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S. J. Stump



Mrs. Terry

G. Watson

Fine Arts

32 Storm, Composition

62 View of Mr. Austen's Farm at T. H. Williams Sapiston

H. Milbourne 33 View from the Old Brighton 63 Noon-day effect: North Wales

Road D.Wolstenhome, Jun. 34 An Artist in his Study 64 Othello, Act III, Scene 3 G. Watson

H. P. Briggs 35 Landscape J. Constable, A.R.A. 65 Chelsea Church' from Cheyne 36 A Banditti Chief looking over

Walk - 'C. R. Stanley
a Rock
C. Eastlake 66 Death of the Woodcock

E. Landseer 37 Prospero releasing Ariel

H. Howard, R. A. 67 Stoats detected at their Re38 View of the Hour-glass Brewery


J. F. Levis D. Wolstenhome, Jun. 39 The Pool of London J. Ward

West Side.
40 Evening ; Pirates landing their

A. B. Johns 68 Study from Nature J. G. Strutt
41 Peasant Girl of the Canton of 69 An Old Woman reading
J. Green

J. Graham 42 Royal Banquet at the Corona- 70 Landscape, Sunset H. Landseer tion of George IV.

71 A View at Stoke, Som. T. Watts G. Jones, A.R.A. 72 Acqua-Pendente, from a sketch 43 A Woman throwing herself be- by G. Cooper, Esq. tween the Fire of Soldiery and

T. C. Hofland a wounded Chief of Banditti 73 The Bowdewston in Borrowdale C. Eastlake

E. Price 44 Caliban plagued by the Spirits 74 View of Abbot's Ford

of Prospero H. Howard, R. A. 45 The Female Soothsayer de- 75 View on the Beach, Yarmouth prired of her power by Paul H. Singleton

76 A Gleaner 46 View from the River : Rich- 77. Matlock, Derbyshire . E. Price mond

T. Watts 78 Scenery in Wicklow W. Cowen 47 A Moonlight J. Linnel 79 Scene from “ Les Precieuses 48 - From the beath-covered moun

Ridicules”A. E Chalon, R. A. tains of Scotia I come"

80 Italian Water-carrier T. Barker J. Partridge

81 Cupid H. Pickersgill, A.R.A. 49 Morning, after a Storm: a scene 82 “ Love among the Roses”

Mrs. Ansley
near Linton, North Devon

W. Linton 83 A Boat in a high Surf
50 The Virgin teaching the Child
to read

T. Barker 84 Evening, Composition J.Gilbert
51 Manfred and the Witch of the 85 Upper Lake of Killarney

W. Coven
Alps... H. Howard, R. A.
52 Cottages at Eshing C. R. Stanley

86 Le Billet A. E. Chalon, R. A.
53 Scene on Cannack Heath 87 Roman Youths at play T.Barker

S. Malkin 88 An Attack on a French Con54 The Veteran W. M'Call voy and Escort near


daluxara by the Empezinado South End.

D. Dighton 55 The Sportsman

H. Walter

89 A Musical Party G. Watson 56 Scene on the Flemish Coast 90 A Brook Scene - F. C. Lewis

J. Wilson 91 Scene in Berkshire; Evening 57 Paper-Mill, Godalming

J. Tennant C. R. Stanley 92 View of St. Bernard's Well ; 38 King Lear, Act II, Scene 4


G. Vincent
H. P. Briggs

93 Juvenile Solicitude W.S.Watson
59 Mont Blanc in the Valley of 94 A Bacchante' . T. Stewardson

Chamouni W. De la Motte 95 View on Taunton Marsh
60 Landscape, with a Cattle Ferry

F. R. Lee
J. V. Barber 96 A tired Soldier H. Singleton
61 View taken from. Chelsea 97 The Infant Christ and St. John
J. T. Serres

H. Singleton

T. Hastings

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*98 Guardian Angels H. Singleton 134 Study of two Old Men (still 99 The Lap-dog J. F. Lewis living:) who fought at Minden

T. S. Good
100 Dead Chame

G. Miles

136 Remains of a Castle on the Coast

of Pifeshire Mrs. Terry
North End.
137 Maseppa -

T. Foster 100 Dovedale, Derbyshire E. Price 138 A Roman Beggar attended by mi Landscape: Evening T. Banker

a Woman of Sonino C. Eastlake 102 A Sleeping Venus C. Sherif 139 Dead Game

G. Mäles 103 An Artist selecting a Sketch

140 View on Loch-Lomond T. Roth

Mrs. Terry 104 Moonlight - J. Hollins 141 Ronding the News T. S. Good 105 Travellers from Chamouni 142 Courtship:

