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Grand Entertainment at the Man- 1823, amounted to 1,168,9391.; 5th sion-house.-The entertainment which April, 1822, 1,418,7861. ; so that in this was postponed from Easter Monday in branch alone there is a falling off of consequence of the extensive repairs 249,8471. In Great Britain the proin that building, took place on the 7th duce of the Customs for the year end. inst. The Egyptian Hall was most ing 5th April, 1823, exceeded that of superbly fitted up for the occasion, but the preceding year. the number of tickets issued for the Wanstead-house was sold by auction, dinner having considerably exceeded on the premises, for 10,0001.; one of what is usual, two of the spacious apart- the conditions of sale binds' the purments on the same floor were appro- chaser to clear every thiog away, even priated to the reception of the later to the foundation, by Lady-day 1825. guests. The arrangements made by The biddings commenced at 10001. and the Committee were, however, such as advanced by thousands till they reached to prevent any long continued confu- 80001. when they dwindled to an ad. sion in the course of the arrival of a vance of 1001. each bidding, till they dinner party consisting of nearly 500 reached the sum at which the building individuals. The company experienced was sold: the purchasers are Messrs. in the change of the drawing-room, Stannard and Athow, of Norwich, in which has been transferred from the conjunction with three other of their second to the first floor, a very great townsmen. The auctioneer announced convenience. The dancing commenced to the company, by their request, that at half-past ten. The ball was opened they intended to sell the whole in lots, by the daughter of Sir C. Hunter and large or small, to suit buyers, and they the Bavarian Minister.

absolutely sold a pair of marble chimBy a Parliamentary account just ney-pieces for 300 guineas before they printed it appears that the net Re- left the room. Thus is sacrificed, on venue of Ireland, for the year ending the shrine of extravagance, a mausion, 5th April, 1823, was 3,513,8441.; for which cost in its erection more than 5th April, 1822, 3,990,4981. The Cus- 360,0001. and which has no equal in coms for the year ending 5th April, the county of Essex!



SONS, The Lady of William Peter, esq. Cadogan-place The Lady of Captain J.P. Wilson, of Hon. East The Lady of William Henry Armstrong, esq.

India Company's Ship Hythe Brighton

Mrs. J. White, Margate *The Lady of William Cartwright, esq. New Lady Tullamore, Grosvenor-place Norfolk-street

The Lady of John Early Cook, esq. Nunsbury, The Lady of John Brown, esq. still-born, King- Herts ston, Oxon,

Mrs. Thomas Gill, Frankfort-place, Plymouth Mrs. Captain Protheroe, Hampton

The Lady of John Henry Pelly, esq. Great CumMrs. S.S. Eakins, Salisbury-aquare


DAUGHTERS. The Lady of Patrick Power, esq. Gifford's-hall, The Lady of A. Brymer Belcher, esq. RoehampSuffolk

ton The Lady of Richard Gosling, esq.

Devonshire. The Lady of A. W. Law, esq. Islington street, Portland-place

The Lady of J. B. Nicholls, esq. Parliament-st. The Lady of John Allen, esq. Leicester-square The Lady of the Rev. C. E. Keene, Buckland Mrs. Mathieu, Finsbury-place


MARRIAGES. Browning, John, ezq. to

Campbell, George, esq. of Edenwood, to Jackson, Miss Harriet Augusta Ernst, Hano- Christie, Miss Margaret, Ferrybank ver-street, Hanover-square

Edmeston, James, esq. of Homerton, to Butt, William, jun.esq. of Corpoybury, Herts, to Robson, Miss Anna Priscilla, Hackney Temple, Miss Eliza, Brompton-grove

Grenside, John, esq. of Clapham-rise, to Bowyer, Edward, esq. Ragland, Monmouth- Foyster, Miss Harriet Pratt, daughter of the shire, to

late Samuel Foyster, esq. Charlotte-street, Theakston, Miss Isabella, of Ripon, County Fitzroy-square of York

