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VII. The prefent decree ihall be artillery. During his stay at Vienna, printed, published, and poited up in he was presented with the Order of the usual places, and enregistered in the Golden Fleece, made proprietor of the different Offices through the whole the Austrian regiment of Veczay Hur. extent of the States of Parma, Pia. fars, and appointed a General of Ar. cenza, Guastalla, &c. in order that it tillery in the Austrian army. The may be known by every body, and Grand Dutchess is at Dresden ; but that all may conform to it in every his Royal Highness did not, as exrefpect, &c.

pected, visit her previous to his return (Signed) MOREAU SAINT MERY. to Petersburgh. Parma, Oct. 23:

A German mechanic has invented A private letter from Barcelona an inftrument called an Anemocorde, speaks in terms of admiration of the which wonderfully imitates the human entry of their Catholic Majesties into voice. that city. This journey excited the A Decree has lately been passed at attention of all the kingdom, and at. Vienna, relative to all Public Libraries tracted, a vast concourse of people and Reading Infitutions, by which any from every part ; it was splendid' in works of Voltaire, Rousseau, Bayle, the extreme, and perfectly character. Helvetius, &c. are forbidden to be iftic of Spanish grandezza. The King's given, or lent to read. fuite comprited about 4000 persons, Amongst other measures adopted and was preceded by soo light wag: by the Swiss Patriots, the Council of gons, drawn by mules, carrying their Education, provisionally established at clothes, &c. The triumphal car, in Lucerne, has banished from the schools which the Royal Pair entered the all the new elementary books : it has town, was covered with theets of forbidden the philosophy of Kant to gold, futtaining at top a crown of be taught in them, and ordered, for diamonds of immenfe value. The car the re-establishment of good morals, was drawn by Knights richly dressed, that the scholars should resume their and followed by the guards fplendidly mantles. attired. The procession lafted upwards The Archduke Charles quitted of two hours, and the enthufialm of Prague on the 27th uit. where he has the people on the occasion was been received with every posible mark celsive. On the day following their of distinction. His departure was an Majesties went to hear Mass, when the nounced by the discharge of 108 pieces crowd was so grear, that several per. of cannon. fons were crushed to death.--Eight An article in the Dutch papers, thousand perfons dine daily at the which have arrived lately, ítares, that King's tables, and the expences are Sir J. B.Warren had his first audience of discharged in specie, a frigate having the Emperor Alexander on the 3d ult. been lent round with feveral millions Advices from Petersburgh, of the of piastres for the purpose.

15th ult. mention, that the Officer who A voyage of discovery to the South invented the story of a conspiracy Seas, at the expence of the Spanish againit the life of Alexander I. and Government, by Don Murtis, is in agi- wounded himself with a pistol, to give tation.

more function to his invention, has The Madrid Gazette mentions the been tried by Special Commission, intention of the Spanish Government which not only found him guilty of to send two scientific gentlemen to the charges preferred against him, but London to act in concert with the sentenced him to be quartered alive African Society in exploring the in- by four horses. This sentence, howterior of Africa.

ever, was changed by the Emperor The King of Great Britain, as Elec. into perpetual banilhment to Siberia. tor of Hanover, has isfued an Ordi. The Ålgerine Navy at present comnance directing the occupation of the prises 15 cruizers, carrying from six Bishopric of Vinaburgh, which was to 48 guns, and fifty gun-boats ;allotted to his Majesty by the plan of there are likewise about 200 fail of Indemnities in perpetual Sovereignty. coasters, of from 20 to 30 tons bur

The Grand Duke Constantine, of then. The Military consists of about Ruffia, arrived at Vienna on the 21st 7000 Turks, 6000 Half-Turks, and ult. His entry into the capital was 50,000 Militia. There are now in Alannounced by several discharges of giers upwards of 1-500 Christian Slaves.





of distress were made, on which fome W.

