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Greek in the University of Glasgow, to Miss Char- 3. At Dalkeith, by the Rev. John Thomson of nock, only daughter of the late Robert Charnock, Newbattle, Captain J. Little, of the Hon. East Esq.

India Company'3 Service, to Lucy Anne, only 3. At Kelso, the Rev. James Porteous, Jed- daughter of the late Colonel Willey, of his Maburgh, to Margaret, daughter of the late Mr Ro- jesty's 4th Dragoon Guards. bison, merchant, Jedburgh.

4. At Portobello, by the Rev. Patrick Macfar5. At Elgin, Patrick Cameron,

Esq. writer, to lane of Polmont, John Thomson, Esq. of InnerAnn, daughter of George Fenton, Esq. sheriff-sub- avon, to Janet, only daughter of the late William stitute of Elginshire.

Walker, Esq. of Holeflat. - At London, the Hon. Mr Henry Lascelles, 5. At St Mary's, Lambeth, George Logan, Esq. second son of the Earl and Countess of Harewood, W. S. to Marion, second daughter of Thomas to Lady Louisa Thynne, second eldest daughter of Manson, Esq. of Lambeth Terrace. the Marquis and Marchioness of Bath.

At Blair, Alex. Scott, Esq. of Trinity, to 7. At Liverpool, Ralph Smith, Esq. of Edin- Madaline, second daughter of William Blair, Esq. burgh, to Sarah Phillips, eldest daughter of the of Blair. late Captain Bridge, of the Hon. East India Com- 6. At Cossey Hall, Norfolk, Thomas A. Fraser pany's service.

of Lovat, Esq. to Charlotte Georgiana, eldest - At Gilmore Place, the Rev. Alexander Mac- daughter of Sir George Jerningham, Bart. The pherson, minister of the parish of Golspie, Suther- happy pair soon thereafter set off for Scotland. sandshire, to Agnes, second daughter of the late 7. At Bath, John Campbell, Esq. Adjutant, Robert Young, Esq. writer in Edinburgh.

Royal Marines, to Catherine, youngest daughter 8. At Edinburgh, Robert Davidson, Esq. bank- of Colonel Savary. er, Alloa, to Joan, daughter of John Matthewson, - At Edinburgh, Mr W. B. Orr, writer, SaltEsq. Clerk Street.

coats, to Jane, eldest daughter of John Macfar9. The Rev. Alexander Harvey, Kilmarnock, lane, Esq. St Bernard's Place, Stockbridge. to Mary, youngest daughter of Mr Walter Snow- - At Totteridge, Herts, the Hon. Captain Granden, Edinburgh.

ville George Waldegrave. R. N. eldest son of Ad10. At London, Alexander W. R. Macdonald, miral Lord Radstock, G.C.B. to Esther Caroline, Esq. eldest son of Major-General the Hon. Godfrey youngest daughter of the late John Puget, Esq. Bosville, and nephew of Lord Macdonald, to Miss of Totteridge, Herts. Bayard, daughter of the late Colonel Bayard. 8. Isaac Bayley, Esq. Duke Street, to Miss

12. At Bermuda, Rear-Admiral Fahie, C.B. Baird, daughter of Principal Baird, Edinburgh. K.S.F. Commander-in-Chief on the North Ame- 11. At Manse of Towie, the Rev. Adam Smith, rican station, to Mary Esther, daughter of the minister of that parish, to Isabella, daughter of Hon Augustus William Harvey, M.Ď. one of the Mr Alex. Smith, Tarland. Members of his Majesty's Council of that Island. At Leith, Robert Ainslie, Esq. to Mary,

15. Mr Alexander Williamson, surgeon, Edin- daughter of James Ainslie, Esq. burgh, to Jane, only daughter of the late Mr James 12. At Badmington, Glocestershire, the Hon. Sibbald, shipmaster, Leith.

Fred. Calthorpe, to the Right Hon. Lady Char17. At London, Colonel Mackinnon, to Anne lotte Somerset, eldest daughter of the Duke of Jane, eldest daughter of John Dent, Esq. M. P. Beaufort.

