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The Lady of James C. Feyler, esg.

Albermarlestreet Mrs. John Rew, Brunswick-square Mrs. Philip Martineau, Guildford-street The Lady of M. M'e Namara, esq. Glocester

place Mrs. Thomas Deacon, Ashby-street, Northamp

ton-square The Lady of James Clayton, esq. Percy-street The Lady of H. W. Mortens, esq. at Clapton The Lady of Hands Bush, esq. Upper Seymour

street The Lady of Fasham Nairn, esq. of Barnet's


The Lady of Captain H. Loraine Baker, R. N.

C. B. at Portland-place The Lady of John Spurrier, esq. Camden-town The Viscountess Anson, at Atherstone Hall The Lady of Thomas Robert Dinsdale, esq. at

Camfield-place, Herts The Lady of John Brocklehurst, jun. esq. at

Flurdsfield-house, Cheshire The Lady of the Rev. Dr. Crigan, at Marstun,



Lady Selina Bridgnorth, at Raven-hill, Staf.

Lady Georgiana Grenfell, at New-street,

The Lady of W. Leigh, esq. at Castle-head,

The Lady of the Rev. Francis Dyson
The Lady of W. Wastell, esq. Burton-crescent
The Lady of W. Clifton, esq. Somerset-place
The Lady of — Mallet, esq. Upper Gower-street
The Lady of Dr. Lang, Newman-street
The Lady of Robert Tubbs, esq. Harleston,

The Lady of W. Turner, esq. Dover-street


The Dutchess of Richmond, in Upper Brook

street The Lady of C. Wilson, esq. York-street, Port

man square
The Lady of Lieut. Col. Wauchope, in Saint

Andrews-square, Edinburgh
The Lady of w. C. Bousfield, esq. Chatham.

The Lady of G. C. Wynne, esq. at Voelas, Den-

The Lady of Charles A. 'Tulk, esq. Duke-street,

The Lady of Henry Alexander, esq. in Upper-

The Lady of Robert Taylor, esq. at Greenham-

lodge, Berks
The Lady of J. G. Ravenshaw, esq. in Lower


near York
The Lady of J. F. Daniell, esq. Gower-street
The Lady of John Butler, esq. at Kirby-house
The Lady of the Rev. J. W. Morley, Kirkling-

ton, Yorkshire
The Lady of Lancelot Holland, c#q. Dartmouth-



Arrindell, W. esq. of Lincoln's-in, to

Shearson, Miss Mary Ann, Newton in the

Willows, Lancashire
Cotton, William, esq. of Clapham-common, to

Collins, Miss M. Ann, Thorp-abbots, Norfolk
Cass, Frederick, esq. of Beaulieu-lodge, Winch-

more-hill, to

Dell, Miss Martha, Ponder's-end
Davidson, James, esq. of Axminster, county of

Devon, to
Bridge, Miss M, Winford, Eagle, County of

Harrison, Rev. William, Rector of Cleghanger,

county of Devon, to

Dyne, Miss Elizabeth, Lincoln's-inn-fields *Hilhouse, G. esq. Combe-house, near Bristol, to

Chapman, Miss Mary, Woodford. Essex Hubbard, Rev. Henry, Rector of Hinton-Amp

ner, Hants, to

Gouger, Miss Stamford . How, W. Wybergh, esq. of Shrewsbury, to

Maynard, Miss Francis Jane, Wokingham,

County of Berks
Hurst, Rev. John, Horsham-park, Sussex, to

Probyn, Miss Catherine, Pershore, Worces

tershire Jackson, George, esq. to

Lodington, Miss Elizabeth Maria, Park-cres

cent, Portland place Lascelles, Lieut. Col. of the 66th Reg., to

Berry, Miss Catharine, of King-street, Port

man square
· Lamb, Lieut. John, R. N., to

Robinson, Miss Emma, Holloway
Lechmere, John, esq. R. N., son of vice-admiral
Lechmere, Stecplc-Aston, to
Foley, Alisy Ann staria, Newport-house, Ile-

