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النشر الإلكتروني


The Lady of Herbert Barret Curteis, esq. of The Lady of Money Wigram, esq.
Sussex, M. P.

The Lady of Sir Thomas Whelan, at Torquay, The Lady of Benjamin Burton, esq. Glouces. Devon ter-place, Portman-square.

The Lady of S. H. Israel, esq. Kepple Street The Lady of J. Buxton, Ensham Hal, Oxon. The Lady of John Lock, esq. The Lady of the Rev. W. L. Buckle, at Wat- The Lady of David Lousada, esq. Gower street tington, Oxon

The Lady of Dr. Seymour, at Florence Tbe Lady of J. C. Maddison, esq. at Haish The Lady of Thomas B. Williams, esq. Pad. House, Dorsetshire.

dington The Lady of Captain Edward Harvey, R. N. The Lady of George Dickson, esq. St. George's at Sandwich.

Hill, Everson
The Lady of Lieut. Henry Campbell, esq. at Lady Jane Peel, Stratton-street
Huntly, Aberdeenshire

The Lady of. R. Dalton, esq. Gibbing Hall, The Lady of Hepry Fisher Bidgood. esq. Rock

Sussex bear Court, Deron

The Lady of William Woolurich, esq. Crorley Lady Harriet Jones, at Lansaintfread, Mon. House, Herts.

DAUGHTERS. The Lady of the Rev.J. D. Preston, at Askam, The Lady of Prancis Vincent Marins Moreau, Yorkshire

esq. Berners-street The Countess

of Uxbridge, Grosvenor-place The Lady of Alexander Thompson, esq. Naples The Lady of Sir James Lane, Dorset-street The Hon. Mrs. Charles Boulton, Chapel-street, The Lady of Wm. G. Kirkpatrick, esq. Isle- Grosvenor-square worth, Middlesex

The Lady of the Rev.J. Swice, Doncaster The Lady of John Campbell, esq. Duke-street The Lady of Thomas F. Reynolds, Wallington Westminster

The Lady of the Rev. J. Oliver, Clifton Lady Morris, at Bryu, Glamorganshire

The Lady of Samuel Platt, esy. Queen-street, The Lady of C. B. Wilson, esq. Wobum-place Mayfair The Lady of Capt. J. N. Burton, at Barnbam Mrs. J. Broad, Upper Cadogan-place Wood

The Lady of J. R. Bernard, esq. Port-auThe Lady of Miles Marley, esq. Vigo-lane

Mrs. S. Child, Walworth


OM Bartlett, Thomas, esq. of Buckingham, to Hibbert, T. esq. of Britlas Hall,Cheshire, to

Handscome, Miss E. Newport,Pagnell, Bucks. Cholmondeley, Misy C. H. Knutsford Beckwith, Rev. Hen. A. Vicar of St. Michael Lawson, A. esq. of Aldborough Lodge, Yorks.to le Bellfrey's, to

Sherlock, Miss M. A. M. daughter of T. 8. G. Powell, Miss M. Hatton-garden

Member for Suffolk Brandram, F. Holes, esq. of the Albany, to Lloyd,

L. esq. of New Norfolk-st. Park-lane, to Bedford, Mies M. Elmsburst, near Bath

Champion, Mrs. M. Grosvenor-square Breach, Mr. W. of Tolse Hill, Surrey, to Middleton,Rev. R. of Gwaynynog, Denbighs to Ulrate, Miss Sarah, Clapham-road

Farmer, Miss L. daugbter of the late Sir Buller, J. B.Yard,esg. of Lupton-b.

Devonsh, to G. W. F. Bart
Wilson, Miss E. Wootton-park, Staffordshire Manley, Rev. J. of Wrotham, to
Ball,Mr.S. T. of Holles-court, Cavendish-sq.to

Moore, Miss C. M. daughter of the Rev.G.M. Magsal, Mrs.P.E. Kentish Town

Rector of Wrotham Bugden, Capt. of Holmes-h. Nutfield, Surry, to Nordenskjold, Capt C. R. to Moore, Miss C. Twickenham

Lindsay, Miss M. daughter of the late Rer. Baynes, Rev. E. of Week St. Mary, Cornwah,to Dr. Lindsay, Grove Hall

