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dince 1791.

Commercial Agent at Paris, by Mr. Accounts from St. Domingo of the Simpson, Consul of the United States 2d of August itate, that the Blacks had at Tangiers.

rilen in Tortuga, a small island near The American States have paid Cape Francois, and had massacred every 2,59,320 dollars to the Barbary Powers White inhabitant on the Illand.

Accounts from the Welt Indies state, The new Treaty between the United that the crops have been so very States and the Creek Indian's was ic abundant as to lower the price of ceived at Washington on the 6th Sep sugar and rum confiderably in all the timber.

islands, and fufficient shipping could The Spanish Government in North not be procured to export them.America, unable to make efficient op. Price of rum in some islands is only position to the predatory warfare of 25. id. of our currency. Bowles and bis Indian followers, is The New York Paper, of the 12th negociating a Treaty of Peace with August, contains a notice from the them.

poor-house of Newcastle, Delaware, It is estimated that 30,000 of the signed by the Governor ; which itates, inhabitants of Philadelphia have re that a maniac, who had been admitted tired from that city in consequence of there, had not taken any kind of nouthe yellow fever. Commerce has been rishment between the 27th July and the nearly suspended by it ; and the mere 6th August, a term of ten days, not. chants, and in fact all description of withitanding whi he continued alive traders, have been involved in great and in apparent health ! embarrassment. The Custom-houle is A large naval force belonging to the thut up, and the business of that office Continental Powers is collecting in the is tranfacted in the chamber formerly Mediterranean'; two Dutch ships of the occupied by the Senate of the United line, two frigates, and a loop, had States during the prevalence of the passed a short time betore the accounts fever there.

came away. The French are making The malignant fever is on the de. preparations to garrison and fortify. cline at New York and Philadelphia, iwo barbours belonging to the Alge but has made its appearance at Walh- rines. ington and other places.



a new square, with two new streets, A FIRE broke out in the premises of the one leading into Throgmorton.

Mr. Cooper, near the Patent Shot Street and the Royal Exchange, and Manufactory, Lambeth, which con. the other from Moorgate to Mansionsumed the whole of the buildings, be House-Itreet, and to widen, improve, fides damaging the cooperage and the &c. the intermediate lanes, &c. - The lead-n.elter's adjoining. Nine horses fecond,for taking down London Bridge, out of eleven, kept by Mr. Cooper, and rebuilding another bridge across were burnt to beath; one man, en the Thaires instead of it.--The third, deavouring to draw them from the sta. for enlarging Smithfield Market, and bie, was lo dreadfully bruited by the for the better regulation of it. The roof falling in upon hiin, that he is fourth, for enlarging and amending not expected to live ; five others were the powers in the Act for improving allo mained at the same time ; and the Port of London. And the fitti, two children were crushed nearly to for establishing a free market for the death by the engines coming unex sale of Coals in the Wards of Billingsrećiedly upon them.

gate and Tower, or one of them, and City improvements.-The Gazette of to prevent imposition in the tale of this Sept. 24 contained a Notice from the article. Corporation of London of their in 26. Last week a large copper table, tention to apply to Parliament for five weighing twenty tons, was calt at Bers Acts. The first, to remove Bethlem tham iron works, for the Ravenhead Hospital į and on its lite to build Glass Company. The metal was melted



in five furnaces, each containing four (a branch of the, Ouse), in a boat, tons : the building was secured from with bis son and several young Genthe immense heat of the casting by a tlemen, Maiter Gage, by some acci. wrought iron umbrella. A carriage dent, fell overboard; when the Noble with eight wheels has been constructed Lord instantly plunged into the water, to convey it to the place of its destina and rescued his son, by bearing him tion.

in safety to the shore. 27. In the morning, a fire broke 6. The formal Prorogation of Par. out in a large store-house, in Store. liament took place in the House of ftreec, Bedford-square, belonging to

Lords. The Lord Chancellor, and Mellrs. Combe and Co. brewers, by Lords Hobart and Carleton, attended. which the greater part of the building The Commons appearing in the usual was destroyed. A large quantity of manner at the Bar, the Proclamation porter was in the store-house at the was read, and the Lord Chancellor de. time the fire broke out, and was used claied, that the Parliament was further to supply the engines for an hour, till prorogued until the 16th day of Nowater could be procured.

vember; and then to meet for the dirSame night, about eleven o'clock, patch of business. a fire broke out at the new Allembly At a Meeting of the Magistrates room behind Russell-square, which was of the Tower Hamlets, the Kev. Mr. entirely consumed. The fire is attri. Robson, of Whitechapel, in a long buted to an incendiary.