Miller, Mr. Thomas, Cheapside, to

Jennings, Sarah, Carey-street, Lincoln's inn

Millner, Mr. Francis, merchant, to

Amos, Miss Sarah, Hoxton-square
Merick, Lieut. Col. of the 3rd Guards, to

Lady Louisa Vanc, third daughter of the ear)

of Darlington
Perry, T. esq. Montague-square, to

Watlington, Miss Maria Jane, Upper Bed

ford-place, Russel-square Reynolds, Henry R. Jun., esq., to

Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the Dowager

Lady Knatchbull, Wimpole-street
Robson, Mr. T. R. St. Martin's-lane, to

Gibbs, Miss M. W., Orsett, County of Essex
Scougall, Mr. Henry, to

White, Miss Eliza, Great Queen-street, Lin

Stiff, Mr. 2. C., Wellington, Somersetshire, to

Collard, Miss Mary, Wivelscombe
Turner, Mr. C., Northumberland-sl. Strand, te

Clifton, Miss Rebecca, Rodney-street, Pen.

Thornton, Edward, esq. son of E. N. Thornton

esg. Kennington, to
Bacon, Miss Mary Ann, Sidmouth, Devon
Woodhouse, Robert, esq. President of Caius

College, and Pluovian Professor of Astronomy
in the University of Cambridge, to
Wilkins, Miss Harriet, daughter of the late

W. Wilkins, esq. at Paris
Williams, Major Hamblyn, of the 7th Hussars, to

Fortescue, Lady Mary
Youle, Richard, esq. son of the late T. Youle,

esq. Receiver-general, and Cashier of His
Majesty's Customs, to
Freeman, Miss Lucy, Walworth.

ney, 43.

DEATHS. Aguilar, Mrs. Grace, widow of the late J. Green, Mrs. Ann, Stafford-place, Pimlico, 83— Aguilar, esq. Devonshire-square, 58.-Aird. J. Gaisford, Stephen, esq. surgeon of the Ordi. esq. Hackney - Ashburton, the Right Hon. nance Medical Department, Malta. Lord, Friars-Hall, Roxburghshire - Bonham, Hughes, Thomas, esq. Kennington--Hinton, Samuel, C. esq. Baker-street, Portman-sq. 71– Mr. Thomas, Dover-place, Kent-road-Infant Bingley, Rev. W.A.M., P.L.S., Charlotte-street son of the Rev. G. Hemming, Hampton Bloomsbury-Burnaby, Lady, relict of the late Horsfall, W. esq. Norfolk-street, Middlesexadmiral Sir W. Burnaby, Stoke-cottage, near hospital, 81 - Howard, Lieut. 2nd Battaliog Guildford - Briant, John, esq. Loughton, Essex 14th Reg. Native-Infantry, Chittledroog, Ma-Brown, Samuel, esg. St. Mary-at-hill, 74 - dras-Haddan, Mr. W. Durham-place, HackBridges, Mrs. Margaret, widow of the late R. Bridges, Lower-Tooting, Surrey-Brown, Mr. Jarvis, M. John, Lyon-terrace, EdgwareJohn A., Blandford-place, Regent's-park road, 48. Margaret Sanderson, daughter of T. S. Benson, Kemble, Mr. John P., Lausanne, 65. esq. Russell-square-Barkworth, Mr. Thomas, Lady Lafaroy, relict of the late Admiral Sir Pleasant-place, Lambeth-Betham, Maria J., John Lafaroy, bart., George-street, Portmanwife of John Betham, esq. Burton-crescent- square. Baagh, Isaac, esq. Devonshire place --Henry Masters, Mr. W. Glocester-placc, KentishThird son of the late T. S. Beacheroft, esq. on town, 82–Maberly, Mrs, wife of S. Maberly, board the Hon. Com. Ship, Earl of Balcarras esq. Reading, 78-Maule, Richard, esq. ReadBengal roads—The Baron Best, one of His ing, 80-Maning, James, esq. Thames BankMajesty's Hanorarian Privy Councellors, house, Sunbury, 53 - Mortiiner, Mr. Peter, Sloane-street-Brown, Mrs. Sophia, wife of R. Croydon, Surrey, 72-Charlotte Isabella,daugh S. Brown, Cirencester- Beckwith, General ter of Malpas, Thomas, esq. Clapham-rise, 61The Right Hon. Sir George, G.C.B. Col. 89th Maxwell, Mrs. Emily, wife of Edward Maxwell Reg. Half-moon-street-Bluck, Mr. G. Enfield esq. Judge and Magistrate of Dinagepore,