Conran, A. daughter of Maj. Gen. H. Conras Plunkett, W. esq. of Southampton, to
Cayler, Major Sir C. Bart, of St. John's Lodge, Browne, Miss M. A. of Lymington, Hanta.
Herts, to

Robinson, G. esq. of Fenchurch-street, to Halifax, Miss F. daughter of the Rev. R.P.H. Vanderstgen, Miss F. Cane-end House, Oxon Crichten, Rev. A. of Badlesmere, Kent, to Roberts, Capt. W.G. R.N. to

Sims, Miss S. daughter of the Rev. W. B. Wyndham, Miss F. Dinton, Wirts.
Sims, Rector of West Bergholt, Essex Shaw, Mr. J. of Essex-street, to
Chisholm, Rev.C. Vicar of Preston, to

Oliver, Miss, of Gower-street
Patterson, Miss M. daughter of the late Warwick, Guy, esq. of Lincoln's-inn, to
R.C.T. Pattenson of Ibornden, Kent

Slee, Miss É. C. Hatton-garden Dagbe,H.esq. of Manchester-st. Manches.-sq. to West, Rev. H, Rector of Berwick, to Mathias, Miss A. of New Burlington-street, Barker, Miss L. daughter of the late Sir R. Saville-ros

• Bart Penshaw, Capt. Henry, R. N. to

Walpole, Rev, J.H. of Button Valence, Kent, to Luttrell, Mise C. Devonshire-st. Porland-pl. Meriton, Miss S. of Peckham, Surrey



Angerstein, J.J. Bsq. Woodlans, Blackheath, 91-Alston, Thomas, esq. Harrold-house, Bedfordshire, 68

Bulcock, J. esq. Bath-Blake, R. eng. M. P. Lynster, Sussex and Essex-street-Miss C. A. dangteter of the late A. Baildon, M, D. of the Hon. k. 1 Service, St. Helena Bruce, Rev. S. M. A. Vicar of Ingleshan-Brooke, Mr. G. Ed.

bury-street, Chelsea, 101-Bucknall, Hon. H. Reetor of Pitmareh--Batty, Ann, wife of Dr. Batty, Fairlight-lodge, near Hastings

Concannon, Lucius, esq. M. P. Regent's park - Cole, Hannab, the wife of W. Cole, esq. London-house-yard, St. Paul's, 33 - Sarah, M. daughter of B. Currey, eng. Great-george-street. Westminster, 9-Catharine Aana, daughter a. (London, Feb. 25.) COTTON.--The demand for Cotton

the late A. Baildon, D. M. of the Hon. E. I. Company's Service, St. Helena-Cadicoate, J. esq. Stamp-office-Caulfield, Lord, only son of the earl of Charlemont, at France, in his way to Paris, 20–Carr, Lady, relict of Sir R. Carr, late of Hampton-Cowper, the Hon. E. Spencer Alice, Mrs. wife of w. Crawley, esq. Charterhouse-square

Danson, R. esq. Barrister, Middle Temple, 66

Evans, J. esg. Tooting, Surrey, 71-Edwards, G. esq. M.D. Barnard-castle, county of Durham

W.Joyner Ellis, esq. Berkeley-Élwyn, Anna wife of Mr. G. Blwyn, Hythe, 41-Adock Austen infant daughter of Mr. J. Forbes, Mecklenburgsquare-Forbos, J. esq. Tavistock-place, Russel-square, 72

The infant son of A. Gordon, esq. ClaphamGarratt, Marianne, wife of F. Garrait, esq. Ella Combe, near Torquay

Hilton, Sophia, the wife of J. Hilton, Croome's Hill, Greenwich Hutton, C. L.L.D. and F.R.S. Bedford-row-Mrs. relict of the Rev. G. Hodgkins, Stoke Newington, 58

Jenner, Dr. Berkley, 74—Jones, James, D. D. Archdeacon of Hereford, Upper Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, 92—Jobnson, Charles, esq. son of J. Johnson, esq. of Danson, Kent

Kemp, Arthur, Admiral of the Red, Falmouth, 80--Kannen, Dr. M. of West-end, Hampstead The infant son of Neven Kerr, esq. Pennsbury. place, Clapham

Lister, Gen. Col. St. Alwins, near Fairford, Glocestershire-Lewis, William, esq. HendonLitford, Lady, Clifton

Moore, Rev. T. Rector of North and Foot's Cray, Kent, 86_Mead, Rer, W. Rector of Dunstable, Bedfordshire-Mason, Mrs. relict of the láte W. Mason, esq. Amcott's-house, Retford Magdalen, Countess Dowager of Dysart, Piccadilly

Ogle. Lieut. Col. of the E. I. Company' Ser. vice, St. Helena

Powell, esq. of Wilson-street, Finsbury-sq.

