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precision, the returns living been he had formerly urged, viz. that promade up only to Michaelmas. Of this viion should be made for the permaUnfunde IDebt,15,403.pocl.confiited of nent charges of the country, out of a Exchequer Bills, but of these 9 0,0:01. permanent revenue, that our revenue was provi.led out of ihe Land and Malt, inould be railed to our expenditure, and 3,000,00:1. on which no intereit is and our expenditure not be accompani, nor tey is the marke, modred to our revenue ; but he adbeing a p?ynerit marie by the Dink on deut, that he had not felt it neceffary account of the ren wal of its Chuter. to make any proposition for increaling He then came to the staien.cat of the our permanent burthens; nor did be Supply for the year, and the Ways and think such a meature would be necefa Means for riding it. He torkú view fury in the prefent Session. He truited of the Army and Navy Estimates, from there would be no glut of Exchequer which it appeared, that the total tuin Bills in the market; and to prevenc voted for the Ariny wis 7,570,00ol. ; whichi, he thould, at an advanced pė. for the Navy, conlilting of 50, ca inen,

riod of the Session, propose to fund at 71. per month, the Extraordinaries, from fix to eight millions of Exche. Ship-building Charges, &c. made the quer Bills, if that operation could be sum for the enfuing year 6,669,3731. made on advantageous terins; but if After enumerating the items, he pre not, a Loan must be provided to that sented the following as the whole of amount. But he was not aware, there the Supplies :

would be any dificulty in the operaNavy, 50,000 men, at 71. per man, tion of funding the Bills. After ad4,550,000l. Ordinary and Extraor: verting to our rapid and increasing dinary, 1,218,2381. Building, &c. prosperity, he proceeded to itate the 901,1401.--Army, 5,500,000l. Extra- Ways and Means for raising the Supordinaries (including Surplus Extraor- ply. They were, the Land and Malt dinaries 1802), 2,000,ocol. Ordnance, 2,750,000l. Tlie Surplus of the Con787,9471. Corn Bounties, 524,57 31.- folidated Fund, nearly double that of Miscellaneous, England and Ireland, the lait year. amounted to 6,500,0col. 1,000,ocol. Irish Permanent Grants, The Exchequer Bills 11,000,000t. and 363,3391. To be contributed jointly the Lottery 500,000l. making together, between England and Ireland *, 20,750,000l. a fum which was greater 16,845,2371.

than the Supplies voted. So triat the England's Separate Charges. – To amount of the Ways and Means was pay oif Exchequer Bills on Aids, 1801, 20,750,000l. He then stated the 2,781,000l. To pay off Exchequer amount of our Exports and Imports, Bills on Aids, 1803, (Bank),1,500,000l. by which a great increase appeared to Repayment


Company, have taken place since the conclution 1030,000l. Interest on Exchequer Bills, of the Peace. It also appeared that the Discount, &c. 660,oool. Reduction number of tips cleared outwards and National Debt, 100,000l. Total Sup- entered in wards in the year 1801; were plies, 22,826,2371.

1762, and the amount of the connage From the statement of the Chancel. was 41.861 tons. In 1802, the numlor of the Exchequer, it appeared that ber of thips was 2469, and the amount there was to be made to the East India of the connage was 574,030. The Company a repayment of a fum ad. number of B.itish Seamen in 1801, wis vanced by them, and on which there 23,096; and in 1802, it was 33,7401. was an Account between them and The number of Foreign Ships had Government, as ising out of advances decreased in proportion to the inmade by the Comnany to carry on mi crease of the Britista, namely, from litary efforts in India, and on which 3?85 to 1149. He then concluded, the Company would have a substantial with expreiling his extreme farisfaction demand on Government to the amount at being enabled to prove the fallacy of of one inillion. He then exprefled his the predictions that had been made. conviction of the propriety of what relative to the deficiency that would

