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faid, it now remained for him to call Charge for Fund

their attention to a general enumera. ed Debt of

tion of the Supplies lately granted for Great Britain

the service of the present year ; and as per account,

No. 6. 22,444,564
Charge of Ince-

For the Ordinary Navy Estab.

637,000 rest and Ma.

For the Naval Extraordinary nagement for


306,233 Loan, 1802, on

For the Transport Service

68,548 28,750,00cl. 3

For the maintenance of Sick per cent. 875,457

Prisoners of War Add Civil List

12,000 and other Char

He next proceeded to advert to the ges, per ac

remaining Votes of Supply, of which count, No. 5.

the first that presented itself was, 1,220,751 Imperial Annui.

For the valuation of the Dutch . ties, as per ac

thips which surrendered to count, No. 6, 497,596 £. Admiral Mitchell, at the

-25, 38,348 Helder, the 30th of August

199,812 Surplus 4,527,652 He had on this occasion only to remind

them, that by a Convention between With respect to the Imperial Annui- his Majetty and the Prince of Orange, ties, he had the fatisfaction of being the latter agreed that the ships which able to inform the Committee, that in surrendered to him fhould remain in consequence of a strong representation the Britith service till the conclusion of recently made to the Austrian Ambassa- the war, on the condition that they dor on the subject of these Annuities, should be commanded by Dutch Offic an answer was received, which the cers, which ftipulation had been com. Right Hon. Gentleman read. It con. plied with. The next sums he referred tained the most folemn assurances that

to were, this debt would be discharged as soon as circumftar.ces should permit. The For Foreign and other Service £ Right Hon. Gentleman described the

Money for the ensuing nine Resolution he meant to submit. The

months next to that already mentioned he For the use of the African Set

tlements stated to be for 1,500,00ol. in Exche

3,000 quer Bills, to be issued to the Bank For the expences incurred in in part of payment of the sum of

the prosecution of George 3,000.0ool. advanced by that body for

Clapton, Esq. at Fort St. the public service in the year 1798. For the expence of conveying

George, in Bengal

1,104 His next motion was for the payment

Maroons from Halifax to of a balance of 99,8861. due on the

the African Settlements of Portuguese subsidy, of 300,000l. voted in the course of the latt year. The

Sierra Leone

5,903 last vote he had to propose was for the For defraying

the expences of

the Commission formed un. fum of 14,cool. the appropriation of which was fully explained in the Dir

der the American Treaty 11,948 position Paper on the table. He then For the expence of the Public


4,605 moved Resolutions pursuant to his statement, which were agreed to, and for that of the Population Re

612 the report was ordered to be brought for the alterations in both up to-morrow.

Houses of Parliament, by

their authority

19,920 ENGLISH SUPPLY. The House resolved itself into a Com.

For the expences of removing mittee of Supply, to which were re

the Office of Charges of the ferred a number of accounts and esti.

Dutchy of Cornwall from

698 mates lately presented (Mr. Alexander in the Chair).

For the incidental expence of The Chancellor of the Exchequer

* the Army Etabligincnt ,000,000



on full

The next object he would submit to but from this there would be a con. them was one with which they would liderable deduction, as out of 350 not be displeased, when they found it ships, 110 would be continued in time to be for increasing the comforts of of peace, and the Officers fo employed the Officers of the Naval Service by an consequently be entitled to no aug. augmentation of their pay. It' had mentation. Other means of providing long been strongly reprelented, that for some of them in an official line the allowance made to that diftin. might also be deviled ; and he con. guished and highly meritorious set of ceived himself juitified'in calculating men, was by no means proportioned to the grand total expence at 64,6951. i the decent expences of Gentlemen in but the vote he had to propose to them their fituation at the present day. It at present waswould be obvious, that the presure of For the increased pay of Com. £o increased expences would fall harder

miffioned and Non-commis. on some clafles than upon others ; but

sioned Oiñcers in the Navy considering the necessity of maintain.

for the remainder of the year, ing superior rank and station, as well as

considering that the Naval adding to the comforts of inferior de

Service was not yet put upon grees, it was thought better to make

a Peace Establilhment, and a the measure so comprehensive as to number of them consequently extend to Naval Officers of every de

to be kept some time longer scription ; and he had the pleasure of


30,000 assuring them, that the plan had the fanc ion and recommendation of the The several Resolutions were then put highest and most illuftrious Officers in and agreed to. that service. The augmentation of