T. Clater
J.J. Masquerier 143 Peasant's wife and Child
106 Landscape, Composition : Even-

J. Graham
H, Landseer 144 Good Humour

A. Frazer 107 Landscape · P. Reinagle, R. A.

145 Edith

T. Stewardson 108 View of a Wooden Bridge near

146 Cupid. J. Jackson, R. A.
Luch-Katrine :: Nasmith 147 Grey-hounds resting

A. 209 Scene at White Knights

E. Landseer T. c. Hofland 148 Yarmouth Jetty 110 The Prodigal Son J. Graham

J. Constable, A.R.A. 111 Young Bird-catcher W. Davison

149 Wedding Morning T. Clater 112 Lake of Lugano W. Coven

150 Rebecca unveiling. Vide Ivan113 Dovedale, Derbyshire E. Price


J. Graham 114 Puos in favour B, R. Faulkner

151 Mary Queen of Scots, with 15 The Dancing Bear

Rizzio, &c.

W. Ross
W.F. Witherington 152 Cupid and Psycho

D. Guest 118 Latimers, from Chenies, Bueks.

153 Don't wake the Baby G, Samuel

T. Steroardson 117 Lord Bolton's Game-keeper's 184 Possession in Jeopardy Cottage, at Bazing W. Lewis

T: Woodward 118 Landscape J. Wauthier 155 Flowers •

Miss E. Coppin 119 Cottage at Rydal C. Deare 120 Cupid sheltering his Darling

South End. from the Storm

W. Etty 121 Cottage at Hodsden Green

156 Escape of the Mouse J. Burnett G. Hughes 157 Dead Game

B. Blake 122 Morning : effect after a Storm ;

158 Cottage in Cardiganshire Regent's Park 5. Hayter

W. Payne 123 View in the Valley of Cha

159 Landscape: Evening J. Hughes
inoani w. De la Motte 160 A Party of Pleasure

R. T. Bone
East Side.

161 Boy and Donkey E. Landseer

162 A Hare, with red-legg'd Par124 Study of a Hunter's Head and


G. Miles Fox Hound H. B. Chalon 163 Brenda Troil. Vide Pirate, 125 Warwick Castle R. B. Harraden

Chap. III

Miss Jones 126 Cattle; an approaching Storm 164 Portico of a Pavilion near the

of 127 Nortli end of Calais Pier 165 A Study

H, Walter J. Wilson 166 A Grove Scene E. Childe 128 Adam and Eve entertaining the 167 Composition on Hampstead Angel Raphael J. Martin Heath

E. Goodall
129 Toilet deranged · J. Harrison 168 Windsor Castle: Moonlight
130 Stady from Nature in Turzell

T. C. Hofland

E. Hastings 169 Henry VIII. and Francis I. 131 Kepilworth Castle

crowned Victor's at the TourR. B. Harraden nament of the Cloth of Gold 132 Cattle, Evening. T. Barker

F. P. Stephanoff 133 Fishing Boats; a Calm

170 Pointets

J. F. Lewis
J. Wilson 171 View near Tintern W. Payne



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Fine Arte

172 Coast Scone, with Figures

209 Spaniels

JR Lennie No Chantoys 210 Battle of Strigonium 173 Infancy Mise E, Jonda

4. Caoper, R. Ale 174. Market-place at Orleans, with a 211 Head of a Polish Jew

Mrs. W. Carpenter
Statue of Jeanne d'Arc

G. Jones, A.R. A. 212 Loading a Carti 6. Childa 175 An Ass's Head N. Chantry 213 Evening ; a Scene in Wieklow 176 Head of an Old Man.), Graham

JA A. O'Connor 177 Eltruda

G. Bestland: 214 Landscapa. P. Reinagle, R. A. 178 The Bulfinch in danger,

215 Afternoon in September. Com Mrs. W. Carpenter


M, Peacock 179 Frais

& Platt, Jun. 216 View on the Thames near the 180 Cash-account examined.

Patent Shot Tower G. Deane
W. M*Call 217 Death of Adonis

R. T. Bone 181. A Farm Yard E. Childe

218 View on the Balls of Jumel 182 View on Crostwich Common

C. Torone
J.B, Ladbrook 219 Study of an Old Man's Head

W*. Emerson
183 View of the Bay of Naples and
Vesuvius, from Capo di Monte 220 Landscape , Composition
J. W. Morgan

J. B. Ladbrooke 184 Landscape

T. Smith 221 Landscape; Composition, 185. Manfred stabs his Daughter by

W. Willes
mistake, at the Tomb of Al 222, Maria Grazie, the wife of a Brin

J. Taylor
gand Chief

W. Brockedon 186 Cheerfulness Mrs. W. Carpenter 223 Landscape ;. Composition

J. Barnicle

Evening 187 Knaresborough. 7. C. Hoftand 188 New Road to Matrimony; or

224, Scene near Sandhurst New Marriage Act

A Wilson 1. Ingalton 225 Baggago halting J. A. Atkinson 189 View in Bragwood J Linnel 226. Dhe Bigd-nester. 4. T. Berlin 190. Ale-house Door E. Childe

