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Pigot, who consulted Alexander Dal. ander Dalrymple, that as be understood rymple ; whose explanation satisfying Alexander' Dalrymple was going to him that it was feisible, he dispatched sea, so far as their way lay the same, Commodore Wilson to China by such Mr. Howe would be very glad of his route as he thought proper to pursue, company with his friend Colonel Draleaving to his own discretion the exe per on board the Winchelsea. This cution of that intention ; Governor obliging offer was accepted ; and from Pigot observing, that he would not that able navigator Alexander Dalrymgive a positive order, Jelt some unfore. ple received his first nautical tuition seen obitacle should intervene. Com. having embarked on the Winchellea modore Wilson performed the voyage the 22d of April 1759. highly to the credit of our maritime During the liege of Madras, Mr. reputation, and much to the advantage William Roberts, who had been a of the Company, who were lo sensible Supra-Cargo to Manila, was killed by of Commodore Wilson's merits, that a shell ; in his collection were some they presented him with a gold medal Spanish Histories of the Philipinas: these on the occation. This event is one of Alexander Dairymple purchaled; and the characteristic points in the history although entirely ignorant of that lan. of Navigation, and highly merits espé- guage, with the alliitance of a Dictioncial notice.

ary, taught himself it sufficiently to Circumstances occurred in the dis- obtain much information concerning cussion of the proposition made by those parts, particularly concerning Commodore Wilson, which induced Sooloo. Alexander Dalrymple to propose, and It ought, perhaps, to be observed, Governor Pigot to accede to, his going that during the siege of Madras, the in the Cuddalore schooner to the Fait- first collection of the South Sea Voyages ward, on a voyage of general observa. was made by Alexander Dalrymple, as tion ; although it had a particular def- it shows how little influence that liege tination.

had on persons minds at the time ; not After the fiege of Madras, which con that this was the peculiar situation of tinued from the middle of December his mind, but it was the sense that 1758 to the 17th of Februrry 1759. pervaded with alınoit every body, even when Mr. Dupré offered to resign the the Black people, who were unconnected Secretary ship to Alexander Dalrymple, with martial affairs; this the two then his Deputy, Governor' Pigot following inftarces will confirm. The thinking that a more beneficial object, Shaftsbury Indiaman being a very bad endeavoured to dissuade Alexander failer, and consequently retarding the Dalrymple from the voyage; and when fireet that was bringing the troops to ineffectual, proposed that Alexander the relief of Madras; the fick were put Dalrymple should go down to Bengal, on brard off Ceylon, and that thip was where Lord (then Colonel) Clive was left to make the best of her way by Governor, that he might go properly herself, no idea being entertained that · equipped ; however, Alexander Dal- this ship could reach Madras before the rymple, unwilling to run any hazard fleet, however by accidental winds it of a disappointment, and warm in pur so happened. There was then in fuit of an object of whose national Madras road, the Haerlem, a 50 gun importance he had been long colla Thip, which the French had taken from vinced, rather chose to go in the Cud- the Dutch, though then at peace, and dalore as she was; but as Madras, from a French frigate. Alexander Dalrym. the devastation attending the fiege, could ple was sent off in a Ma Joolah, which is not supply the stores wanted for fuch 2 the boat rowed by Black people, used voyage, it was necessıry to proceed to for pailing the furf at Madras, with China, to get that fupply from the orders to the Shaftsbury, then coming thips that resort thither.

into the road; when he got on board, The Hon. Thonias Howe, since de- the French frigate came to attack ceased, commanded the Winchelsea her, upon this the boat's crew, instead Indiaman, in which thip Colonel Dra. of endeavouring to get away, which per returned to England by way of they might eally have done, came on China. Mr. Howe mott obligingly board the Shaftsbury, and asked Alextook occasion, one day at Governor ander Dalrymple if they should go to Pigot's before dinner, to lay to Alex. the guns; the frigate fued a broadlide,




be one.

which being returned by the Shafts- of this voyage, of which Alexander bury, the frigate fired a few guns Dalrymple has not hitherto published more, and sheered off.

any connected journal, but it muft be Some other boat people, early in the taken notice, that it was in this voy. fiege, were sent to carry the ladies from age, the English visited Sooloo. Alex. Madras to Sadras, a Dutch Fort a few ander Dalrymple concluded a treaty miles to the southward; wiien the with the Sultan, and made a contraci boats reached Sadras, they found the with the principal persons, for a cargo French had seized the Dutch Fort. to be brought on the East India Com.