IRISH SUPPLY. pay would descend in a gradation from

Mr. Corry then said, that the Vote the highest to the loweit, according to

he had to propose on the part of Ire. their classes, and the rates of the thips. land would be in the nature of what By the present regulations sdmirals

was understood by a Vote of Credit in on half-pay were allowed 21. 105. a day, this countiy, but was no part of the but in future would have an addition financial iyitem of that part of the of 10s. making it in the whole 3.: per for the Contingent Expences of the

United Kingdom. He then moved, day, or 1095l. a-year. The additions to the pay of other Officers would be Civil Lilt in Ireland, the lum of 50,cool. to Vice-Admirals ss. and Rear-Admirals 25. 6d. per day. Of 900 Captains

Mr. Addington began by observing, so would now have 125. (in lieu of 108.), that he thought it necessary on this 300 of them 1os. and 10 down in pro. capitulate the various heads of Supply

occasion briety and generally to reportion. Of 24,000 Lieutenants, 200 would have ss. 300 45. 6d. and the and of Ways and Means which had others 45. ; the total of this expence to

been voted within the current year, Commissioned Oficers would be 64,2011. and to thew, as distinctly as pollible, but in addition to this it was proposed the difference which had been made to extend fimilar accommodations to

between the War and the Peace Estab. some classes of Wariant Officers, in lishment, he thould first notice the exproportion to the rates of their chips pences of the last year. and their seniority. In the higher The Navy (including two & clases the pay of Boatswains would be millions of debt) 13,833,573 raised froni 41. tn 41. gs. per month, and The Army (one million of fo on in proportion through lix rates of debt)

10,211,793 Taips. A proportionate allowance Irish ditto

2,649,116 would also be made to Gunners and Ordnance for Great Britain 1,192,274 Purfers; and according to the estimate Irish ditto

203,079 the expence this augmentation would Mifoellaneous Services

1,194,980 entail on the public would be,

Corn Bounties (10 March 20) 1,620,000

Irith Permanent Grants 263,338 Increased pay to Commissioned £ Officers

64,101 Total of Joint Charges 31,259,209 Non commissioned ditto 11,440

The feparate charges for Great BriTotal 7.51541 tain were as follow :



Deficiency of Malt Duties,

of our Army and Navy were not on &c.

479,777 foreign services, but on foreign fta. Interest on Exchequer Bills 137,000* tions, and when the period of return Exchequer Bills

3,000,000 with a great part was so uncertain,' Deficiency of Grants

400,000 the expences to be incurred, and the - Consol Fund 2,676,000 savings to be made, were, as the Com. Arrears of Exchequer Bills

mittee would see, by no means a matter 1800

1,166,493 of precise calculation. There was, On looking over some of these items, however, a great, an obvious, and! he was of opinion that a new regulation actual saving. The difference of the was necessary as to the Irish proportion Naval Expences of 1801 and 1803 of expences; and it was his intention, amounted to little less than 8 millions.. early in tie next Session, to offer a Bill, The Army in 1801 coit 18,997,000l. which should place the relative propor;

In 1802, the expenditure amounted tions of the two countries on a retuled only to 10,906,414). Here was another and permanent footing. In the mean

saving of 8 millions, though much had time he had to state, that the separate been advanced for the deficiencies of expences of G:eat Britain, as above the last year. The ordnance had been enumerated, with some linall items, reduced from 1,938,9681. to 1,295,000l. amounted to littie thort of 9,000,000l. making a difference of more than This made the total of the joint ex

600,000. The miscellaneous services pences of the two countries 41,168,682). alone had increased ; they were last The roportion of Ireland, contiiting year 858,6751. this year they had of her twoseventeentlis, and of some amounted to 1,194,000l. With these items peculiar to hertelf, amounied to savings, amounting in round numbers 3,815,7161. The proportions, there

to about 16 millions, it might no doubt fore, itund thus :

be fairly asked, why so large a loan was

necesary in the current year? To this Great Britain

37,352 966 he must answer, that in order to wind lieland

3,815,716 up the expences of the war, it was ne

cessary to make a large addition to our Total

41,168,082 expences; and that it was also necessary He should next come to the provi

to provide a very large sum indeed for fions which had been made in the lait year, fome of which it was un

the deficiencies and exceedings of the course of the year for the payment of thele charges.