• Two feventeenths of the above sum of 16,845,2371. are to be contributed by Ireland, 1,981,7921.-Add for Ireland (wo leventeenths of 1,200 4011. for Civil Lill, and other Charges on the Consolidate! Fund, not relating to the Public Debi, 141,2231.' On Acc sunt o Ireland, 2,123,015l. and on Account of England, 20,703,2 11.



take place in the Revenue immediately gust last, the Revenue of Ireland was after the Peace. The statement of the increased by goo,oool. He concluded ftua jion of this Country must be in with paling some high encomiums on teresting to the Continent, for it could the financial abilities of his predecesa not be fuppofed that what we gain by for, to whose willom he attributed trade, is loit to others. Alluding to the present enviable state of the Coun. the National Debt, he observed, that try. at the present time, while the charge The Resolutions were agreed to, and for the interest of the Debt is the Report ordered to be received on 18,000,000l. the fum applicable to the Monday. The Chancellor then gave reduction of the Debt is 6,000,000l. notice, that he Mouid on Monday He next touched on the flourishing move for 1,500,000l. to make good fituation of Ireland, which he attri fums advanced by the Bank, &c. - The buted to the incorporation of the two Indemnity Bill was read a third time kingdoms: it appeared that in Au. and passed.-Adjourned till Monday.




boards between them and the guard. ORD WHITWORTH's presentation A patrole of the sth Dragoons coming

to the First Consul on the sth inlt. up, were affailed by vollies of stones. was marked with the most distinguished The Dragons dismounted, forced the honours. He was received with every barricade, and arrested these difturbers of possible attention which could be paid the peace. In the affray one person reto the representative of the British Sa- ceived a wound from a lword, of which vereign. 'There were no less than eighty he is fince dead; and several others were foreigners presented the fame day, among wounded. Twenty-three of the most whom were thirty-two English; but the refractory were sent to prison. On the English Ambassador occupied nearly the following dạy the Conscripts again drew whole of the First Consul's care and re lors, and every thing passed off quietly. Spect; and the Chief Magistrate of the Moniteur. French Republic leemed particularly an Navigation from Havre and Rouen to xious to give the mott public and satis. Paris. Among the projects of amchotadtory proofs of his sincere defire to pico vation that now occupy the attention terve unimpaired the established relations of the French Government, is that of of peace and amity between the two facilitating the transport of goods, by countries.

multiplying the means of interior navi. At this audience Lerd Whitworth gation. This contists in establithing prelented his Letters of Credence in the more regular modes of conveyance on quality of Ambassador from his Britannic rivers already navigable, or in digging Majelty. Mr. Merry, Minister Plenipe canals. For accomplihing, in parı, the tentiary from his Britannic Majesty, pre- tormer of thele objects, a company has dented his Letters of Recall, and had bis bern formed in Paris, under the form of audience rf leave. The Marquis de G. Mioche and Co. who propose to keep Gallo presented his Letters of Credence veliels regularly employed in transporting in quality of Minifter frem the King of goods from Havre and Rouen to Parise the Two Sicilies to the President of the suc, to effect this purpose, they require Talian Republic. Citizen Ferrerid'Alat: a capital of 300,000 francs, with which ho prelented bis Letters of Credence in they'engage, by the beginning of the his quality of Minister Plenipotentiary autumn, 1803, to put at lealt twentyforai the Ligurian Republic,

vesels, ot from 100 to 120 tons burthen, On the morning of the sit into the in activity. To eitablish the necessary Conicripts of the 6th District ale mbled fund, this company has opened a subat the Mayoralty Houle to draw fois. scription, dividing the whole into lxxy A quarrel iook place among them; the Qases of sooo francs cach, ot which they guard on duty endeavoured to appeale themilelves are to take ten, The Firit The iumult, but only received abule. Contul bas tubscribed as an individual. The dilpute grew varmer. Tlie Con. The coinpany promises thirty per cent. icripts barricaded them elves, placing profit to the fubcribers, which they un.