Chatfield, Mr. Arthur, of the Hon. Company's Calcutta—Mather, Mrs. wife of J. Mather, esq. sbip Daphne, Madras–Crawfurd, Mrs. widów St. Albans-Moravia, Mrs. Esther, relict of the of the late Major General C. Crawfurd, Strat- late J. Moravia,esq., Old London-street, 74. ton-street, 48 - Chamberlen, Laurence, esq. Nott, Rev. A, Little Horsted, Sussex, 71. Broad Blunsden, Wilts -- Cottrell, John, esq. Oldfield, Mrs, sen. Peckham, 80-Ongley, 'The Lincoln's-inn, 87-Cooper, Mrs. Sarah Lemant Hon. Frances Henley, daughter of the first relict of the Rev. Samuel L. Cooper, Great Baron, Lord Ongley, Linden, near Woburn, Yarmouth, Norfolk-Coore, Frederick, R. esq, Bedfordshire-Orford, Mrs. Mary, wife of Mr. Devonshire-place – Chapınan, Thomas, esq. John Orford, Cavendish-place, Manchester. Margate.

Sophia Catherine, daughter of Thomas ParDe Tastet Angelo, esq. Ashford-lodge, Hals. ratt, esq. Kennington, Surrey. tead, 24–Douglas, Robert, esq. Cadogan-place, Rawlinson, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of J.J. Raw. Sloan-street-Harriet, Infant daughter of Dr. linson, esq. Doughty-street Roberts, Mrs. Dennison, Guildford-street-Davis, Mrs. Sophia Martha, widow of the late Paymaster Roberts wife of W. S. G. Davis, surgeon, R. N.-Dolby, of the 10th Light Dragoons, Cheyne-walk, Mrs. Ann, widow of the late W. Dolby, esq. Chelsea-Reardon, Mrs. Frances, relict of Mr. Harley-street-Dillon, Mrs. widow of the late D. Reardon, Stamford-place, Blackfriars Rev. Å, Dillon, Pentonville-Dagnall, T. esq. Read, John, esq. Walthamstow, 87. Cowley, Dear Uxbridge, 85—De Burgh, Mrs. Stockdale, Mrs. relict of the late Mr. James relict of the late Fysh De Bargh, West Dray- Stockdale, Walham grcen, 53. ton, Middlesex, 82 – Deane, W. B. esq. First Henry, W. son of J. H. Tremayne, esq. M.P, Fruits Office, Temple - Drummond, Charles, Sydenham, Devonshire-Jane, daughter of the Banker, Charing.cross,

late Rev. Thomas Thomas, Peckham, SurreyEscreet, Rev. J. M.A. of Ilsted, Essex, 26. Talbot, the Rev. Charles, Dean of Salisbury Fraser, Dr. Lower Grosvenor-street.

Vaax, Jasper, esq. Grafton-street, 56. George, son of R. Gear, esq. 13—Gould, Ni. Wild, John, esq. Ripley, Surrey-Williams, cholas, esq. Frome-house, Dorsetshire, 80- Edward, esq. Brighton.