doubtedly his duty to enumerate, viz.

f. Deficiency of Malt Duties ku Duty on Tonnage

(181) 2,000,000

75,801 Malt 750,000 Navy exceedings (ditto)

2,155 90 Lottery


Army dicto (ditto) 1,945,557
Surplus of Grants

Civil Lilt Debt

999,053 Consolidated Fund 4,500,000

Deficiency of Estimate Ton.
Supply to Portugal 998,360

nage Duty

410,000 Exchequer Bilis

1,500,000 Deficiency of Consolidated Ditto

Fund 5,000,000

2,676,981 Loan


Exchequer Bills funded 8,725,000 The total of the Supply 41,168,000

Making a total of

21,178,264 - of the Ways and

From this there was to be de. Means

41,330,000 ducted a vote of five millions of ExDifference

chequer Bills, which he thould very 162,000

shortly submit to the Houle for the He Thould nuw proceed to state the exigences of the current year. He apparent savings from the reductions was happy to inform the Committee, which had taken place. He made use that the produce of the taxes in the last of the word “ appareni,” because, un quarter was great beyond all expecta. der circumftances 10 diificult and so tion. He should not for the prefent complicated, it was not his intention, enter on the great queltion, how far and he deprecated the imputation of our imports and exports were to be infiiting on any thing as a reality, affected by the peace ? But, without At this moment, when so large a part being over-fanguine, he could fairly


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and satisfactorily state to the House, object therefore which he had to acthat when the arrangements now in complish would be, that of itating the contemplation were completed, the Ways and Means to meet the total of revenue would not, in his opinion, thele two charges added together. fall short of that of the year 1992, Firit, as to the leparate charges which which had so often been quoted as Ireland upon her own diitinct account the year of our greatest commercial became liable to, and these he rated as prosperity.

follow, viz.
The produce of the perma.
nent Taxes

The Sinking Fund

3,880,255 Paid for Interest on Debt

Two years Interest on Loans, 23,520,000

&c. Remain for Public Service

Inland Navigation 9,330,000


Due on the Lottery of 1801 300,000 In this he did not include the Austrian Treasury Bills

413,000 Debt, because he had the fullest and moft gratifying assurances that it would The total of separate Charges 3,298,855 very speedily be satisfied. The Efti.

Under the second head were commate of the Committee of 1792 stated the disposable fum, after the payment reckoned as joint charges, viz.

prised all those items which were of interest, to be 6,590,000l. We had now a surplus beyond that, amounting for various Grants of Mo. to nearly three millions, applicable to ney from the Civil List our extra expences. It must be highly for various purposes 393,000 gratifying to the House and the coun. Sums paid pursuant to the try to know, that, after such a war, and Votes of that House

222,000 such a contest, we had such a disposable Sums for various Miscellasurplus, and could effect lo large a lean neous Services

104,COO on such advantageous terms. Where. For various Expenditures, ever we looked around us in this coun the items whereof lie on try we saw nothing but indications of the table of the House 190,000 wealth and prosperity. He would not Military Charges

2,860,000 ttop to take an insidious glance at the To which adding the charge very different situations of some other which Ireland bears of nations which had been engaged in the her proportion of Mifame conflict. It was sufficient for litary Etablishments him to be enabled to state, that our abroad, being about 360,000 funds were high and Aourishing, and that our resources were found, on ex Makes the total one round periment, to be folid and substantial sum, on the joint charge, beyond all former example. He should of about

4,129,000 therefore not trespass on the time of which being added to the separate the House further than by moving two

charges, makes the whole 7,428,00el. Resolutions :

To meet which he submitted the fol. "That five millions of Exchequer lowing Ways and Means, viz. Bills be ifsued for the public service, to be defrayed out of the first aids of Balance in the Irish Trea. £ the next year.

sury from 1805

394,668 And that 114.000l. being the sur. British Loan

2,166,000 plus of Grants, be applied to the fer

Irish Loan

1,635,000 vice of the current year.