19. At Stockholm, the King of Sweden's son, - At St George's Church, Hanover Square, the Crown Prince Oscar, to the Princess Leucht. London, F. A. Cunynghame, Esq. son of Sir Wilenberg, daughter of Prince Eugene Beauharnois, liam Augustus Cunynghame, Bart. to Ann, youngson of Josephine, late Empress of France.

est daughter of Edward Earl, Esq. Chairman of 21. At Bishop's Court, near Dublin, (the seat of the Board of Customs, for Scotland. the Right Hon. George Ponsonby,) Earl Fitzwil- At Mauldslie Castle, John Geo. Hamilton, liam, to Lady Ponsonby. His Lordship has attain- Esq. Glasgow, to Christina, youngest daughter of ed his 75th year, her Ladyship her 70th.

Henry Monteith, Esq. of Carstairs, M. P. 22. At Midlem Manse, Andrew Buchan, Esq. 14. At the Manse of Thurso, John Sutherland, Midlem, to Helen, youngest daughter of Mr Tho- Esq. late Captain 3d Foot or Buffs, to Catherine, mas M'Clelland of Orchardton, Wigtonshire. eldest daughter of the Rev. William Mackintosh,

23. In George Square, Henry Murray, Esq. to minister of that place. Miss Charlotte Burlin.

15. At Kirktonfield, William Morris, Esq. Perth, - At Elgin, Alexander Bremner, Esq. (late 3d Upper Canada, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Foot), surgeon in Keith, to Eliza, eldest daughter John Cochrane, Esq. Kirktonfield. of Lieut.-Colonel A. Grant.

- At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Gibson, LailAt Newhall, William Davidson, Esq. writer lawsteel, to Margaret, youngest daughter of the in Glasgow, to Anne, eldest daughter of William late Mr Robert Horsburgh, Vair. Hussey, Esq.

19. At London, Capt. Franklin, R. N. to Elea24. The Rev. James Stuart Murray Anderson, nor Anne, youngest daughter of the late William M.A. of Baliol College, Oxford, to Barbara Char- Porden, Esq. lotte, second daughter of the late George Wrough- 21. At Pitliyer House, Fifeshire, Charles Charleton, Esq. of Newington House, Oxfordshire. ton, Esq. M.D. to Elizabeth, third daughter of

28. At Wellington Place, Leith, Mr Robert Do- the late William Reed, Esq. North Shields. naldson, of the Commercial Bank, to Eliza, young- 26. At Mollance, Richard Carson, Esq. of Liest daughter of Mr George Anderson, builder. verpool, merchant, to Elizabeth, youngest daugh

29. At the Manse of Wilton, the Rev. Joseph ter of John Napier, Esq. of Mollance. Thomson, minister of Ednam, to Margaret Hun- 26. At Buccleuch Place, the Rev. J. Stevenson, ter, daughter of the Rev. Dr Hardie, minister of to Laura Turton, daughter of John Gordon, Esq. Ashkirk.

29. At Edinburgh, on the 29th ult. Geo. Bro- At London, Lord Viscount Sidmouth, to the die, Esq. advocate, to Rachel, youngest daughter Hon. Mrs Townsend, daughter of Lord Stowell, of the late Major David Robertson, Assistantand widow of Thomas Townsend, Esq. of Honing- Barrackmaster-General, N. B. ton Hall, county of Warwick. 31. At Portobello, Lieut. J. R. Forrest, R. N.

DEATHS. to Mary Munro, youngest daughter of the late Sept. 1822. At Hobocken, near New York, Mrs James Cockburn, Esq. Haddington.

Thomas Allen, formerly of Tweedside, Peebles. At Blunham, Bedfordshire, Richard Hel- Nov. 3. In Bengal, in the 59th year of his age, ley, Esq. of Wilton, to Carolina Lætitia, eldest 40 of which he had served in India, Lieut.-Colodaughter of John Campbell, Esq. of Dunoon. nel James Maxwell, youngest son of the late John

- At Edinburgh, Rich Poole, M.D. to Jane, Maxwell, Esq. of Broomholm. eldest daughter of the late Mr John Caird, sur- Jan. 1823. At Maticapoora, Island of Ceylon, veyor of taxes.