speech, opposed the renewal of the 27. At Stirbitch fair, a full audience annual licence of the Royalty Theatre. was collected, to witness the represent. After a patient hearing by the Magifation of A Bold Stroke for a Wife by an trates, amounting to 29, the result was, itinerant company. At eight o'clock that 22 of the number were against the an alarm of "Fire" was given by some renewal.-It is probably closed for person in the gallery. The play was Itopped, and a coniternation entired. 7. Several persons were separately A woman, in excels of fear, threw her- examined Hilton Garden, for self from the gallery into the pit. The allanting and wounding T. Pamphcompany ruched instantly towards the lin, a clerk to Mr. Gordon, diftiller, door ; some were cruined to death by in Goswell street, who is fince dead of the pressure, and more

were either the wounds he received : and also for killed or wounded severely hy being committing a similar outrage on a Mr. trampled upon. The accounts itate J. Shiffnali. - Thiey have been comthe deaths to be fix or seven, and the mitted for trial. number of the bruiled and wounded In the afternoon a fire broke cut at to exceed thirty! The author of this a timber-yard, near the Gaol, in Readalarm, for which there was not the ing, and, communicating to some smalleit foundation, is yet undisco. ttacks of corn, reduced them to alhes. vered. The Magistrates have offered The wind fortunately was from the icol. for his apprehenlion.

South-weit ; or, from the violence of 28. A Mocking murder was com. the flames, it is probable that the greater mitted at Mortlake :-A man named part of the town would have been de. Stillwell, who keeps a public-house in itroyed. The loss is very

considerable, that village, rofe at five o'clock; and

and the property,

for the greater part, having some words with his wife, to. uninsured. wards whom he had always manifefted

Mr. Whitehead, the owner of great conjugal affection, was lo hurried a lime kiln at Wigmuore, which had away by pallion, that, fetching a horte been burning a few days, inadvertently pistol, loaded with eight Bugs, he pre- aitempted to walk across the top of the sented it at her. and pulled the trigger! pit; when the chalk giving way"beThe flint being worn out, the dis. neath, he funk down, and in a very charge was prevented; when, with a short space was literally burnt to a vengeance truly diabolical, he rushed

Ikel ton; his wife who had accomupon the woman, and with the but

panied him, san and alarmed a neighend of the piltol beat hi: on the head bouring congregation, but too late to till her brains were scattered about the afford him any asistance. room.-He is committed for trial. The fun ota taylor at Framlingham,

Oct. 3. A few days since, as Lord in Suffolk, died there fome days fince; Gage was going down Glynde Reach he was eight years old, only 18 inches

S (2



high, and weighed no more than 281 The largest ox ever bred in this pounds.

kingdom is now at Berwick-on-Tweed : 11: As Lady E. Bentinck was re- 'his weight is 320 ftone, 141b. to the turning from Penshurlt on horseback, stone : he measures four feet: across 'with a party, her horse stumbled; in the shoulders, and his back is ascended confequence of which accident, her by means of a ladder. He was bred by right ihigh was broken at a small dir. John Spottiswood, Esq. near Dunfe tance from the knee. She was con (and of Sackville street, London), who veyed to the house of her father, Told him lately for 200 guineas. Richard Cumberland, Esq. at Tun Lord Mulgrave has been humanely bridge Wells, and is now in a favour and patriotically employed in giving able state.

premiums to his tenants and poor 13. Mr. Pitt's late residence and neighbours, for their improvement in eftate at Holwood, was sold at Garra- agriculture, for industry and general way's, by Messrs. Skinner and Dyke, good conduct. To some, pieces of and was knocked down at 15.000l.; plate were given; to others, cows, but as 36,cool. was the sum originally pigs, &c. proportioning the preiniums demanded, it is supposed that the estate to the condition and the merit of the may have been bought in.

candidates. An Impostor, who personated Col. Hope, M. P. and duped many people culver, in Kent, was in part washed

The old chapel on the Cliff at Re. at Keswick, in Cumberland, has ab- down by a late swelling of the ride, sconded. He contrived to marry a and the church, with the adjoining young woman,,called the Beauty of buildings, which form a beacon to

Buttermere, and lived fome time on her mariners on the coast, is considered to friends, till he was detected by Mr.

be in danger. Hardinge, the Welch Judge, who issued a warrant for his apprehension.

18. A General Court Martial was 15. In the morning two Dover assembled at the Royal Marine Bar. boats discovered a deart whale floating racks, Chatham, on the roth indt. and down the Channel, mid-way between

continued by adjournments to this Dover and Calais, and towed it on

day, to try Captain H. Lee, of that thore near Shakespeare's Cliff. It is corps, on the undermentioned charges, 81 feet long, and between 50 and 60

exhibited againit him by First Lieuin girth. The tail, from one fork to

tenant Hand :-ist, For ungentlemanthe other measures 20 feet.

like conduct to Lieutenant Hand-2d, 16. About five o'clock in the even.