Lottery, at

500,000 There Resolutions were severally


3,000,000 put and carried. Mr. Corry then followed to state the

7,695,668 Ways and Means of Ireland for the current year. He began by stating the

British Currency

7,592,000 nature of the general financial syitem Deducting from that, therefore, the of that part of the empire, which, he amount of the total of the two charges, said, was divided into two distinct and there would appear (making fracclafies, viz. the separate charges of tional allowances) a surplus in the acIreland, and those charges which the counts of the year, amounting in the bears jointly with Great Britain ; the whole to about 163,000l. and he was



fattered to believe, that this anticipa; a Tax on Imports and Exports, pretion of the prosperity of the financial cisely the same as that adopted in this' resources of Ireland would prove cor- country, making suitable allowances rect and faithful, from the dawn of for the different situations of the two success and commercial increase the countries. The total value of goods presents even already ; and the more imported into Ireland

about he reflected upon this subject, the 4,450,000l. The value of goods exmore he was convinced of the truth ported about 3,304,775. Exempting, of his opinion. Here the Right Hon. then, several articles from the duty, Gentleman entered into a minute com such as Athes, Smelts, Flax and Heinp parison between the financial and com. imported, and Cotton, Cotton Goods, mercial situation of Ireland at former and Corn exported, the produce of periods, and even lait year, and tbe the duty at per cent. would amount present period of this year, with a to the sum of about 99,2441. which view of establishing the theory he laid will be about 6cool. more than is redown. He observed, that last year quired for the purpose itated. He then the revenue was no more than about concluded with moving the fir& Rela2,400,ocol. and he assigned his reasons lution. why he estimated them fo high as three On the question being put, millions this year, being juit 600,000l. Mr. Foiter 'rose, and in a speech more than they produced in the year which abounded with a vast variety 1801. He founded his estimate on the of calculations and sound argument, increased produce they already pre entered into a molt minute investigafented, and taking them for a ratio, tion of the reasoning of the Right Hon. shewed that he might calculate at Gentleman, and deduced from the the end of the year on an advance of whole, that he was much too fanguine 800,000l. instead of 600,ocol. He was, in his estimate of the produce of the therefore, by this estimation, even revenue, when he calculated it at 205,000l. within the extent, and he 3,000,000l. For his part, he was debelieved the truth of his calculation ; cidedly of opinion, that it would be but he took the lesser lim that he found at the end of the year, from the might not appear to be over fanguine impoverished state of the trade and in his expectations. He then pro- manufactures of that part of the kingceeded to enumerate the ways wherein dom, that instead of anticipating an the revenue would increase. His data increase of revenue, the very reverse was upon five different articles, viz. might be the case. The Right Hon. the duties on Foreign Spirits, on Sugar, the Irish Chancellor bad founded his on Wines, on Malt, and on the Distil. fanguine hopes on the burit that leries, all of which had so considerably occurred on the event of the Peace; increased within the three first months but he feared too truly that he would of the year, that, under Divine Provi- find himself moit egregiously in error, dence, if the season fulfils the hopes it by taking for his data lo disputable prelents, he had no doubt but what he and vague a principle for the foundahad alseady stated of the progressive tion of his theory. and anticipated ftate of the revenue Mr. Wickham replied, and a co:would more than exceed his calcu- versation ensued between Mr. Corry, lations, and probably even his own Mr. Tierney, Mr. Vanfittart, Mr. expectations. Whilit he thus, for the Boyd, Mr. Archdall, and Lord Caftlepresent, merely restricted himself to reach ; at length the inotion was carthese five items, he begged leave to ried, and the Refolutions were leverally remark, that it was but realonable to agreed to. judge, that in the proportion as they

TUESDAY, JUNE 15. increaled, the other parts of the reve. The report of the Land Tax Re. rue would naturally, ir.create also, demption Bill was agreed to, after some although he did not take that increase explanatory remarks from Mr. Shaw into the account. The Ways and Lefevre and Mr. Vanfittart. Means for this year were merely to The Secretary at War brought up provide for the interest of the money the report of the Comınittee of the borrowed by Ireland upon Exchequer Amendments n.ade by the Lords in Bills, and for that purpose he should the Militia Bill, some of which, but propuse a tax which would not be felt not all, they recommended the adopby the poor er clalles in Ireland; it was tion of. The House then agreed to

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