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Lord Dalkeith, as Grand Master of granulated are conveyed in fieves, of Scotland, last week laid the foundation- different degrees of fíneness, into the stone of a new Court-house and Gaol second compartment, containing the at Dumfries.

apparatus for fitting; in the third com4. At Woodlesford, a boy about partment is the horse-wce, the cogs eleven years of age, was caught by the of which give motion to the whole of machinery of the windmill used for the machinery. drawing upcorn, and his body mangled How the fatal spark is produced, in fo thocking a manner that he died which caused this devaitation, whether instantaneoully: he was literally torn from friction or from any incautious to pieces !

act of the workmen, as no fire is ever Mr, Parry, the Serjeant at Mace for employed in this part of the works, is, Plymouth, was attacked in Stonehouse and ever mult renain unknown. The lane by a soldier, who robbed him of unfortunate fuiterers by this calamity a bundle. He was recognised the fanne were, John Hattings, foreman, who has night in the Barracks, and committed left a wife ; John Coveney, a wite and for trial.--Same night, at the lire very three chiidren ; George Taylor, a wife; of Messrs. Langınead and Co. the John White, a wife and five childrení counting-house was robbed of 2301. in William Thurlton, a wife and three cash.

children ; and Wiliiam Simmons, un7. In the afternoon, a few minutes married. Three of the men were found after three o'clock, the corning mill, alive after the explofion, with every No. , part of the Royal gunpowder article of clothing toin off, their boworks, situated about three quarters of dies scorched black, and miserably la: a mile North-west of the town of cerated--they died, however, in a few Faversham, blew up, with a moft tre- minutes. Two others were discovered mendous explosion, and killed lix men, among the ruins in a similar condition, who were at work therein, and three dead; buc William Simmons, whole horses. The fragments of the build employ was with the mill borses in that ing were dispersed in thousands of part of the building which set in mopieces over the adjoining grounds, and tion the machinery for Gfting, had his the mally presses and mill timbers moulder and thigh broken, and a danSplintered and dilplaced in such a man- gerous wound upon his head, by the ner as to prelent a heap of ruins im- tilling of a piece of timber, but w:s possible for words to describe; but not burnt - he lurvived nearly tuo owing to the chosen situation of the hours, during which he was perfectly corning mills, and drying-Itoves, which collected, knew Mr. Giraud the lurwere removed from the town after the geon, and answered several questions dreadful accident in 1781, and the fur. put to him relative to the accident, but ther judicious precautions of detach- could give no account of the cause-he ing ihe buildings from each other, seemed perfectly, religned, and sensible riling banks of earth between some, that death only could end his pretent and surrounding others with strong sufferings. John Whiie had hedges and plantations of wood, the tered ine mill only a few minutes, destruction bias not extended beyond and Mr. Pledger, an oficer belonga the place where it begun; the windows ing to the works, had left it only of a boule in Broad-treet, and a few ten minutes before the explosion. It at Mr. Crow's, baker, in Weit ítreet, was heard many miles in every direcbeing all the damage sustained in Fia- tion round the country, sending forth vertham ; which is somewhat lingular, an immense pillar of smoke, lo high as a great number of buildings adjoin. into the atmosphere, as to be seen from ing, and others much nearer, were un- the Dane-john-hill at Canterbury, touched.

where the sound resembled that of a The corning mills are timber build- large piece of ordnance. ings, of an oblong quadrangular form premises were fupposed to contain about somewhat like a barn, and covered ten barrels, or 1000 lbs. of powder, with tiles, having four entrances; tiie One of the horses, otherwise but little internal 1pace divided by two partitions hurt, had a large splinter driven irto into three compartments.

The first his skuil fo fait that it could not be contains the presses with their levers drawn out; it was killed on the foland capstan for prelling the powder lowing day. into cakes; which cakes being coarsely The widows and children of the YOL. XLII, SEPT. 1802.





