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sleeves formed of falling ornaments, Edmonstone, esq., who go out by rotacrosswise, and edged with blood; very tion. At six o'clock the glasses were short. Falling tucker of lace, of a closed and delivered to the Scrutineers, Vandyke pattern.

who reported at half past seven o'clock Morning Dress.- High dress of Cy- that the Election had fallen on-William prus crape, of a pale lavender colour, Stanley Clarke, esq., John-Hudtestori, fastened behind; from the throat, pine esq., Richard Chicheley Plowden, esq. narrow bands of gros de Naples, bound George Raikes, esq., George Aberwith satin of the same colour, descend crombie Robinson, esq., and 'John to the waist, confining the reversed Thornbill, Esq. plaiting that forms the front of the On April 8th came on the Election body; from the shoulder, on each side of the Governor and Deputy Governor is a triple wave of satin piping, with of the Bank of England for the year small satin leaves with corded edges; ensuing, when John Bowden, esq. was the long sleeve easy: neat cuff, with chosen Governor, and Cornelius Buller, wave trimming and leaves; the upper esq. Deputy Governor; and yesterday sleeve is rather long and very full, with came on the Election of Twenty-four bands to correspond with front; broad Directors, when the following Gentle. gros de Naples band, bound with satin, “men were chosen":round the waist, fastened behind with James Canıpbell, esq. a steel buckle; three rows of minaret William Cotron, esq. bells of yros de Naples, bound with Timothy Abraham Curtis, esq. satin, decorate the bottom of the dress, Samuel Drewe, esq. which is finished with a satin rouleaux. George Dorrien, esq. square collar of worked muslin, and William Haldimand, esq. worked muslin ruffles.

Jeremiah Harman, esq. Evening Dress. — Dress of white Joba Benjaman Heath, esq. fignred grus de Naples ; frock front, Samuel Hibbert, esq. without ornament, but rather full, and Thomas Langley, esq. finished with a twisted rouleaux of William Manning, esq. ethereal blue and white satin ; the William Mellish, esq. sleeve short and full, and set in a band John Horsley Palmer, esq. of white satin ; epaulette of white satin James Pattison, juu.esq. Vandykes, bound with blue; the lower John Heory Pelley, esq half of the sleeve is surrounded with a

John Pearse, esq. lozenge trimming of white satip bound

Charles Pole, esq. with blue; the bottom of the skirt has John Rae Reid, esq. five double rouleaurs of blue and white John Baker Richards, esq. satin, placed at equal distances, and is Henry Smith, esq. finished with a white satin rouleaux ; Samuel Thorntou, esq. Jong sash of blue and white gauze rib

William Ward, esq. bon ; Sicilian scarf.

Thomas Warre, jun. esq. April 23.-The Honourable Artillery Money Wigram, esq. Company met on their ground in the City-road to celebrate the King's Birth The Rev. Dr. Maltby, Prebendary of Day, on which a double royal salute "Lincoln, and Vicar of Buckden with was fired by the Artillery division, and Holbeach, was, on Friday last, unani. a feu-de-joie by the battalion and mously elected Preacher to the Hon. yagers; they afterwards sat down to ourable Society of Lincoln's-inn, in the a sumptuous entertainment in the ball room of the Rev. Dr. Heber, preferred belonging to the Company. We were to the Bishopric of Calcutta. bappy to observe that the band is very A number of cabriolets were launchmuch improved, and does honour to this ed in London, on Wednesday, the King's highly respectable corps, which bas birth-day, for the accommodation of the always been foremost in defending the public, to be driven by oue horse; the liberties of the country against the fare to be two-thirds of the usual meditated attacks of foreign invasion, charges for hackney-coaches. as well as against the attempts of civil Public Monument to Kemble.- We discord.

are glad to find that it has been deterOn April 9th a Ballot was taken at mined, at a meeting of the admirers of the East India House, for the Election the late Mr. Kemble, to erect a public of Six Directors in the room of the Monument to his memory. The Earl Hon. Hugh Lindsay, John Morris, esq. of Aberdeen presided at the meeting, Robert Campbell, esq., John Golds- and among the names of the Commit. borough Ravenshaw, esq., Josias Du tee, we observe with pleasure the folPre Alexander, esq., and Neil Benjamin lowing :--The Duke of Bedford, the

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Duke of Devonshire, the Duke of Nor- tea is 30,000 chests. The Company's thumberland, the Marquess of Hertford, loss is estimated at one million sterling. the Earl of Aberdeen, Lord Holland, The loss of the natives and foreign Mr. Canning, Sir C. Long, Sir J. Mac- traders was very great, but European kintosh, Sir C. Lawrence, R. Heber, private property comparatively small. esq. &c. &c. Such names constitute in The Company's treasure had been sent themselyes an honour, when they are op board their own ships. It is supthus associated in the grateful labour posed it would take thirty years to reof commemorating departed talept. store the place and trade to its former The monument is to be placed either state, as the Hong merchants and nain St. Paul's Cathedral or Westminster tive traders had lost considerably. Abbey.