72—Parrell, Mrs. Mary, wife of S. Parrel, esq.
Deptford, 71 - Price, T. esq. Highgate, 64 —
Phillips, Mrs. widow of the Rev. G. Phillips-
Pryce, Edward, esq. East-place, Lambeth, 76

Robins, Matthew, esq: Denmark-hill-Rupert, Sir G. Bart. Willesden-house, Middlesex, 74-Rumbold, Lady, widow of Sir T. Rumbold, Bart. Harley-street-Anna Maria, daughter of A. T. Rawlinson, esq. Chadlington, Oxfordshire -Robinson, J. esq. Stamford-Mary, daughter of Sir Hew D. Ross, Stonehouse, Cumberland

Sowerby, J. esq. Putteridge, Bury-Smith, W. esq. Surrey-squaro-Slade, Mr.' Thomas, Barnards-inn, 73-Seally, Mrs. Jane, wife of H. Seally, esq. Haydon-square-Slaughter, H. esq. Kensington, 67—Sapsworth, S. esq. Claremont-terrace, Pentonville-Skinner, Rev. J. D. D. Rector of Poulshot, New-lodge, Salisbury

- Ann, daughter of Mr. G. Steel, Canonburylane, Istington · Tatham, Mrs. widow of the late T. Tatham, R. N. Highgate, 68_Trevanion, W. esq. Hollybush, near Litchfield-Tickell, Mrs. daughter of the late H. Tickell, esq. London

Voocht, Mrs. C. relict of W. Voocht, eseWestham-abbey-Vincent, Mrs. wife of G Vincent, esq. Berkeley-square

Wolfe, Mrs. Lucy, wife of J. Wolfe, esq. Woodhall, county of Essex, 71–Weston, esg. Fenchurch-street, and Upper Homerton, 63 -Waghorn, Mrs. Sarah, wife of T. Waghorn, esq. late of the Stock Exchange, 86_Woodthorpe, Jun. Mr. Henry Halloway, 73—White, Rev. R. Y. D. Valence, Hants—Samuel R, the infant son of the Rev. R. Webb, minor canon of St. Paul's cathedral-Alexia, widow of the late Matthew Wise, esq.-Whittington, Mrs. Pane, daughter of the late Col. F. Martin, Devizes, 59 -Mrs. Ann, wife of Dr. Charle, Wake, War. wick

Mrs. widow of J. Young, esg. Moria-place, Southampton


went off without briskness, and all desince our last has been brisk and ex- scriptions (with the exception of Detensive; an advance of fully fd. per Ib. merara and Berbice, which are much on the Cottons of the late India House wanted for home consumption) sold sale has been freely realised. The pur- about 28. per cwt. lower than the prechases since our last exceed 9000 bags, vious prices by private contract; good the greater proportion taken on spect- ordinary Jamaica extensively 1065. a lation. The following are the particu. 1098.; fine ordinary, 11ls. a 113s. 68.; Jars ; 4000 Bengals, 5 d. and 5ld. ordi. fine fine ordinary, 1148. a 117s.; ordinary, 5 d. a 5 d. fair, 5d, and 57d. good nary middling, 1198. a 122s.; 167 casks fair; 2000 Surats, 5 d. and 5 d. mid- 218 bags St. Domingo, of a very good dling and fair, -5 d. and 6d. good fair, quality, sold 1078. a 109s. 6d. The 6fd. and 6 d. good; 1000 Madras, 5.d. Demerara and Berbice fully supported and 6d. good fair and good; 18 Bour. the previous prices by private contract; bon, fair 11d.; 600 Pernams, fair 12d. ordinary middling, 1248. a 1268., midgood 124d.; 600 Boweds, 7 d. fair, 8d. dling, 1268. a 130s., good and fine mid: and 8 d. good: and 500 do. at public dling, 1328. and 1378. sale, 71d. and 7fd. ordinary, 7d, and CORN.-The vessels wbich had been 72d. fair, 7d. a 8 d. good and prime; so long detained by the late stormy all in bond.