The French loaded the boats with pany's account, which the pațives enShot, &c. for the assailants at Madras, gaged to receive at 100 per cent profit, putting a few French men into the and to provide a cargo for China, which boats, to take care of the ammunition. they engaged should yield an equi. 'The boatmen were unarn:ed, but they valent profit. there. The principal concerred together, and took an op- person with whom this contract was portunity of seizing the Frenchimen, negotiated, was Dato Bandabara, the whom tliey brought prisoners to Madras, Head and Representative of the Nobility; * with the hot, &c., the value of which for the Sooloo Government is a mixed was given to the Boatmen, for their . Monarchy, in which, though the prin. good services. These little incidents .cipal Nobility and Oranky's meet in the Thow the temper and disposition pre-. National Council to deliberate, the allvailing at that period, when our good thority is vested in a few Oficers, who faitb was as conspicuous in India as are Hereditary;. the Sultan, Dato Banour courage.

dahara, who represents the nobility, Alexander Dalrymple going on this and Oranky-Mallick, who represents the eastern voyage, makes a new æra in his people ; matters of Government de

pending on the concurrence of two of As the Cuddalore went under the the States, of which the people mult fecret orders of the Governor, it was not thought proper to apply to the The person, then filling the Here. Council for the provision of fuch a ditary, Office of Bandahara, was cargo, as was necessary in countries conspicuous for the probity and exwhere there was no regular commu alted judice of his character, as by his nication, or commerce ; and where distinguished rank, of which, whilft even provisions could, probably, only Alexander Dalrymple was at Sooloo in be purchased by barter; a small cargo 1761, an occasion occurred for Banda. was put on board at the expence bara to exert; there were at this time of the Governor, who permitied Cap- two Chinese Junks in Sooloo Road. In tain Baker, the Captain, to have a the cargo of one of them the Sultan had fourth concern.

The evening before an intereft; the other belonged enAlexander Dalrymple embarked, Go- tirely to Chinese Merchants, of Amoy. vernor Pigot presented him with an The Sultan, who was very avaricious, instrument, making him a present of in hopes of getting money from the whatever profits might accrue from the Chinese, or thinking, perhaps, that it three-fourths.concern. Having never would be more advantageous for the inlinuated such an intention, he left sale of the cargo in which he was conno ground for mercenary imputation cerned, laid an embargo on the other against Alexander Dalrymple, in un. Funk; Bandahara and Oranky Mallick dertaking the voyage, or against the remonftrated with the Sultan on the Governor himself for ordering it. impropriety of this behaviour to Mer

As before observed, Alexander Dal. charts, but without effect, upon rymple embarked in the Wincheljea, which Bandabara, and Oranky Mallick, 220 April, 1759, and having joined the with Pangleema Milabam, a person of a Cuddalore, Captain George Baker, in Military Order, confonant to antient the Strait of Malacca, whither that Knighthood, when honours were the re. velfel had been dispatched a few days wards of publick merits, went on board before the Winchelsea ; Alexander the China Junk, in which the Sultan had Dalrymple quitted the Winchelsea, an intereft, and brought her rudder on and embarked on the Cuddalore, 3d fhore ; informing the Sultan that they June, in the Strait of Sincapore. would detain the one, if he obtructed

It cannot be pretended to give a the departure of the other ; this well. Tecital, however brief, of the course timed interference had its due effect,



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and both Junks proceeded without fur with the remainder ; but the London ther molestation, on their voyage Packet arriving from England, Alexhome.

ander Dalrymple recommended to subThe influence of the Sultan and No Ititute her for the Royal George, not bility, depends on the number of their only to lesen the expence of the unvallals, and on the attachment of those dertaking to the Company ; but as the vallats; the Bandabara was beloved and Royal George was wanted to carry honoured by his numerous depends back to Bencoolen the Company's lera ants; and powerful, by the influence vants on that Eltabliment, who had of bis character, with the other no. been made prisoners by the French : bility: He was the principal person in and if the Royal George was not so entering into the contract for the cargo employed, the Admiral Watson mult, to be brought, but for the greater le. initead of carrying home a cargo to curity, he made every one of the nobility ENGLAND, which was ready. and people, who wilhed to participate in On che 10th of May 1762, the Lonthis cargo, fign an instrument, de. don was accordingly appointed for the claring to what amount they engaged Soolou voyage, and fifteen military to deliver goods in return, which was Coffreys were ordered on board. Alex. delivered to Alexander Dalrymple, and ander Dalrymple was appointed by the rates of the goods to be delivered commission, on the 311t of May 1762, in return, was seirled; they engaging Captain of the London. to make up any deficiency there might The President and Council, in their be of ico per cert, profit in China, on letter of the 17th of April 1762 to the the average of these returns; they Court of Directors, gave Alexander being entitled to any surplus that Dalrymple the character of being might arise above 100 per cent. man of capacity, integrity, and un

All new undertakings are liable to wearied application." contingent embarrallinents; and The late Admiral Kempenfelt (then complication of disaiters befel in this the Admiral's Captain) writes, in a attempt.