Ensign Robert Grahame Geddes, of the 83d ReAug. 2. At St Pancras, Alex. Delisser, Esq. giment, eldest son of the late Lieut.-Colonel Wilsurgeon, to Deborah, eldest daughter of the late liam Geddes, of the same Regiment. John Crawford, Esq. Quebec; on the same day, Jan. 20. Lieut.-Colonel William Lambton, SuSamuel James Douglas, Esq. Polmunckshead, to perintendent of the Grand Trigonometrical SurAgnes Dickie, youngest daughter of the late John vey in India, while proceeding, in the execution Crawford, Esq.

of his duty, from Hydrabad towards Nagpoor, at - At Cheltenham, John Orrock, Esq. of Or- Hingiu Ghaunt, 50 miles south of the latter place, rock, Aberdeenshire, to Mary, youngest daughter aged 67. of the late James Cockburn, Esq. of Lime Street 29. At the Presidency, Madras, Lieutenant and Square, London.

Adjutant William Graham, of the 1st battalion 14th Regiment Native Infantry, and only survi- 11. At Bath, Mrs Ann Mackenzie, relict of Alex. ving son of Mrs Graham of Longtown.

ander Mackenzie, Esq. writer to the signet. Mar. 7. At Serampore, of cholera morbus, hava 12. At Edinburgh, Mrs Helen Cockburn, wife ing been ill only one day, the Rev. William Ward, of Mr James Meikle, solicitor-at-law. Baptist Missionary at that place.

- At Glasgow, Captain A. Cathcart, late of the 13. In camp, at Doolia, Brevet Captain William 91st regiment. Graham Thomson, of the 7th Regiment of Bom

At Kelso, Mrs Wilson, relict of Dr Wilson, bay Native Infantry, and Brigade-Major to the Coldstream. Forces at Mulligaum. The death of this

brave and - At Harrogate, John Dalzell, Esq. advocate, excellent officer will be regretted by the whole ar- Forth Street, Edinburgh. my. The service has lost a most distinguished 13. At Banff, Mr James Farquhar, Comptrolmember, and his numerous friends a most honour- ler of the Customs at that port. able and pleasant companion.-Bombay Govern- 14. At Edinburgh, Mary Anne Surchen, daughment Paper.

ter of the late Mr F. Surchen, R. N. 20. On the passage from India, on board his - At Leslie, Mr James Walker, aged 86. Majesty's ship Termagant, Charles Stodart, 15. At his house, Broughton Street, Alexander son of Robert Stodart, Esq. Queen Street, Edin- George, Esq. writer. burgh.

At her house, in Union Street, Edinburgh, April 8. At St George's, Island of Grenada, Mrs Grandison Barr. James, son of the Rev. Mr Urquhart of Rosskeen, At Sullivan's Island, near Charleston, South Ross-shire.

Carolina, Mr John Macadam, son of Peter Mac30. At the Cape of Good Hope, Captain Pear- adam, Esq. of Easterhouse. son, late Commander of the Hon. Company's ship 16. At his house, Cassils Place, Leith Walk, General Hewitt.

Captain Charles Elder, R. N. May 7. In the Island of St Vincent, James M'. - In Upper Wimpole Street, London, Lieut.Caul, Esq. of Belvidere.

General Thomas Bridges, of the Hon. East India June 10. At Demerara, Peter Grant, Esq. many Company's service, in his 80th year.

He comyears resident in that colony.

manded the right wing of the army under Lord - At Quebec, Laughlan Smith, Esq. Seignior Harris, at the capture of Seringapatam. of St Dennis and La Pocatiere. Mr Smith was a - At Higham, near Rochester, Lady Stirling, native of Inverness, and is supposed to have been relict of Sir James Stirling of Mansfield, Bart. upwards of 100 years of age. He served as a pri- 20. At Abercorn, Mr Robert Murray, writer in vate in General Wolfe's Army at the taking of Edinburgh. Quebec.