weather arrived last week, and brought SUGAR.—The demand for Musco. the largest supply of Wheat, Flour, vades continued brisk and extensive till Malt, and Oats that we have had since towards the close of the market last harvest. The sales were so extensive week, when the request became limited, last week, that very little remained no doubt owing to the immense sales over; and having but a small fresh arJately effected; the late advance in tbe rival of Wheat, and some distant buyers, prices was fully supported.

the trade was very brisk, and the finest COFFEE.—The public sales of Coffee runs have been taken off at an advance last week were considerable, consisting of Ps. a 3s. per quarter, with some im. of 939 casks and 685 bags; the whole provement in inferior qualities.



Extracted from the London Gazette.

N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street, unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are in Parenthesis.

Bradshaw, R. Bolton, cotton-manufacturer. Douglass, J. & D. Russell, Fleet-street,

drapers. Matthews, T. Starston, Norfolk, farmer. Eastwood, J. Meltham, Yorkshire, clothier.

BANKRUPTCIES ENLARGED. Allen, C. Taristock-street,Covent-garden, wool- Shackle, J. Milk-street, Cheapside, hosier, from len-draper, from Feb. 4, to March 25.

Jan. 18, to March 8. Heath, W.T. Cushion-court, Broad-street, mer- Johnson, B. J. Houndsditch, cabinet-maker, ebant, from Feb. 4, to Feb. 15.

from Dec. 17, to Feb. 4.

BANKRUPTS. Adams, J. Stamford, Lincolnshire, liquor-mér.' monger. (Hutchinson, Crown-court, Thread chant.(Handley and Wing, Gray's-inn-square.

needle-street. Allen, A. jan. Topping's-wharf, Tooley-street, Child, J. of Bristol, grocer. (Vizard and Co. provision - merchant. (Tanner, Fore- street,

Lincoln's-inn fields. Finsbury-square,

Collins, R. Regent street, Oxford-street,' car. Armstrong, W. Arundel-street, Strand, tailor. pet-dealer. (Fisher, Fnrnival's-inn. (Young, Poland-street, Oxford-street.

Donlan, M. J. J. Cleveland-court, St. Jame's. Atmore, W.C. Wood-street, Manchester, ware. place, St. James's-street, tailor. (Maples, houseman, (Clabon, Mark-lane.

Pearse, and Hunt, Frederick's-place, Old Arnold, C. Axminster, Devonshire, surgeon,

Jewry. (Santer, Chancery-lane.

Davis, E. Chancery-lane, xiotualler. (Arandell, Blair. G. and w. Plimpton, Lower Thames- Furnival's-inn.

12,427 street, seedsman. (Dawes and Chatfield, An- Dewsnop, W.C. St. Bride's-court, Bridgestreet, gel-court, Throgmorton street,

Blackfriars, painter. (Keeliug and Beck, Bowman, J. Saiford, Lancashire, dyer. (Apple

Tokepbouse-yard. by and Sergeant, Gray's-inn-square.

Dudley, T. Brighton, carpet-dealer. (Munday, Bainbridge, J. Queen-street, Cheapside,woollen- Furnival's-inn, Holborn. draper. (Hodgson and Ogden, St. Mildred's- Elam, T. W. Bradford, Wiltshire, clothier. (W. court, Poultry,

and D. Richardson, Walbrook. Bradshaw, L. Adlington, Lancashire, dealer. Evans, R. P. Bernard-street, Russell-square, (Norris, John-street, Bedford-row.

mercbant. (Knight and Fyson, BasinghallBireb, J. Birmingham, jeweller. (Alexander,

street. Carey-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields.

Porek, F.W.Whitechapel-road, baker. (Wright, Barton, J. Freckenbam, Suffolk, innkeeper.

Fenchurch-street. (Dixon and Sons, Gray's-inn-square.

French, J jun., Keyford, Somerset, clothier. Blanden, W. sen., Bast Malling, kent, farmer. (Ellis, Holborn.court, Gray's-inn. (Brace and Selby, Surrey-street, Strand.