Hanmer, Captain J. R.N. of Holbrook-ball, Suf. Barclay, John, esq. of Barnes, Surrey, to

folk, to Hawes, Miss Martha, Spring-gardens

Dawson, Miss Harriet, daughter of the late Cowell, Charles, esq. of Ipswich, to

Thomas Dawson, esq. of Edwardston-hall, Byles, Miss Marianne, Hill-house

Suffolk Curtis, William, esq. of Finchley, to

Herbert, John Owen, esq. of Dolforgan, Mont. Soppitt, Miss, youngest daughter of the late gomeryshire, to William Soppitt, esq.

Johnson, Miss Harriet, Southstoke, Somerset Eur. Mag. May, 1823.


Herbert, George Flower, esq. Lieutenant R.N.

Ilfracombe, to
Harding, Miss Mary, niece of Commissioner

Bowen, of the Navy
Hill, St. Leger, esq. Brighton, to

Nugent. Miss, daughter of the late John Nu

gent, esq. of Epsom James, John, esq. Dartford, to

Jackson, Miss Emily, Kidbrook-lodge, Kent
Jukes, Rev. J. Yeovil, Somersetshire, to

Griffith, Miss Mary, Connaught-terrace
King, Rer. Walker, eldest son of the Lord

Bishop of Rochester, to
Heberden, Miss Anne, third daughter of Dr.

Luke, Lieut. George Rivers, of the Royal Ar-

tillery, to
Todd, Miss Mary Ann, Weres Cot, County of

Lugger, Robert, esq. Catherine-hall, Cam-

bridge, to

Dixon, Miss Harriet, Mecklenburgh-square Mould, Jacob, esq. Lincoln's-inn-fields, to

Oakley, Miss Mary Ann, eldest daughter of

William Oakley, esq. late of Chislehurst, Kent
Murray, Major, of his Majesty's 30th Regt. to

Browne, Miss Amelia Ann, daughter of
Samuel Browne, esq. late of the General Post
Office, London

Page, Mr. Samuel, of Great Surrey-street, to

Stonehouse, Miss Mary Ann, Belmont-cot

tage, Vauxhall
Peckett, Captain, of the Corp of Engineers on

the Bengal Establishment, to
Gordon, Miss Catherine, daughter of Robert

Hepburne, esq. of Clarkington
Riekwood, George, esq. of Lydd, County of

Kent, to

Marsh, Miss Susannah Jones, Colney-hatch
Ross, Mr. J. P. Hammersmith, to

Long, Miss Ann, Chalford-on-the-hill, Glou

Schreiber, Charles, esq. of Hinchelsea-lodge,

Hants, to
Amelia, eldest daughter of Major General Sir

John Cameron, K.C.B.
Sims, John, M.D. of Cavendish-square, to

Dillwyn, Miss Lydia, Higham-lodge, Wal

Sav, Thomas, esq. 5th Regt. of Bombay Native

Infantry, to

Hill, Miss, late of Glastonbury, Somersetshire
Touray, B. J. esy. Brixton, to

Clark, Miss Sarah, daughter of the late Dr.

Clark, of the Island of Dominica
Towton, Rev. Dr. of the Island of Jamaica, to

Thorn, Miss Mary, daughter of the Rev.
Thomas Thorn, Bath.

Anderdon, Mrs. relict of the late Ferdinando Kenrick, John, esq. Wynn-hall, Ruabon,
Anderdon, ésg. Taunton, 86--Abdy, the Rev. County of Denbigh – Kingsmill, Sir Robert,
Wm. Jarvis, St. John's Rectory, Southwark, 68. bart. Sidmonton, Hants, 53.