Woollens (Yorkshire), nankeens, and Opening of St. Bride's Church, Fleet raw silk, were the principal articles Street.-This most beautiful specimen burot. The fire began about a mile of Sir Christopher Wren's Architecture ayd a half from the factory, but the is opened for Divine Service, after hav- Chinese would not allow any houses to ing been closed pearly ten months, for be pulled down, observing that it was the purpose of being repaired and the will of God, consequently all the beautified. All that remains to be done factories are consumed. for the ioternal ornament of the church Metropolitan Literary Institution. is a beautiful window for the altar, -The funds of the Surrey Institution, now in great forwardness by Mr. Muss, now closed, having been for a long from Ruben's Descent from the Cross, time in a state of progressive decay, in the Cathedral of Antwerp.

attempts were made during the last Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb.- summer and autumn to remedy the evil, The Anniversary Festival of this Insti. but without success. A few gentlemen, tution was held at the City of London zealous in the cause of literature, conTavern, Bishopsgate-street, when a ceiving that an Institution situated in company, consisting of about 300 indi- the centre of the metropolis held out viduals of the highest respectability, more promising attractions than one on sat down to a sumptuous entertainment, the south side of Blackfriars-bridge, and in the absence of bis Royal High- assembled at the York Hotel on the ness the Duke of Gloucester, who was 12th of February last, and laid the prevented by indisposition attending foundation of the Metropolitan Society, ihe dinner, Sir Claudius Stephen Hun- wbich is now proceeding with a steady ter, Bart. took the Chair. In the course pace to its complete establisment at of the evening the children, the objects No. 11, New Bridge-street. Besides of the lostitution, were conducted into the usual fare which otber Institutions the room, supporting the various arti- offer to the literary and reading public, cles of bandiwork (their own produce there is here one peculiar feature which tions), and marched round to slow mu- no other Institution possesses, namely, sick. The subscription was very liberal. a room for conversation, where the

A letter from Semlin, dated March Members of the Society may meet and 21st states, that a terrible con flagra- enjoy an agreeable intercbaege of tion has ravaged Constantinople and its thought on literary and scientific subsuburbs. Turks arrived at Semlin re- jects. port that the vumber of houses de The relatives and trustees of the late stroyed is between 30,000 and 40,000, Dr. Jenner, in conformity with his and that the two great establishments wishes, applied to Dr. Baron, of Glouof the cannon-foundery and marine cester, to write the account of the life, arsenal at Tersana and Topbana, are and to arrange for publication the nuboth consumed.

merous manuscripts of that distinguishDREADFUL FIRE AT CANTON. ed character; and all the documents Thirteen Thousand Houses Burnt. in possession of the family are to be

A most destructive fire began at committed to Dr. Baron's care. From Canton on the night of the 2nd of No- that gentleman, therefore, the pablic vember, at half-past nine o'clock, and may expect an authentic work, as continued till five on the morning of speedily as his professional avocations the 3rd; it began on the city wall, and . will allow him to prepare for the press spread its fury along the westward of the ample and interesting materials the breach. The whole of the East with which he is to be furnished, togelodia Company and European factories ther with those which he accumolated were destroyed; the re-building will during a long and confidential intercost 13 million dollars. The official course with Dr. Jenner, and many of return of houses burnt is 13,070, and his most intimate friends. A Meeting 500 Chinese killed. The quantity of of the Medical Gentlemen residing in the County, took place at the King's don Tavern. Upwards of 300 GentleHead, on Saturday, for the purpose of meu sat down to dinner, The Duke of promoting measures to pay a public York in the Chair. Many of the Aldertribute of respect to the late Dr. Jen- men and of the Clergymen of the City ner, by erecting a Mouument to his

of London were present. The ChilMemory in or near this city. The li. dren of the Institution were conducted berality with which the Profession round the room bearing specimens of have taken the lead in this affair re- net-work, needle-work, &c. &c. The flects the highest credit upon them; Report stated the quantity of shoes, and when we consider the vast, the in- suits of clothes, linen, nets, &c. made calculable benefits which the great dis- by the boys and girls, exceeding the coverer of Vaccination has conferred quantity necessary for their own use, upon the whole human race, we are and the revenue derived from the sale. sure they will meet with the most am- The boys had made for the purposes of ple support in their honourable under- sale 110 pairs of shoes, 36 suits of taking.