Fitzgerald, T. Lawrence Pountney-hill, mer. Brecknell, S. of Whitstones, Claines, Worces- chant. (Deane, Lincoln's inn-fields.

tershire, hop-merchant. (Cardale and Co. Gadderer, C. E. Lime-street-square, insuranceGray's-inn.

broker. (Browne, Welbeck-street, CavendishBoulton, J. Rowarth, Derby, publican. (Makin- square. son, Middle Temple.

Green, J. Great Yarmouth, brick-maker. (FranBoyle Eliza, Leicester Square, printer. (Brook

cis, New Boswell-court. ing, Lombard-street.

Gooodrich, S.Pamswick, Gloucestershire, baker. Backhouse, J. jun. Prome-Selwood, Somerset, (Dax, Son, and Meredith, Guildford-atreet. dyer. (Ellis, Holborn-court, Gray's-inn.

Greatrex, C. B. Aberley, Worcestershire, apoBickers, w. Great Titchfield-street, Oxford- thecary. (Norton and Chaplin, Gray's-ian

street, liben-draper. (Bell and Brodrick, Bow square. Church-yard.

Green, J. & J.Somerleyton,

brick-makers. (SteBarlow, W. & J.Sheffield, razor-mangfacturers. vens, Maples, Pearse, and Hunt, Frederick's(Tilson and Preston, Coleman-street.

square, Old Jewry. Byrne, T. King - street, Bryanstone-square, Hallen, S. Bradley, Stafford, iron-merchant. tailor. (Robinson and Hipe, Charterhouse- (Hurd and Johnson, Temple. square.

Hamilton, R. Liverpool, merchant. ('Taylor and Brown, W. Burton-upon-Humber, nurseryman. Roscue, Temple. (Hicks, Gray's-inn-square.

Holahan, P. London street, Fenchurch-street, Blount, Q. Liverpool, iron-inerchant. (Clarke, wine-merchant. (Lang, Fenchurch-street.

Richards, and Medcalf, Chancery-lane. Harrison, H. Southwark-bridge, Stone-wharf, Beaumont, J.Hunter-street, Brunswick-square, stone-mason. (Hayward, Took's-court, Cur

coach-maker. (Richardson and Pike, Golden- sitor-street. square.

Hlavell, H. Bucklebury, Berkshire, baker. (HaCulverhouse, C. Waleot, Somersetshire, flour. milton and Twining, Berwick-street, Soho.

factor. (Egan and Waterman, Essex-street, Isherwood, Worthley, Yorkshire, cloth-manuStrand.

facturer. (Mackinson, Middle-Temple, Chalk, J. Blackfriar's - road, coach . maker. Johnson, w. Addington - place, Camberwell,

(Young, Hughes, and Co. Mildred's-court, butcher(Castle,Middleton-street, Clarkenwell. Poultry.

Jones, J. S. Frome-Selwood, Somerset, linens Cumming A.J. High-street, Southwark, cheese- draper. (Ellis. Holborn-court, Gray’s-inn.


James. T. Chepstow, Monmouth, grocer. Symes, W.Crewkerne, Somerset, linen-draper.

(Bourdillion and Hewitt, Bread-st,Cheapside. (Jenkins and Co. New-inn. Jameson, J. Little Queen-street, coach-maker. Sampson, J. H. Scalcoates, Yorkshire, mer

(Saunders and Bailey, Charlotte-street, Fizt- chant. (Rosser and Son, Bartlett's-buildings. roy-square.

Spice, R. G. Drury-lane, dealer in ham and Jardiain, J. Cumberland-street, New-road, up- beef. (Bousfield, Chatham-place.

holsterer. (Knight and Fyson, Basinghall- Salter, J. and J. S. Foster, Kingston, Surry, street.

brewers. (Rippen, Great Surty-street, BlackJohnson, D. Nantwich, Cheshire, druggist. friars. (Wilds, Chancery-lane.

Scammell, R. Fronic-Selwood, Somersetshire, Kelsey, W., and T. Kelsey, of Heckdyke, Mis. fuller (Williams, Red Lion-square.

terton, Nottinghamshire, hemp and dax dea- Sprinks, W. Brixton, Surrey, baker. (Chippenlers. (Hicks, Gray's-inn-square.

dale and Yallop, GreatQueen-street, Lincoln'sKing, W. Edgeware-road, cheesemonger. (Pop- inn-fields. kin, Dean-street, Soho.