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workmen have the pay of their hus- Heald cut and beat her, and by acci-
bands and father's continued to them dent wounded his accomplice's hand,
for life; Government, with a laudable which he was employed in washing
humanity, adopting this rule in all when seen by Mr. T. Heald denies
cales of a like nature. The lait explo- the whole. The villains are both ap-
fion which took place, previous to this, prentices, and are committed to York
was on Feb. 20, 1793, when about 40 Castle for trial. The deceased was up-
barrels of gunpowder, which were in wards of 70 years old.
one of the itoves in a marih below the

A Court Martial was held on town, were blown up, and thrče men

board the Waffenaer, at Chatham, on killed.

the Masters of the Alkmaar, Captain The Lords of the Admiralty have Poulden, and the gun brig. Ferriter, directed that an increale of pay thould when the former was acquitted, and be granted to all the Warrant Oficers the latter dismissed the service, for tel. in his Majelty's service.

ling fpiricuous liquors on board. At a Naval Court Martial heid on The Nimble, Plyinouh passage ver. board the Centaur, in Hamoaze, Com- sel, with eighteen pallengers on board, modore Danby, of the Spencer, Piefi. was loit a few days ince, and all dent, and J. Liddle, Esq. Judge Ad. on board perithed. She was run fou! vocate, Lieutenant Cannon, of ihe Fe. of in coming out of Plymouth Sound, terell, was tried for neglect of duty on which, it is supposed, itarted some of various occafions, and the charges be- her timber heads, and the foon atier. ing fully proved, the President and wards foundered. A part of her boom Court lentenced him to be difailed and boat were picked up off Salcome, his Majesty's service. He was accorde about twenty-four miles from Plyingly discharged.

mouth. 9. Lieutenant Buchanan, of the Pe.

Mr. Otto, jun. Mr. Shergold, and terell, was tried by a Court Martial, Mr. Coulion, being on a thooting and dismitted the service, for dilobe party near Hand Cross, with a youth dience of orders, and leaving the deck of 15, nephew of B. Edwards, E9. during his watch.

Mr. Ci's gun went off and not the Capt. Jones, of the Bearer, has been young gentleman ; the whole charge dilmilled the service by a Court Mar.

penetrated his ide, broke two of his tial, on a charge preferred againit him

ribs, and wounded the aorta, which by his First Lieutenant, of tyranny

caused his immediate death. and oppreflion.

Sheriff's Court, Sept. 11. -- Hurft v. Early in the morning Mr. Tolerton, Halford. The plaintiff in this cause of Flanshaw-lane, near Wakefield, look. was of a profession technically called a ing out of the window, observed a nun Nicknackiterian, that is, a dealer in all on the other side of the road washing manner of curiosities, such as Egyphis hands, and a light in the house of tian mummies, Indian implements of Elizabeth Smith, one of his neigh- war, arrows dipped in the poison of bours, living opposite. On his giving the upas tree, bows, antique shields, the alarm, the light was extinguished, helmets, &c. and was described as and the man ran away. Mr. T. then poflelling the skin of the Cameleopard entered the House, and found Nis. $. exhibited in the Roman amphitheatre, covered with blood, and writhing in the head of the spear wed by King the agonies of death. She was quite Arthur, and the bitech of the first canspeechless, and survived but a few ini. non uled at the liege of Constantinople; nutes. From some lulpicious circum. and, in Mort, of almost every rarity stances a young man about nineteen that the rolt ardent Virtuosó would years of age was taken up. 0his wish to pofiess. The defendant was first examination he Hatly denied the the executor of a widow lady of the horrid event, but at length confefied name of Morgan, who, in the enjoy. that lie committed the murder in com- ment of a considerable fortune, ino pany with R. Heald, another young dulged her fancy, and amuled herself man in the neighbourhood. Under: in collecting objects of natural and arstanding the decealed was worth money, tificial curiosity. She had been long tey bioke open the house with a relo. in the habit of purchasing a variety of lution to rob and murder her. The rare articies of the plaintiff; the bad former field the unhappy woman while bought of hiin models of the Temple



casto vary.

