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the Amendments recommended by the Sir Henry Mildmay stated, that unCommittee.

derstanding this Bill was conceived by The Secretary at War said, that some fone perions to infringe upon their of the Amendments by the Lords were rights, he had no obiection to let it objectionable, and had not been delibe- ftand over until next Seilon. rately considered in the other House. Mr. Shaw Lefevre and Si. W. HeathIn agreeing with some, and disagreeing cote laid, there were many vei fons who with others, they conformed to the pre- entertained the apprehensions alluded cedent of the year 1757. A Committee to by the Hon. Baronet; and after was then appointed to draw up reatons some conversation between the Attorto be given to the Lords, in a con- ney General, Mr. Lefevre, and Sir H. ference, for dilagreeing in their Mildmay, the further confideration of Amendments.

the Bill was postponed till this day MALTSTEKS.

three months. Mr. Western called the attention of Mr. Tierney moved a long string of the House to some hardthips and op- Resolutions, which were ordered to be preilions experienced in the country, printed, or the finances of the coun: in conlequence of the revenue officers iry. extending the construction of the word A Petition from several Ship-owners maltmaker, in such an illegal manner was presented againtt the Tonnage of as to lubjeet the houses of farmers, Vessels. and other individuals, to night Searches, 'The Stamp Duty Bill, the Irish Lot. lo leizures, and to the penalties of the tery Register Bill, the Innkeerer's Excise laws, even if they were only in Allowance Bill, and the Auction Duty the habit of sending their own barley Bill, were read a third time, and to be made malt of. He was himself in paffed. the habit of doing so, and was some

FRIDAY, JUNE 18. times vilited by an Excise Officer, who The National Debt Bill, the Unlaw. demanded to make a search. He re- ful Lottery Bill, the 1,500,cool. Fxfused to give up his keys, and wrote chequer Bills Bill, and the Land Tax twice to the Commissioners of Excife, Pedemption Bill, were severally read a but received no answer. He had since third time and paffed. been informed by the Supervisor, that The Amendmerts made by the Lords directions had been giveni not to pro- to the Clergy Residence Bill were read ceed against him, but that was not the and agreed to. case with others in a similar puedica. Mr. Wilberforce gave notice that he ment.

should postpone his intended motion The Chancellor of the Exchequer upon the Slave Trade, in consequence allured liim that the circumstance thould of the latenets of the present Session of be enquired into, and the conversation Parliament. dropped.


Read a third time, and passed, the The Clergy Non relidence Bill was Irith Imports and exports Bill, the read a third time, and passed.

Pott Horse Duty B:ll, the Irish Militia 'The Smuggling Bill was ordered to Pay Bill, the 5,000,ocol. Exchequer be read a third time. A caule was Bills Bill, the Irish Militia Discharge added, which went to punish thore Bill, and the Paper Duty Bill. persons offending against the Bill 25 On the third reading of the last Bill, rogues and vagabonds, and allo a clause a clause was added, authoriling the to exempt perions from being punithed Commiflioners or stamps to allow the both ways, namely, pecuniary fine and present di!count ou Newspaper Stamps, imprisonment. The Bill was read a for three months after the passing of third time and palied.

this Act, provided it be proved by The Paper Duty Bill was read a oath, or otherwise, that the full duties second line. In answer to a question had been paid upon the paper. from Sir W. Elford, it was understood : TUESDAY, JUNE 22. that th new invention of Straw Paper would be exempted from the prelent The Chancellor of the Exchequer duty, and a lower one laid.

rose to move his financial Resolutions, THURSDAY, JUNE 17.

which, he observed, differed in several On the report of the New Forest respects from those which the Hon. Game Bill being brought up,

Gentieman (Mr. Tierney) had laid on



The table. He thould do no more at been attached to the English interest present than move the first Resolution, and the reward of tisat attachment was, and would afterwards propose that the that his legal heir was set alide, in order discullion on this subject should take that another might give a fanction to place on Thursday next; with this un. the usurpation of the government of derstanding, that in the mean time the his country. It had been tated, that whole should be printed.

this measure could be defended as He then moved the firit Resolution consistent with the laws of nations. pro forma, which, with the others, was He was proceeding to late every poli laid on the table.

ble care in which the law of nations Mr. Tierney observed, that if any could apply to this infraction, when discussion was intended, he should with The Speaker interrupted the Hon. it were poftponed to Friday.