letter to Admiral Pocock, dated on Alexander Dalrymple returned to board his Majesty's thip Norfolk, in Madras from his Ea!tern voyage on the Madras Road, ist April 1762,

" The 28th of January 1762. The Compa. Company have a fair field open to them ny's Adminiftration approved of his to establish their trade upon an advantaproceedings ; and, on the 2d of March, geous footing; but I apprehend it will 1762, having resolved to lend, on the require a nice judgment and dextrous Company's account, the cargo stipulated, management to effect this, in such a employed him in expediting the pro manner as not too much to alarm and vision of that cargo.

raile the jealousy of other European Individuals were desirous of under. States. It must not be by attempting taking the voyage as a private ad. to ingrofs much, but by a moderate venture ; but Alexander Dalrymple and judicious choice of what trade they expressed to Governor Pigot his ob- take to themselves, and of the places jection to deprive the Company of the they establish settlements at. prospect that offered of great advant I find we may, if we please, have a age in a voyage undertaken at their bare in the spice trade, without interexpence. Alexander Dalrymple's own fering with those illands the Dutch expences in the voyage of almolt three have settlements at, as in the South years amounted to 6121. ; which fum East part of those seas are many itlands, was repaid by the Governor and Couns probably not known to the Dutch, cil of Madras; but Alexander Dalrym. abounding with spices; some of them ple did not alk or receive any pecuniary producing cinnamon equal to that of advantage to himself. The expences of Ceylon, besides several other commodi. the Cuddalore fchooner in this long ties for commerce. These discoveries voyage for provisions, wages, repairs, have been made by a young Gentleman &c. did not amount to 4000l.

of this Settlement (Dalrymple); he is It was intended to have sent the lately returned here, having been ab. Royal George, Captain Skottuwe, in fent amongst these isands three years April 1762, with Alexander Dalrym- in the Cuddalore fchooner to make ple to Sooloo with part of the cargo; discovery and observations. Mr. Pigor and an Indiaman was to trave followed was very happy in his choice of this

young VOL. XLII, Nov. 1802.

young Gentleman for such a service, Alexander Dalrymple, in the paffage as he is a person of a good education, from Madras to 'Soolov, first vitited quick parts, and talents naturally Balambangan ; and, on his arrival at adapted for such an employ. His ob- Sooloo, found the small-pox had swept fervations have been far from superfi- off many of the principal inhabitants, cial ; be has penetrated deep in bis and dispersed the rest ; so that very inquiries, and directed them to such ineffectual measures had been taken objects as most concerns the interest towards providing the intended cargo. of the Company to know. He is now But although this unexpected calamity, going amongit these islands in the which, in the Eastern islands, is similar Royal George, with a cargo, to come in its effects to tbe plaglie, w.is a true mence the eltablishınent of a trade and sufficient reason for the disappoint which may, in time, prove the source ment of the cargo, yet a Itill more efiof great profit to the Company, cient cause was the death of Bandahara,

• While this Gentleman was out soon after Alexander Dalrymple's de. upon this discovery, he was at Manila, parture from Sooloo, the preceding on the island of Luçon ; he learnt year. there, by his acquaintance with some A few days before the death of this of the Jesuits, that they are at present good man, he fent for the Linguist possessed of a fund of 123,000 dollars, whom Alexander Dalrymple had emfor prosecuting discoveries and estab- ployed, and who had remained behind lishing settlements in those parts laying at Sooloo, asking if he thought the to the Southward of the Moluccas ; à English would certainly come again. track that we know nothing more of The Linguist declaring ibat it was not than that there is land, but whether to be doubted ; Bandabara thereupon continent or island no discoveries yet expressed his concern, laying, that it have reached far enough to deter- would have made him very happy to mine."

have lived to have seen this contract In the instructions to Alexander faithfully performed on their part, and Dalrymple, from the Governor and the friendship with the Englith eftabCouncil of Madras, dated the 7th of lithed on a firm footing. The Linguist June 1762, they say, “ We do not tti- observed, that they were all equally pulate any commillion to you, for your bound. Bandahara replied, that alcare and trouble in this voyage, being though this was true, all had not the persuaded that your good and faithful fame difpofition; and perhaps none services will meet with a more ample else the power of enforcing the due reward from our masters than we think execution of their engagements ; but ourselves authorised to promise you : that he was resigned to the Divine we shall not fail to give them a just Will! information of your proceedings, and The fituation of affairs at Sooloo recommend to you a full confidence made new arrangements neceílary ; the in their generous consideration of your result of which was, that one half of zeal as the sureit way to obtain their the cargo brought thither in the Lon. favour."

don should be delivered, to enable the Alexander Dalrymple had, on this Sooloos to provide goods for the exvoyage in the London, no settled allow. pected Indiaman ; but that ship not ance or emolument, the Company only arriving, new difficulties arose ; as the paying his expences; and the adven. London was not large enough to re. ture in the Cuddalore was made over to ceive the goods they had provided ; the Company, who repaid Governor and the necesity of ber departure Pigot the amount of the outfit.