At Middleby Street, Newington, in the 5th 30. At Sierra Leone, of the malignant fever year of his age, Richard, son of Mr David Murwhich has for some time raged in that

colony, Ed- ray, Deputy Comptroller of Excise. ward Fitzgerald, Esq. Chief Justice of that settle- 21. At Queensferry, John, youngest son of Alexment.

ander M'Gibbon, Esq. of Crawhill. July 1. At Shrewsbury, Admiral George Bowen. 22. At Savannah, Georgia, Mr Robert Dreg- At the Manse of Newhills, the Rev. George horn, merchant, Augusta, second son of Mr Allan Allan.

Dreghorn, Govan. 2. In London, Major Stewart, son of Alexander At Aberdeen, Alex. Shirreffs, Esq. advocate. Stewart, Esq. of Huntfield, Lanarkshire.

23. At Edinburgh, Andrew, third son of Mr - At Edinburgh, Major Walter Macgibbon, Robert Kinnear, bookseller, Frederick Street. late of the 57th regiment, eldest son, and, in Ca- - At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Anderson, No. diz, in December last, Mr Archibald Macgibbon, 11, South Bridge. surgeon in that city, fifth son of the late Neil Mac- - At Linlithgow, James Watson, Esq. of Bridgegibbon, Esq. Inverary.

castle. At St Ann's Brae, Mr Thomas Shade, seed At Paisley, the Rev. Dr Boog, first minister and nurseryman.

of the Abbey Parish, in the 78th year of his age, 3. At Greenock, John Gardner, at the advanced and 50th of his ministry. age of 103,

He was a native of Crawfordsdyke, - At Annfield Cottage, Lasswade, Edward Ro and was born in 1720.

bertson, Esq. Secretary to the Commercial Bank4. At No 20, George Street, Mrs Sarah Jones, ing Company of Scotland, in the 49th year of his wife of Mr Jones, of the Theatre Royal, Edin- age. burgh.

24. At Bankshead, near Queensferry, Mr David Margaret Jane Boswell, youngest daughter Stodard, farmer. of the Rev. Thomas Gray, Kirkaldy.

At London, John James Earl of Farnham, At Corstorphine, Mr George Kome, senior, one of the Representative Peers of Ireland. writer in Edinburgh.

At the house of Lord Beresford, Wimpole - At the Manse of Kilrenny, Ann, wife of the Street, London, Major-General Sir Denis Pack, Rev. James Brown, minister of that parish. K.C.B.C.T.S., and other orders, Colonel of the

5. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Joseph M‘Intyre, 84th Foot, and Lieut.-Governor of Plymouth. D.D. minister of the parish of Glenorchy, in the - Suddenly, Mrs Janet Miller, aged 69, spouse 89th year of his age, and 65th of his ministry. of Mr David' Arthur, sen. tool-maker, Paul's 6. Át Penrith, William Kerr, Esq. youngest

son Work. of the deceased Charles Kerr, Esq. late of Abbot- 24. At Links of Kirkaldy, Mr David Pearson, rule.

brewer. At Murrayfield, Mrs Edmondstoune of New- 25. At Edinburgh, John Gordon Lorimer, son

of the late Mr Robert Lorimer, wine-merchant, At Aberdeen, Mrs Ann Morrison, widow of Hanover Street. the Rev. A. Mearns, Minister of Cluny.

At Leith, Ann Maria, daughter of Mr Ro7. At Penrith, Henry Thomson, eldest son of bert Ogilvie, merchant there. the Rev. Dr Thomson, minister of the Presbyte- 26. At Taunton, Somersetshire, Judith Ross rian Congregation in that place.

Duncan, widow of Wm. Duncan, Esq. late of Bath. - At North Berwick, Robert Oliver, Esq. sur- - At Pitfour, Perthshire, James Richardson, geon there.

