The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography

الغلاف الأمامي
J.T. White, 1897

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الصفحة 74 - Resolved, that all petitions, memorials, resolutions, propositions, or papers relating in any way, or to any extent whatever, to the subject of slavery, or the abolition of slavery, shall, without being either printed or referred, be laid upon the table, and that no further action whatever shall be had thereon.
الصفحة 201 - An incessant attention to preserve inviolate those exalted rights and liberties of human nature for which they have fought and bled, and without which the high rank of a rational being is a curse instead of a blessing.
الصفحة 283 - McNab's parents both died when he was very young, and he was brought up by his grandfather and grandmother.
الصفحة 212 - Fertile as the present age has been in historical works of the highest merit, none of them can be ranked above these volumes in the grand qualities of interest, accuracy, and truth — Edinburgh Quarterly Review, Jan., 1861, This noble work Westminster Review (London).
الصفحة 201 - ... the officers of the American Army do hereby in the most solemn manner, associate, constitute, and combine themselves into one SOCIETY OF FRIENDS, to endure as long as they shall endure, or any of their eldest male posterity, and in failure thereof, the collateral branches, who may be judged worthy of becoming its supporters and members.
الصفحة 280 - He was admitted to the bar, and commenced the practice of his profession in his native town ; but before the end of two years he was elected a Representative in the State Legislature, and during his second year's service was chosen Speaker of the House.
الصفحة 55 - I could not avoid acquiring hereby some degree of expertness in arguing; and especially in discerning and pointing out well-covered and plausible fallacies. I have since found abundant reason to praise God for giving me this honest art By this, when men have hedged me in by what they called demonstrations...
الصفحة 16 - York city, where the boy attended the public schools and entered the university of the city of New York from which he was graduated with honors at the age of twenty-three.
الصفحة 55 - the very sensible and acute collegian ; a young fellow of the finest classical taste, of the most liberal and manly sentiments.
الصفحة 80 - The transaction disclosed by the President's message presents to the minds of the committee conclusive evidence that the British Government, at a period of peace, and during the most friendly professions, have been deliberately and perfidiously pursuing measures to divide these States, and to involve our citizens in all the guilt of treason, and the horrors of a civil war.