Stevens, J. Newgate-street, carpet-warehouseLarbalestier, J. and J. Warwick, New Basing

(Pasmore, Warnford-court, Throghall-street, wine-merchants.(Butler, Watling. morton-street. street.

Spencer, J. Eagle-street, Red Lion-square, liLittlefield, J. Portsea, plumber. (Young, Po- very stable-keeper. (Shirriff, Salisbury-st. land-street.

Lane, T. Chandos-street, oil-man. (Dawes and Smith, T. Watling st. warehouseman. (Brook.

Chatfield, Angel-court, Throg morton-street. ing, Lombard-street.
Lister, S. and W., and W. Walker, Lawrence- Safford, S. late of Mettingham, Suffolk, farmer,

lane, Cheapside, warehousemen. (Pringle, (Clark and Co. Chancery-lane.
Queen-street, Cheapside.

Stirk, W. Beeston, Yorkshire, woolstapler. Lovell, W. Kilmorsdon, Somersetshire, linen- (Wilson, Greville-street, Hatton-garden.

draper. (Hurd and Johnson, King's-bench- Stevenson, W. jun. Bawtry, Yorkshire, cooper. walk, Temple,

(Rodgers, Canterbury-square. Lewis, G. London, merchant. (Clark, Ri. Scobell, J. Hinton St. George, Somersetshire, chards, and Medcalf, Chancery-lane.

builder. (Patten, Hatton-garden. Mercer, G. Basinghall-street, woollen-draper. Shands, W. Old Change, baker. (Stevens and (Towers, Castle-street, Falcon-square.

Wood, Little St. Thomas Apostle, Queen-st. Morganti, P. Brighton, jeweller. (Mayhew, Smith, J. Hulme, Lancashire, common-brewer. Chancery-lane.

(Adlington, Gregory, and Faulkner, Bedford-r. Mason, C. Birmingham, druggist. (Norton and Smith, H. of Tooting, victualier.(Plaisted, EastChaplio, Gray's-inn-square.

place, Lambeth. Martelly, L. H., and J. Dayrie, Finsbury-sq. Stinson, B. of Dudley, Worcestershire, grocer.

merchants. (Wilde, Rees, and Peacock, Col. (Collett and Co. Chancery-lane. lege-hill.

Stephens, W. Oxford, liquor merchant. (Ellis, Mitchell, T. Bungay, Suffolk, stationer. (Chip. Verulam-buildings, Gray's-inn. pindale and Yallop, Great Queen-street, Lin- Wagstaff, D. and J. H. Skinner-street, Snowcoln's-inn-fields.

hill, carpet-warebousemen. (Knight and Morehouse, J. Wells, Somersetshire, cabinet- Fyson, Basinghall-street. maker. (Dyne. Lincoln's-inn-fields.

Wright, J., of Stanwick, Northamptonshire. M'Grath, E. Winchester-row, New-road, dealer. horse-dealer. (F. Jeyes, Chancery-lane.

(Cooke and Wright, Woodbridge house, Cler. Williams, J. of Pinner's-haj). Old Broad-street, kenwell,

merchant. (Swain and Co. Frederick’s-pl. Manning,1R. Sackville-street, tailor. (Robin. Old Jewry. son, Half-Moon-street, Piccadilly.

Wright, R. Hatfield Broad Oake, Essex, grocer. Munn, E. and J. Hodgskin, Maidstone, grocers. (Cole and Wragg, Ave-Maria-lane.

(Saunders, Heawood, and Mathews, Upper Willington, J. and E. Birmingham, cabinetThames-street.

case-makers. (Swain, Stevens,Maples, Pearse, Nathan, J. Liverpool, watch-manufacturer. and Hunt, Frederick's-place, Old Jewry.

(Adlington, Gregory, and Faulkner, Bedford- Winscom, J. Andover, linen-draper. (Bousfield, row.

Chatham-place. Nocl, L. J. J. Great Ormond-street, bill-broker. Wade, W. Gloucester-street, Queen-aquare, car.

