrine of the enforced by the doctrine that imperfection of Christians

If many profess Christ who are not they commit some sin every day, his true disciples, to whom he it is important that they watch will say, at the last, “Depart from against it continually.

me; I never knew you." The sanctification of the Sab. It is the duty of those who are bath is a gospel-duty. But this is converted to God, to confess the practical result of the doctrine Christ before men. But this du. that God is our lawgiver, and has ty is the practical result of the required us to remember the Sab- doctrine of benevolence, the folbath day to keep it holy. If God filment of it being well adapted has not required it, or if he has no to do good to ourselves and othright to require it, then it is not a ers, to promote the glory of God, duty.

and advance the cause of Christ. It is a duty to search the scrip-It is enforced also by the doctrine tures, to receive with reverence of the imperfection of Christians, whatever they teach, and to try which makes them stand in great all that we hear by that unerring need of the faithful watch and standard. But this duty is the care of their Christian brethren. practical result of the doctrine It is the duty of a church to rethat men are accountable to God ceive none as members but such for their opinions, as well as for as give credible evidence of retheir conduct. If men's opinions generation. But this duty is the are a matter of indifference, then practical result of the doctrine of it is a matter of indifference whe- total depravity, and depends upon ther we search the scriptures or it: for if men are not totally denot, or whether we embrace or re- praved, they cannot be born ject what the scriptures teach. It again, and become bew creatures, is a duty to take heed what we so that “old things shall have hear, and be careful not to hear passed away and all things have " the instruction which causeth to become new.' err from the words of knowledge." It is the duty of a church to reBut this duty is the practical re

ceive none as members but such sult of the doctrine of dieinterest. as embrace the doctrines of the ed tenevolence, which teaches gospel. But this duty is the practhat we ought to do ourselves and tical result of the doctrine that others no harm, and of the doc. | the reception or rejection of the

, trine that the belief of the truth truth is a decisive test of characis the means of sanctification, and ter, according to that declaration

of our Lord, “He that is of God, the word of truth, sanctified thro' heareth God's words; ye therefore the truth, purify their souls in hear them not, because ye are not obeying the truth," and be fitted of God.” If he that understand- for heaven through sanctification ingly and cordially rejects the of the Spirit and belief of the truth can be a Christian, then a truth, man's belief ought not to be made It is a duty to trust in God una term of admission.

der all circumstances, and after The faithful maintenance of using the means of his appointdiscipline is a gospel duty. But ment to accomplish any desirable this is the practical result of the object, cheerfully to commit the doctrine of disinterested benevo- event to him, with entire confilence. If selfishness is right, then dence that he will do what is best. discipline need only be pursued But this duty is the practical reas far as self-interest requires. sult of the doctrine of the univer

It is a duty to esteem all that sal agency of God," who worketh we have and are to be the Lord's, all things after the counsel of his and to act, on all occasions, as the own will.” It would be wrong stewards of the Lord Jesus Christ. to commit to his disposal such But this duty is the practical re-things as he does not dispose of sult of the doctrine of dependance, and direct. But if “not a sparand the doctrine of disinterested row falleth to the ground without benevolence.

him, and even the hairs of our It is the duty of Christians to heads are all numbered," and if use means to promote the sal- he is infinitely wise, to know vation of sinners, by praying for what is best, infinitely good. to them, and providing for their being choose what is best, and infinitely instructed in the gospel of the powerfal, to carry into effect all grace of God; by endeavouring to his wise and benevolent purposes, call their attention to the things then it is our duty to trust in him of religion, and pressing the truth with entire and unlimited confiupon their consciences. But this dence, under all circumstances. duty is the practical result of the In like inanner, it might be doctrine of disinterested benevo- shown, that every duty enjoined: lence, and the doctrine that the l in the gospel is the practical result salvation of men depends upon of some doctrine taught in the their hearing and embracing the gospel, and is so dependant upon truth. In the performance of

of it, that if the doctrine should be this duty Christians are greatly proved untrue, the corresponding encouraged by the doctrine of duty would cease to be a duty, election, which assures them that and become a sin. God has determined to make his

DISCIPULUS. word effectual to the salvation of

(To be concluded.) soine, who shall be “ begotten by


and keep holy the Sabbath; be

cause God coinmands it. In the ON THE SABBATH.

course of the preceding essays, it No. VI.

has been shown, that the obligation Reasons for remembering the to observe the Sabbath is of a moral Sabbath day to keep it holy. nature; that the fourth commare?

First. We ought to remember ment is as binding upon us, as a:

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