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SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF TRADE. The Secretury to the SOCIETY of Beare. That a person undernamed, viz. GUARDIANS for the PROTECTION

LEDSHAM, Jun, lately obtained of TRADE by Circulars has iuformed change out of a checque, appearing to the Members thereof, that a good look- be drawn by Thomas Barnard, on Sir ing young man, about nineteen years John Lubbock and Co., by whom on of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, dressed in the same being presented, it is found an olive coloured surtout, with a cir. that no such person is known. That a cular collar, and calling himself bill for £200. dated Brighton, drawn

ROBERT Mc RELLEY, of 29, Brons- by Thomas Dudley and Co. on Robert wick-square, lately offered a Member Collins and Co. Denmark-house Re. of this Society a checque drawn on gent-street, has been recenly offered Messrs. Glynn and Co. bankers, Lon- to Members of this Society and also, don, and signed for Peter Mc Relley, that Mrs. Foss alias Force, late of AmRobert Mc Relley, payment of which, ton-street, Gray's-inn-road,and of 12, on its being presented, was refused, the Suter’s-buildings, Chapel-street, Somers drawer not being known to them. That Town, and now of 13, Brewer-street, a bill for £50. entitled General Bank, Somer's Town. Berwick-upon-Tweed, drawn by Beare J. Avand and Co. General Factors, and Co. on and accepted by John Beare, 11, Little Carter-lane, St. Paul's; Rich. 82, Lombard-street, and indorsed Chas. Bulpin, late of Leighton Buzzard, 'Bed. Pound, And also a bill, dated “ Loo- fordshire, but since stating, that he has don,” drawn by Chas. Pound, on and taken a shop at Edmonton are reported, accepted by John Beare, 9, Cornhill, to the Society as improper to be prohave been recently offered to a trades. posed to be balloted for as Members. man for work done for the said John thereof.


Tuesday, March 25.

COTTON.-The purchases of cotton nary 112s. and 112s. 6d. The Demasince our last, pearly 4000 bags, cou- rara ard Berbice descriptions sold at sist almost entirely of East India de- some reduction early in the week, but scriptions, of which 2150 are Surats, again recovered, and realised fully the and taken chiefly by export houses; prices of the preceding week. a considerable proportion of the Bena CORN.-We have had a large arrival gals were taken for re-sale in this of Wheat and Flour since last week, market. There has been some request the market opened rather brisk, and for boweds, in bond, and the prices the best runs of wheat were taken off are id. a d. per lb. higher, good fair on terms fully equal to the preceding to good 77d. a 8 d. very good 8 d. and Monday; secondary qualities were szd. The sales consist of 2150 Su- beavy, and rather lower prices subrats, good fair to good 5 d. a tid., aud mitted to. In granary samples there very good 6 d. a 6 d.; 1500 Bengals, has been very little business doing. middling 5 d. good fair 5 d. a 5d Barley of prime quality bas maintaingood 5 d. a 6d.; 70 Madras, 5 d. ed last week's currency, but the sales

SUGAR.-The demand for musco. bave not been brisk; and the malt vades during the last week was so trade was extremely dull. Of Oats we very limited that parcels of very or- had a large supply; last week's prices dinary brown description could be were maintained for good coro, and purchased 6d a Is. per cwt. lower; though there was no great briskuess The holders of good and fine sugars in the trade, yet sales were effected to were however exceedingly firm, and a moderate extent. Beans and peas as po reduction would be submitted were dull, but not quoted lower. to, the sales effeeted were on a very

RUM, BRANDY and HOLLANDS.limited scale; the quantity on show Rum bas been exceedingly heavy for was inconsiderable, and chiefly of the some time past, and such is the delow brown descriptions.

pressed state of the market, that prices COFFEE.There were considerable a shade lower would be submitted to, public sales brought forward last if buyers were disposed to purchase. week; about 2000 bags; St. Domingo Brandy continues exceedingly beavy, sold 1078, a 1988. Gd. fair to good or- and in the present state of the trade, dinary quality; 200 casks good ordi- the best marks could be porcbased at pary 1065. a. 1078. The British plan 38. 2d. on board; the dull market is fation coffee fully supported the pre. qwing in a great measure to the ex. vious prices; a parcel of fine middling pected arrivals. Geneva is offered Jamaica realised 1488. good to fine on lower terms, without facilitating middling 1878. 139s. 6d. fiue ordi- sales.