dertake to prove in an incontestale nistrator-General. The latter will take manner. The possibility of establishing his seat in the Council of State. a navigation between Paris and the lea Intelligence has been received, by way is no longer considered as dubious. of Leghorn, of the death of Prince Joseph Experiments made on different occasions Benedi&us Marie Placidus, Savoy, bro. particularly by Le Saumon (a vellel of ther to his Sardinian Majesty. The event the Republic), La Ballondre, and La took place at Safari, in the island of Sardi. Parisienne, prove, that vesels of nia, of which he was Governor, on the 29:h hundred or a hundred and fifty tons, of O Rober. He was thirty-lix years old. decked, and able to keep the sea, can Accounts from Egypt itate, that the fail, with a full cargo, from Havre to Pacha at Cairi, who has assumed the Paris, generally for nine months in the title of Viceroy, is fortifying the Palace year.

which General Bonaparte tormerly occuCitizen Coquebert has lately commu. pied, under the apprehension of being nicated to the Philomatic Society of Paris besieged by the Beys, who are in pora a very simple process for taking a copy session of all Upper Egyit, and are adof a recent manuscript. The process is vancing towards the Pyramids. They the more intereiting, as it requires nei have beaten the Viceroy's troups in five ther machine nor preparation, and may

encounters. The English are till at be employed in any fituation. It conbits Alexandria, where General Stuart com. in putting a little sugar into common mands with 4000 men. The greatest writing ink, and with this the writing misunderstanding prevails between the is executed upon common paper, lized English and the Turks. The Turks as usual: when a copy is required, un. have 3000 men at Damietta, 2009 at Rofized paper is taken, and lightly moitt fetta, and 20 000 at Cairo. ened with a fponge. The wet paper is

The Contular Reprefentative, Moreau then applied to the writing, and a flat. $t. Mery, has received the homage of a iron (such as is used by the laundrelles). deputation from the Citizens of Placentia. of a moderate heat, being lightly pafscá He assured them, that the only object over the unfized paper, the copy is imme- which the Firlt Contul had in an

annexing diately produced,

their country to France, was to make Citizen Olivari, a natural philosopher, them happy. The Marquis de Venturia, lately went from Paris to Orleans, where though acting under the express orders he pledged himfelf to the inhabitanıs to of the King of Etruria, has been pre. afcend in a Montgolfier; he tried, forvented by the interposition of the French (wo successive days, to fill his balloon, Rehdent, from carrying off the library but failed both tiines. On the third ex and other moveables of the late Duke periment (Saturday last), however, he of Parma. launched into the regions of the air at A Note has been addressed to the Dey half past twelve P. M. and at one his of Algiers, and all his Commanders, by corple fell in the Commune of Fleury, the Grind Seignior : Ic itates the comabout three miles from Orleans.

plaints of the French against Algiers, A Letter from Calais intorms us, that and enjoins iminediate harmony with M. Orto arrived there on the sth init. France. The Captain Pacha has sent after a favourable passage of three hours. letters of a limilar tendency to the Al, On his landing, all the Constituted Au- gurine Government. thorities, the Mayor, the Commissary ALGIERS, Nov. 8.-It will be recolGeneral, the Governor, and the Com lected that, on the xth of May, the A!. inissary of the Marine, went to the gerines took a Portuguese frigate. The Hotel to present him with their respects : officers, who were received into the houles he was then invited to a public cere of the different Coniuis, have been taken monial dinner ; and in the evening the from thence wi:hiv a month, and comTheatre opened on the occasion. Alier pelled to labour in the inoit severe magthe performance of the first piece, several der. The Grandees of the Regency, and Songs, teltitying the grariiude of the the Corps of Rais, had made reprelen French People for the exertions of M. cations to the Dey without fucceis. Otto, in the late negociation for the The French Commislary at length Peace, were executed on the stage, amid complained in favour of the Portuguese the unanimous acclainations of a crowd. officers. He represented that all the ed audience.

viuai laws were violated with regard to General Menou is going to replace them, and that the Dey had himself com. General Jourdan in Piedmont, au Admi- plained, chat at Naples his Rais were VOL. XLII. Dec. 1802.