of Jerusalem and the Alexandrian Li- was a lady of fortune, wished to amuse brary, a specimen of the Type invent- the gloomy hours of her widowhood ed by Memnon, the Egyptian, and a by stuffing apes and birds, her executor genuine manuscript of the first play was at least bound to pay the expence acted by Thelpis and his Company in the had incurred, in indulging her a waggon ; for all there she had in her whimlical fancy. He saw no reason lifetime paid moit liberally. It ap.. why a single filling of the plaintiff's peared also she had erected a Mauto. demand thould be subtracted. - Tlie leum, in which her decealed husband Jury accordingly give a verdict for the was laid, and the projected the depolit plaintiff-Damages 40l. ing her own remains,when death thould

Some workinen who were em

? overtake her, by the side of him. The ployed on the roof of a building in plaintiff was employed in fitting it up, King's Bench Walk, in drawing up and ornamenting it with a teitellated

sheets of lead to the roof, care!essly let pavement; this was also paid for, and fill a large treet rolled up, which they constituted no part of the prelent de had juit drawn to the top of the buildmind. This action was brought againit ing. This immense weight fell through the defendant, her executor, to recover the ceiling between the rafters upon a the fum of 401. for stuffing and em

desk: below, at which a Gentleman was balıning a bird of paradile, a tly bird, fitting, whole head was itruck by the an orangutang, an ichneumon, and a The defendant did not

lead, but owing to his having his hat

on at the time, and the lead falling in deny that the plaintiff had a claim on

rather an oblique direction, his life the estate of the deceased, but he had

was preserved. The desk was broken let judgment go by default, and as

to pieces, and the building much tempted merely to cut down the shaken by the accident. amount of the demand. The plaintiff's foreman, or ailitant, 'proved that the

At Union Hall, Southvark, Mary work had been done by the direction Robinson was brought up on a charge of Mrs. Morgin, and that the charge of stealing little children, and strip. was extremely reasonable. On the ping them of their frocks. The pa. contrary, the defendant's Solicitor con

renis of no less than five infants, of tended that the charge was moft ex

the ages of fron thice years to five, travagant: he stated, i hat the Museum appeared against this wretch; they of the deceased Virtuoso bad been fold proved the property in the frocks. It by public auction, and including the appeared the priloner used to seize models of the temple of Jerusalem and every opportunity of inticing children the Alexandrian library, the antique to her, and having carried theni ont type, Thespian manufcript, (pear-head, of the neighbourhood, plundered them and every thing else me had been all

of their cloads, which ihe immediately her life collecting, it had not netted pawned. The pawnbrokers identified more than nol. As to the stuffed

The prisoner. One of them, from her mookies and birds, which conftituted

so repeatedly coming to bin, suspect. the foundation of the plaintiff's claim, ed her, and was the cause of her ay: they scarce had defrayed the expence preliension.She was fully committed of carrying them away; they were ab.

for trial. solute rubbinn. The plaintiff's attor

A fellow driving some Theep in Li. ney replied, that his client's labour verpool, a few days since, one of them was not to be appreciated by what the took fright, and ran a considerable difobjets of it produced at a common

tance before he could overtake it; fale, attended, perhaps, by brokers, having at lait caught the poor animal, who were as ignorant as the itutřed

the monter drew out his knife, and in animals they were purcharing:

a fit of senseless rage cut off one of its The Under sheriff obierved, that in

legs, and in that condizion drove it matters of taste the intrinsic value of back to the reit of the ficck. Fortuan article was not the proper medium nately there were many witnesses to of ascertaining the compensation due

the inhuman aé, and measures in ve to the labour which produced it; a

been taken to bring the perpetrator to virtuoso frequently expended a large punillment. fun of money for what another min In addition to a new Chalybeate would kick out of his house as lumber. Soring at Cheitenliain, inother has been If Mrs. Morgan, who it was proved discovered in the gardens of Mr. Har