Frederick, the infant son of the Rev. H. Leferre, Charles Shaw, esq. Whitehall-place,
Breedon, Rectory Pangbourne, Berks-Big- 64 - Lloyd, Mrs. relict of John Lloyd, esq.
nold, John, C. esq. Catton, in Norfolk-The Union-parade, Leamington-spa, 80 - Lovell,
Rigbt Hon. William, Earl Beauchamp, at his Robert, M.D. Begbrook, Bristol – Lambert,
seat in Worcestershire-Bathurst, Mrs. Lady Rev. James, sen. Fersfield Parsonage, 82.
of the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Norwich, The Right Hou. Catherine, Countess Dowa.
Great Malvern, Worcestershire-Brown, widow ger Morton, Park-street, 86–Tbc infant son of
of the late Thomas Brown, esq. Lower Cheam, Major M'Caskill, Kensington-gore Muckle,
Surrey-Brant, Mrs. Isabella Anne, wife of the Captain, R.N. Keswick, 75 - Merchant, Mrs.
Rev. W.C. Brant, Farthingho-lodge, 27-Bil- relict of the Rev. James Merchant, Shaftes-
lingay, Samuel, esq. Plaistow, Essex, 70-Ber- bury- - M'Kenzie, the Hon. Caroline, third
tin, Mrs. Amelia, wife of S. Bertin,esq. Berner's. daughter of Lord Seaforth, Brahan-castle.
street-Blieth, James, esq. Twickenham.

Nollekins, Joseph, esq. R.A.Mortimer-street,
Colquit, Goodwin, esq. late of the Grenadier Cavendish-square, 86.
Guards, Le Mops, in France-Cartwright, Mrs. Lady Owen, Portman-square.
Maria, wife of William Cartwright, esq. Sid- Purling, Mrs. Maria, wife of John Charles
mouth-street, Mecklenburgh - square – -Cook, Purling, esq. Kingston-Russell, Dorsetshire
Bryan William Darwin, esq. Alverley.grange,

Preston, Sir Thoinas, Beeston-hall, Norfolk, 56.
County of Yorkshire - Cornish, Hubert, esg. Reinagle, Mrs. wife of P. Reinagle, esq. R.A.
Salcombe-hill, near Sidmouth, 65--Cox, J. W. Chelsea – Rendall, Charles Henry, esq. Oxen-
esg. Hatton-garden.

wood, Berkshire - Reader, Mrs, wife of w. Dowding, Mrs. Mecklenburgh-squ.-Davies, Reader, esy. Brunswick-square-Ruth, CharJobn, esq. Surrey-street, Strand, 82--Dimsdale, lotte, daughter of the late Rer. Houlton Hart. Thomas, esq. Charlotte-street, Portland-place, well, and grand-daughter of Sir Francis John 65_Davey, Lieut. Colonel Thomas, Royal Ma- Hartwell, bart. Leamington, 9. rines.

Strange, Alexander, esq. Lieut. in the 42d, or Filton, Miss, Hastings, Sussex - Forsters, Royal Highlanders, Island of Madeira, 29 Mrs. Susannah, widow of the late Edward Suiton, Mrs. Margaret, wife of Daniel Sutton, Forster, esq. Walthamstow, Esser-Fordham, jun. esq. Kensington-Staines, John, esq. Pals Mrs. Sarah, wife of Edward K. Fordham, esq. mer-terrace, Islington, 26-Sutton, Major MatRoyston, Herts, 76–Faithhorn, Mrs, wife of thew, Frith-street, Soho-Shaw, James, esq, Dr. Faithhorn, Berner's.street.