For being drunk on the Dock Guard, ing, a man genteelly dressed went into

on the night of the 12th of August last. Mr. Maryan's (lilversinith's), in Lom.

-The Court were of oninion, that the bard-street, drew a pistol from his poc

charges were unfounded, vexatious, ket, and demanded nioney ; which Mr.

and groundless; and that the profeM. hesitating at. he fired, and the con

cutor's conduct was de serving of the tents grazed his hair. He then attempt

highest censure. ed to escape ; being closely pursued, 19. Mansion House.-An information he endeavoured to shoot himself; the was heard, which had been laid againit pistol missing fire, he drew out a clasp Mr. Hatfield, a grocer, near Shoreknife to defend himself, but was re ditch, for selling an ounce of refined cured and lodged in the Compter. liquorice without the lamp required From Saturday night to Tuesday by the late Act.--The Solicitor to the noon he obstinately refused to take Commissioners of the Stamps stated, any fuftenance, and still persists in con that it was the opinion of his emcealing his name, alleging that his ployers, that the article in question brother is a reputable merchant in the did not come within the meaning of city, but should never know his present the Act, in the manner it was sold by disgrace.

grecers and confectioners; it not be There is now a hog at the Salisbury ing advertifed as a noitrum or ffecific Arms, Hertford, which was_bred by for any disease. This was not the case Alderman Curtis, at South End ; the with Tolu Lozenges, which, though exact weight of which is g60lb. or 120 equally simple, were originally a patent stone. It is of the Leicestershire breed, medicine. The Lord Mayor was about and supposed to be the largest in the to give his opinion to that effect, when kingdom.

an error being discovered in the in.


dictment, the prosecution fell to the might be confidered in a moral point ground.

of view, as it was written for the nurs 21. Guildhall.- A case of fome im- pose of exhibiting in the most odious portance to Booksellers was heard be- light the practice of lying. Sir W. fore Sir W. Staines. An information Staires faid, he was fully convinced was exhibited against Mr. Holmes, a that the act was intended for the supBookfeller, at the Royal Exchange, preslion of sedition and infidelity, and for publishing a book called “ The Won. was not meant to apply to harmless derful Adventures of Baron Munchausen," publications. The indictment confe. the book not having the Printer's name quently fell to the ground, and the into it, as directed by act of Parliament. former received a fevere reprimand. The information was laid by one of 22. Westmin/ter Sessions.-W. Putney, those pelts to society, a Common In. foreman of Airs. Bridges, á chimney. former. The book was proved to have sweeper in Swallow-Itreet, was indicted been purchased at the hop of the de. for allulting and ill-treating a child, fendant by J. Collin!on, on the 24th the son of Kavanagh, an infant of September On the cross-exa- under eight years old. The prisoner mination of the witness by the de. having lately beaten the child uninerfendant's Counsel, it appeared, that he cifully, tome female neighbours, atwas employed at the rate of gs. per tralied by his cries, rushed into the day, for the sole purpose of pur: house, seized the object of their pity, chafing there books, and that he had and carried him to the Work houre. procured 13 of them at different Book. The treatment which this intant had fellers. It was contended, that the de. experienced, was shocking in the ex. fendant must be acquitted, as the law treme. Besides compelling him to go on which this information was founded, up chimnies by gording him with did not mean to enact that perso:s sticks having pins at the end, Mrs. printing and publishing books which B. who was ill in bed, used to have were not of a feditious or irreligious him brought frequently to her bed fide, nature, and which happen not to have for the purpose of citigation. The the Printers name, should be liable to Prisoner was found guilty, and fin. the penalties therein impofert; and tenced to fix months imprison inent. further, that the book in question



R. WILLIAMES VAUGHAN, bart. Benjamin Holloway, e'q. of Lee Place, M. P. to Mits Anna Maria Moy. to Mits Roberts, daughter of Majorfion.

General Roberts. Lieutenant-Colonel William Johnston Captain Crosier to Miss Hannah Pear. to Miss Susan De Lancey.

son, second daughter of Sir Richard Pear. The Hon. Charles Murray to Miss fon. Law.

John Disney, of the Inner Temple, Captain Robert Mends,of his Majesty's esq. to Miss Sophia Diley Flytche. navy, to Miss Butler, of Bagno Lodge. Captain Stephen Poyniz, of she royal Captain Whitby, of the royal navý, to

navy, to Miss F. Brace, of Hambledos. Miss Syinonds.



Lately, at Kentish Town, Mrs. Gre. THE Rev. Charles Smith, rellor of ville, formerly of Drury jane Theatre, South Kipps, Norfolk

where the appeared the firm rime in the SEPT. 6. Mr. James.Balire, er graver,

Irish Widow, at Dovember 17-3. in his 736 year.