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George Richards, Truro, Cornwall, William Johnson, of Great Totham, Architect; for certain improvements in Essex, Gent. for a means of oblaining grates, stoves, furnaces, and other in- the power of steam, for the use of ventions, for the consumption of fuel, steam-engines, with reduced expendiand in the Bues connected with them, ture of fuel. Dated Jan. 8, 1923. whereby they are rendered more safe, William Lister, of Baildon, Otley, and the smoke prevented from return. Yorkshire, cotton-spinner; for certain ing into the rooms in which they are improvements in the method and maplaced; and also for an improved ap- chinery for preparing and spinning paratus for cleaning the same. Dated wool, silk, mohair, and other animal Dec. 26, 1822.

fibre, of any quality or length of staple. James Neville, of New-Walk, Shad. Dated Jan. 10, 1823. Thames, Surrey, Civil Engineer, for Robert - Copland, of Wilmington an improved method of producing and square, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, Gent. supplying heat to, and consiructing for combinations of apparatus, for gainand erecting furnaces, and other re. ing power applicable to various pur. servoirs, severally used for various poses.“ Dated Jan. 16, 1823. purposes,'&c. Dated Jan. $, 1823.


Extracted from the London Gazette.

N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street, unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are in Parenthesis.

BANRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. J. Green, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, and J. T. Fitzgerald, Lawrence Pountney-bill, merch.

Green, of Somerleyton, Saffolk, brick- R. G. Spice, Drury-lane, dealer in ham & beef. maker.

W. Turquand, Shorter's-court, ThrogmortonS. Knipe, Lirerpool, merchant.

street, broker.

BANKRUPTCIES ENLARGED. L. H. Martelly and J. Dayrie, Finsbury-square, H. Harrison, Southwark-bridge stone-wharf, merchants, from March 15 to April 12.

stone-mason, from March 22 to April 8. J. Larbalestier, New-Basinghall-street, Wine. H. Porter, Tauntoo, draper, from March 18 to 25 - merchant, from Mareh 8 to April 26.

R. H. Clarke, St. Mary-at-Hill, wine-mercbant, J. Beaqmont, Hunter-street, Brunswick-square, from March 1 to April 19. dealer, from March 18 to 25.

BANKRUPTS. Adams, J. and J. A. Southampton, toy-sellers, Earl, J. jun. and T. Lee, jun. Birmingham, (Sowton, Gray's-inn.

merchants. (Norton and Co. Gray's inn-sq. Aldersey, J. Liverpool, grocer. (Clarke, Ri. Ford, C. Regent-street, linen-draper. (Clarke, ebards, and Medcalf, Chancery-lane.

Warnford-court, Throgmorton-street. Atkins, J. Great Portland-street, chymist. (Day,

Fentiman, W. Peterborough, linen-draper. Bedford-row.

(Bremridge, Chancery-lane. Armstrong, W. Great Queen-street, Lincoln's. Fletcher, J. Plumbland, Cumberland, lime-burn

inn-felds, auctioneer. (Brooking, Lombard. er. (Armstrong, Staple-inn. street.

Ford, W. Black Prince row, Walworth-road, Agnew, A. Great Yarmouth, draper. (Longdill, linen-draper, (E. Downes, Furnival's-inn, Gray's-ion.

Holborn. Bennett, A. Fountain-court, Minories, packing.

Franklin, W. "Ladydown, Wiltshire, fuller. case-maker. (Clayton, New-inn.

(Berkeley, Lincoln's-inn. Bell, H. Bourn, Lincolnshire, corn-merchant. Greig, W. City-road, upholsterer. (Knight and

(Parnther and Turner, London-street, Fen. Pyeon, Basinghall-street. charch-street.

Garle, W., S. Warner, and T. Garle, DowgateBudd, W.H. Gerrard's-croes, Buckinghamshire, dock, Thames-street, merchants. (Boulton, and Old Change, London, common carrier.

Bedford-row. (Stevens and Wood, Little St. Thomas Apostle

Glasier, W.R. Park-street, Westminster, money. Barrett, W. late of Cardilt, innholder, (L. scrivener, (Freeman and Heathcote, ColemanPeacock, Lincoln's Inn-tields; and Mr. W,

street. Matthew, Cardiff.