Esq. of Pitfour. - At Perth, Henry Lawrie, Esq. of Lacestown. 30. At Richmond Park, the Hon. Henry Ad8. At Ardovie, Mrs Speid, of Ardovie.

dington, eldest son of Lord Viscount Sidmouth. - At Wansworth, Surrey, Archibald Leslie, 31. At Balmaduthy House, Ross-shire, Helen Esq.

Jane, infant daughter of Colin Mackenzie, Esq. of - At Ceres, Jean Isabella, eldest daughter of Kilcoy. Robert Campbell, Esq. of Dalserf.

At Portobello, John Anderson, Esq. of Win 9. At his house, Greenend, near Edinburgh, terfield. Richard Barnard, Esq.

At Dunblane, aged 64, John Coldstream, Esq. - Grace, infant daughter of Mr Colin Camp- Sheriff-Substitute of the western district of Perthbell, Lochdochart.

shire, - At Duddingstone, Elizabeth Frances, only At Edinburgh, Mrs Frances Hay, wife of Mr daughter of Mr William Milne, merchant in Edin- Campbell Gardner, writer, Edinburgh. burgh.

At Whitehill, near Musselburgh, Mr John 10. At Pitcaithley, Isaac Watt, merchant, Dun-" Brown, brewer, Edinburgh. dee.

Aug: 1. At Dunblane, Elizabeth, eldest daughAt Port_Seaton, Agnes Clerk Hay, wife of ter of Mr John Anderson, Burntsfield Place. John Irving, Esq. writer to the signet.

- In Duncan Street, Drummond Place, Mrs


Ann Cleghorn, widow of the Rev. Robert Little, 16. At Edinburgh, Mr James Whyte, merchant, minister of Applegarth.

Leith. 2. At Old Aberdeen, Dr James Brown, physi- At Edinburgh, Mrs Rachel Playfair, widow cian in Aberdeen.

of James Playfair, Esq. architect, London. - At his house, 51, York Place, Andrew Pear. At Tipperlinn, Mrs Margaret Carmichael. son, Esq. of the Excise.

widow of the late Mr James Carmichael, compAt Winchester, Charles Frederic Powlett, troller of the customs at Port Patrick. Lord Bayning.

17. At New Saughton, George, second son of 3. At Foxhall, Anna Sarah Rachel, youngest James Watson, Esq. of Saughton. daughter

of the late R. Waugh, Esq. of Foxhall. 18. At Murrie, Miss Yeaman of Murrie. 5. At Perth, Mr John Stewart, aged 95.

19. At Macroom, Ireland, George Inglis, Esq. At Castlemains, East Lothian, Mrs Hume, assistant-surgeon, 57th Regiment. wife of Mr David Hume, farmer, there.

- At Shefford, Bedfordshire, in his 57th year, - At the Manse of Culter, Elizabeth Howison, Robert Bloomfield, Esq. author of the “Farmer's wife of the Rev. Wm Strachan.

Boy," &c. &c. 6. At Silver Mills, Mr James Cargil Muir, mer- 20. AtRome, Gregory Barnabi Chiaramonti, Pope chant, Edinburgh.

Pius VII. The deceased Pontiff was born at Ce7. At Crieff, Mr Thomas Maccomish, distiller sena, in the Romagna, on the 14th of August, there.

1742, and elected Pope at Venice, on the 11th of At London, Major-General Darby Griffith. March, 1800. He was, therefore, at the time of - At Chiswick, the Rev. Cornelius Neale, M.A. his decease, in the 82d year of his age, and in the aged 34, formerly fellow of St John's College, 24th of his Pontificate. Pius VII. was mild and Cambridge.

amiable; and, though so long subjected to the 9. At his house, in Old Burlington Street, Lon- most unjust persecutions, never evinced the least don, the Marquis Cornwallis, in the 49th year of symptom of a vindictive spirit towards his enehis age. His Lordship had been in a declining state mies; whilst to his friends and benefactors, and of health for several months. He succeeded to particularly to the English nation and governthe title on the death of his gallant and excellent ment, he always testified the warmest gratitude. father at Benares in India, in the year 1805.

