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chequer in the House of Commons, for the Ean India Company, in which, as he settling an annuity of 2,000l. per annum did not think proper to accede, his royal on Lieutenant-General Lord Hutchinson. ftation became vacated by the authority His Lórdship then moved, “That an of our Government, and a successor apa humble Address be presented to his Ma pointed in his room. His Lordship said, jefty, assuring him that that House would he should content himself with saying most heartily concur in promoting the that in which he was confirmed by the object recommended to them by bis Ma- most approved authorities-namely, that jelty." The Address was agreed to nem. the policy of this country should be not dig.

to extend, bevond a certain limit, the ter. MONDAY, JUNE 14.

ritorial poffe:lions of this nation in HinOn the motion of Lord Suffolk, the doftan. This policy it was which inHouse agreed to an account being brought duced a Nobleman (tlie Marquis Cornup of the produce of the Sale of Naval wallis) to arrest spontaneoully the proStores to 1800.

gress of his victorious career, when he TUESDAY, JUNE 1S.

arrived as conqueror at the walls of The West India Dock, Neutral Ship- Seringapatam. Though the lines of our ping, French Postage, and several other Indian empire were augmented at that Bills, were brought up from the Come time, yet they were kept within those mons, and read a firit time.

bounds which prudence suggeited; but THURSDAY, JUNE 17.

the Noble Lord who now exercised the The commitment of the Debtors' Re- powers of Government in that country lief Bill was, after some discussion between went upon a different policy and a differ. Lord Alvanley and the Chancellor, on ent plan. He, by means of the valour of certain points of law connected with the our troops, seized upon the capital and Bill, on the motion of the former, de. the whole of the dominions of Tippoo, ferred till that day three months. extending our Eastern empire much, he MONDAY, JUNE 21.

feared, beyond its due proportion; much ILLEGAL GAMBLING.

beyond any thing the French had acquired Lord Holland remarked, that there was in Europe ; and diffusing our power over 2 Bill upon the table entitled the Little. 30,000,000 instead of 15,000,000 of Go Bill. He said, that he did not think subjects, whom we had before. His it was necessary for that House to inter. Lordship then took a short view of the fere in gambling for gingerbread. He financial Atate of the Ealt India Com. moved that the Bill be printed,

pany, calculating on the last statement of The Lord Chancellor replied, that its affairs made by Mr. Dundas in the though such petty gambling might be House of Commons. The result of these of little consequence, yet that the species calculations was, that the Company, alluded to might tend to affc&t the Na.. which in the year 1786 was declared to tional Lottery, and thus become of much have no more debt than 18,000,000). importance.

was now 26,000,000l. in arrears. 'This After a few words, the Bill was or. circumstance alone was sufficient to exhi. dered to be printed.

bit no very flattering prospect of its WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23. financial prosperity. He owned that AFFAIRS OF INDIA.

much of this embarrassinent was owing Lord Suffolk rose to itate to their Lord- to the wars in India, and the expences thips the objects which he proposed by of sending an army from Bombay to the present motion. The attention of Egypt. He was far from disapproving the public had of late been very much of this measure, as that reinforcement, engaged by the situation of the deposed which Great Britain would have eventuNabob of Oude, to whose family the ally to pay for, might have been necessary East India Company and the British na- to the success of our Egyptian expedition. cion had been under the greatest obliga. The force originally cent from this countions. To the grandfather of the late try was by no means commensurate or Nabob this country owed, in a very great proportionate to the object it had to measure, the extention of its Indian terri- accomplish. Every praile was due to tory, and in dying he bequeathed to his the astonishing gallantry of our troops ; Son, as the best part of his inheritance, a but when it was considered that we perpetual attachment to the British inte. landed only 15,000 men to contend reits. The Prince now degoted, in fuc- against 27,000 French, of acknowledged ceeding to the Throne of his ancellors, experience, skill, and bravery, every un. found himself involved with claims by prejudiced man would be led to ascribe


the year.