CODLIK and 7. Reed were tried boats came off from Brighton, but the

at the Admiralty Sellions in the Captain would not suffer any of the Old Bailey, charged with finking the perfons to come on board; he had just Adventure brig, off Sussex, in August before declared, that the vessel should go last, after insuring her to the amount of to the bottom. The ship being aftergoool. for the purpose of defrauding the wards weighed up and brought in, an Underwriters; and G. Easterby and order was iflued to apprehend the CapW. M'Farlane, were charged on the same tain; but the Proprietors, Easterby and indi&tment for procuring the other pri. M'Farlane, having arrived at Brighton bea. sovers to commit the said felony. The fore the Officers of Justice, pledged themCounsel for the prosecution, after enlarg. leives that the prisoner should be forthcoming upon the nature of the crime, entered ing when called on. They however coninto a sort of history of the vesel. The nived at his escape to London, whence it brig failed in the month of July from was intended he thould proceed to HamLondon to Yarmouth, without taking in burgh under a fi&titious name. Invoices her cargo, and at this time policies were had been made out for goods, some of effected on her. At Yarmouth the took which had never been put on board : in goods to an inconfiderable amount, and others, which had been thipped, were af. abont ten tons of ballast. At this time terwards relanded, and were found in the a Mr. Storrow was supercargo, but it apartments of Codlin. The Counsel would appear that he never intended to then proceeded to call his witnesses. T. purfue the voyage. The ship proceeded Cooper, a sailor belonging to the vessel, to the Downs, where Storrow left it, and deposed as to her failing, &c. After the was succeeded by the prisoner Reed. witness left Deal, the Captain cold him While she lay at the Downs, a person of they would not be in her 48 hours longer. the name of Douglas, who was Mate, He then deposed to the facts stated in was taken ill and left her; and Codlin the opening, relative to the boring of instead of appointing a man in his stead, holes, and the consequences. J. Morris, who was capable of performing the duties, a cabin-boy, stated, that being sent to made choice of a person of the name of one of the cabin·lockers by the Captain, Cooper, who was ignorant of navigation. he heard the water rush in, and gave the

The prisoner Codlin, conscious that the alarm ; but the Captain refused to be. object of the vayage was not Gibraltar lieve him, and the next morning he shut nor Leghorn, but that the Adventure hinself up with the inate in the cabin, hould find her grave before the left the and would not fuffer the witness to British coast, told him his duty would enter. Several other witnesses deposed, not be very arduous. There were fre. that the Captain would not suffer them quent opportunities for the ship failing, to aslift when the vessel let in the water. but Codlin pretended that the wind did Mr. Storrow stated, that he had a meetnot suit, and that he waited for letters. ing with the Proprietors and Captain : He spoke of her as a fhip that was unfit they wilhed him to proceed from Yare to cross the Bay of Biscay, and that the mouth to Gibraltar, and, after selling should soon be destroyed. When she got part of the cargo there, to sink the vessel to Brighton, Codlin went on deck, and in the Mediterranean, that they might observed to Cooper, that he was a clumsy, recover for a partial loss. Captain fellow, and could not get into the locker Douglas, on the part of the Underwriters, of the cabin to bore the holes to destroy described the manner in which the holes her : he ordered Cooper to go, telling were made, the apprehension of the pri. hiin he would find the instruments in the soners, &c. An insurance-broker proved cabin ; and, in order to avoid creating that he had effe&ed insurances on this an alarm, he took care to employ all hands vellel at different times between June in taking in the fails, and on such duties and July, by the defye of Easterby, to as precluded the possibility of their hear. the amount of nearly soool. Another ing what was going forward. After this broker proved that he insured the fame larger holes were made by the same vessel for 4000l. A Custom. huule Officer perion. To keep up the farce, lignals who took an inventory of the property VOL. XLII. Nov. 1802.