21. At his seat at Broomham, Essex, Sir Wil- At his Lordship’s residence, near London, liam Ashburnham, Bart. aged 85. Richard, Viscount Powerscourt.

- At Edinburgh, Eliza Francis, daughter of the At Lochwinnoch, Thomas Reid, labourer. late George Longmore, Esq. medical staff, Quebec. He was born on the 21st October 1745, in the cla- 22. At Buccleugh Place, James, eldest son of chan of Kyle, Ayrshire. The importance attached Mr Peter Brown, merchant, Edinburgh. to this circumstance arises from his being the cele- 23. At Weston Green, Thames Ditton, Surrey, brated equestrian hero of Burn's poem, “Tam o'. John Kaye, Esq. late Accountant-General to the Shanter." He has at length surmounted the Hon. East India Company at Bombay. “ mosses, waters, slaps, and styles" of life. For a - At Fountainbridge, Mrs Sprott, relict of Roconsiderable time by-past, he has been in the ser- bert Sprott, Esq. Edinburgh. vice of Major Harvey of Castlesemple, nine months 21. At Leith, Mr Robert Brown, late of Alloa of which he has been incapable of labour. He, glassworks. however, still retained the desire of being " fou 27. At Ayr, Helen M'Cormick, youngest daughfor weeks thegither."

ter of William Eaton, Esq. Sheriff-Substitute of 10. At Duloch, Miss Fisher, eldest daughter of Ayrshire. the late Richard Fisher, Esq. Loretto.

Lately: Lost, on his passage to the East Indies, - At Woolwich, suddenly, Douglas Lawson, John Hely Hutchinson, youngest son of the late Esq, of the Royal Artillery.

Hon. and Rev. Lorenzo Hely Hutchinson, and Il. At Gargunnock House, Stirlingshire, Mrs nephew to the Earl of Donoughmore and Lord Ann Weller, Lady of the late Colonel Edingtoun Hutchinson of Gargunnock.

In Paris, Mr Nicholas Clary, formerly merAt Brompton, Brooks Lawrence, Esq. late chant in Marseilles, and who had acquired a large Lieut.-Colonel of the 13th Light Dragoons. fortune by mercantile transactions. Mr Clary was

12. At her house, in Regent Street, London, brother to the present Queen of Sweden and to Lady Wilson, wife of Sir Robert Wilson, M.P. Madame Joseph Buonaparte.

- At Portobello, Mr William Drysdale, late In Dublin, the Right Rev. Charles O'Donwatchmaker, Lothian Street, Edinburgh. nell, D.D. Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese

- At Jedburgh, the Rev. James Scott, mini- of Derry, at the advanced age of 76. ster of the relief congregation.

- At Dublin, J. Jameson, Esq. one of the Ba. 13. At Dromono, county of Antrim, Mrs Wil. rons of the Irish Exchequer. liam Cunningham, aged 22.

At his seat in Staffordshire, William Shepherd - At Houghton le Spring, in consequence of a Kinnersly, Esq. M. P. for Newcastle-under-Lyne, fall from his horse, William Ironside, Esq. for- - At Magdeburg, where he had taken refuge merly Captain in the 68th Regiment. He was the since 1815, the celebrated Carnot, at the age of représentative of one of the oldest families in the 70, after a painful illness. county of Durham.

- At Wallacehall, parish of Glencairn, James 14. In Teviot Row, Edinburgh, Mr James Lid- Wallace, Esq. dle, late carver and gilder.

- In Dublin, at the advanced age of 84, the 15. At White Hill Cottage, near Bristol, George Rev. Dr Ledwich, author of the “ Antiquities of Walker, Esq. of the King's Remembrancer's Of. Ireland," and other literary works, and member fice, Exchequer, London.

of many of the learned societies in Europe.