Member, by stating, that there were The Chancellor of the Exchequer Mellengers from the Lords at the door, had no great appetite for a discusion at defiring a present conference. this late period of the Session ; but as The Messengers being introduced it was poilible fome Gentlemen might stated, that their Lordships had agreed be disposed to make observations on to the Scotch Militia Bill, with some the Resolutions, he was willing tliat amendments ; and that they delired a they thould fiave them in their poffef. conference of the House of Commons hon as long as potlible after they were who had agreed, except one on which printed, before the discussion should they insited. commence. He would therefore move, Lord Glenbervie then moved, that that this debate be postponed to Friday the House do insist upon disagreeing next.-Ordered.

with this amendment made by the THE CARNATIC.

Lords. Mr. Nicbols role, pursuant to the The motions were put, and nega. notice he had lately given of a motion tived. relative to the transactions which have Mr. Nichols then resumed his speech; taken place in the Carnatic. These and after he had made a few obfervaproceedings, in his opinion, ought to tions, be either avowed and justified, or ac. Mr. Sheridan moved, that the House knowledged to have been rath and im. be counted ; when it being found that prudent. He went into a history of there were only thirty-three Members the origin and state of the Eait India present, the House adjourned. Company. That Corporation poífetled

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23. two kinds of rights ; first, the right of trading exclusively beyond the Cape of Mr. Wallace observed, that a gar. Good Hope ; fecondly, the right of belled account of the letter from the making war and peace, of erecting son of the late Nabob of Arcot had been fortrelles, &c. in India. The first was published in the newspapers, which lie a facred right, which, like every thing withed should be rectified. He there. connected with property, the Company fore moved, that there be laid before bad a right to exercise as they pleased'; the House a copy of the letter from but the second was entrulted to them Hussein Alli, reputed son of the late for the advantage and interest of the Nabob of Arcoi, to James Stewart country, and ought to be vigilantly Hall and Samuel Johnson, Erqrs.watched by the House. The conquests Ordered. barely made in India he believed ex. Mr. Sheridan would not enter into ceeded in extent and importance all the any discuition of the rights of the India acquisitions of the French in Europe. Company ; it was fulficient to know The conquest of the Mysore he knew that this country had recognized the was justified in this country; but it sovereignty of the Carnatic. That was far from being thought equally circumitance would surely interes well of on the Continent. Three war's Ministers, who had not yet dipped had taken place with the Sovereigns of deeply in India politics, and who, the Mysore, one with Hyder Ally, therefore, might surely be hoped to and two with Tippoo Saib. The first stand, on the present question, unof these was now acknowledged to have biased and uncorrupted. It was unbeen unjust on the part of this country. necesary for him to inform the House, The Nabob of the Carnatic had always that the Nabob of Arcot had always

besn VOL. XIII, AUG. 1802.


been regarded as the most sincere friend vations, moved an Address to his Ma. of this country in India. His grand. jesty, that he be graciously pleased to fon, however, had been deposed, de grant to Dr. Carmichael Smith soool. clared a traitor, deprived of his rank for his valuable discovery of Fumigaand rights, and his dominions annexed tion by Nitrous Acid, and that the to the territory of the East India Com House' should make good the fame, pany. But who were his accusers, wlio which was seconded by Mr. Erikine, the witnesses, who his judges ? --The and agreed to nem. con. without paying English Government in India only the fees. those who were to reap all the advan.

FRIDAY, JUNE 25. tage of his pretended treachery. He

The debate on the Finance Resolıı. was not pofleffed of documents to enable him to form a positive opinion; who stated his diflent to one only of

tions was resumed by Mr. Tierney, but so far as he could judge from the the Resolutions of the Chancellor of papers on the table, the persons at the

the Exchequer, which was, relative to head of the Government in India were

the Reduction of the National Debt in much to blame in this transaction. He should be extremely happy if future attained in a much forter period.

45 years; whichi, he laid, might be information would new that a wrong He therefore moved his first Resoluimpression had been made on the pub; tion to that effect, which, after a valic with respect to this affair. He mould riety of observations from Mr. Ad. be equally happy if his Majesty's Minif. dington and Mr. Vanfittart was negaters shewed their readiness in repairing tived, and the former Resolutions of any injury which might appear to have

the Chancellor of the Exchequer were been done to the rights of the legal Sovereign of the Carnatic. If, liowever,

agreed to. the mealiere was not justified, nor any

SATURDAY, JUNE 26. reparation made, he should think it his Lord Arden informed the House, duty to bring forward a motion on the his Majesty had been waited on with subject next Selfion. In the inean time the several Addresses of the House, he would submit no proposition on the and he had, in compliance with them, general que!tion, bui would move for given directions for enlarging and im leave to lay on the table a petition from proving the rooms ; for granting soool. the Regents of the Carnatic.

to Dr. Carmichael Smith; 1700l. to After a conversation in which the

William Drummond, Esq. and such Chancellor of the Exchequer and Mr. Other grants as were prayed by the Sheridan took part, the petition was


and that he would confer brought up and laid on the table. Some Church Dignity on the Rev. Mr.

