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coming of peace on earth and good will among men has failed. Inventions, discoveries, printing, rapid transit, world interests, education, reforms, charities, philanthropies, social and industrial democracy-not one of these has availed. And when we add that religion in any of its commonly known forms has failed as utterly as any of these lesser means, we are constrained to examine with suspicion anything which claims the power to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

Whatever it is that can transform the kingdom of earth to the Kingdom of Heaven must differ radically from all the ways that the past has known. To the unillumined soul there seems to be no such way. But to find such a way is just what illumination means—the capacity to discern that eternal thing, the apprehension of which contains the potency of all promises. Every problem contains its own solution. Life is a problem, but the answer lies within its heart, and that which Emerson calls "the highest event in nature" is the revelation to the soul of itself and also of its world. This is the key of Being, the apperception of which brings the Kingdom of Heaven at once into expression in the life. It is the rationale of that dynamic edict of Jesus, "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.” The Kingdom of Heaven, now in obscuration, awaits man's discovery of the Truth for its manifestation in him and for him. So impossible has it seemed to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth by anything that man could do, that the world has been constrained to believe that only through the

personal coming of Jesus Christ can the millennium be established. So that, for this advent, men have waited through the ages—and they have waited in vain.

The Struggle of the Race Against Evils.--Mankind has not submitted quietly to the direful evils of life. The world has been engaged in Titanic warfare against every form of evil, but practically to no avail. There is a deep and subtle reason for this calamitous failure; but the cause is obvious to him who knows the Truth. Man has been unsuccessful in his warfare because in his ignorance of the real cause of evil he has fought a seeming cause, which was not a cause at all, but only an effect. Immediately man knows the reason for his unhappiness, he has practically overcome it.

The True Cause of Distress.-If it be true, as Jesus said, that a knowledge of the Truth would make us free, it follows that ignorance of the Truth is the cause of our lack of liberty. This is revelation. We are compelled to see the truth that man is always free, or otherwise the knowledge of the Truth would not make him free.

It is, then, the startling and revolutionary discovery of the eternal freedom of man that is the hope and the compulsion of the New Heaven and the New Earth. So long as man believes himself to be subject to material law, so long is he in bondage. So long as he believes himself to be the victim of disease, so long will sickness prevail on earth. So long as he believes that he is born to poverty—that religion and poverty are twins-so long will lack

have dominion over him. So long as he believes that he is liable to accidents and calamities, so long will he live in fear.

There Is a Way Out.-Man has lived in the without, in the world of appearances. He has believed that experience was his only teacher, and therefore he has constantly reproduced his errors. He has seen diseases and he has reflected and multiplied them. He has seen accidents, and in his very attempts to protect himself against them he has impressed them so vividly into his consciousness that he has constantly produced them. This has been the method and the history of the past. It will continue to be the method unless some new and radically different mode of thinking shall become known to him and be practised by him. There is not enough science in the world to heal his diseases, which multiply with every advance of science. He is sometimes deceived by the changes in the forms of diseases. He boasts of annihilating smallpox, but in doing even what he has done, he has multiplied cancer. He has vitiated the very life blood of the race by his vaccine.

Circumstances the Mirror of the Mind. It is a law of life that we reproduce what we fix our minds on and believe in. In the world of experience there are diseases and deformities, and man has believed that by the study of them he could destroy them. But the result has been, and it always will be, that this study, instead of destroying these enemies of man, increases them. The physicians may cure one particular person of a disease, but they will multiply the number who will have that disease. One malady

after another arises, becomes fashionable, and then dies out. And so at the end of one hundred years of intensive medical practice we are confronted with a diseased race. Among the Jewish people, for over a thousand years, the medical profession did not exist and the Psalmist naively declared: “There was not one feeble person in all their tribes."

Men Knew no Better Way.-If there is no other way, the race is destined to extinction. A better way does exist, but it is not yet known to man as a race. It is the way which Jesus Christ revealed and took. Its secret lies in his words: “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." This is the dynamic center of the Christ revelation so fraught with Titanic powers. It is not a thing that can be lightly estimated; it is an eternal truth, the ramifications of which extend into the very fabric of Being. Its comprehension is the first essential to the understanding of any element of Truth or the working out of any of life's problems. This is what Jesus meant when he declared that we should know the Truth and the Truth should make us free.

The Truth Is the Knowledge of the Kingdom as Present.-To know the Truth, then, is to know that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Here is the secret of the ages, the genius of the revelation of Jesus Christ, the veiled cause of His marvelous powers. In it is revealed to us the perfect creation of God. Here is the Kingdom of Heaven which men postponed until after death or until the Messiah should come. By the declaration of Jesus that Kingdom is present now and here. It is, it was, and it evermore will be. For man to be unaware

of such a momentous thing is enough cause for every disease, every accident, every war, every famine, every lack of the race. This ignorance is the cause of all these human miseries, and being the cause, the cure is, manifestly, knowledge. The knowledge, then, of this transcendentally great Truth is the hope of the world.

A Great Hope Is Man's.-Since he was ignorant that there is in the Great Reality this perfect Creation, man took every other conceivable pattern for his world. Human opinions, imperfect models of sense consciousness, the broken molds of mortal experience, all these have been for him the copies in his book of life. Yet the knowledge of a perfect model is within his grasp. What revelation could be more fraught with promise? It is the only antithesis to the entire group of sense-conscious patterns which the past has so disastrously employed. If this fact were accepted upon the unsupported testimony of Jesus Christ, we might find it too frail to rest upon it the entire weight of human destiny; but the testimony comes from three other sources. First, we are bound to predicate a perfect universe from our fundamental of a perfect Creator ; second, the prophets of all ages have taught the same Real of Reality; and third, it is proclaimed by the intimations of the soul of man and the revealings of God-taught spirits.

The Vital Element of this Revelation.—The whole is not realized by simply believing in the perfect Kingdom. The astonishing thing lies in the fact that a contemplation of this Kingdom reproduces its perfection in the life of man. ne realiz

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