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fendant, having received information THE He Dutch ship the Vryheid, from that the office of Landing Surveyor at

Amsterdam for the Cape and Ba- Piymouth was vacant, wrote to Mr. A: tavia, laden with stores, and having offering to give him 2000l. if he would 380 Soldiers and passengers on board, procure him the place, and propofing was lost on Monday near Hythe. Only to enter into a bond to any amount to 12 persons were saved. - It appears, keep the matter secret.-The defendthat upwards of 450 persons have lost ant suffered judgment to go by default, their lives by this melancholy event. and the Court sentenced him to be Many women were thrown on thore confined three months in the Marshalsea whole bodies were perfectly naked. It prison, and to pay a fine of 1001, appears that it is customary with Dutch One Johnson, a smuggler, who was women, at sea, to undress themselves in confined in the Fleet Prison on a ca. time of danger.

pital charge, effected his escape. About 27. About nine in the morning, four years since, this man and another Captain William Codling, late of the made their escape from the New Jail brig Adventure, condemned to death in the Borough, where they were confor the crime of attempting to defraud fined for obstructing fome Revenue the Underwriters, by scuttling and en. Othcers: in the New Jail they, predeavouring to link that vesel,

was con . fented piltols to the keeper, and hav, ducted out of the gaol of Newgate, to ing gained the outer door, mounted proceed to undergo the latt extremity horses, which were in readiness, and of his sentence at the Docks at Wap rode off. At the time of the expediping.–The cart was covered with tion to the Helder, Johnson made a black; he ascended it with much firm- tender of his services to Government : ness and fortitude, and all the way to his knowledge of the Dutch coast the place of execution was devoutly en- (from his Imuggling connexions) was gaged in prayer. He was accompanied thought of consequence, and his offer. by the Cleik to the Ordinary of New- was accepted : bis conduct in this fer. gate. The convict appeared about 40 vice, procured him the favour of te. years of age, of middle stature, and of veral of the Ex Minifters, and of Sir a florid and prepostelling countenance. Ralph Abercrombie in particular, ---After hanging the usual time, the About fix inonths ago, he was lodged body was put in a Mell, and landed at in the Fleet Prison for debts to the Wapping New Stairs, in order to be amount of 11,000l. Some of the Redelivered to his friends. The banks of venue Officers from Sussex, about a the River were thronged, and every fortnight fince, came to fee him in the throud and yard of the ships within Fleet: they recognized him; and (wore view of the execution were crowded he was at the head of the party of with spectators.

smugglers who, in June last, kept the 28. As a foreign Gentleman was Revenue Officers at Southwould in driving his curricle in Hyde Park, the custody, while others of their party traces broke, and the animals taking made off with their smuggled goods. fright. ran furioully with the curricle On being examined by the Lord Mayor, into the Serpentine River, where they he was ordered to be detained for a cagot to the depth of seven feet in the pital felony; but Johnson, a second


groo! had jumped out of time, effected his escape by cuting the curricle: but the owner was in im away the upper pannels of his prison minent danger of his life, when a door. He clinibed over the wall which fpectator plunged into the river, and furrounds the prison, not withitanding caught hold of the skirts of his coat. its great height, and the arrangement Both the horses were drowned.

of the spikes, with facility, by means 29. In the Court of King's Bench, of a rope-ladder, and instantly rode off a person named Hamlin, a cin-man at on a horse in waiting for him at Fleet. Plymouth, was brought up to receive market. He had previously sent out fentence, having been prosecuted hy of the Fleet his papers and linen. the Attorney General for attempting A reward of sool. is offered for his to, bride thé Rigit Hon. Henry Ad- apprehension ; but he has reached dington. It appeared, that the de. France.




to recover.

Dec. I. As some men were repair- 13. At night, a post-chaise driver ing a pump belonging to the Boy and coming from Dartford with a return Cup public-house, in Lobster-lane, Nor- chaise, drove into the water at Weltwich, they discovered, 27 feet below minster-bridge, to wash the horses ; but the surface on one side of the well, a the tide being high and on the return, Gothic entrance, and a room, ten feet forced the horses and coach through by eight, which probably belonged to one of the arches. A failor, who was a monaftery.

an infide passenger, and the post-boy, A few days ago, as Mary Wills, a were with difficulty saved by some little girl about eleven years old, was watermen. One of the horses was working a spinning-jenny, in a woollen drowned. manufactory at Plymouth, a spike of 14.