SIR HENRY RAEBURN. July 8. At his house, St Bernards, deeply regret- to bestow just praise on rival excellence. The ted, Sir Henry Raeburn, Knight, Royal Academi- Royal Academy in London, in testimony of their cian, and Portrait Painter to his Majesty; a gentle- high estimation of his talents, elected him first an man whose talents have done so much honour to associate, and afterwards an academician, without Scotland, and entitle him to be ranked as a portrait solicitation. And when his Majesty, on his visit to painter in the same class with Reynolds and Law. Edinburgh, conferred the honour of knighthood rence. His full-length pictures of the Earl of upon the distinguished artist, we do not recollect Hopetoun, Lord Frederick Campbell, Sir David any occasion on which a more universal feeling of Baird, Adam Roland, Esq., Glengarry, and many satisfaction was expressed. In society, few men more, might be mentioned as proofs that he was were more acceptable than Sir Henry; for he posequally remarkable for correctness of drawing, sessed a cheerful disposition, much good sense, freedom of pencilling, brilliancy of colouring, and and an inexhaustible store of anecdote. In his do a personification of character not less vigorous than mestic relations, no man could dispense or receive graceful. He possessed the rare faculty of pro- a greater degree of happiness; and those who had ducing in every instance the most striking and opportunities of seeing him in the midst of his faagreeable likeness, and of indicating intellectual mily, will ever cherish the recollection of his amiexpression and dignity of demeanour, wherever able and endearing qualities. Sir Henry was a they appeared in the original; often approaching member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, a in his portraits to the elevation of historical paint- member of the late Imperial Academy of Florence, ing. His modesty was equal to his merit; and in a member of the Academy of New York, and a his intercourse with the young candidates for pub- few days before his death received a commission lic favour, he was uniformly kind, communicative, appointing him portrait painter in Scotland to the and liberal; and on all occasions had the candour King.

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DUKE OF ROXBURGH. July 19. At Fleurs, his' Grace James Duke of female branch from Earl Robert, and we believe Roxburghe, in the 88th year of his age. His Grace the Duke now deceased, of another female branch succeeded William (Bellenden), who succeeded from the same Earl. The descent and property John Kerr, the Duke of Roxburghe, so eminently have been the source of much litigation, but the known to the literary world as the nobleman heirdom is at present clear in the person of the whose taste for old books laid the foundation of young Marquis of Beaumont, the only child of the the club which bears his name. John was the last deceased Duke. The Marquis (now Duke) is about of the direct male branches of the ancient border five years of age. family of Kers. His successor William was of a

EARL OF CAITHNESS. July 26. At Barogill Castle, the Right Hon. James hold whatever befitted the ancient title he inheritEarl of Caithness, Lord-Lieutenant of the county, ed. The Earl of Caithness, in every situation of and Postmaster-General for Scotland. The noble life, whether of a private or of a public nature, disLord, originally Sir James Sinclair of Mey, suc- charged the several duties incumbent upon him ceeded to the earldom of Caithness as heir-male of with a firmness, and at the same time a suavity of the former line, without the fortune that had been manners, which alike became the nobleman and accustomed to support the dignity. His compeers, gentleman, which endeared him to all ranks of sohowever, found his Lordship an honourable ac- ciety, and secured their esteem and admiration. quisition to their ranks, and well qualified to up


Aug. 1. At Dacre Lodge, the Right Hon. Fran- as Lord High Commissioner to the General Assemcis Lord Napier. His Lordship was son of William bly of the Church of Scotland, which office he reLord Napier, by Mary Anne, daughter of Charles signed in 1817, and was succeeded by William Earl Lord Cathcart; was born in 1758, and succeeded of Errol.–Upon his resignation, the unanimous his father in 1775. In 1784, he married Maria thanks of the Assembly was voted to his Lordship, Margaret, eldest daughter of Sir John Clavering; for the manner in which he conducted himself in by whom he has left William John, now Lord that high office; at the same time they expressed Napier, (who married Miss Cochrane Johnstone, their sincere regret at his resignation, after his long and has two sons and three daughters,) Charles and faithful services. Lord Napier was highly reand Henry Alfred, and four daughters. In early spected, not only by his brother peers, but by all life his Lordship served in the army, which he left ranks of the community. With great urbanity of about the close of the American war; but, in the manners he supported the dignity of his rank, and late French war, he served as Lieutenant-Colonel was kind and affable to every person. As a husof the Hopetoun Fencibles, till that regiment was band, father, and friend, his conduct was highly reduced. In 1796, his Lordship was elected one praiseworthy and exemplary. In short, he displayed of the sixteen representative peers of Scotland, and during his life every Christian virtue in an emi. in which he continued since, except in the Parlia- nent degree, which makes his death sincerely lament summoned in 1806, which only sat one ses.. mented sion. In 1802, he succeeded David Earl of Leven,