our lignal and glorious successes as much, Moji Gracious Severeign, perhaps, to the misconduct of the enemy's " It is my duty to prelent to your Generals as the unparalleled prowess of Majesty the Bills for completing the Sup. our troops, which compelled the foe to plies, which your Majeity's faithful evacuate that important country. After Commons have granted for the fervice of a num'er of observations, tending to illuftrate his different positions, the Noble " With heartfelt gratitude they acLord finally argued, that instead of the knowledge your Majesty's paternal goodresources of our Indoftan possessions be- ness and wisdom, which have already ening brought in aid of the finances of this abled them to make a large reduction of country, the Ealt India Company, in the public burthens, by the termination consequence of their augmented peace of a long and eventful war ; a war just eftablishment, the war expences, and the and necessary in its origin, conduéted additional military force to be employed with energy, sustained with fortitude, in securing its newly-extended territo- signalized by triumphs surpassing the ries, would in the end be obliged to lean fame of our ancestors, and obtained in upon the finances of Great Britain, and countries unvisited by their arms-and not afford them that aid which the pub- concluded at length by a Peace, which jic had been led to expe&t from it. He has added new conquests to your Crown, theref re moved, that there be laid before and given repose and safety to these its the House accounts of the capital, the ancient dominions, whose Peers and Itock, debts, &c. of the East India Com- Commons have now for the second year pany, as far as the same could be made the happiness of being allembled in one up

United Parliament at the foot of your Lord Dartmouth expressed his extreme Throne. willingness to meet the prefent motion. The fifuation of the East India Company faithful Commons not only look forward

". Thus circumstanced, your Majesty's was far from such as would induce it to fhrink from the molt severe inquiry. He with a fanguine hope that they may not controverted all the positions of the foon be called to the hard deceffity of Noble Lord who preceded him, and held, augmenting the public debe by future that the increased territorial revenues of burthens, but they have deemed it their the Company, independently of its aug. duty to look back to the debt already mented trade, were more than fufficient incurred, and with the same chara terittic for the diłcharge of any additional debrs, spirit which firft laid the foundation of which it might be represented to have the national debt, they have proceeded to

an effe&tual system tor the extinction of incurred. The motions of Lord Suffolk, after a

arrange and settle a plan for accelerating thort conversation, were agreed to nem.

that extinction, by pledging the future ai:

application of their growing means to the SATURDAY, JUNE 26.

acc splilhment of the same great obThe judgment of the Houle was de. jeet. clared in the Merchland and Cadell Scotch " At a time when their attention had Appeal Caute, that the judgment in the been directed to thele confiderations, and Court below be affirmed without costs. when they have allo found that taxes of

Judgment was also declared in the unprecedented weight, though wilely imScorch Appeal Caute of Cunninghame poled to meet the exigencies of such a and others, that the cause be referred tor war, might nevertheless be now prurecortideration to the Courts below, denily repealed, it has given the highest

The Royal Allent was declared by fatistaction to your Majelty's faithful Commision to forty Bills, public and Commons to relieve thote pressing de. private.

mands which the general difficulties of Read a third time, and passed, the the times had cait upon the provision Little Go. Bill, and three other Bills. alligned by Parliament, for the support MONDAY, JUNE 28.

of your Majelty's Household and the About three o'clock his Majesty came honour and dignity of your Crown : For in State to the House ; and being leated this country has not now to learn, that on the Throne, the House of Commons its Monarchy is the best and Itronged attended at the Bar, pursuant to fum- fecurity tor its liberties, and that the mons, when the Speaker addressed his fplendour of the Throne reflects lustre Majelty in the following terms :- and dignity upon the whole nation.

16 Thefe,



These, Sire, are amongst the memo- dered necessary, it is a relief to me to rable events of a Session thus far pro- contemplate the fate of our manufactracted ; upon which we reflect with a tures, commerce, and revenue, which conscious satisfaction, that to the dif- affords the most decisive and gratifying charge of great duties we have brought proofs of the abundance of our internal proportionate exertions.

reforces, and of the growing prosperity si And we now indulge the flattering of the country. hope, that we may safely apply ourselves to cultivate the arts of peace ; arts long

“ My Lords and Gentlemen,

" As I think it expedient that the dear to your Majesty, and congenial to

election of a new Parliament should take the temper of your people, whose spirit place without delay, it is my intention of enterprize in foreign commerce,


forthwith to give directions for dissolving internal improvement, unexampled in its

the present, and for calling a new Parliaexertions throughout the war, may now expand itself with redoubled activity ; In communicating to you this in. and by providing new sources of strength

tention, I cannot suppress" those senti. and wealth for this country, fix the flability of our own power, and at the same I reflect upon every part of your conduct

ments of entire approbation with which time promote the common interests of since I first met you in this place. The Europe, and of all the civilized nations

unexampled difficulties of our fituation of the world. « The Bills which I have to present

required the utmost efforts of that wil

dom and fortitude which you so emito your Majelty are« An Act for granting to his Majesty and by which they have been so happily

nentiy displayed in contending with them, certain Sums from the Consolidated

surmounted. From your judicious and Fund; and

salutary measures during the last year, An A& for granting to his Majesty my people derived all the relief which certain Duties on the Imports and Ex- could be afforded under one of the leverports of Ireland.

eft difpenfations of Providence ; and it « To which your Commons, with all

was by the Ipirit and determination wbich humility, entreat your Majesty's Royal uniformly aniinated your Councils, aided Allent."

by the unprecedented exertions of my The Royal Asient having been given fleets and armies, and the zealous and to these Bills, his Majesty delivered the cordial co operations of my people, that following Speech :

I was enabled to prosecute with success, “ My Lords and Gentlemen,

and terminate with honour, the long and “ The public business being con.

arduous contest in which we bave been cluded, I think it proper to clole this engaged. Session of Parliament.