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obliged to work. The Dey replied, that Government, there is the following he would always be happy to do any article : thing that should be agreeable to the Art. The French Republick gua, First Consul's agent; but that in the rantees the Independence of the Helpresent cale he had strong reasons, known vetic Republick, and the unity of its only to himlelf, for treating the Portu. Government. And in case that the guese as he had done.

Oligarchy Thould attempt to overturn Yeiterday, at three quarters past ele- the actual Government of Helvetia, the ven in the morning, the horizon being French Republick engages, on the revery cloudy, the air hot, and the tea quisition of the Helvetic Republick, to fomewhat agitated by a light south wind, give it every kind of aliitance, and to a dreadful earthquake , was

telt here. refiit the attacks of its internal and exThe shock was lo violent that every one ternal enemies. thought, for more than forty seconds, Berne, Dec. 3.—The activity of the he should be buried under the wreck of measures adopted to re-establith order the houses vertically elettroyed. A great in the imall Cantons, wliere freth trou. number of inhabitants hurried through bles had broken out, has been happily the city gates.

Several houses were da. Successful. Tranquility is perfectly maged ; almost all have crevices. At reitored in that country; yet the fix leagues from Algiers, on the lide of marching of French troops thither conBelida, a village of 20 houles was de. tinues. The Helvetic Government has Atroyed, and all its inhabitants perished. received the official intelligence from Thé Aga went out with his troops to its Envoy at Ratisbon, that the preliproceed to the spot. Two Englith fail minary negociations have already been of the line felt the thock trongly at thir- set on foot respecting the indemnities ty miles from land. Several mocks were claimed by Switzerland for the lots of again telt in the night and on the its poflesions in Germany, which promorning of the Sth. All the European mile complete succeis. fønilies are encamped in the fields un CONSTANTINOPLE, 0,2. 26.- The der tents.

differences between the Englith and the Letters from Hamburgh Rate, that Tu ks, at Alexandria, have risen to the Magistrates of that city took pols such a height, that the English Gefeflion, on the 3d initant, at the delire neral has deinanded certain forts, which of the French Minilier, of the Cathedral had been religned to the Turks, to be and dependencies belonging to the Cha;- put again into his pofleffion. The ter of Bremen, subject to his Britannic Turks refuse to yield to his demand. Majesty, in his quality of Elector of The English are, however, itill secureHanover. The Dean and Canons of ly matters of Alexandria. the Chapter are to prelerve their reve BUCHAREST, 08. 27. — Yesterday, nues for life.

berween twelve and one o'clock, this From Holland we learn, that a fort. city was thrown into the greatest connight fince there had been presented to iternation by an earthquake. The the Batavian Government an Address shocks, which succeeded each other for fubicribed by so merchants of Amster. ten minutes and a halt, were fo violent, dai. praying that the law of the 26th that almost all the cliennies were thrown of February lait, prohibiting the im- down; leveral houses and fome churches portation ard sale of English and other also tumbled to pieces; that of St. Ni. foreign manufactures, after the first of choids, and the famous tower of GoltJanuary next, thould not be carried into

za, are nothing but heaps of ruins. No arrangement has yet The earth burit open at several times, taken place upon this interesting fubjeél. and a greenith water, which ditluled a

On the 14th of June a Convention was fulphurous odourthroughout the whole Signed at Berlin, between Prussia and the city, spouted up through the fiflures. Bucavian Re ublic, in virtue of which At five o'clock the phenomenon was his Pruffian Maje ty renews, in favour renewed, but the thocks were lels vioof Hollard, the tovereignty of Sawenger, lent, and occasioned no damage. NotHuillen, and Malbourg.