At Bow-street, Hatfield was the devil canght a finger of her right brought up for examination : at his hand, and before it could be stopped, request, his irons were taken off.tore off a!! the fingers, finews, and Mr. Taunton, Solicitor for the bank. muscles of her right arın, up to the el. ruptcy, produced the Gazette where bow, and broke the bones. The arm it was recorded on the 15th of June was amputated, and the child is likely last; and the Chancellor's order for

extending the time of appearance to Hur field, the Impostor, has been the r8th of September ; but itated, that taken at a hone called the Lamb and he did not appear: he also produced Flig, about seventeen miles from Swan- a bill of exchange for 30l. drawn in lea. He went to Builth, in Breck the name of Hope, supposed to have nuckshire, on the inth inft. and at the been written and negociated by the inn met a Gentleman of the town, to prisoner. A copy of the register of whom he had a year and a half since the prisoner's marriage, under ihe name made himself known as a Captain in of A. A. Hope, with the Beauty of The Navy. They spent the evening in Buttermere, was likewise produced. great conviviality at the inn, and Hac The prisoner was very reserved in his field prevailed on his guest to give him replies; and on his complaining of cash for a bill on his banker, in Lon- the inconvenience of his fituation, don :-in the morning, he faw himself Mr. Taunton said he would undertake advertised in the papers, and decamp

to allow him a guinea and a half per ed without the ceremony of a reck. week, for the present.

He was reoning.

manded to Bridewell. 9. One Gibbs, a dyer, in Maiden- 16. In the Court of Common Pleas, lane, carrying home a pint of porter,

a cause of some interett was tried, on Hipper! down, and, falling with his account of its being one of the transa head on the pewter pot, was killed on

actions in which Hatfield was con

cerned. The plaintiff, Mr. Nucella, A Lady, named Stratton, lately died is a merchant in the City, and the deaa Winwick, Huntingdon hire, in the fendant, a Mr. Denys, a merchant, at 107th year of her age ; Me retained the Tiverton. Hatfield having become acfull poilellion of ail her faculties for quainted with the defendant, pre. some time after her hundreth year,

vailed on him to enter into partnerthip An arrangement has been made by with him, and thortiy after H. having the Excise Office, in virtue of a former come to London, formed an acquaintAct of Parliament; by which all pub. ance with the plaintiff, and induced licans are to make an entry of the him to transfer soool. Three per Cents. casks, &c. in which they deposit their to the credit of Melli's. Denys, of mrit liquors; and the brewers are in Tiverton. The Jury found a verdict future to be placed in a situation for the plaintiff for 36611. 175. 6d. besimilar to the distillers, by being ob- ing the value of the principal at the liged to send permits with each deli. tiine of the transfer, and the interest very of porter, Sc.

Revenue.--Account of the Total Net By letters from Dublin of the 4th, Produce of all the Permanent Taxes, it appears that the tempeltuous weain the years ending the soth of Oct. 1801 ther of Wednesday and Thuriday se'nand 1802 relpectively :-In the year night, and the unremitting rains, had ended soth of O&t. 1891, 22,936.4091. produced disastrous consequences near 145. 1140.-In the year ended iothoá. the metropolis. Several walls and 1802, 25,199,088). 143.014.

other works had been materially in.



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jured by the flood; and the roads near person to be appointed Carpenter, who Belfait were so much inundated, as to has not ferved a regular apprenticeship prevent the mails from proceeding; to a Shipwright, and for the pace of The bridges of Ringlend, Lucan, and two years after the apprenticelhip as Celbridge, have been destroyed; and Carpenter's Mate, or Carpenter's Crew, many other accidents have arisen from on board nis Majesty's (hips, or in his the lame cause in various parts of the dock-yards, and produce a certificate country.

from the Master Shipwright, of his Mr. Bellamy, an Officer of the army, being properly qualified, &c.; and convicted of forgery in Ireland, has each of thele persons must produce been executed.