Gillingham, County of Norfolk--Steele, Roberi, Gilchrist, James, esq. Kensington, 24—Gelli- esq. Abresford, Hants-Sanders, Captain 'Thos. brand, Mrs. wife of 'r. Gellibrand, esq. Carshal- of ihe Hon. East India Company's Ship Orwell, ton, Surrey-Lady Gethin, wife of Sir Percy Canton-Sterling, Mr. John, old Broad-stceet, Gethin, bart. Percy-mount, Sligo, Ireland 72-Smyth, Colonel Sir William, bart. Hill-lall, Grace, Mr. Thomas, jun. Puttlowes, County of Essex, 78-Scale, Gregory, esq. Crockerton, Bucks--Grant, Charles, esq. younger brother of Wilts, 85-Schomberg, Miss Anne, only daugh. the Right Hon. Sir William Grant-Right Hon. ter of Captain Schomberg, RN.-Sayer, James, Lord Glenbervie, Cheltenham, 80-Green, Mrs. esq. Chapel.street, May-fair, 75. Ann, Westerham, Kent, 83.

Tonison, esq. Rockhall, County Kilkenny, 58
The infant daughter of the Rev. Sir John - Troy, Dr. Roman Catholic Archbishop of
Head, bart. Rector of Rayleigh, Essex - Dublin, in Dublin-Thackery, the Hon. Williain,
Horton, Eusebius, esq. Catton, Derbyshire, Member of the Council in the Government of
76-Hast, Philip Francis, esq. Haymarket, 82- Madras on his passage to the Cape—The Dowa.
Haworth, Dr. Red Lion-square-Hunter, F. W. ger Viscountess Torrington, Tenterden-street-
esq. surgeon to the Hon. East India Company's Tilt, Miss, Tavistock-square.
Ship Asia, Sangur-roads-Hussey, Lieut.-Gen. Upton, Mrs. wife of Henry Upton, esq. Chel.
Vere Warner, Great Cumberland-place, 76 - tenham, 70.
Hall, William, esq. Vale-place, Hammersmith, Walker, Mrs. Mary, wife of John Walker, esq.

Rickmansworth – William, Viscount Dudley
Ilbert, Rev. Roope, Bouringsleigh, Devon- and Ward, Himley-hall, Staffordshire, 74:
Judd, Misy Ellen Louisa, youngest daughter of Young, Mrs. Alicia Maria, relict of the late
William Judd, esq. Loughton, Essex.

Jobn Young, e.q. Firview, Ellesmere, 70.

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Thomas Hancock, of Goswell-mews, wool, silk, or any other animal or St. Luke, Old-street, Middlesex, patent vegetable substance, whether the fabric cork-manufacturer, for an improvement of the same be composed of holes or in the preparations for various useful interstices, or of open or close work, purposes of pitch and of tar, separately or otherwise, and to be applied in the or in union, by an admixture of otber process of getting up, dressing, or ingredients with either or both of colouring the same. Dated March 24, them. Dated March 22, 1823.

1823. Thomas Wickham, of Nottingham, William Jessop, of Butterly-hall, lace-manufactnrer; for a compound Derbyshire, iron-master; for an elastic paste and liquid, to be used for the metallic piston, or packing of pistons, purpose of improving and colouring to be applied exterually or internally lace and net, and all other manufac- to cylinders. Dated March 27, 1823. tured articles made of flax, cotton,


Tuesday, May 20, 1823.

COTTON.-It was generally believ. per cwt. under the prices by private ed the heavy prompt day at the India contract; the good, 608. a 61s. also a House on Friday last would bring shade lower; the inferior quality, several large parcels of Cotton on the 58s. 6d. a 598. 6d. sold rather higher. market at prices a shade under what This foredoon no Sugars were on sale, had been paid at the last India sale; on account of the holidays. there were however few parcels press- CORN.-The Wheat market closed ing upon the market, and althongh on Friday with so much life, that a one or two purchases could be made at further advance was asked yesterday; a small decline, yet the reduction was the supply was larger than last week, not general. The purchases since our and after a few of the best runs were Jast consist of 1750 bales, viz. in bond, picked out at 38. a 48. per quarter ad300 Surats, 5 d. a 5 d. ordinary to vance, the trade became heavy, and good fair; 1200 Bengals, 5d. a 5d. some quantity remains unsold, and the ordinary to good fair ; 130 Madras, market went a little lower, but it may 5 d. a 5 d. fair and good fair; 20 be quoted fully 28. higher than on the Boweds, 7 d. good fair; 70 Smyrnas, Monday preceding; Flour supports 7ld. a 8d. and 50 Demeraras, 10 d. the advance, but tbe sales are not duty paid.