Aug. 27. At Paris, the Right Hon. John Hope, appointed Adjutant-General to the army serving Earl of Hopetoun. His Lordship was Viscount under his Royal Highness the Duke of York, OcAirthrie, Lord Hope, (Lord Hopetoun 1809, and tober 19, 1799. In 1800, he accompanied Sir Ralph Lord Niddry 1817, British titles,) Lord Lieutenant Abercromby as Adjutant-General on the memoraof Linlithgowshire, Knight Grand Cross of the ble expedition to Egypt ; and at the battle of AlexOrder of the Bath, a General in the army, Colonel andria, March 21, 1801, he was wounded in the of the 42d foot, (Royal Highlanders,) Governor of hand, and the army was thus for a time“ deprived the Royal Bank of Scotland, Captain-General of of the service of a most active, zealous, and judithe Royal Company of Archers, &c. &c.

cious officer." He afterwards accompanied the His Lordship succeeded James, the last Earl, his British army to Spain and Portugal in 1808. At half-brother, in 1816, and was the only son of the battle of Corunna, January 16, 1809, in con, John Earl of Hopetoun, by his second marriage sequence of the wounds of Sir John Moore and with Jane, daughter of Robert Oliphant of Rossie, Sir David Baird, the command devolved on his Esq., and was born on the 17th of August, 1765. Lordship, (then Lieutenant-General Hon. John He married—first, Elizabeth, daughter of the Hon. Hope)" to whose abilities and exertions, (said the Charles Hope Weir of Craigiehall, in 1793, who dispatches,) in the direction of the ardent zeal died in 1801, without issue. He married, second, and unconquerable valour of his Majesty's troops, Louisa Dorothea, third daughter of Sir John Wed- is to be attributed, under Providence, the sucderburn of Ballendean, Bart., by whom he has left cess of the day, which terminated in the comJohn, now Earl of Hopetoun, born November 15, plete and entire repulse and defeat of the enemy at 1803, eight other sons, and two daughters.

every point of attack.” On the 26th of April 1809, His Lordship entered when young into the army, he was invested with the Order of the Bath, and in which he served with great bravery and distinc- was afterwards appointed Commander-in-Chief in tion. He was appointed Adjutant-General to the Ireland, where he remained a considerable time. forces serving under the late gallant Sir Ralph When he left Ireland, he again joined the Duke of Abercromby in the Leeward Islands, in 1794; had Wellington in the Peninsula ; and, on the 14th of the rank of Brigadier-General in the West Indies, April 1814, in a sortie made by the garrison of Baywhere he was actively employed in the campaigns onne, he was very severely wounded, and was taof 1794, 5, 6, and 7, being particularly noticed in ken prisoner by his horse falling with him, which general orders, and in the public dispatches of the piade him cripple for a long time. This was his Commander-in-Chief, particularly, as having ou last service, as the war terminated next year. all occasions most willingly come forward and ex. As a soldier, he was cool, determined, and erted himself in times of danger, to which he was brave; and his conduct as a nobleman, landlord, not called, from his situation of Adjutant-General.” and friend, was such as became his high station. He accompanied the British troops into Holland To his numerous family and relatives his loss is in August 1799, as Deputy Adjutant-General, but much to be lamented, and few of his rank have was so severely wounded at the landing at the died who have been more sincerely regretted by Helder, on the 27th of that month, that he was all classes of the public. compelled to come home. On his recovery, he was

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OCTOBER, 1823.




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Letter from ODoherty,

TENNANT. Cardinal Beaton,







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To whom Communications (post paid) may be addressed.



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