Hh 2




ward, the Librarian, similar, in tafte 15. The commillion warehouse of and effe&t, to the regular spa. Mr. Har Mr. Purse, at the corner of Cloak-lane, ward is stated to have refused a thou. was broke open in the night, and robfand guineas for it.

bed of goods to the amount of 2000). A valuable copper mine has been discovered under Carradon, the highest

15. An indictment was preferred mountain in Cornwall. It belongs to

at the Middlesex Sessions against E. Mr. M'Cullan, a Surgeon in the Navy. Salmon, for feloniously receiving know

ing them to have been tolen, a child's The Directors of the Bank, in con

cap, gown, and other articles, the proTequence of the increasing emoluments perty of Eliz. Impey. The mother of of that Corporation, have proposed the child, Eliz. Impey, stated, that the that the sum of 2į per cent. on their resided on the 22d of June in Red Lion capital (which is 11,642,4001.) should Market. On that day a man, whom be divided amongst the proprietors in the did not know, came to her, and the s per Cent. Annuities. . This re5

said that he was sent by Mrs. James, of commendation having been adopted by. Finsbury-place; to enquire after her a Court of Proprietors, each holder of child and relieve her. Mrs. J. liad freBank Stock has 2 per cent. addition quenıly relieved her when in distressed to his capital in s per Cent. Annui. circumstances. He then gave her a ties.

trifle of money to go and procure neIn the evening a fire broke out cessaries, and laid be would take care of at a musical circulating library near her child till the returned. She en. Warwick-court, in Holborn, which trufted him with her infant, but on consumed that and the adjoining house her return the found he had decamped before it was extinguished. There with it. After many ineffectual en. was a party in the house where it be- quiries, the was advised by a neighbour gan, who rushed down stairs, and ef- to go to the house of the prisoner. caped ; but, such was their consterna- She went, accompanied by a police tion, that the ladies left their cloaks officer, and found her child, which the and the gentlemen their hats behind recognized by “ certain signs," in bed them, and the only property faved was with Mrs. Salmon, who in lifted that it a few articles of plate.

was her own, of which she had lately 14. At night a tremendous fire been delivered. A surgeon, who was broke out at Liverpool, which con

called in to examine the prisoner, ftasumed the whole of the beautifuland ex

ted his opinion that she had not been tensivewarehouses fronting St.George's

delivered, in consequence of which Dock.-- About ten o'clock smoke was

the child was given up.-The Coun. observed to issue from the centre of fel for the defendant submitted to the France's Buildings; the fire bell was

Court, that the present indictment instantly rung, the drums heat to arms,

could not be sustained, as there had and the whole of the military turned

not been proved any intention of ont. About one the flames burit forth tealing the cloaths : and this being with tremendous fury, and continued also the opinion of the Chairman, the to threaten deitruction to all around prisoner was acquitted: but was orderrill fix o'clock in the morning, when

ed to be detained. they were got somewhat under. All

A beacon has been placed on the those beautiful and extensive buildings Bell Rock, Liverpool, to try the force reaching from Water-lane to Bruns. of the fea on it; while it stands, it will wick street, with the corresponding be of much service to the dipping par. store-honies, called Frarice's, were, ating it. fix o'clock in the morning, one prodigious heap of ruins! The damage 15. J. H. Edy and T. Brannam were cannot be much less than a million of indicted at the Old Bailey for feloniinoney. The shipping were, from its oudy stealing a chaise, the property fortunately being food tide, removed of ---- Mackenzie. 'The facts of the and preserved but every attention chaise being obtained at Mr. Mackenwas necessary, such as wet fails placed zie's livery-fables by the prisoner Edy, before the rigging, sc. The accident under the pretence of hiring it to go was occasione :I by tbe falling of a fouff to Brighton, and the subsequent difof candle wong tarings in a porter pofal of it, chiefly through the agency valt.