Mr. Nichols moved, that an humble Barton, the Chaplain of this House. Address be presented to his Majesty,

MONDAY, JUNE 28. requelting that meafures may he taken Sir F. Molyneux stated, that it was to investigate the late transactions in his Majesty's command, that the House the Carnatic.

Thould attend him forth with in the No Memher seconded this motion, House of Peers. The House proceeded It, therefore, was not put from the accordingly, and, on their return, the Chair.

Speaker read his Majesty's most graTHURSDAY, JUNE 24.

cious Speech, and the Members immeNir. Wilhertorce, after a few obser- diately dispersed.


MENT OF THE UNITED KINGDOM, FOR THE SEVERAL COUNTIES, Curies, BOROUGHS, &c. IN ENGLAND, WALES, SCOTLAND, AND IRELÄND, ALPHABETICALLY ARRANGED. * Those printed in Italics were not in the last Parliament. Those marked thus (*) are new for the respe&live Places. All the rest are re-elected. The figure after the name thews in how many Parliaments the Member has served. Thole marked (9) are returned for more than one place. ENGLAND AND WALES.

Alban's, St. Hon. J. W. Grimstone, W. A BINGDON. T. T. Metcalfe 1

S. Porntzi
Aga;ondesham. T. D. Т. Drake 2, Aldborough, Suffolk. Sir J. Aubry, Bart. 7
C, D, Gerrard ,

7. M'Maton

venor 2


ton 4

Aldborough, Yorkshire. C. Duncombe, Carmarthen Town. J.G. Phillips i

jun. 1, jobn Sullivan [lowes Carnarvonshire. Sir R. Williams : Andover. T. A. Sinith 1, Hon. Ñ. Fel. Carnarvon Town. Hon. E. Paget i Anglefea. Hun. Arthur Paget 2 Castle Rising. •P. J. Thelluflon 2, C. Appleby. J. Courtenay 5, P. Francis

Cheller 2

[ton 2 Hrundel. Lord Andover, Y. Adkins Chefbire. T.Cholmondeley 1, *W. Eger. Ashburton. Sir Hugh Inglis, W. Palki, Chester. Lord Belgrave + 4, T. Gior Ayle;bury. *J. Dupre 1, R. Bent

(Thomas 4 Banbury. Dudley North 6

Chichester. Rt Hon. T. Steele s, G.W. Barnstaple. W. Devaynes1,Sir E.Pellew Chippenham. C. Brooke, J. Dawkins 4 Barb. Lord J. Thynne 1, J. Palmer i Christ Church. Rt Hon. G. Rose 3, .W. Beaumaris. Lord Newborough i

Sturges 1

[Beach a Bedforijire. Hon. H. A. St. John 5, Cirencester. Sir R. Preston 2, M. H. J. Oborne

| Antoine Clith.ro. Hon. J.Cujt, Hon. R. Curzon i Bedford Town. S. Whitbread 2, W. Lee Cockermouth. R. Ward, y. Grabam Bewin. Sir R. Buxton 1, N. Hollani Colchester. *J. Dennison 1, R. Thorn. Beeraljion. Lord Louvaine ., Col. W. Mitford 1

[dus 2 Corffe Caftie. H. Banks 5, N. Bonds Berk/fire. G. Van fittart 4, Chas. Dun. Corua (County. Sir W. Lemon 1, F. Eerunck. T. Hali, * J. Fordyce i

Gregor 2 Beverley, J. Wharton, N. C. Burton , Coventry. N. Jefferys 1, W. F. Barlow bewdley. M. P. Andrews i

Cricklade. T. Eltcourt 2, Lord Porto Bulbop's Castle. W. Clive 6, 7. Robinson chester 2

[ther 1 Bicibingly. 7. Milnes, I. B. Walsh Cumberland. Sir H. Fletcher 7, J. Low. Boumin. *C. S. Lefevre 1, 17. Dupre Dartmouth. E. Bastard 5, A. H. Holdf Porcber

[ Portman

worth Ecroughbridge. Hon. J. Scott i, E. B. Denbighshire. Sir W. W. Wynne 2 Boliney. ]. H. Addington 2, J. A. S. Denbigh Town. Hon. F. W'est Wortley !

