Aspects of Verdi

الغلاف الأمامي
Dodd, Mead, 1988 - 304 من الصفحات
This collection of original essays ranges widely among the composer's interests and achievements: from his religious views to his skill as a cook, from the politics that galvanized him to the poetry that inspired him, from his earliest compositions to his final masterwork, Falstaff, completed at the age of 80. Drawing on original research and scholarship, this book also contains two of Verdi's early works, never before published in this form; a translated collection of his letters, also heretofore unpublished; the text of the Requiem with indications of Verdi's emphases; and a directory of his operas with sources, casts, theatres, and premiere dates.

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Verdi and the Risorgimento
Ouverture Seite
Gute Nacht meine Tochter Marchese Leonore
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