14. In his 60th year, the Rev. John





Hepworth, A. M. He was born at Hep 3. William Barrington Richardfont, worth, near Huddersfield, educated at esq. one of the magiftrates, and a deputy Wakefield from whence he was removed lieutenant for the county of Surrey, and to Bennet College, Cambridge.

many years deputy comptroller of the 15. Ar Marlborough, Mr. James customs of the port of London. Gearge Russell, many years a bookseller At Ramsgate, St. John Charlton, esq. in London,

of Apley Cattle, Shropshire. 17.

The Rev. Edward Estcourt, At Grove-bill, Mrs. Elliot, wife of LL D. in bis 52d year.

Dr. Elliot, and eldest daughter of Dr. 18. Ar Baih, Granado Pigott, esq. Letilom. F. R. S. and A. SS.

4 At Purford, Surrey, Mr.J Whit. Thomas Maitland, esq. of Maitland- burn, ten. many vears a brewer at Ripley. field, aged 83:

At Bath, William Sainsbury, ela. Mr. Thomas Alkham, of Thurl. John Wallace, esq. oi Kennington. ftone, near Penyfione Lancashire.

At Radli Mbeg, in Dunbartonshire, At Carlisle,' William Chisholm, of the Rev. Gordon Stewart, minister of Chisholm, esq.

Bonhill, in his 68th year. Mr. Alexander Angus, booksel. 5. At Kentish Town, Mr. Thomas ler, Aberdeen, in his 82d year.

Liddell, partner in the house of Telford, Mr. Hunt, apoi hecary and sur. Liddeli, and Smallman, Blackwell Hall geon, of Burford, Oxtord thire.

factors, Aldermanbury, 24. At Bach, Mr. Gill Slater, late of At Poole's Hotel,' Thomas Burnett Liverponi.

Tucker, elq. aged 31: John Rixon, esq. of Great Herinitage. Lately, at Hampitead, John Page, Areet.

esq. Simon Frazer, of Boblainy, efq. 6. At Tottenham, in his 74th year,

25. W. Tooke, esq. of Thompson, Mr. Thomas Gibson, late of White Lion. near Wetton, Norfolk, and of the Mid. court, Cornhill. dle Temple, London, in his 83d year. At Belinont-place, Vauxhall, Mrs.

Ai Chertsey, in Surrey, Charles Pem- Waters, wife of Mr. Waters, of the Eart broke, esq. aged 45.

India Company's thip Britannia. At Bambro' Grange, near Doncaster, At Kennington Cross, Surrey, aged so, James Farrer, ela.

John Wallis, esq. of his Majesty's cut. 26. At Kenington, Frederick Dingley, youngest son of the late Rev. Robert 7. Colonel Gilbert Ironside, late of the Henry Dingley, of Beaumont Common, East India Company's lervice. Eflex.

The Rev. Dr. Knowles, ot Bury. He Mr. Laborde de Mereville, of Paris. had been lecturer in Si, Mary's Church

Lately, W. Van Hemert Burt, of there upwards of fifty years; was prePortman-street, esq.

bendary of Ely, rector of Ickworth, and 28. Mr. John Langdon, of the Excise vicar of Winston, in Suffolk.

He was Office.

formerly of Pembroke Hail, Canfridge, At Ripon, in his 46th year, William of which fociety he was fellow, and where Harrison, M. D.

he proceeded A. B. 1743 ; A.M. 1747. Mr. Hay Donaldson, town-clerk of He was author of Hadington.

(1) An Answer to the Essay on Spirit. Mr. J. Rodwell, farmer, at Livermere. 8vo. 1753.

29. Mr. Joseph Sinith, of the Wool (2) Observations on the divine Million pack Inn, Si. Alban's.

and Administration of Moses. 8vo. 1763. At Glasgow, Captain James Fairful, (3) Obje&tions to Charity Schools late of the 49th regiment of foot. candidly answered, in a Sermon preaclied

30. George Law, esq. of Brathay, 09. 11, 1772. 4to. near Ambleside, Weftmorland.

(4) The Passion; or, a descriptive and Mr. Edward Turner, of Everton, near critical Narrative of the Incidents as Liverpool, attorney:

they occurred on each Day of the Week At Dalquin, in ihe county of Galway, in which Christ's Sufferings are commeIreland, the Right Hon. John Birining- morated; with Reflections calculated for ham, Lord Baron Athenry, premier barun religious Improvement. 12mo. 1780. of Ireland.

9. The Rev. R. Sumner, vicar of Oct... John Hobcroft, csq. of Nor-, Kenelworth and Stoneleigh, in War. -ton.Itreet, aged 82.



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