on board when the nip was weighed up, hould be made, 40 per cent. on the 21st proved that he did not contain half the of January, 30 per cent. on the 18th of goods entered in the bills of parcels. A February, and 30 per cent. on the 18th number of other witnefles were examined, of March. whole testimony was fimilar to what we The remains of Mrs. Bridges, the have already given. The last evidence chimney.sweeper, whose cruelty we have produced was a paper which contained a had occasion to mention*, were buried in norice from Easterliy and M’Farlane to Mary-le-bone Church-yard on Thursday, the Underwriters, of their abandonment and attended with every mark of public of the Phip and cargo. The defence for ignominy. The end of this wretched the prisoners was, that they had no in. was as infamous as her life. tention of committing a fraud : the fact Having sold the lease of her house and of sinking the ship not being fufficient to stock in trade to the widow of another prove such an intention; as no claim had sweep for 7o1: fhe, just before her death, been made for the sum insured. In be raised 45l. by selling the same property to half of the prisoner Reed, it was con another person, without apprising him of tended that he, being only a supercargo, a prior engagement. Her iinpious conhad nothing to do with the management duct previous 10 her decease is too fhockof the vessel, a fupercargo not coming ing to describe. under the description of a person belong 30. At the Old Bailey, Briscoe, Den. ing to the hip. 'M'Farlane in his defence, bam, and Baker, were indicted for the faid he had lerved his Majesty 28 years, murder of T. Pamphlin, on the 4th inft. 16 of which he had been abroad. Mr. in Compton-ftreet, Clerkenwell. Baker E: fkine, on the part of Easterby, made was acquitted, and the others found guilty an eloquent speech to prove that the Ad. of Manslaughter. mirally Court was not authorised to take A new institution has been established cognizance of any crime committed by a in London under the title of Tbe British person who never went out to sea. Se School. Its purport is to afford an opveral witnesles were called, who spoke in portunity for Artists to display such of high terms of the prisoners. Lord Ellen their productions as they intend for sale, borough then fummed up the evidence; and to contribute towards the fupport of after which the Jury found all the themselves and their families in case of prisoners guilty, except Reed. Sentence fickness and death. of death was immediately paffed upon A letter from Neatlı, dated the 26th, Codlin, and the others were ordered from states, that a smart fhock of an earththe bar, to wait the opinion of the quake was experienced at Carmarthen Judges on Mr. Elkine's objection, a few evenings ago. The phenomenon

26. At night, as Capiain Scott, of caused much alarm; many hundred a merchant veilel, was going with his people assembled in the itreets, with a wife on board a rip off ine Tower, in firma conviction that the ancient prophecy, attempting to step from a vessel alongside which predicted the destruction of Car. across the intervening space, Mrs. Scott marthen by an earthquake, was about milled her ttep, and fell into the River, to be fulfilled. The fame letter adds, The mate (a brother of Captain S.) pre- that Mr. Barret f disgusted with aërolta. cipitated himself into the fiood, in hopes tion, has become a strolling player, and of saving her; the Captain alto plunged appeared litt week at Swaniea, in the in, but, owing to the darkness of the character of Lord Ogleby. night, and the ride leiting strong, the ex Nov. 1. During the performance of ertions of both proved abortive. The Perouse at the Preiton theatre, when the lady and her husoand were drowned; hero tired at the Indian, the wadding and the Mare, almost exhauiter, was ref- entered the thigh of the latter, and caused clied by the crew of an adjoining vefsel. a mortification, which on the Thursday

Mr. Abraham Newland appeared following terminated his life. The deon the Stock Exchange, to deliver the cealed was Mr. James Banoerman, of antiver of the Bank Directors in a re the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh. quisition of the Loan-holders to poftpone 2. At the Old Bailey, Francisco (a the period of Redemption of the Loan Tyrolete) was indicier for shooting at to the month of Jure or July next. He Mr, Marvan in Lon:bard. ftreet. Mr. announcd the toilowing as the refolution M. deposed, that on the 16th olt. the of the Bark, viz. that the redemption prituner came into his Inop, and pre



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+ See Page 286.