Griffith, T. Liverpool, merchant. (Clarke, RichBanting, J. of the Cottage, Pine Apple-bar,

ards and Medcalf, Chancery-lane. Edgeware-road, carpenter. (Carlon, High

Godfrey, J. Leicester, plumber. (Naylor, Great street, Mary-le-bone.

Newport street. Barrow, R, and T. Barrow, of Liverpool, flour. Hiscocks, J. Frome-Selwood, Somersetshire, merchants. (E. Chester, Staple Inp.

clothier. (Williams, Red-lion-square. Blachford, R. J. Lombard-street, sword-cutler. Hall, T. Poulton, Lancashire, money-scrivener. (Swinlord, John-street, America-square.

Norris, John-street, Bedford-row. Browning, J. and R. A. Belvidere Wharf. Hughes, H. D. Shottisham, Suffolk, a pothecary. Waterloo-bridge, timber-merchants. (J. Wilks, (Rush, Crown-court, Threadneedle-street. Finsbury-place.

Haviland, W. Plymouth, printer. (Wright, Boyden, Ś. Chapel-street, Pentonville, beast- Clowes, Orme, & Wedlake, King's-bench-wk. salesman. (E. Cole, Southampton-street,

Hitchen, C. and T. Wostenholme, Sheffield, Bloomsbury,

bair-scating manufacters. (Tilson and PresBarlow, J. Merton, millwright. (W. Deykes, ton, Coleman-street. Thaires Inn.

Hebbron, S. Hutton, Yorkshire, butcher. (MorByers, J. Blackburn, chapman. (Norris, John

ton and Williamson, Gray's-inn-square. street, Bedford-row.

Haile, M. Cheltenham, victualler. (King, SerCave, S. Cheltenham, jeweller. (Lawledge,

jeant's-inn. Temple-chambers, Pleet-street,

Humberstone, J. St. John-street, Clerkenwell, Capes, G. Barton-upon-Humber, draper. (Hicks, victualler. (Saunders and Bailey, Charlotte. Gray's Inn-square.

street, Fitzror-square. Chapinan. E. Bridgewater.square, leather, Ince, T. late of Yedingham, Yorkshire, horse seller. (Platt, Green-lettuce-lane,

dealer. (Hicks, Gray's-inn-square: Charlesworth, T. Clare-street, Clare-market, Johnson, B. Samborn, Warwickshire, farmer. grocer. (Portal, Clifford's-inn.

(Fuller and Saltwell, Carlton-chambers, ReChambers, J. Wolverhampton, agricultural- gent-street.

machine-muker. (Williams and White, Lin- Knibb, A. Barnwell St. Andrew, Northamptoncoln's-ion

shire, miller. (Lys, Lincoln's-inn-fields. Cleghorn, W. Ratcliff-highway, cheesemonger. Keast, W. of St. Erny, Cornwall, lime-burner (Hodgson, Salisbury-street, Strand.

(Alexander, Carey-street, Lipcoln's-inn. Cuzner, J. Lullington, Somersetshire, fuller. Littlewood, J. Rochdale, stationer. (Tilson and (Lovell, Holborn-court,Gray's-inn,

Preston, Coleman-street. Davies, W. King-sti eet, Covent-garden, wool- Lee, W. Charles-street, Covent-garden, thea

len-draper. (Tanner, Fore street, Cripplegate. trical and fancy dress maker. (Saxon and Draper, R. J. Fleet-market, glass and earthen- Hooper, Pump-court, Temple.

wareman. (Scargill, Freeman's-court, Corn Lamb, J. A. Whittington-place, Highgate, coalhjl.

merchant. (Cole and Wragy. Ave-Maria-lane Ealand, R. Stourbridge, Worcestershire, hatter. Lambert, R. Manchester, manufacturer. (Ellis (Walker, Exchequer-office, Lincoln's-inn.

and Co., Chancery-lane. Eicke, C. Cornhill, dealer. (King, Copthall- Meredith, T. sen. Bishopsgate-street Without court, Throgmortop-street.

leather-seller. (Clarke, Bishopgsgate-church yard.