(Russen, Crown-court, Aldersgate-street. penter. (Knight and Fyson, Basinghall-st. Newland, J. Liverpool, boot-maker. (Chester, Walker, W. Rochdale, Lancashire, woollen-ma. Staple-inn.

nufacturer. (Ellises, Walmsley, and Gorton, Needham, E. Fore-street, Cripplegate, ware- Chancery-lane.

houseman. (Knight and Fyson, Basinghall-st. Wagstaff, S. and T. Baylis, Kidderminster, Osborne,H. NewBrentford, fishmonger. (Brook- carpet-manufacturers. (Fisher and Munday, ing, Lombard-street.

Furnival's-inn. O'Brien, J. Broad-street-buildings, merebant. Wighton, J. Basinghall-street, woollen-ware(Knight and Fyson, Basinghall-street.

bouseman. (Knight and Fyson, BasinghallOsborn, R. Garveston, Norfolk, shopkeeper. street. (King, Serjeant's-inn, Fleet-street.

Upsall, H. Waod Brderby, Lincolnshire, cattleRummen, C. Rainham, Kent, wine and brandy jobber. (Eyre and Coverdale, Gray's-inn-sq.

dealer. (Rippon, Great Surrey-street. Unitt, G. Taddington, Gloucestershire, farmer. Pinniger, R. Watchfield, Berkshire,corn-dealer. (Collett, Wimburn, and Collett, Chancery-1.

(Slade and Jones, John-street, Bedford-row. Vere, C. Cloth-fair, draper. (Brown, CommerPorter, H. Taunton, draper. (Ashurst, Sam- cial Sale Rooms, Mincing-Jane. brook-court, Basinghall-street.

Young, W. Bernard-street, insurance-broker. Stephenson, J., and J. Carlean, Abingdon, (Larie and Oliverson, Frederick's-place, Old bankers. (Fisher, Purnival's-inn.



Atherton, J.Warrington, cabinet-maker, Mar. 4. Bullman, J. and T. Milnthorp, Westmorland, Bennet, S. A. Worship st. Shoreditch, coach. mercers, Feb. 24. manufacturer, Feb, 22.

Byah, J. Paternoster-row, bookseller, Feb. Bingley, G. Piccadilly, milliner, Feb. 25.

15. Bamber, W. T. Bury, and T. Cochran, Hayton, Barnaschina, A. Gravesend, hardwareman, Lancashire, calico-printers, Feb. 25.

Feb. 1).

Blyth, G. W. and F. Birmingham, merchants, Lockwood, G. Huddersfield, York, woollenFeb. 18.

draper, March 8. Birmingham, F. Charles-street, City-road, com- Lancaster, T. J. Cateaton street, merchant, mon brewer, Feb. 15.

March 8. Burgie, J. Mark-lane, carpenter, Feb. 22. Monsey, T. Burgh, Norfolk, farmer. Feb. 24. Ball, R. of Bridge-road, Lambeth, linen-drap. Marchant, J. Maidstone, carpenter, Feb. 25. Feb. 22,

MʻLeod, J. C. Huntley.hotel, Leicester-felds, Bird, J.S. Liverpool, wholesale grocer, Feb.20. merchant, Feb. 4. Billing, J. H. and Co. Paddington, corn-dealers, Masters, R. Coventry,tailor, Feb. 27. March 11.

Mather, J. Jewin-st., wine-merchant, Feb. 15. Croaher, C. Crayford, Kent, farmer, March 1. Nicholson, W. of Kingston-upon-Hull, mer. Cuffe, J. Regent-street, Westminster, jeweller, chant, Feb. 11. Feb.

Palfrey, W. Hinchurch, Glocestershire, farmer, Clarke, W. Leicester-street, Leicester-square, Feb. 25, tailor, Feb. 15.

Potts, W. Sheerness, linen-draper, Jan. 22. Clements, R. Coventry, ribbond manufacturer, Porter, S. London, stationer, Feb. 22. Feb. 27

Prior, J. H. London-road, Southwark, cornClarke, H. and F. Grundy of Liverpool, mer- dealer, Feb. 22. chants, Feb. 26.

Rudkin, T. H. Charlotte street, Islington, MalCruekshanks, J. Gerrard-street, St. Anne's, ster, Feb. 22, Westminster.

Rout, J. Whitechapel, linen-draper, Feb. 15. Court, H. Fish-street-hill, straw-hat-manufac- Rodd, C. W. Broadway, Worcestershire, maltturer, Feb. 22.

ster, Feb. 15. Cavo, w. Oakhampton, Devonshire, ironmon- Rucker, S. Old South-sea-house, Broad-street, ger, Mareh 7.

merchant, Feb. 22. Davison, T. Hinchley, Leicestershire, draper, Randall, W. Leeds, merchant, Feb. 20. Feb. 27.