clothes, and had used 18 cwt. of twine City of London School of Instruction and thread in the manufacture of nets and Education.—The Anniversary of for the royal navy, and the girls had ibis lostitution for giving to the Chil- made 138 gentlemen's shirts. Donadren of the Poor, in addition to the or. tions to the amount of upwards of 500l. dinary education, instruction in trades were announced. and useful arts, was held at the Lon.

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Adams, Colonel, Great Ormond-street, to

White, Miss Gabriel, Selborne, Hampshire
Bainbridge, Joseph, esq. Hatton Garden, to

Richardson, Miss, Oxford-street
Barring, William Bingham, esq. son of Alex.

ander Barring, esq. M. P. to
Montague, Lady Harriet Mary, daughter of

the late Earl of Sandwich Back, Mr. Johm, Stamford, to

Mills, Miss Bliza, Stamford
Burton, Lieat. Alfred, R. M. to

Gardiner, Miss Eleanor, Deal
Bull, Joho, esq., of the House of Commons, to

Chadwick, Miss Elizabeth, Ashton under Line,

Ballingal, Captain, Charles H., of the R. M. to

M'Clelland, Miss Ayr, North Britain
Europ. Mng. April. 1823.

Barrington, the Hon. William Keppel, to

Liddlell, Miss Jane Elizabeth
Cook, Williain B. esq. Wheatley, Yorkshire, to

Middleton, Miss Ísabella Cecelia Viviana,

Bebray Castle, Northumberland
Crittal, Mr. Richard, jun. Wickham, Kont, to

Pearce, Miss Mary, Newington Causeway
Calvert, Charles, esg. M. P. to

Rowley, Miss Jane, daughter of Sir William

Rowley, bart. M. P. Suffolk
Duncan, Mr. Peter jun. Finsbury-square, to

Martin, Miss Jeinima, daughter of the late

R. Martin, esq. of Ilford
Pipnal, M. esq. of the Secretary's Office, Cus.

toms, London, to
Ward, Miss Aunc, Liverpool

Dunsaney, the Right Hon. Lord, to

Kennaird, the Hon. Miss Edmonds, Mr. L. jun., solicitor, Skinner-street,

Snow-bill, to

Tucker, Miss Mary, of the same place Fenoulhet, James Lewis, esq. Hatton Garden, to

Ensor, Miss Elizabeth Anne, Totteridge

Lodge Ferguson, Henry Robert, esq. Captain in the

9th Lancers, to Davie, Miss, daughter of the late Sir John

Davie, bart. Hay, Sir James Dalrymple, bart, Park-place,

Wigtonshire, to Hathorn, Miss Ann, Brunswick-square Hunt, Rowland, esq., Boreatton Park, County

of Salop, to

Lloyd, Miss Mary, Stone-House, Sbrewsbury. Jarvis, Thomas, esq. of his Majesty's Regiment

of Carabineers, to
Vereker, Miss Julia, eldest daughter of J.

Vereker, esq.
Lindsey, Captain James, of the Grenadier

Guards, to • Trotter, Miss Ann, Grosvenor-street Leslie, James Edmund, esq. son of J. Leslie

esq. Leslie-hall, county of Antrim, to
Saral youngest daughter of the Right Res.
Bishop of Sandford, Edinburgh.

M'Lean, Mr. Haymarket, to

Brewis, Miss Louisa, Walworth
Murray, Capt. William, of Hon. East India

Company's Service, to
Campbell, Mrs. widow of Col. Campbell of

Ballachyle, Corgylshire
Petre, Rt. Hon. Lord William, to

Howard, Miss Emma Agnes, Corby.castle,

county of Cumberland
Patten, James, esg. Hatton Garden, to

Schofield, Miss Mary, Pentonville
Smith, Rev. Charles E., Otterden, Kent, to

French, Miss Henrietta, Bow
Sims, John M, D. Cavendish-square, to

Dilliryne, Miss Lydia, Higham Lodge, Wal.

thamstow Sampson, the Rev. James Halls, late of Graton,

Suffolk, to

Croft, Miss Eliza Anne, Worle, Somerset Torlesse, Rer. Charles M. of Trinity College

Cambridge, to
Gurney, Miss Catherine eldest daughter of

E, Wakefield, esq.
Turnley, Henry, esq. America-equare, to

Hoffman, Miss Mary, Bishopgate-street
Vane, Francis Fletcher, esq. St Leonard's.

lodge, Horsham, to
Beauclerk, Miss Diana, by special license


Abdy, Rev. W. Jarvis, St. John's Rectory, Southwark, 68.