brisk. There was a good deal of Bar. COFFEE.-The very languid and de. ley fresh in, which met a dull sale at a pressed state of the Coffee market decline of 18. per quarter. A great which we noticed on Tuesday last, had many vessels from Ireland, which bave the effect of deterring the principal been long detained by contrary winds, holders from advertising sales; the have now got round, and we have also parcels brought forward were a large arrival of Oats from our own limited to afford any criterion of the coast; the trade was very dull, though market prices. There were nd public the sales made were on terms equal to sales brought forward this forenoon, the preceding Monday; the supply, and very few purchases are reported including the arrivals since Saturday, by private contract. The arrivals to- is very large, and it is hardly probable day are large, but the exports continue it will be cleared off without submit. considerable.

ing to some depression. SUGAR.—The demand for musco- RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS.vades during the last week has been The Rum market continues in a very limited, and for good and fine Sugars depressed state ; there are sellers at rather lower prices were submitted the reduced quotations, but no buyers. to; the brown fully supported the pre- The best marks of Brandy offer free vioas currency, The public sale of on board to arrive at 2s, 10d. a 28. lld. Friday consisted of 327 casks of Gre. In Geneva there is little alteratiou. nada Sugars, new, and of a very excel- SPICES.—There is no alteration since lent quality; the bright yellow and the India sale; Cinnamon bears a strong grey, 628. a 638, went 6d. a ls. small premium.



Extracted from the London Gazette. N.B. All the Mectings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street, unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are in Parenthesis.

BANRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. M. Glass, Potterne, Wilts, victualler.

W. Piper, Hammersmith, barge-builder. 0. Holden, Clitheroe, Lancashire, calico-manu- T. Lidbetter, Southwick, Sassex,corn-merchant. facturer.

T. Charlesworth, Clare-street, Clare-market, J. Holden, Manchester, calico-dealer.

grocer. W. Lorell, Kilmersden, Somersetshire, linen- J. Eaglesfield and J. Wall, Hinckley, Leicesterdraper.

shire, hosiers. L.H. Martelly, Finsbury-square, merchant.

BANKRUPTCIES ENLARGED. S. Wagstaff and T. Baylis, Kidderminster, car- J. O'Brien, Broad-street-buildings, merchant,

pet warehousemen, from Mar. 11 to April 29. from March 8 to April 26. R. Newhouse, Huddersfield, plumber, from May W. Johnson, Addington-place,Camberwell, but3 to 24.

cher, from March 28 to May 10.

BANKRUPTS. Antrobus, J.Liverpool, draper. (Blackstock and Denison, H. Liverpool, money-scrirener. ('TayBunce, Temple.

lor and Roscoe, King's Bench-walk, Temple. Ablett, I. Bucklersbury, fustian-manufacturer. Dickenson, R. B. Little Grosvenor-street, Gros

(Hurd and Johnson, King's Bench-walk, penor-square, victualler. (Plaisted, East-pl. Temple.

Lambeth. Ansell, J. Deptford, shoe-maker. (Woodward, Dodd, E. Manchester, painter. (Battye, ChanOverton and Coombe, Tokenhouse-yard.

cery-lane. Alloway, J. and J. Bedminster, Somersetshire, Edwards, J. Elder-street, Nortonfalgate, silk.

earthenware dealers. (Hicks and Braiken. weaver. (James, Bucklersbury. rige, Bartlett's-buildings, Holborn.

Evans, D. Marchmont-street, draper. (Asburst, Allen, W. Seething-lane, Tower-street, ale-dea- Sambrook-court, Basinghall-street.

ler. (Van Sandau, Nicholas-lane, Lombard- Fowler, D. Copthall-court, broker. (Fisher, street.