certificates of their good conduct, beThe Admiralty Board having disco. fore they can be coniidered eligible to vered, during the late visitation of the receive an appointment. dock-yards, that persons had contrived Cancers :- Olive oil boiled in a tin. to get appointed as Warrant Officers on ned vessel, at three or four short inboard some of his Majesty's thips, who tervals, until it assumes the consistence had not been brought up in the navy: of a salve, is used with great fuccels in their Lord'hips have therefore etiab. Turkey, in the cure of cancers :-the lished the following regulations, to be part is rubbed with the ointment. observed as part of the Standing Or- In cases of a bite from any poisonous ders of the navy :--No person to be animal, it is recommended to bind the appointed a Purier, who has not served part above the wound with theet-lead, two years as Secretary or Clerk to a and to ule volatile alkali. LunarFlag Officer, or Captain's Clerk of his caustic, or the oxide of silver from the Majesty's thips.-No person to be ap nitrous acid, is a certain and effectual pointed Gunner, who has not been antidote, as when mixed with the venom rated a Petty Officer of some descrip- of the viper, it renders it innocent. tion, for the space of iwo years out of At a Special Sessions, lately hoiden in the four years neceflary to be served, Halifax, a cause was tried between a before he can be examined. No per. Clergyman and the keeper of a tollfon to be appointed Boatswain, who gate, wherein it w.s determined by has not served four years, two of which the Sitting Magistrate. That a Cier. must be in the capacity of boatswain's gyman, going on duty, is every where Mate, or Yeoman of the Sheets.- No exempe fiom the payment of toll."

MARRIAGES. The Rev. Frederick Hotham, son of Stourton, fourth daughter of Lord

Baron Hotham, to Miss Hodges, of Securton. Hampstead-place, Kent.

William Squance, of Torrirgton, DeCaptain Jobn Giffard, of the roval von, esq. to Mils Read, of Porchester navy, to Mils Carter, daughter of Sir Lodge, Hants. John Carter.

Sir Charles Anderson, hart, rector of Lord Southampton to Miss Seymour,

Lee, in Lincolnthire, to Miss Fanny Nelsecond daughter to Lord R. Seymour.


Lieutenant-Colonel G. R. Aindie to Joseph Weld, e'q. to Miss Charlotte Mils Neville.



17. At Frostenden, in the county of AT Stamfordham, aged 69, William Suffolk, the Rev. Chriftopher Smtar.

Scutt, M. D. one of the coroners for 19. Mrs. Maude, of Wensley, widow the county of Northumberland.

of Thomas Maude, elą. of the same 13. Rubert Alderley, efq. one of the place. benchers of the Inner Temple.

Mr. John Homer, of Bucklersbury. 15. At Kendall, Mr. George Rom. Mr. Burton, of Portman-itreet, ney, the celebrated painter. (in ac- Portman-quare, in his 681h year. count of this Gentleman in our next.) Roules Scudamore, elq. justice of peace

Lately, Mr. Robert Nathaniel Dyer, for the courty at Glouceiter, and the oldlieutenant in the royal navy,

est barrister in England, in his 91:1 year.




At Alhe, near Overton, Hants, Benja. 7. At Buckingham, Mrs. Thomas, min Langlois, esq. of Cork-freet.

relict of Benjamin Thomas, elq. late John Charles Berthon, efq.

marshall of the King's Bench prison. At Newbury, J. Merriman, esq. Mr. James Stewart, writer, at Edin aged 56.

burgh, in his 85th year. 24

Mr. J. Lightfoot, stock broker. 9. John Simpson, efq. of Launde 25. Mr. John Hepwortn, 'of York, Abbey, Leicettershire. one of the theriffs of that city.

Lately, at Warrington, Mr. Thomas Edward Hulley Montagu, earl of Beau- Lowndes. lieu. He was born in the year 1720, 10. Dr. John Butler, bishop of Here. married, in 1745, Isabella, dutchers dow.

ford, in bis 85th year. ager of Manchester, by whom he had two

William Frazer, esq. in his 75th children, both ince dead.

year, who held the office of under secre. 29. At Barn, Thomas Williams, tary of state from 1765 to 1789. esq. of Temple House, Berks, M. P. for Lady Dundas, relict of Sir Lawrence Great Marlow.