* The same sense of publie duty, the “ During a long and laborious attend. same folicitude for the weltare of your ance, you have invariably manifelted the country, will now, in your individual jult senle you entertain of the great trult characters, induce you to encourage, by committed to your charge. The objects all the means in your power, the cultiva. of your deliberations have been unusually tion and improvement of the advantages numerous and iinportant; and I derive the utmost fatistation from the convic

• My endeavours will never be want. tion that the wildom of your proceeding ing to prelerve the blelings by which we will be fully proved by their effects in

ale fo eminently diftinguished, and to promoting the best interests of my people prove that the prosperity and happinels of throughout every part of my dominions.

all classes of my faithful subjects are che « Gentlemen of the House of Commons,

objects which are always the nearett 10 The ample provision you have made for the various branches of the public

Then the Lord Chancellor, by his Ma. service demands my warmest acknow. jesty's command, faid, ledgements ; and my particular thanks “ My Lords and Gentlemen, are due for the liberality which you have It is his Majesty's royal will and Mewn in exonerating my Civil Govern, pleasure, that this Parliament be proroment and Household from the debts with gued to Tuesday the 17th day of August which they were unavoidably burthened. next, to be then here holden'; and this

Whilft I regret the amount of the Parliament is accordingly prorogued to fupplies which circumstances have ren- Tuelday the 17th day of August next."


of peace.

my heart."




After a long discussion on remune THE Secretary at War presented the rating Mr. Greathead, the inventor of

Army Estimates, which were or- the life-boats, Mr. Burdon having dered to be laid on the Table.

moved that he receive a sum not exThe Cotton Apprentices Bill was ceeding roool. and Sir M. W. Ridley read a third time.

having moved an amendment that he Mr. Shaw Lefevre and Mr. Henry should have 2000l. it was agreed, on Lascelles made leveral objections to the the suggestion of Mr. Addington, to Bill, to which Sir Robert Peele re. give him 1200l. to cover the fees of plied.

office. DR. JENNER,

THURSDAY, JUNE 3. The House resolved into a Cominit. Sir H. Mildmay obtained leave to tee of Supply, to which the confidera- bring in a Bill to amend the Act for tion of Doétor Jenner's Petition, rela. regulating the shooting of Black Game, tive to the Vaccine Inoculation was as far as relates to the New Forest in preferred.

Hampshire. Admiral Berkley rose, and after ad. The House having resolved itself verting to all the particulars contained into a Coinmittee on the Sinking Fund in the report on the petition of Dr. Bill, Jenner, the discoveres of the Cow-pox, The Chancellor of the Excheque Hated, that Dr. Jenner had loft an ex. stated the principle and outline of the tensive praś ice in this country, by bis Bill; and faid, he should now move to application in carrying into effect his fill up the first blank, on which motion discovery, and when he had accom- Gentlemen would have an opportu. plitbed it he voluntarily promulgated hity of delivering their fentiments. the secret for the benefit of the world. The benefit arising

from the new plan The expence of foreign corresponder.ce to the public was, that they would not with this Gentleman colt him from now have to provide for taxes to the 25 to 30 thillings a-day, which to amount of 900,oool, and a loan of a inan of fortune would be deemed 56,000l. in lieu of the tax on income. conliderable, but to a man of none of From the present plan, 512,000l. would serious confideration. The number of fall in on the mort annuities, which patients loft annually in the United would be at the disposal of Parliament Kingdom , by the small pox was esti- in the year 1808. There would also mated, he said, at 45,000, and taking be another advantage, on paying of the the number throughout the habitable short annuities, amounting to a sum of globe, a victim fell every second of time 1,500,0001.which,if Parliament thought to this destructive malady. He con proper, might then be applied to payeluded by moving, “ That it is the ing off taxes, with other savings, to the opinion of the Committee, that a sum amount of 3,000,0001.--He then pro. not exceeding 10,000l. be granted to ceeded to state the various calculations, bis Majesty, to be paid as a remunera. and contended, that it was no infringetion to Dr. Edward Jenner, for pro- ment on the original plan adopted to pulgaring the discovery of the Vaccine liquidate the national debt. Inoculation, by which mode that dread. After a desultory conversation, the ful malady the small-pox was pre- report was ordered to be received on vented."