SOUTH ROOM, West Side, 191 View of Dollgelly J. Varley

West, Side, 192 View. of Sunnin P. Nasmyth 227 Hare and wild. Rowl-G. Stevens 193. The Four Sisters, a remarkable' 228 Water-spout, ngas Albania; Priz Chestnut in Cobham Park

tish Men-of-war J. Cartwright

J. G. Strutt 229 Shooting Poney and Pointer 194 View in the Shrubbery, South

J. W. Lambert
Ead W. R. Bigg. R. A. 230 Composition, from Sketches in
195 Scene near

the Vale of Llanillted
A. Wilson

J. V. Barber 196 Scene near Lyndhurst

231 Forest Scenes B. Barker J. Wilson 232 A Study

Miss Adams 197 Sketch near Battersea

233 The Woodman E. Hastings H. Chapman 234 The Toilet

J. Haytex
198 Distant View of Bamburgh: 235 Game

B., Blaka

E. Hastings 236 Salvator Rosa's Study
199 Scene at Malton J. Tennent

W 200 View of Chelsea Chas. Deane 237. Landscape, with Cattle 201 A popular Actor in Henry LV,

A. B. Van Warrollo J. Jackau, k. A, 238 Landscape G, A. Phillips 202 The Death of Priam H. P. Bone 239 Study from a Shepherd of Spon 203 Study from Nature H. Jones


W. Brokedon 204 View from Vauxhall E. Childe 240 Dr. Primrose selling, Black, 205 Vision of Zechariah


R. B. Davis
W, Brockedon 241 Master Simon the Doctor, with
206 Study from Nature

Brumo, imposes upon Calan-
R, R. Reinagle, A. R. A. drino

J.M. Wright
207 View near Stirling Castle 242 Annual Orations on, St. Mate

C. Bayley

thews's Day, at Christ's Hos208 Moonlight .... G. Vincent pital T. Stothard, R. A

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243 Fish-pond; Evening

280 Interior, with Game B. Blake

Miss Landseer 281 Girl with Flowers J. Graham 244 Twilight H. B. Ziegler 282 The eager Terrier E. Landseer 245 Market, and Fountain of the 283 Watchman awake W. Kidd

Innocents .. J.J. Chalon 284 Horses'in a Thunder-storm; a 246 Death of Moses in sight of the Sketch

T. Woodward promised Land

E. Chatfield 285 View at Sunning P. Nasmyth 247 Study from Nature

286 Poultry

- G. Vincent J. R. Wildman 287 View from the Grounds of Lord 248 Fall of the River Llagwy, near Northwick's Villa at Harrow Capel-Curig H. B. Žiegler

W. Linton 249 Belinda at her Toilet Fradelle 288 Eloise

T. Stewardson 250 Battle of Naseby

289 Scene in Devonshire A. Cooper, R. A.

T. H. Williams 251 View on the River Thames, at 290 Landscape and Cattle W. Cozens

1. Hadley P. Nasmyth 291 Which way are the Hounds 252 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea


T. Woodward C. Deane 292 The Brook

W. Walsh 253 Wood Scene in the Marshes, 293 Study of a Terrier M. T. Ward near Yarmouth J, S. Cotman

294 Mercury and Argus J. Christall 254 View on the Thames, near the 295 Village Scene, Old Bazing Isle of Dogs R. Adams

W. Lewis 255 Landscape and Cattle J. Puller 256 Tivoli J. V. Barker

East Side. 257 View on the Burle, near Dulverton G. Samuel 296 Study of a Dog

T. Hartley 258 View of the Baller of Buchan, 297 Woodcock Shooting on the coast of Scotland

È. C. Turner J.J. Masquerier 298 The naughty Child A. Fraser 259 The Young Anglers H. Smith 299 Interior of Tintern Abbey 260 Study of a Spaniel H, Briggs