senting a pistol, demanded his money; the Sitting Magistrates at Union Hall. the prosecutor not immediately comply. The examination lasted nearly eight ing with his request, and another person hours; the result of which was, that the coming in, the prisoner fired, when the Colonel was committed to the County ball passed through the wainscot, and Goal: twelve of his associates, fix of penetrated the wall to the depth of half whom are soldiers, were sent to Tothill an inch. Mr. Minet, a merchant, de- Fields, and twenty to the New Prison, posed, that as he entered the shop, he Clerkenwell.–Thursday afternoon, Co. heard the piifover say“ money,” and lonel Despard, heavily ironed, accomconceiving him to be a robber, he at. panied by his wife, and one of the folen tempted to feize him, when he presented diers, was brought to Lord Pelhain's a piltol, but the witness stooping down, Office, where several of the Cabinet Mi. he fired at the prosecutor, and ran out of nifters were assembled. He underwent the shop. The prisoner, in his defence, an examination, and was committed to presented a paper, in which he did not Newgate. On Friday morning the Privy deny the outline of the evidence: he de. Council again met, and Colonel Delparit clared, that he had not the finallest inten- underwent a short examination. He was tion of killing the prosecutor: he said, fully committed to Newgate, for ledu. the piitol went off by accident; that his cing some of the Guards froin their dury; sufferings drove him to madneis, having the number, however, of those who have for some time had neither food nor a been reduced, does not amount to more dwelling i he had provided the pistols for

than ten. No proof has yet appeared putting an end to his own existence, and that this assembly entertained any design had proceeded to St. Jaines's Park for against the life of the King, as was at that purpose, but was prevented by there firft reported; but their ineerings have being a lady and child walking in the re been held with great secrecy, and their mote part which he had fixed upon, numbers are very considerable. In the He concluded with afferting, that this was Borough there were seven divisions, and his first criine, and that he would bear his eight sub-divisions; the time and place fate with resignation. The Jury, after of their meeting were kept secret till with. half an hour's consultation, found the in a few hours of their assembling. The prisoner Guilty, Death.

allurement held out tu the soldiers was, Mr. Steele, proprietor of the that great sums of money were expected lavender-water warehoufe in Catharine. from France, and that, on their accom. ttreet, Strand, was found murdered on plishing their object, they would be alHounslow Heath. He went on Friday lowed 35. 6d. per day for life. Among lalt to Bedfont, where he had a plantation the papers found in the poffefsion of the of lavender, to give instructions to his inen : prisoners were seditious toalts and songs, but, not returning at the time appoint. one declaratory of certain Rights, with ed, his friends, atter exploring difterent a copy of the Oath taken on becoming farts of Hounslow Heath, found him bu. 'a Member. It begins with " Conftitu.. ried under a buih : part of his forehead tim, Independence of Ireland and Great was entirely cut away, and his head wound. Britain, Equalization of all Civic Rights." ed in many places, as was conjectured Then follows an affurance that the with a bayonet. On his return from Bed Members will unite to maintain the fafont, he could not procure any kind of milies of all those heroes who may fall carriage, consequently was proceeding to in contending for their rights. The town on foot. His boots and hat were words of the Oath run nearly thus:-"T, t+ken away, and his pockets cut entirely. A. B. do hereby swear to endeavour, to off.

the utmost of my power, to obtain the On Tuesday Sir Richard Ford objects above stated, and that neither isTued a warrant, and Reviti, at the head tears, rewards, nor punishments, thall of a strong party of the London, Surry, compel me to resign those rights and priand Kent Patroles, proceeded to the vileges which the Supreme Being, in his Oakley Arms, in Oakley-ftreet, Lambeth, bountiful goodness, has given to all men ; where they found Col. Despard, and and that no force whatever shall induce thirty-two labouring m-n and soldiers, me to give information in the business English, Irish, and Scotch, the whole of -So help me God!" whoin they took into custody on fufpicion The following are the names of those who of a treasonable conspiracy. On the fol have been committed to the different Pria Jorving morning they were all taken before fons : Newgate, Edward Marcus Despard.