Wednesday. Sir Henry Mildmay moved an amend

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9. ment, that instead of the sum of ten Sir W. Scott said, he should not pro. thousand pounds, the words “twenty. ceed any farther in the Clergymens' thousand pounds" should be inserted, Non-Residence Bill this Sellion ; but whicb was also feconded.

that he should certainly bring it for, A long conversation ensued, and a ward again in the next Session, and division took place on the amendment. recommended, that the present tema For the original motion to remunerate porary Bill suspending the penalties be Dr. Jenner with a fum not exceeding continued in the mean time. 10,000l.-Ayes, 59-Noes, 56. Of The House having resolved itself course the amendment was loft. into a Committee of Supply,

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Mr. Elliot moved, that 70,000 men, tion would be thought of till the papers including marines, be employed for the were on the table. navy, for seven lunar months, from the Mr. Nicholl faid, if he was rightly 18th of June inst, which was agreed informed, the papers might be proto.

duced immediately. He thought the The Secretary at War, after a long Session ought not to close without the introduction, concluded by moving subject being canvassed in some thape the first resolution, which was to this or other-the character of the country etfect, . That the number of land was implicated in it. If he could have forces employed in the service of Great the papers he would make them the Britain and Ireland, from the 25th of ground of his motion; if not, he would June to the 24th of December, be proceed without them on this day fe'n. 70,299, Commissioned and Non-Com- night. missioned Officers." - Which, after The House having resolved itself some opposition and explanation, was into a Committee of Supply, agreed to, as were the grants for the The Chancellor of the Exchequer remaining services of the current moved, that 2,676,000l. Ihould be year.

granted to complete the 3,100,oool. The Ordnance Estimates, proposed the difference arifing out of the Conby Mr. Sergent, were also agreed to. solidated Fund ; 1,066,4931. 7s. id. THURSDAY, JUNE 10.

for paying the Exchequer Bills passed Mr. Wigley brought up the report

on the aids granted for the service of of the Committee on the Coroners' the year 1800; 30,000l. for Bills drawn Bill. On the motion that the Bill from New South Wales ; and the other be engrossed, Mr. Shaw Lefevre ob- Resolutions he referred to in his jected; on which strangers were or- speech. dered to withdraw. The House di

The Resolutionswere severally agreed vided --Ayes, 25; Noes, 35. The Bill to. was consequently loit.

The House having gone into a Com.

mittee, FRIDAY, JUNE II. The Bill to enable Officers, Soldiers, rose to move certain Resolutions. The

The Chancellor of the Exchequer and Marines, in the Land or Sea Ser. forft object to which he called the attenvice Gince the 24th year of his present tion of the Committee was the surplus Majesty to exercise Tradęs, was read a

produce of the Consolidated Fund, third time.

which, for the year ending the 5th of AFFAIRS OF THE CARNATIC. April 1803, he calculated at 4.500,00ol. Mr. Nicholl faid, he rose, pursuant to and the grounds of his calculation his notice, to move for certain papers, were there to the production of which he hoped Produce of permanent taxes £ there would be no objection. His first in the year ended the sth motion was, “ That there should be

April 1802, as per printed laid before the House a copy of the Account

22,596,003 orders and instructions given by the Deduct to pay Exchequer Hon. East India Company to Lieute. Bills on Pensions, Offices, nant-Colonel M‘Niel when he marched &c.

2,030,000 his troops into the gardens of the Nabob of the Carnatic, fome days ante.

20,566,000 rior to the demise of his Highness; Odd sums paid for bounties together with all other orders given on Corn, and deficiency him up to the time he was relieved by on Distilleries

2,500,000 Colonel Bowser." He next moved for Estimated produce of duties copies of the letters, papers, and pro.


2,400,000 pofitions to Lord Clive and Secretary Estimated to be received Webber upon the same subject ; also from Income Duties

2,500,000 the copy of the will of his Highness Imprest and other Monies 300,000 the Nabob ; also a copy of the orders and instructions to Colonel Bowser,

Income 28,266,000 upon his relieving Lieutenant-Colonel One year's produce of Land M'Niel in the command of the gardens Tax unredeemed

1,300,000 of the Nabob. Mr. Wallace fincerely hoped no mo.



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