of Bruunam, to Newman, keeper of the



George, in Drury-lane, were clearly latitude, like a geographical sphere. proved. The Judge did not deem it This, I presume, he has done on his necessary to put Brannam on his de- voyage outward, the journal of which fence, he not being a principal in any is likely left in America. But this part of the transaction ; and Edy left which I possess begins with the exact his to his counsel, by whom no evi- point of latitude and longitude of Phidence in his justification was adduced. ladelphia, and records the zenith of The Court was of opinion that the ma- every day as accurately as if he had terial question for the confideration been all along on terra firma. In bed of the Jury was, whether, at the time he told the Captain his distance from of Edy's gaining posesion of the chaile the Coast of Ireland to a minute, by he entertained the intention of hiring looking at his machine. it to go a journey, or whether he “ The properties of magnetism are meant to convert it to his own use, not yet fufficiently known, and they as, in the latter case, it was clearly have heretofore been applied to use only a felony. After a short conference. in the form of the needle. But it apthe Jury found Edly guilty, and acquit pears to possess, besides its well known ted Brannam. Thefe two prisoners polarity, a propensity to retain its na. were tried upon a second indictment, tive relative position on the earth; for stealing a grey gelding, the pro- that is to say, it turns upon an axis perty of W. Hiscox. of this charge like the earth, one point always pointthey were both acquitted. Edy said, ing at the pole star. Beyond the line, his age was twenty.

this point upon the ball is below the 18. Most of the Cabinet Ministers horizon; and on the thores of Ameattended his Majesty at Windsor ; rica the longitudinal line, which now when a proclamation was issued, pro. is its meridian, was far down the fide : roguing the Parliament from the 5th fo that if he had failed round the earth of October to the 16th November, his little ball would have made a comwhen it is to assemble for the dispatch plete revolution upon its axis." of business.

The following recipe, for preserv. Nautical Discovery—The following is ing provisions, which is eminently useextracted from a letter by a Gentleman ful to navigators in hot climates, in Glasgow to his friend in Greenock, has appeared in French journal :dated August 2.

"When the aliments, from intense “ An affair of so much consequence heatand long keeping, are likely to pass to mankind as the following, it were into a state of corruption," says the criminal in me to conceal; I therefore writer, “the simple but sure mode of request of you to make it as public as keeping them found and healthful, is pollible among your sea-faring and phie by putting a few pieces of charcoal loloplical friends.

into your pot or faucepan where the “'Our mutual friend, before his fish or mear is to be boiled. The departure lali fall for Philadelphia, effects of this are, that your soup will constructed a machine, apparently fım. be good, and that the fith or feih will ple, but which is infinitely more valua- be both round and agreeable to the bile to navigation than the compass. taite." This experiment has been It was brought to me, together with tried, and thould not be forgotten. his log-brok, by a fellow passenger Vaccine Process-Several atteinpts have homewards, who unluckily had paid been made to introduce the Cow pock no attention to the use of the appara- into India, but hitherto without suctus, which was the more unfortunate, cess: the Vaccine matter has been as our friend died within three leagues transmitted froin Constantinople to of land.

Busorah, and thence to Bombay, but " It is a magnetic ball, floating in a it has become unfit for use during the bason of quickfilver. The ball is passage. The India Company have di. painted all over, to keep the quicklil. rected their Agent at Buisoralı, to in. ver froin penetrating the pores, which oculate come person there, and from might embarrais the evolutions, which that fre!h fubject, to transmit to Bomcoating, I dare not deitro; to examine bay the means for extending the practhe materials of the ball; lout from its tice. weight it must be metallic, yet it floats To parts burned or scalded the speedy high in the fluid. Since he took it application of turpentine is an effecfrom this place, I perceive he has tual mode of allaying pain. marked it with lines of longitude and


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