Derbyshire. Lord G. Cavendish 6, E, Bolon. W.A. Maddocks, T. Fydell 2

M. Mundy 4

(Coke 5 Erackley. J. W. Egerton 6, s. Haynes 4 Derby Town. Hon. G. Walpole 2, E. Bramber. *G. Surton 2, 'H. Jodirell i Devizes. Rt Hon. H. Addington 4, J. Brecon County. Sir C. G. Morgan 6

Sinith a Breien Town. Sir R. Salisbury i Devonshire. Sir L. Palk 4, J. P. Bastards Bringnorth. J. Whitmore 2, J. Hawks. Dorjütfrire. W.M.Pirts, F.J. Brown 4 browne 6

Doribetler. F. Fane 2, C, Athley 2 Eridguater. G. Pocock 1, J. Allen i Dover. J. Trevanion 5, 7. S. Smith Bridport. Sir E. Nepean !, G. Barclay 2

Downton. Hon. E. Bouverie 2, Hon. Bristol. Rt Hon. C. Biagge 2, E. Baillie

J. Ward

[A. Foley 6 Buckinghamshire. Marquis Titchfield 2, Droitwich, Sir E. Winnington 5, Hon,

Eari Temple : | Lord W. A. Proby Dunwich. Lord Huntingfield 3, S. Buckiagham Town.Rt Hon T. Grenville2,

Barne I

[Burdon 2 Caiingion. J. I. Fortescue 1, Paul Or Durbanı County. Sir R. Milbanke 1, R. chard 4

Durbam City. R. J. Lambton 1, R Calne. Lord H. Petty, J. Jekyll 4

Cambridgeshire. ' Lord C. Níanners, Right Easi Lcoc. J. Buller 1, E. Buller

Hon. C. York 2 (Earl Fulton 3 Edmond's Bury, St. Lord Hervey 1,
Cambriidge University. Rt Hon. W.Pitts, Lord C. Fitzroy
lambridge Tovin. Hon. E. Finch 4, R. Elex. J. Bullock 6, Eliab Harvey
Minners 4

Evejban. C. Thellufion i, C. Bruce Cameljord. *K. Adair », J. Fonblanque Exeter. Sir C. Bamfylde 1, J. Buller Canterbury. Hon. G. Watson ., J. Buker Eje. Hon. W. Cornwallis 5, J. CornCardiff. Lord W. Stewart.

wallis 1
Cardiganshire. Thomas Johnes 2 Flintsliire, Sir Thomas Mostyn i
Cardigan Town. Hon. John Vaughan i Flint Town. Watkin Williains 6
Cariijie. J. C. Curwen 2, *W. S. Stan- Fowey.

Forey. R. P. Carew, E. Golding 1 hope 1

Gatton. *Mark Wood 2, 7. Dashzood Carmarthenshire. Hamlyn Williams Germain's, St. Lord Binning, J. Langham

† Lord Belgrave, since his ele&tion, has become a Peer of the Realm, by the death of bis father, the Earl of Grosvenor. On the meeting of Parliament, a new election for the City of Chester will of course take place.


fon 4

Kat. 5

Glamorgan bire. Thomas Windham 4 Litchfield. Sir J. Wrottelley 2, T. AnGloucestershire. Hon. G. Berkley S,

[coyner Marquis Worcester i

Liverpool. Gen. Tarleton 2, Gen. Gal. Gloucester City. J. Pitt 4, H. Howard 2 London. H.C. Combe 1, C. Price, W. Grampound. Sirc. Hawkins 1, *B. Curtis 2, Sir J. Anderson 2 Hobhouse

Ludlow. Hon. R. Clive 2, R. Payne, Grantham, Sir W. E. Welby, T. Thornton

(rett i Great Grimsby. A. Boucherett 1, . Luggershall. Earl of Dalkeith 2, T. EveH. Loft

[Giles Lyme Regis. Hon. T. Fane 4, Hon. H. Gri :jtead, Eajt. *sir H. Strachey 2, D.

Fane 7

Burrard 2 Guililford. Lord Cranley 6, Hon. j.c. Lymington. W. Manning 2; Gen. H. Norton 1

Chute 2 Maidsłone, Sir M. Bloxhain 4, J. H. Hampshire. Sir W. Heathcote 2, W.