Dundas, and mother of Lord Dundas. 30. At Cardigan, Mr. Edward Sa. 12. At Hertford, Charles Townley, yage, late of Bristol.

esq. aged 57. DEC. 1.

Mr. John Reynolds, brother 13. Ai Chelsea, Captain Thomas to Mr. Reynolds, the dramatist.

Baillie, late clerk of the deliveries of his At Bath, Helen, countess of Selkirk. Majesty's ordnance, and formerly lieute.

Mr. Egerton Hammerton, late of Li- nant governor of Greenwich Hospital. yerpool.

14. Ai Camberwell, Mrs. Dodd, wife At Weston House, near Guildford, of the Rev. Richard Dodd, rector of CowWilliam Man Godíchall, justice of peace ley, Middletex. for Surrey, in his 820 year.

Stamp Brookfbank, esq. Chefter field. 2. At Oundle, t]mer Pywell, efq. late street, May-tair. a lieutenant in the navy.

At Leith Terrace, Mr. William Woods, 3. At Bath, Sir Thomas Fletewood, Jate of the Theatre Royai, Edinburgh. bart. of Martin Sands, Cheshire.

He performed leveral years on the Edin. 4. Alexander Dyer, esq. of Tillygreig. burgh fage, both tragedy and comedy,

5. Richard Ayton Lee, efq. of Ingoldie with great applause. thorpe, in the county of Norfolk.

15. William Biddle, efq. of Welt. 6. Mr. Roger Kemble, in his 82d year. Square. Very early in life be ventured upon thea- 16. John Hunter, elg. a director of the trical boards. He married Mi's Ward, East India Company. the daughter of Mr. Ward, a contempo- Lately, at Fairview, in Ireland, in his rary with Quin, on the London ftage, g6th year, the Rev. Robert Henry, fiftyand who afterwards became the Mavager ieven years minister of the dissenting conof a very respectable provincial company gregation of Castledawiun. of performers. By this Lady, who has 19. At Acton, in his 80th year, San the misfortune of seeing her venerable muel Wegg, esq. fenior bencher of alsociate in lite drop int the grave before Gray's-inn, vice-president of the Royal her, he had a numerous train of children, Society, and justice of peace for Middleto whom he gave all the advantages of sex and Ellex. education, which it was in his power At Plumstead, in his 67th year, Lieuto bettow, and whom he had the pleasure tenant-General William Johnttone, of of seeing arrive at an height of fame and the royal artillery. fortune, by the fair exertion of induitry 27. Thomas Cadell, esq. alderman of and genius. Nir, R. Kemble poflefled London for the ward of Walbrock, and a very good understanding, and was well many years an eminent book teller in the acquainted with life. lie was a l'espec:- Suand. abie actor, ihough he never appeared more than once on a London fiage, when

DEATHS ABROAD. he performed The Milier of Mansfield, in Sept. 20. At Jamaica, Captain the Haymarket Theatre, for the benefit Bartlet, commandin the al volun of his fon Ştephen, and displayed good lenie and unutiected humour,



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Bank sperC: 3 pes Cr. 4perC: Nary | New Long Short

Imp. Imp. India India India Exche. Irish Irish

Stock Reduc Consols Console sperCi sperCt Ann. Ann.

3 pr Ct Ann.

Stock. Scrip Bonds. Bills. sperCi Omn. Lott. Tick.


100% 19 9 16 10$dir.
663 67k a 3 82 Ž 1011 100



3 178
67 a še 82

111 65 11 7.16 2011
2 173
67 t at



170$ 661
674 a 821

99 19 9.16

10$ 65
995 198




1001 194

1004 1911-16 101




10 15 20 3-16

67 Š
13 -

1021 201




102 è

16 187 72 à

1044 20%

34 71 111-16

102į 20 9-16

72 §

1031 2011 16


20 189


4 70 us


120 5.16




101 20 3-16,
24/ 187 711

101 20 5.36

5 70







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N.B. In the 3 per Cent. Consols the highest and lowe& Price of each Day is given ; in the other Stocks the highet Price only.

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