Magnall, J. Manchester, merchant. (Appleby Scudamore, J. King's-Bench-walk, Temple. and Serjeant, Gray's-inn-equare,

(Knight and Fyson, Basinghall-street. Mathias, J. Haverfordwest, upholsterer. (Hil. Tait,J. & T. Dover-road, Southwark, brewers. Jiard and Hastings, Gray's-inn.

(Spence and Desborough, Furnivalli-ion, Mingay, A. G. Silver-street, Golden-square, Thomson, A. Liverpool, merchant. (Rowlinbuilder. (Brooking, Lombard-street.

son, Castle-street, Liverpool. Martin, F. Tewksbury, wine-merchant. (Ed. Turquand, W. Shorter's-court, Throgmortonmunds, Exchequer-office, Lincoln's-inn.

street, broker. (Holtaway, Took's-court, Oldfieled, J. Edgware-road, coach-maker, (Rice Cursitor-street. and Co. Great Marlborough-street.

Tratt, R. J. King-street, Bloomsbury, butcher. Pepper, H. T. Kingston-upon-Thames, stone- (Cole, Southampton-street, Bloomsbury.

mason. (Simpson, King's Bench-walk, Templ. Thorpe, S. and R. Marshall, Nottingham, Pool, J. Madron, Cornwall, miller. (Follett, wharfingers. (Knowles, New-inn. Paper-buildings, Temple.

Vieira, A. J. L. and A. M. Braga, TokenhousePearson, R. Droitwich, Worcestershire, glover. yard, merchants. (Nind and Cotterill, Throg(Williams and White, Lincoln's-inn.

morton-street. Park, J. 'Tower Royal, merchant. (Eastham, Wells, W. Brightwell, Berkshire, farmer. (WilLawrence-lane, Cheapside.

liams and White, Lincoln's-ing. Parker, T. Pawlett, Somersetshire, coal-mer. Ward, J. Lowestoft, Suffolk, twine spinner.

chant. (Hicks and Braikenridge, Bartlett's- (Heythuysen, Joun-street, Bedford-row. buildings, Holborn.

Wainman, J.E. Darkhouse-lane, Lower ThamesRead, c. Downe's-wharf, Lower East Smith- street, tishmonger. (Lang, Fenchurch-street.

field, coal-merchant. (Dix, Symond's-inn, Welcb, T. Great Tower-street, wine-merchant. Chancery-lane.

(Leigh, Charlotte-row, Mansion-house. Round, 6. Reading, silk-weaver. (James, Wight, T. Duke-street, St. James's, taylor. Bucklersbury

(Bull, Holles-street, Cavendish-square. Riley, J. Sheffield, grocer. (Darke, Red Lion-sq Wilson, J. Halifax, farmer. (Morton and Wil. Steel, s. Rotherham Yorkshire, linen-draper. liamson, Gray's-inn-square.

(King and Co., Castle-street, Holborn. Westwood, J. Brierley, Hercfordshire, farmer. Sweet, T. Frith-street, Soho, carver and gilder. (Jenkins, James and Abbott, New-ion. (Wade, Polygon, Somer's-town.

Welchman, T. Rathbone-place, Oxford-street Slade, J. Tottenham-court-road, butcher. (Wal- feather-maker. (Reynal and Ogle, Austinters, jun., Queen-street, Cheapside.

friars, Simons, w Birininghamn, brush-inaker. (Slade and Co., John-street, Bedford-row.

DIVIDENDS. Abbott, W. Windham-place, merchant, Mar. 29. Hodson, T. C Leominster, Herefordshire, draBullman, J. and T. Minthorp, Westmorland, per, March 26. mercers, March 10.

Hill, T. Ledbury, Herefordshire, surgeon, Burraston, W. Worcester, hop- merchant, April 11. April 7.

Hawksley J. Birmingham, merchant, March 19. Birmingham, F. Wellington-brewery, Charles. Handford, W. Tavistock, Devonshire, linen

street, City-road, common brewer, Feb. 22. draper. Bumpus, J. Holborn, bookseller, March 15. Hill, T. & H. Wood, late of Queenhithe, oilman. Bailey, J. Canwick, Lincolnshire, malster, Johnson, S. Skinner-street, Bishopgate-street, March 17.

cabinet-maker, March 15. Barthrop, W. sen., Kingston-upon-Hull, and Jones, A. W. New Brentford, corn-merchant.