Broadrick, Mrs. Sarah, wife of G. Broadrick, esq. Fenningly park, county of York.--Baines, Mrs. Leyton, Essex, 93.-Beachcroft, Matthew, esq. late lieut.col. light horse volunteer, Queen. hithe, 64.- Bathurst, lady of the Right. Rev. Bishop of Norwich, Great Malvern, Worces. tershire.-Brooks, Mr. Harvey, Great Portmanplace, Paddington, 32,-Benson, Mr. W. Kew Bridge, 61.

Chisholme, Charles, esq. of Chisholme, county of Roxburgh, 40. - Christian, Edward, esq. Chief Justice of the Isle of Ely. - Cook, Mrs. Harriet, wife of T, V. Cook, esq. Hertford-st. May-fair, 51, - Charlton, John Samuel, esq. Park-street, Grosvenor-square, 85. - Chandles, Thomas, esq. Dorset-square, 63.

Devereux, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Price Devereux, esq. Brynglass, Montgomeryshire.-Dimsdale, Thomas, esq. Charlotte-street, Portland-place, 65.–Pamouriez, General, Henley on Thames.-Dodgson, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Robert Dodgson, Upper Clapton.

Eamer Sir John, Bedford-square, Brighton, 74.

Fishwick, Edward, esq. New-inn, 78.-Fyler, Mrs. Mary, wife of J.C. Fyler, esq. Burwoodpark, Surrey.

Geldart, Joseph, Norwich, one of the Society of Friends.-Goodwin, Mrs. relict of the late G. Goodwin, esq. of the Inner Temple, London-Gray, Mrs. Susannah Maria, wife of Major Loftus, Gray Cliff Lodge, SidmouthGoodenough, Miss Mary Anne, eldest daughter of the Rey. W. Goodenough, rector of Mareham le Fen, Lincolnshire.-Græme, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Charles Grome, esq. Dean House, Hants. - Gunning, Sir George, bart. Savillo Row.

Herringham, Mrs. Anne, relict of the Rev. W. Herringham, Borley Parsonage.--Hedger, Miss Marianne, eldest daughter of W. Hedger, esq.-Harrington, George, esq. St. Michaelsplace, Brompton, 53.-Hill, Mrs. Mary, relict of the late Almon Hill, Snaresbrook, Essex, Horton, Eusebius, esq. Catton, Derbyshire, 76. -Harden, Mrs. Maria, wife of the Rev. E. Harden, Croydon, 24.

Jones, M. Jenkins, Bedfordbury, 61.-Jolin. stone, Capt. James, R. N. Chapel-place, Cavendisk-square.

Le Mesurier, Frederick, esq. formerly his Majesty's Vice Consul at Havre de Grace, Honitonsclist, Devonshire, 42.-Latter, Major Bar. rer of the 13th Regt. Native Infantry, Bengal -Lane, Mrs. Margaret, wife of Mr. Richard Lane, Old Burlington-street-Lovell, Robert, M. D. Begbrook, near Bristol.Long, Samuel, esq. Bassetere, Saint Kits. - Lowndes, Mrs. Sarah, wife of H. D. Lowndes, esq. Red Lion square, 23.- Labalmondiere, esq. Pultney-st. Bath.

Merry, Mrs. Margaret, Wimpole - street. Mirehouse, John, 'esq. Brownslade, county of Pembroke. - Morgan, Jonathan Stuart, esq. son of Jonathan Morgan, Circus, Bath.-Man. sel, Rev. W. J. Ellesborough, Bucks.—Madg. shon, Mr. Robert, Bedford-row, East-street, Kent-road, 83.-Morel, W. Richard, esq. susgeon, Pimlico.

Owen, Lady, widow of the former Sir Hugh Owen, Portman-square.

Perkins, Joseph, esq. Token-house-yard. Peacock, Mr. W. H. air-street, Piccadilly, 21.

Mary, infant daughter of Lord G. Quin.

