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O blaw, ye flowers your bonnie bloom,

And draw the wild birds to the burn! For Lumon promised me a ring,

And ye maun aid me, should I mourn. O na, na, na, ye need na bloom!

My een are dim and drowsy worn: Ye bonnie birds, ye need na sing,

For Lumon never will return. My Lumon's love, in broken sighs,

At dawning day by Doon ye'll hear; At mid-day, by the willow green,

For him i'll shed the silent tear. Sweet birds! I ken ye'll pity me,

And join me wi' a plaintive sang, While echo wakes, to aid the mane,

I mak for him I lo'ed sae lang.

GILES SCROGGINGS. Giles Scroggings courted Molly Brown, Fol lol de rol de rol de ra, The fairest wench in all the town, Fol de rol de rol de rol de ra. He bought a ring with posy true, If you loves me as I loves you, No knife shall cut our love in two, Fol lol de riddle lol de ra. But scissors cut as well as knives, Fol lol, &c. And quite uncertain is our lives, Fol lol, &c. The day they were to have been wed, Fate's scissors cut poor Giles's thread, So they could not be married, Fol lol, &c. Poor Mary laid her down to weep, Fol lol, &c. And cried herself quite fast asleep, Fol lol, &c. When standing all by the bed post, A figure tall her sight engrossid, And it cried, I be Giles Scrogging's ghost, Fol lol, &c. The ghost it said all solemnly, Fol lol, &c. O Molly, you must go with 1, Fol lol, &c.

All to the grave your love to cool,
Says she, I am not dead, you fool.
Says the ghost says he, vy that's no rule, Fol lol, &c.
The ghost he seiz'd her all so grim, Fol lol, &c.
All for to go along with him, Fol lol, &c.
Come, come, said he, ere morning beam,
I vont, she cried, and guv'd a screan;
Then she ?woke, and found she'd dreamt a dream,
All about Fol lol de riddle, lol de ra.

THE AMERICAN STAR. Come, strike the bold anthem, the war-dogs are howl.

Already they eagerly snuff up their prey, (ing, The red cloud

or war o'er our forests is scowling, Soft peace spreads her wings and flies weeping away; The infants affrighted, cling close to their mothers,

The youth grasp their swords, for the combat prepare, While beauty weeps fathers, and lovers, and brothers,

Who rush to display the American Star. Come, blow the shrill bugle, the loud drum awaken,

The dread rifle seize, let the cannon deep roar; No heart with pale fear, or faint doubtings be shaken,

No slave's hostile foot leave a print on our shore; Shall mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters left weep

Insulted by ruíñans, be dragged to despair? sing, Oh no! from the hills the proud eagle come swooping,

And waves to the brave the American Siar.
The spirits of Washington, Warren, Montgomery,

Look down from the clouds, with bright aspects seCome soldiers,a tear and a toast to their memory,[rene ;

Rejoicing they'll see us as they once have been; To us the high boon by the gods has been granted,

To spread the glad tidings of liberty far; Let millions invade us, we'll meet them undaunted,

And conquer or die by the American Star. Your hands then, dear comrades, round liberty's altar,

United we swear by the souls of the brave! Not one from the strong resolution shall falter,

To live independent, or sink in the grave! Then freemen fill up-lo! the strip'd banner's flying,

The high bird of liberty screams through the air, Beneath her Oppression and Tyranny dying

Success to the beaming American Star.

Hail Columbia ! happy land !
Hail ye heroes! heaven-born band !

Who fought and bled in freedom's cause, (reAnd when the storm of war was gone, (peat. Enjoy'd the peace your valor won.

Let independence be our boast,
Ever mindful what it cost;
Ever grateful for the prize,
Let its altar reach the skies.

Firm-united-let us be,
Rallying round our liberty;
As a band of brothers join'd,

Peace and safety we shall find.
Immortal patriots ! rise once more;
Defend your rights, defend your shore;

Let nó rude foe, with impious hand, [repeat.
Invade the shrine where sacred lies,
Of toil and blood, the well earn'd prize.

While offering peace, sincere and just,
In Heaven we place a manly trust,
That truth and justice will prevail,
And every scheme of bondage fail.

Firm-united, &c.
Sound, sound the trump of fame,
Let Washington's great name

Ring thro' the world with loud applause, [reLet every clime to freedom dear, [peut. Listen with a joyful ear.

With equal skill and god-like power,
He govern'd in the fearful hour
Of horrid war; or guides with ease,
The happier times of honest peace,

Firm-united, &c.

Behold the chief, who now commands,
Once more to serve his country stands-

The rock on which the storm will beat ; [reBut arm'd in virtue firm and true, (peat. His hopes are fix'd on 'Heaven and you.

When hope was sinking in dismay,
And glooms obscur'd Columbia's day,
His steady mind, from changes free,
Resolv'd on death, or liberty.

Firm-united, &c.


TUNE- Hail Columbia.
WAKE, Columbia ! wake the lyre,
Touch the silver chords with fire;

Bid the holy flames arise,
Mounting swiftly to the skies;
Music sweet, and music strong,
Rouse the soul with lyric song.
Goddess of this western clime,
Tune thy notes to joys sublime !

Wrapt in glory's brightest blaze,

Gallant heroes proudly raise ;
Shouts of triumph, sounding far,
Louder than the storm of war :
Godlike courage won the day-
Bafiled Britain lost her sway;

Ghastly stood her trembling king-
Quick he felt the dreadful sting,
When Columbia's sons had sworn,
“Death !-or, lo! a nation's born !"
Born-a nation stood sublime,
Virtue's proof-the test of time;

England's vassals now return, Help their weeping nation mourn; Tyranny had fled our coast; Gain'd one world, a world was lost. British insults we forgive, Memory keeps the flame alive:

May it ever nobly rise

To the bright cerulean skies,
Strike Columbia's sons with awe,
Bid them shun the tiger's paw.
Independent, firm and free,
Blest with heavenly liberty

Smiling o'er our happy land,

Peace, with all her lovely band, Moves triumphant in her car, Spurns the bloody field of war. Europe's sons at death may smile, Pleas'd to share the battle's toil ;

In the arms of smiling peace,

See our infant world increase :
Thus we find a rich reward,
While with peace and plenty stor'd.
Ye fair daughters of our land,
Join the circle, hand in hand;

Touch the tender, melting string

To the music sweetly sing : Sound the praise of heroes gone, Sound the praise of Washington. Loud to paans rend the air;, Freedom's birth with joy declare:

Sing with mirth, and sing with glee, "Tis our sacred jubilee ;

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