W. Barthrop, jun., Bradford, Yorkshire, Ketcher, R. Bradwell, Essex, shop - keeper, wool-staplers, March 17.

May 10. Bowman, R. Manchester, grocer, April 12. Keen, W. Aldersgate-st. cork - manufacturer. Barrett, R. Poultry, linen-draper, April 5. Mullion, H. Liverpool, merchant, March 29. Bond, J. Munsley, Herefordshire,coppice dealer, Mitchiuson, T. Great Duffield, Yorkshire, April 11.

grocer, March 18. Bulmer, S. Oxford-st. woolen draper, April 15, Morris, J. Liverpool, wine-merchant, March, 26. Braddock, J. and P. & M. Crompton, Manches- Marston, J. Birmingham, coal dealer, March 21. ter, merchants, March 19.

Marchant, J. late of Maidstone. carpenter. Burgie, J. Mark-lane, carpenter, April 5. Prichard, E. Slanrust, Denbighshire, shopBingley, G. Picadilly, milliner.

keeper, April 25. Brown, R. Sheffield, draper, April 1.

Perry, T. and J. Reading, Iron-founders, March Carden, W. Bristol, mercbant, March 14.

12. Cripps, J. Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, linen- Pick man, E. Bast Ilsey, Berkshire, grueer. draper, March 18.

March 22. Carey, J. Raquet-court, Fleet-street, merchant, Rodd, C. W. late of Broad-way Westminster, April 5.

malster. Clough, Rev. R. Bathafarm · park, R. B. Roberts, M. Manchester, grocer, March 14.

Clough, Glanywern. D. Mason Astrad-ncbaf, Roffey, B. New Bond-street, tailor, March 29. and Rev. J. L. Jones, Plsmadoc, Denbi- Rose, R. N. Holborn-hill, bookseller, March 25. shire, bankers, March 31.

Roxby, R. B. Arbour-square, Comunercial-road, Canneg, J. Bishop-Wearmeath, Durham, ship- · mercbant, Mar. 22. owner, March 25.

Rees, W. Bristol, ship-owner, March 12. Deavill, E. Manchester, wholesale grocer. Steel, J. Liverpool, mapseller, March 29. March 27.

Simpson, R. Crown-court, Threadneedle-street, Dufour, V. F. A. Berners-street, Oxford-street, merchant, March 29. jeweller, April 12.

Stawpert, W., T. Ridley, and J. Brown, late of Dallas, W. Cushion-court, Old Broad-street, South Blyth, Northumberland, common merchant, April 15.

brewery, March 27. Evans, T. Birmingham, builder, March 24. Smeeton, G. St. Martin's-lane, Charing-cross, Fry, R. Leicester-sq. linen-draper, March 29. printer, April 19. Fisher, M. Tintern, Monmouthshire, shop- Taylor, Á. late of Kent-road, malt - roaster, keeper, March 18.

March 29. Franceys, S. and T. P. Liverpool, marble. Thurtell, J. and J. Giddens, Norwich, bombamasons, March 25,

zine, manufacturers, April 4. Forbes, F. Greenwich, druggist, April 22. Tennent, J. Liverpool, merchant, March 12. Goodeve, W. D. Wimborne-ninster, Dorset- Tarleton, J. Gloster-place, merchant, March 26. shire, cominon brewer, April 1.

Tate, M. Chalford, Gloucestershire, clothier. Herbert, E. T. Fetter-lane, oilman, March 15. Vernon, T. Towcester, Northamptoushire, Hardwick, S. Biriningham, builder, March 17. grocer, April 1. Harvey, M. B. & J. W. Rochford, Essex, ban. Willett, F., E. Willett, and R. Willett, late of kers, April 5.

Thetford, Norfolk, bankers, April 4. Hancock, J. Poplar, mast-maker, March 8. Wilkinson, 6. Yurk, dealer, March 20.

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