Raikes, Miss Charlotte Sarah, eldest daugh. ter of J. Raikes, esq. Portland-place, 24, — Rising, Mr. Charles, Alborough, Norfolk, 37. -Reeves, Mrs. Sears, Dale-house, Kensington, 69. - Roberts, Mrs. Elizabeth, Bryanston-sa.

Simpson, Robert, esq. York-place, Kingsland road, 67.-Stevens, James, esq. Druce, Dorset. -Stephenson, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Simon Stephenson, esq. Great-queen-street, Westminster.-Steele, Robert, esq. Abresford, Hants.

Taylor, Mrs. eldest daughter of Henry Whi. ting, esq. of the Bank of England, Willow. wharf, Bankside, 22.-Thompson, Miss Mary, second daughter of C. A. Thompson, esq. Maw. son-bouse, Chiswick, Middlesex.-Thistlewood, John, csg. Staines, 79.– Tower, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of the late C. Tower, esq. of Weald-hall, Essex.

Wilkinson, Mrs. Esther, wife of W. A. Wil. kinson, esq. Hackney. - Wells, Mr. William, Meyrick, eldest son of N. Wells, esq. Piercefield, 19,--Winchester, Mrs. Sarah Maria, wife of Mr. William Winchester, Gerard-street, Soho, 30.-Worthy, Mr. Benjamin, Nelson-terrace, Stoke-Newington, 68. ---Woodcock, Mrs. Ann, wife of Charles Woodcock, esq. Waddon, Surrey.

Young, Miss Louisa, High Onger, Essex.


The Secretary to the SOCIETY of and his dress was a black coat and GUARDIANS for the PROTECTION waistcoat, dark trowsers, and boots. of TRADE by Circulars has informed And I am directed to inform you, the Members thereof, that a person that the Persons undernamed, or using calling himself sometimes

the firms of THOMAS Wilson, and sometimes W. H. SMITH, and Co., Merchant,

JOAN JOHNSON, is in the habit of 76, London Wall, obtaining Money onder the false pre- H. ROSENBERG, Merchant, 4, Totence that he is a Clerk in the house kenbouse Yard, Lothbury, of Messrs. Down, Thornton, and Co. John FISH, Merchant, 8, Sherborn Bankers, (Sir Peter Pole and Co.)-and Lane, Lombard Street, and that he answers the description of WILLIAM LEW18, Commission Agent, • JOHN WRAY,

3, Providence Street, Westmorland before mentioned as obtaining Money Place, City Road, are connected with under the pretence of being Clerk to J. AVANN, and Co. General Factors, Messrs. Dorrien, Magens, and Co. JI, Little Carter Lane, St. Paul's, and Bankers, of Finch Lane, from whose with service he had been long before dis- RICHARD COSTER, 4, Stajning Lane, charged.

so frequently mentioned ; and that He is about five feet ten inches high, FRANCIS HARTWELL, now resides and appears to be thirty-five or thirty as a Wholesale Druggist, at 6, Swan six years of age,—is good looking and Lane, Upper Thames Street, and at full and broad about the shoulders; Walworth.


William Glossage, of Leamington Philip Chell, of Earle's Court, Ken. Priors, Warwickshire, Chemist and sington, Middlesex, engineer; for Druggist ; for a portable alarum, to be certain improvements on machinery for attached to, and detached from clocks drawiog, and spinning hemp, flax, and and watches, and which may be regu. waste silk. Dated Feb. 18, 1823. Jated to take effect at any given period Thonias Bory, of Salford, Manchesof time. Dated Feb. 11, 1923.

ter, Lancashire, Dyer; for improve· Nathaniel Partridge, of Bowbridge, ments in dying, or producing a permanear Stroud, Glocestershire, Dyer; nent dankeen coloar on cotton, wool, for improvements in the setting or skein-yarn, and certain other articles. fixing of steam-boilers,or otber coppers, Dated Feb.18, 1823. by which a considerable saving of fuel Francis Deakin, of Birmingham, will be effected, and the smoke more Warwickshire, sword-maker; for imeffectually consumed. Dated Feb. 14, provements to piano-fortes and other 1823.

stringed instruments. Dated Feb. 18, Thomas Fuller, of Bath, Somerset- 1823. shire, coach builder; for an improve- William Church, of Nelson Square, ment in the construction of shafts, and Surrey, Gentleman; for an improved Abe mode of attaching them to two apparatus for printing, to be used by wheeled carriages. Dated Feb. 18. type, block, or plate printers. Dated 1923.

Feb. 18, 1823.

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