P. Williams 261 An Oyster-shop A. Fraser 300 Eastnor Castle J. Barnicle 262 The Artist's Study

301 View at Miltown J.A.O Connor. E. V. Rippingille 302 Cupid S. Drummond, A.R.A. 263 Selling Rabbits - W. Kidd 303 Davie Dean's rejecting the Ad264 Cottages in the New Forest

vice of Saddletree and Butler T. J. Judkin

H. P. Parker 304 Sea-piece

C. Deane South End.

305 Cottage at River Head

J. G. Strutt 265 Macbeth entering the Cave of 306 Moonlight;

Scene the the Witches J. Barney, Sen. Thames

J. Ward 266 Mountebank Procession

307 Lady Carlisle's Visit to Lilly R. B. Davis

J. Carse 267 Crossing the Stile W. S. Watson 308 Waiting for the Boat 268 Itinerant Musician E. Harding

W. Ingalton 269 Landscape

W. Adams 309 View on Barnes Common 270 Lane at Blackheath Mrs. Terry

E. Childe 271 Interior of a Farrier's Shop 310 The two Marys visiting the

W. Kidd Sepulchre of Christ J.J. Halls 272 Reading Kenilworth on the 311 Jenny

R, Farrier spot

T. Fielding 312 The Kiss refused S. Woodin 273 Swallow's Nest W. M*Cait 313 The Old Man and his quarrel274 Game

· B. Blake.
some Sons

J. Carose 275 View from Lord Northwick's 314 Samson and Dalilah C. Sherriff

Villa at Harrow W. Linton 315 North View of Bamburgh Cas276 Shepherd's Boy and Pipe


E. Hastings R. Mendham 316 Scene on the Via Triumphalis 277 Composition : B. Barker

M. E. Thomas 278 Maniac visited by his Children 317 Bolton Abbey C. Deane J. P. Davis 318 The Pedlar

R. Farrier 279 Girl with Pruit . J: Graham 319 A Study

W. Wate

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321 Dranght Players. W. Novice

SCULPTURB: 322 Sailor singing at an Alehouse Door

C. Harding 331 Panathenaic Procession 323 Cottage Scene, Sunset

J. Henning P. Reinagle, R. A. 332 Andromeda

J. Cundy 324 Landscape and Cattle

333 Bust of Lord Nelson J. H. Capper

0. Rossi, R. A. 323 View at Lausanne H. W. Burgess 334 Adam and Eve lamenting over North End.

the dead Body of Abel

J. Wood 326 Landscape : J. Tennant 335 Ajax forcing Cassandra from 327 The Post Horse G. H. Laporte the Temple of Minerva 328 Christ instituting the Last

H. Rossi Supper . P. A. Gaugain 336 Venus at the Bath C. Moore 329 The Race Horse G. H. Laporte 337 Eve at the Fountain 330 Eruption of Mount Vesuvius

E. H. Baily, R. A. J. M. Whichelo



FOREIGN PARIS. -Great Prize for Paint- hall is to be erected near the centre ing. The subject given by the Aca- of the city, where there may be the demy was Orestes and Pylades greatest "number of convenient ap. from the Iphegenia of Euripides. proaches. The first great prize was The Academy decided that there awarded to Emile James Gilbert, of was no picture entitled to the Paris, twenty-nine years old, and principal grand prize, but they pupil of M. Vignon (Barthelemi). adjudged two secondary grand The second grand prize was won by prizes, the first to M. Augustus M. Peter Francis Louis Fontaine, a Hyacinthe Debay, a native of Nantes, native of Pontoise, in the department in the department of the Lower of the Oise, pupil of Messrs. Percier Seine, eighteen years and a half old, and Fontaine, members of the Insti. and a pupil of M. Gros, a member of tute. The second prize (of the sethe Institute: the second to M. cond class) was awarded to M. Francois Bouchot of Paris, twenty- Jules Frederic Bouchet, of Paris, two years old, a pupil of M. Le twenty-two and a half years old. Thiers, member of the Institute. pupil of Messrs. Debret and Guix. The Academy also voted an honor- epin, architect to the government. ary mention and a silver medal to The Academy further yoted an hoM. Sebastien-Louis Willen Noblin, porary notice and a medal to Mr. a native of Warsaw, twenty-five years Leon" Vaudoyer, of Paris, aged old, and pupil of M. Regnault. twenty-nine years, and pupil of Great Prize for Sculpture. The sub- Messrs. Vaudoyer and Lebas, ar. ject given by the Academy was chitects to government; and the Jason carrying, away the golden Academy decreed that in their public fleece. The principal grand prize meeting an especial notification was not awarded, but two secondary should be made of the great satisgrand prizes were distributed, the faction afforded to them by the geone to M. Charles-Marie-Emile neral merit of the school of archiLanrie, of Paris, twenty-four years tecture. old, pupil of M. Cartellier, member The purchase of M. Drouetti's of the Institute; the other to M. Louis fine collection of Egyptian antiques Deprez, of Paris, aged twenty years, having been refused by the French a pupil of M. Bosio, member of the

government, the

whole of them have Institute.

been carried to Turin, in consideraGreat Prize for Architecture.- tion of a pension for life, granted to The sabject of the medal was, a de- the proprietor by the Sardinian sigo for a hall of rehearsal, (salle government. defénitive) for the Opera-house. This The four pictures of L. M. Ducis, Eur. Mag. Feb. 1823.


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