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the great Source. There is practically a consensus of the experiences of these illumined souls. They have all been made to realize the spiritual nature of the universe, and in this revelation they have discovered the perfect unity of God, man, and the universe—that they are all of the same essence. This essence we call spirit. We see that whatever is the nature of God, that must be the nature of all His manifestations.

In the light of this experience, man looks in upon himself with a new vision. He understands, now, the potencies of Jesus Christ. He sees the rationale of the Master's healings and the sovereignty he manifested over the supposed laws of nature; and there opens before him a vista of the triumphs of humanity in this newly discovered realm of the soul. Looking out, he sees a new world. No longer is it a world of unresponsive solid matter, but a universe partaking of the nature of God.

The Truth sees the whole Cosmic purpose as the process through which the sense-conscious mind of man is transformed to the Spirit-conscious mind of Christ. So, every experience has for its purpose this transformation. Experiences occur that we may learn to distinguish between our false seeing and the true, that we may pass from "sense to soul,” and properly interpret the Divine Purpose, Plan, and Nature. It is not the Truth that the cosmos is a nightmare into which man fell and from which his goal now is to extricate himself.

The Purpose of the Universe.—The Divine Mind desired a mighty thing, the production of which is the purpose of Cosmic existence. And that mighty

thing is a self-induced love-a response to the great love of God. This was so valuable in the mind of God that He dared to let man pass through all the experiences of life in order that it might be brought about, and it is being brought about. Here and there, through the ages, there have arisen souls that have truly responded to the Love which laid down Its life for Man.

So, Truth affirms the reality of the universe in all of its manifestations. Truth bends all its powers to the end that God proposed in the beginning, that the soul of man shall see the universe as it is in Him. The Truth accepts all experiences as actual and as having for their purpose the progression of the soul of man to that place where it knows God, the Source of Being.

How Is Man Related to This Universe!-No survey of the universe is complete or comprehensible which does not include man. He is part of the universe and its every equality is in him. Its nature is his nature, and as we have discovered that the universe is spirit, we are compelled to a spiritual interpretation of man. This means more than the fact that he has a spirit; it means that he is spiritsoul, mind and body.

So I behold a spirit being dwelling in a world of Spirit. This is the final of all analyses and the basis of all true life philosophy. Then arises the mightiest of questions, how is man related to this universe in which he is called to function-related not merely in nature or in time or in space, but how is he related effectively? How is an engineer related to his engine? How does he function in it? This

is the question which man must answer if he is to use successfully this mighty universe and properly co-operate with it in its purpose.

The Transfer of the Universe into Consciousness.—The Truth vision takes man out of the status of a subject to the universe and places him in the realm of mastery. In this vision, man is never the creature of circumstances but is forever the creator and controller of circumstances. No matter how ignorant of this fact he may be, he still makes and shapes circumstances. It is, however, only when he knows his power and consciously exercises it that he becomes sovereign. In the realm of Spirit Man, God's ideal of Himself, is in supreme dominion of his entire circumstances; he is in harmonious relationship with every other idea of God, for one Mind animates all and that is Love.

Three Possible Attitudes. There are only three possible attitudes of mind toward man's relationship to the universe:

First, he is the creature of circumstances and his character and circumstances are shaped by his environing universe.

Second, he is absolutely independent of any universe and the universe in which he seems to function is a delusion.

Third, he is master through Mind of his environment and by his thought he shapes every form, fact and circumstance of his experience.

The author sees and accepts the last of these three concepts. He sees that God is all there is and that He is substance and intelligence. God has a body through which He functions. That body is the uni

verse, and it is through the universe that He expresses Himself. He thinks or feels (for the two are one with Him), and His thought forms a mold into which His substance pours, and behold the thought exists in substance! If this is the method of God functioning it must be the method of beings created in His image, His sons.

Man's Method of Functioning.—“My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.” “As I hear I judge." Man must eternally work as his Father works, and so we have the true method of man's operation. One individual differs from another only because he thinks differently.

So every thought is a mold and shapes something out of the substance of God. If the thought is a true thought, a God thought, the thing that it shapes spells health, well-being or happiness in some form. If it is a thought which does not conform to the Divine Idea, it will shape a disease, a want or a sorrow. When this is perceived all education will be directed to one purpose, the translation of the eternal Reality.

In this vision lies the foundation principle of Truth. There is a consensus of opinion today as to the healing power of thought or prayer; of the phenomenon there are many explanations. Some who do not accept our beliefs may do as great healing as we, for faith is power, and they feel that they prove the truth of their interpretations by their demonstrations. But they prove rather a principle which underlies them all. It is our purpose to find that underlying principle, and we have it in this tremendous discovery. We lay no claim to being

the first discoverers of the principle. We believe that Jesus gave it to the world in word and act; in this age it has been stated in our vernacular by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It is outlined by him in many places but given in boldness in his Essay on "Prospects" and likewise in "The Transcendentalist.” I made it mine through the absolute approval of my soul of the verdicts given by the mightiest of thinkers. Jesus said to Peter, "Upon this rock I build my church,” and I say to you, “Upon this rock I build my church.”

The Eternal Promise.-One promise runs like a golden thread through the Bible; it is the statement that some day things shall be on earth as they are in heaven. To the illumined soul, this means that what is seen to be in the Great Reality shall some day manifest in the experience of man. The Kingdom of Heaven has been discovered to be "at hand", but it has never been "among us." The object of man's life on earth is to attain this goal. That it shall be accomplished is not only the promise of the Scriptures, but it is the anticipation of every true poet and seer in every land and in every time. But human history would seem to belie these fond dreams of our best minds. Not only is the kingdom of earth not the Kingdom of Heaven, but as the years pass it does not seem to approximate it. There has been progress, but with all the refinements it has brought it has yet failed to bring in the Kingdom. In these days close to the experience of the Great War, the cruelest in history, it is not necessary to present statistics or facts in regard to the alarming condition of mankind. Every means that promised the

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