(Western 2 Harwicb. J. Robinson S, T. Myers Malden. J. H. Strutt 2, c. Callis Hasle mere. G. Wood 1, *R. Denn i Malmesbury. Claude Scott, Samuel Scott Hajtings. *Lord Glenbervie 2, *G. W. Malton. B. Cooke 1, Hon.C.L.Dundus i Gunning 1

Marlborough. Lord Bruce 1, 1. Leigh Haverfördruejt. Lord Kensington Marlow. T. Williams 2, O. Willians i Hefton. Lord Fiszbarris, John Penn Maw's, St. *Rt Hon. W. Windham 4, Herifordshire. Sir G. Cornewall, Y. G.

Sir W. Young 4

(Symonds 1 Michael, St. R. Dallas, R. S. Ainsie Hereford City. J. Scudamore », T.P. Merionet bshire, Sir R. W. Vaughan 2 Herifor.hr. W. Plumer 8, Han. P. Midhurst. G. Smith 1, Sam. Smith Lamb

(Calvert 3 Middlejer. G. Byng 2, Sir F. Burdett i Hertford Town. Hon. G. S. Cowper, N. Milbourne Port. Lord Paget 2, Hugh Heyden. .C. A. Saville i, G. John. Leycejter stone 1

(Abbot 2 Minehead. J. F. Luttrell 6, 7. Pattefon Heytesbury. Lord Kirkwall, *Rt Hon.C. Monmouthshire. Ge17. J. Rooke 4, C. Hicham Ferrers. F. Ferrard Foljambe

Morgans Hinden. Tromos Wallace, James Pedley Monmouth Town. *Lord C. Somerset i Heni:oit. G. Shum 1, *yir J. Honey- Montgomeryshire. C. W.W. Wynn i wood 1

Montgomery Town. Whit thed Keene 7 Horsham. Patrick Ross, Edw. Hilliard Morpeth. Lord Morpeth 2, Wm Oril Huntingdo:bire. Lord Hinchinbrook 2, Newark. Adm. Sir C. M. Pole, *T. M.

Lord Montagu 1 (Fellows 4 Sutton 5 [Sir R. Latvley Huntingdon Town. J. Calvert 2, W. H. Newcastle under-Lyne. E. W. Bootle 2, Hythe. Matt. Il bite, Tho. Godfrey Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Sir R. Ridley 7, dicbefter. William Hunter, Tho. Plummer C. Brandling 4 (W. Northey i 1pfucich. C. A. Crickett 4, Sir A. Newport, Cornwall. J. Richardson 1, Haminondi

Newport, Hants. "J. Blackburn 1, R. Ives, St. Wm Praed s, y. Raine

0. Kerr

[Patten Kint. F. Honeywood, Sir W. Geary : Newton, Lancashire. T. Brooke-4, P. King's Lynn. Sir M. B. Foulkes 2, Hon. Newton, Hants. Sir R. Barclay, C. ChapH. Walpole 5 (Staniforth

[ley 1 Kingston upon-Hull

. S. Thornton 4, J. Norfolk. T. W. Coke 4, Sir J. Alt-Knaresborough. Lord J. Townsend 4, Nortballerton. H. Pierse 6, Hun. E. Jas. Hare 5

[burne 4 Lulce:les 2 (Cartwright Lancafliire. T. Stanley 6; J. Black: Northamptonshire. F. Dickins 4, W.R. Lancajter Town. Marg.Douglas, J.Dent 2 Nortbarnpron Town. Hon. S. Percival 2, . Laun: ejlon. J.Brogden 1, R.H. A.Bennet Hon. E. Bouverie 2 Leicester ihire. Sir E. C. Hartopp 1, G. Noribumberland. Hon. C. Grey 4, Col. A. L. Keck 2


T. R. Beaumont 2 Leicester Towi. S. Smith 4, T. Babing- Norzuich. 7. Fellowves, *Wm Smith 4 Leominster. * John Lubbock ), Hon. C. Nottingbam hire. Lord W. Bentinch), Kinnair..

(Elliot 2 Hon. E. Pierrepoint 1 [7 Birib Likeurt. Hon. J Elliot s, *Hon. W. Nottingham Town. Sir J. B. Warren 1, Letwrthiel. H. Sloane :, * W. Dicken. Ookhampton. J. Strange 1, II. Holland, son, jun. 1


(7. Tror! Lerves. Lord Frincis Osborne i, H. Orforil. Lord R. Seymous Conway 2, Lincolnjhire. Sir G. Heathcote 1, 6. Oxfordshire. Lord F.... Spencer i, j. Chepin

Fane i Lincoln City. R. Ellion i, Fl. Sibthorpe Oxford City. 4. Hright, F, Buiton 5

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