Reddiough, R. Liverpool, iun-keeper, Feb. 18. Delvalle, A. York-street, Covent-garden, wine- Rodd, C. W. Broadway, Worcestershire, malt. merchant, March 8.

ster, Feb. 25. Eldorado, sash-manufacturer, Feb. 18.

Ritchie, R. and J. Bigsby, Deptford, brewers, Elmore, R. Edgbaston, Warwickshire, corn- Feb, 15. dealer, March 7.

Reynolds, H. Cheltenham, sadler, March 15. Edmunds, T. of Castle Bugged, in Lampeter Ripley, J. Wapping, High-street, mathematical

Pontstepben, Cardiganshire, tanner, Feb. 12. instrument-maker, March 8. Furlong, W. and J. Bristol, haberdashers, Sutherland, R. and R. Biriningham, gun-maMarch 5.

kers, Feb. 24. Foalhes, J Chester, grocer, March 7.

Slater, J.J. and J. Stater, Yeadon, Yorkshire, Graban, Sir R., J. Railton, J. Railton and J. clothiers, Feb. 21. Young, London, merchants, Feb. 25.

Sherwin, w. J. Paternoster-row, bookseller, Gould,

W. and F. Greasley, Maiden-lane, Wood- March 1. street, Cheapside, hosiers, Feb. 22.

Sythgoe, J. Liverpool, timber-merchant, Fe8:18. Goodman, T. Witherley, Leicestershire, Feb.25. Schoteld, T. Kingston-upon-Thames,' maltster. Gibson, r. Jun. Liverpool, ship bread-baker, Spence, J. Providence-row, Hackney, merchant, Feb, 21.

Feb. 4. Handford, W. Tavistock, Devon, linen-draper, Shannon, W. Whitehaven, draper, Feb. 21. March II.

Sheriffe, J. Farnham, Surrey, grocer, March 8, Hyde, w. Earl-street, Blackfriars, merchant, Thwaites, S. Staplehurt, Kent, tallow-chandler, Peb. 22.

Feb. 22. Hawksley, J. Birmingham,merchant, Mareh 14. Taylor, G. Barsted, Kent, paper-maker, Feb.22. Hodson, J. and M. Hargreaves, Liverpool; tim- Thompson, J. Mappleton, Derbyshire, farmer. ber-merchants, Feb. 26.

Feb. 28. Harrison, J. Mount-terrace, White-chaple-rd. Tate, M.Chalford, Gloucester, clothier, Mar.1). four-factor, Feb. 28.

Tarleton, J. Gloucester-pl. merchant, Peh. 27. Harrison, J. P.Tower-street, merchant. Feb. 22. Taylor, T. Bristol, tobacco-dealer, March 7. Hinde, J. Liverpool, merchant, Feb. 26.

Tweycross, J. Westbourn, Sussex, fellmonger, Hardisty, G, and J. Cowing, Bedford-court, Feb. 21.

Corent-garden, woollen-drapers, Feb. 4. Witchureh, J. Worship-street, Finsbury-square, Jones, A. W. Brentford, com-mercbant, Mar.11. coach-master, Feb. 22. Jefs, H. Coventry, shop-keeper, Feb. 27.

Wood, W. Hollm-farm, Yorkshire,cattle-jobber, Jackson, J. Easingwold, Yorkshire, merchant, Feb. 18. Veb, 28.

White, J. C. Mitre-court, Fenchurch-street, Jarvis, E. Norwick, carpenter, Mareh. 11.

merchant, Feb. 1. Keen, Aldersgate-street, cork-manufactu- Wigfall, H. Sheffield, file-maker, Feb. 24. rer, March 11.

Wheatley, H. Coventry, silk-dyer, Feb. 27. Keteher, N. Bradwell, near the sea, Essek, Watts, J. Totness, Devonshire, linen-draper, shop-keeper, March 8.

March 6. Lalkin, W. Leye, Leicestershire, vietualler, Wilson, E. H. and J. Westmorland, Liverpool, Feb. 27.

spirit-merchant, March 10.

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