Eee a




New Prison, Clerkenwell, J. Francis, T. Dry, J. Blake, J. Vincent, P. Pollard, Jackson, "alias Phillips, D. M'Geae, T. o. Byrne, alias J. Lambert J. Doyle, A. Broughton, E. Rufell, J. Price, and W. Baily, s. Chaffon, L. Sheridan, C. Whi. Lander, Tatbill. Fields Bridewell, J. chelo, M. O'Neil, G. Wade, S. Smith, Wood, J. Ganer, T. Newman, J. Con. J. Emblin, C. M'Cooty, J. Wheeler, nolly, J. S. Wratten, D. Tendall, C. and C. Pendle.


COLONEL RICHARD TAYLOR to Miss The Rev. William Philpot, of Kew, J. J. Justamond.

to Mrs. Lewis, of Richmond. The Rev. Thomas Cope Marsham, The Rev. William Pochin, of Emma. Vicar of Kew and Petersham, to Miss nuel College, Cambridge, to Miss M.C. Maitland, eldest daughter of the Hon. Green, of Lawford Hall, Eflex. General Alexander Maitland.

Lord Binning, lon to the Earl of HadJohn Burton, esq. of the Inner Tem- dington, to Lady Maria Parker, daugh. ple, to Miss Bowman, of Muffets. ter of the Earl of Macclesfield.

Henry Williams Riven, ely. captain John Croís, esq. of Lincolo's-inn, barin the 18th regiment of foot, to Miss rilter-at-law, to Miss Margaret Hyde, of Arabella Fitzpatrick, of Cork.

Ardwick, in Lancashire. Dudley North, eiq. to Miis Pelham, John Erskine, eiq. to Miss Mary eldest daughter of Lord Yarborough. Mordaunt.



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the relief ministers of Glasgow, aged THOMAS COTTON, esq. of Haigh Hall, 08.

17. Mr. John Grove, of Stanmore, 7. William Rayhould, esq. of Sutton in his 8oth year. Coldfield, Warwickshire.

18. At Peterhead, Major John RamJohn Heathcote, efq. brother of Sir Say, late of the Scots brigade. Gilbert Heathcote, by the overturn of 19.

At Stamford Hill, Mr. Daniel his curricle.

Bell, in his 77th year. 9. John Zuill, esq. aged 67, many At Waltham, in Leicestershire, aged years a merchant at Liverpool.

76, Anthony Forman, efq; of the ord At Denny Loanhead, the Rev. nance department of the Tower of LonJohn Walker, of the associate congrega don. tion there, in his 79th year.

Lately, at Kew, George D'Auber, efq. 12. At Handworth, Staffordshire, the late captain of the uth light dragoons. Rev. Thomas Lane, rector of that pa. At Southampton, Charles Wic-.

ston, esq. of Dominica. 13. ' At Woodford, in the county of 22. Dr. Samuel Arnold. (See p. 341.) Waterford, Robert Uniack, efq. lieu. Robert Thistlethwayte, elq. of South. tenant-colonel of the Waterford mi. wick place, Hampshire, and late member litia.

14 At Hammersmith, Mr. Stephen 26. At Taunton, Captain W. CorRandall, aged 76.

field, late of the 47th regiment, aged 42. 15. Thomas Rawlinson, esq. of Lan. The Rev. John Fairfax Frai.cklin, calier. His death was occasioned by rector of Attleborough, Norfolk. being thrown from a gig on his horie John Scott, esq. one of the magistrates laking fright near Burton, in Kendall, belonging to the public-office, Marlboon the 12th inftant.

rough-treet. Mr. Joseph Strutt, a distinguished 27. At Bristol, the Rev. Dr. Henry artist, and author of leveral valuable an Hunter, minister of the Presbyterian mecitiquarian works.

ing, London Wall, translator of Lavater, At Falmouth, aged 62, Richard Pidg. &c. &c. (See page * 328.) ley, efq.

At Edinburgh, the Rev. Williani 16. The Rev. Thomas Bell, one of Paul, minister of St. Cuthbert's.

28. The

for that county.

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