matie it indispensable to deliver the To the fubftitution of the London remaining balf of the cargo, which for the Royal George may, in great had been retained, as an incitement measure, be attributed the misfortunes to the Sooloos faithfully to pay for of the voyage ; for the Indiaman that that portion they had received. By was to follow could not find her way to delivery of the remainder, every thing Sooloo, and carried the remainder of was necessarily left to the mercy of the the cargo to China, from whence it Sooloos, subjected not only to their was sent to Manila, then come into our honour, but to their discretion ; for if poffeffion, and from thence sent to the goods they received were diffipated, Sooloo, and indiscreetly delivered be- they could obtain no cargo in return; fore the former account was settled. having nothing to deliver to their


vassals for their services, without which On the 19th of September 1763, they were not entitled to those ser. Alexander Dalrymple failed from Soovices. It is obvious, if, instead of the loo in the Neptune. As it was no loss London, Alexander Dalrymple had of time, or increase of risk, he thought brought the Royal George to Sooloo, that it would be proper to call at Ma. this voyage, notwithstanding the death nila, in the way to China, in order to of Bandahara, and the calamity of the inform the Company's Administration small-pox, might have been profitable, at Manila, which was then in our porin a commercial view, although not so session, of the state of affairs at Soo. advantageous as would have been the Joo. case had Bandahara lived, and no public At Manila, the old Sultan of Sooloo, calamity, like the small-pox, had oc. who had made his escape from the Spacurred. However, these accidents did niards, and taken our protection, urged not prevent Alexander Dalrymple oh, Alexander Dalrymple to return to Sootaining a grant of the iBand of Balam- loo with him, as he thought Alexander bangan for the East India Company; Dalrymple's presence there would conof which Alexander Dalrymple took tribute essentially to his peaceable repossession on the 23d of January 1763, storation ; and he assured Alexander on his return towards Madras.

Dalrymple, that every thing lie could It appearing, not only to Alexander with, for the Company's advantage, Dalrymple, but to his friends, that the should be done : for this reason, Alexsuccess of our future intercourse in the ander Dalrymple desilted from his in. Eastern Ilands would depend on the tention of returning to England, by Court of Directors receiving full in- way of China, and remained at Manila. formation on the subject, Alexander Whilft Alexander Dalrymple was at Dalrymple determined to proceed to Manila, the orders for evacuating that England for that purpose.

place arrived. In consequence of some The President and Council thought imputations on Mr. Drake, the Compait proper that Alexander Dalrymple ny's Deputy Governor, the Spaniards should proceed again to Sooloo on the refused to have any communication Neptune Indiaman, in the way to with the Government whilst he pre. China, and Alexander Dalrymple was fided; whereupon Mr. Drake religned, to embark from thence for England. on the 28th of March 1764 ; and the On the 5th of July 1763, Alexander remaining Members of the Council Dalrymple accordingly failed from addressed Alexander Dalrymple to deMadras in the Neptune; the time of fire that he would accept of the Gothat ship's departure from Sooloo was vernment; representing, that as it limited ; and, having had a tedious would be but for a few days, it would passage, she did not arrive till the 7th not retard his voyage. However dirof September ; so that she was only agreeable the situation, Alexander Dale twelve days there ; in which time, the rymple thought his duty to the Coin. could not receive all the goods provided pany required him not to thrink from in payment of the cargo by the London the call; and on the 29th of March Packet; and many goods, fo provided, 1764, he was accordingly Provisional had been loaded on Chinese junks, in Deputy Governor of Manila ; although despair of any ship's arrival.

the King's Officers, on Mr. Drake's On the 19th of September, Alexan. embarking, refused to acknowledge der Dalrymple got a grant for the Com. his authority in appointing Alexander pany of the North end of Borneo and Dalrymple in General Orders, alledg. South end of Palawan, with the inter. ing that Mr. Drake had abdicated the mediate islands.

Government. On the 29th, nothing The President and Council had au was left for the Company's Agents, thorised Alexander Dalrymple to enter but to protest against them for all coninto a further contract with the natives sequences, and to retire to Cavite, as of Sooloo, on the Company's account, soon as the Company's treasure was upon the assurance of a thip being fent embarked ; which accordingly was the succeeding year. But as there was done on the 30th; and when that place still an outstanding debt, Alexander was delivered up to the Spaniards Dalrymple did not think proper to on the uth of April, Alexander increase the Company's risk, though Dalrymple proceeded to Sooloo, in be ftrenuously urged the natives to pro. company with the man of war and vide goods, in payment of their debts, traniports that carried away the garrifor that ship to receive.

Son of Manila, together with the Lon•T t 2


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