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an imposing aspect, but within they are full of every abomination.

Their lives are spent in deceiving and being deceived, and their end is without hope.

Parents and teachers have hitherto found it difficult to gain more than a passive commitment of these all-important truths to memory. Children instinctively revolt from abstract doctrines, these requiring a stretch of thought, and an exertion of their yet undeveloped intellect, which fatigues them.

Weariness and lassitude thus create an aversion which is not easily conquered.

From a studious observance of the character and earliest mental developments of children, I have constantly found that the instruction which has been, by their own free will, conveyed to their understanding through the medium of allegorical representations of good and evil passions, excites the deepest interest, affords the greatest pleasure, and makes the most lasting impression.

Thus they pursue with the consent of all their powers a research whose object it is to lead them into all truth, and bring into captivity every power to the love and service of the Redeemer.

The care of youth is a trust of the greatest responsibility. They are not only to become, so far as the bent which good instruction and example can give, happy and useful, or miserable, and unprofitable in themselves; but they are to give tone and color to the generation which shall succeed ours. They are to be as lights, so shining in their sphere of duty, that all around may glorify the name they bear, or to become moral plagues, blasting all within their influence.

The prevention of evil, by training up a child in the way he should go, is wiser and safer than to attempt the cure of it in any subsequent stage. When the moral soil, from neglect from the want of being duly cultured, weeded and watched over, has become covered with ramified and aspiring weeds ;--when, in other words, the heart has been permitted to harbor its spontaneous growth of secret and presumptuous sins unchecked, there is little hope of sowing the precious seed of reveal. ed truth there. The thorns will choak it, or the watchful tempter will hurry it away, before it has gained more than surface ground. Can the Etheopian change his hue, and the leopard his spots ? then may they who are accustomed to do evil, do good.

If we desire to promote the interests of Christ's kingdom on earth-if we desire that the rising generation should adorn the doctrine of God the Saviour in all things, “let those to whose care

they are entrusted watch over their souls, as they that must give an accountlet the youth be rooted and grounded in the faith once delivered to the saints"—that when the winds of false doctrine shall afterwards assail them, they may remain stedfast, immovable-always abounding in that faith which purifieth the heart, and works by love to God.

Much catechetical instruction may be committed to memory without at all affecting the heart, or even acting on the understanding ; but even admitting that children could comprehend that body of theological divinity, which the catechism contains, such kind of knowledge seldom does more than constitute them speculative professors. It is that kind of knowledge which is more likely to puff up than edify; the head has been recognized, but no appeal has been made to the heart ; and therefore this source, from whence proceeds the issues of life, remains the same.

The very terms employed to convey these abstract doctrines are unintelligible to children; and the consequence is, that under the notion of a duty to God, they acquire (by this li service) the habit of taking His great and dreadful name, and the solemn truths of his word on their lips, while their hearts are far from him.

The children of the higher and middle clsses must needs be sent to liberalize their minds, and form their taste by the study of the profane, immoral, and gross productions of Heathen genius. Knowledge of the revealed mind of God, and self-knowledge, are deemed much less essential than the Latin classics. The tree of prohibited knowledge is coveted, and the tree of life is rejected. If the world be thus deceived by Satan it is no marvel. But that those who believe in Christ for salvation, and are therefore required to come out from among them, and be seperated, should permit the hearts of their children to be thus contaminated, and taught to glory in shame, is inexplicable. however, determine still to be the deluded followers of that multitude who throng the broad way, be entreated to fortify the susceptible hearts of your unsuspecting children with the antidote before you permit them to imbibe the poisonthen if they receive the deadly mixture it cannot hurt them. This doctrine is, we are aware, ill suited to the taste of the world ; but are christians to be conformed to the world?

It is long since the influence, and even the existence of the God of this world, who ruleth in the heart of the disobedient, has been exploded as an old fashioned legend or an obsolete figure of speech.

If you,

The German, the French, and other schools of false philosophy are sound asleep on this alarming subject; consequently the enemy has taken advantage of their situation, liberally to sow his tares among them. These take root inwardly, but bring forth fruit, which cannot be hid; yet they have not sufficiently recovered their senses to say, “surely an enemy hath done this? or to recognize in that enemy, the Devil: of whose devices (the scriptures teach us) we ought not to be ignorant.

For whether as a roaring lion he goeth about seeking whom he may devour, or seduces men from obedience by transforming himself into the semblance of an angel of light, still, he is the enemy.

Christ teaches that certain characters are of their father, the Devil, and his works they will do. Paul teaches by the same spirit, that Satan blinds the minds of men, lest the glorious light of the gospel should enlighten their hearts. Again, he testifies that he is the god of this blinded world. He having the bestowment of those things which worldlings covet, and for which they contend, and to whom he will he giveth them. Their service and homage is the tribute he demands, and they willingly render it, to be put in possesion of the lust of the eye, of the flesh, and the pride of life.

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