witbitanding the great number of ediIn a Treaty signed at Paris on the fices thrown down, during the firit 19th of August, 1798, between Citizen commotion, no persons have perished, Taileyrand, on the part of the French except a Jewels and her child, and two Government, and Melis. Zeltner and others. Prince Yipilanti, the new Jenner, on the part of the Helvetic Hospodar of Wallachia, had just ar


rived ;

rived; he had gone to church to offertion. Our Court claims that Soveup his prayers, and the most violent reignty in virtue of the Creaty of Aix. thocks were felt just at the moment la-Chapelle, which establishes in favour when he was about to kiss the Gospel. of the House of Austria the reversion

VIENNA, Nov.20. - According to the of Parma and Placenza. How could lait intelligence from the frontiers of Spain give to another Power territories Tukey, the earthquake of the 26th of which had devolved to Austria by an October has occavioned more ravage anterior Treaty? It is hoped that the than announced by the first reports-a Imperial Court will receive an indemgreat many people must have perished nity from France. in consequence of this disaster. There VIENNA, Nov. 29.-The brother of ravages have extended as far as Con. Prince Ruspoji relides here. He has ftantinople. Between Silistria and received from England letters from the Rostock a confiderable track of land Prince, who was nominated by the has been entirely swallowed up, and Pope to the dignity of Grand Master transformed into a lake. A mountain of Malta. Prince Ruspoli, by these has had a timilar fate ; before it funk letters, signifies to his brother his redown, a water somewhat like milk futal of that dignity, and explains the Soouted up from it. The towns of realons why he refules it. Krajowa and Widdin have sustained His Imperial Majelty has again given contiderable damage. 'I he caltle of orders to reduce bis army to the meaBucharest, which was built by the Ro- fure of the peace eitablishment. mans, presents nothing but ruins. The RATISBON, Dec. 2.-The Imperial Prince and the inhabitants quitted the Plenipotentiary has not yet acceded to town, and are encamped in the plain. the definitive Conclufum of the DepuThis phenomenon is afcribed by na tation. That accession will probably turalists to the excessive heat which not take place until the interelts of the took place last summer.

Grand Duke of Tuscany have been VIENNA, Nov. 24.– We have received finally arranged. here from Peterwarradin, news of the Five women were lately tried at earthquake which was felt at Constan. Patna, in Hindoitan, on charges of tinople. The firft reports were exag- Sorcery, and, being found guilty, were gerated, but it is not the lefs true that put to death. The Governor General, Conftantinople has experienced a vio on being informed of the circumstance, lent thock.' The letters from Peter- ordered all the principal persons who warradin are in substance as follows: composed the tribunals to be appre. The earthquake felt here, and hended, and arraigned before the Cirthroughout Syrmium, on the 26th cuit Court of Patna, on charges of the of October lait, extended throughout murder of these women, and the Court Servia, Bosnia, and the other Turkith adjudged them to suffer death. It approvinces, to the banks of the Black peared, however, ihat this custom had Sta. It was very violent at Constanti prevailed time immemorial ; several of nople. The greater part of the houses the witnesses remembered numerous situated in the neighibourhood of the instances of persons having been put to Seraglio, and a great part of the death by the Brahmans for sorcery, buildings and molques in the suburb and one of them in particular proved Galata, have been thrown down. The that his own mother had been tried earthquake laited more than thirty and executed as a witch-the Govern. minutes. The rocking and shock's ment, therefore, pardoned the offenders; were continual; the Seraglio was shaken, but, to prevent the recurrence of cir: and suffered much. The Grand Seignior cumstances to disgracefu! to humanity, fled to the principal mosque, formerly a Proclamation has been issued, de the church of Saint Sophia, whither claring, that any one forming a trithe people repaired en masse, because bunal for the trial of persons charges that mo que is deemed indeitructible.” with witchcraft, or aiding or encou. -A fresh incident has occurred, which raging in any act to deprive such pera gives rise to many rumours. The fons of life, in all deemed guilty of union of the Dutchyof Parma to France, murder, and iuteribe penalty trachet though it was easy to forelee it, lias to that offence. produced nevertheless a ilrong senfa.



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