Bucklersbury. Banbury, C. H. Wood-street, Cheapside, silk- Fleet, F. Aylesbury, Buckingbamshire, corn

manufacturer. (Hurd and Johnson, King's dealer. (Baxter, Gray's-inn-place. Bench-walk, Temple.

Powle, J. Sandwich, common-brewer. (LodingBrown, P. Wharton, Lancashire, dealer. ton and Hall, Sergeant's-inn, Fleet-street. (Wheeler, Ca-ile-street, Molborn.

Fox, J Claremont-place, Kent-road, CamberBarge, B. Clifford Street, Bond-street, wine- well, poulterer. (W. and D. Richardson, merchant. (Gale, Basinghall-street.

Walbrook. Beckett, E. Crawford street, St. Mary-le-bone, Gilbert, T.jun. Long-acre,coach-maker. (Kaye,

printer. (Jones and Howard, Mincing-lane. Dyer's buildings, Holborn. Broom, W. Walcot, Somersetshire, builder. Godsell, J. Winchester, liuen-draper. (Bretro(Jenkins, James and Abbott, New-inn.

ridge, Chancery-lane. Binion, J. Edward-street, Portman-square,iron. Grove, G. and H. Wilkinson, Liverpool, iron.

monger. (Jones and Bland, Great Mary-le- mongers. (Perkins and Frampton, Gray's-inn. bone-street.

Gliddon, A. King-street, Corent-garden, tobacBaxter, R. Great Eastcheap, Scotch-factor. conist. (Faithful, Birebin-lane.

(Walker, Rankin and Richards, Basinghall- Howarth, E. Leeds, woolstapler. (Battye, Chanstreet.

cery-Jane. Buckle, T. Leeds, merchant. (Maxon, Little Hilder, W'. New Windsor, saddler. (Webb, BartFriday-street.

lett's-buildings, Holborn. Bradley, R. Bromley, Kent, victualler. (Bad. Haswell, J. F. Fox and Hounds-yard, Curtain. deley, Leman-street, Goodman's fields.

road, Shoreditch, horse-dealer. (Denton and Burton, C. Bristol, grocer. (Edmunds, Exche- Barker, Gray's-inn-square. quer-office, Lincoin's-inn.

Hickman, W. and D. Timothy, Leicester-square, Bowman, P. R. Arundel, Sussex, tanner. (Free- hosiers. (Whitelock, King-street, Cheapside. man and Heathcote, Coleman-street.

Hewitt, T. Whitchurch, Shropsliire, furrier. Burn, G. Maidstone, pastry-cook. (Wildes, (Procter and Slaney, Gray's-jun-place. Chancery-lane.

Hardern, P. and J. Macelesfield, silk-manufacBeak, H. Bathampton, Somersetshire, mealman. turers. (Blacklow, Frith-street, Soho,

(Nethersoles and Co, Essex-street, Strand. Henty, W'. Pluckley, Kent, sunith. (Lindsay, St. Bandeira, J.J. late of Great Winchester-street, Thomae's-street, Southwark.

merchant. (Blunt and Co. Broad-street-build- Hammon, J. Great Portland-street, Oxford-st., ings.

plumber. (Stevens and Wood, Little St. Bligh, W'. C. Bath, grocer. (Hurd and Co. Thomas Apostle. King's Bench-walk, Temple.

Herbert, W. Goldsmith-street, Cheapside, riBeads more, J. Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicester- band-manufacturer. (Webster & Son, Queen

shire, printer. (Dax and Co. Guildford-street. street, Cheapside. Burgers, G. and J. Gate, Portsmouth, brewers. Hedges, T. Bristol, grocer. (Poole and Green (Rague, Great James-street,

field, Gray's-inn-square. Carter, T. II. Minories, victualler. (Younger, Innell, J. and J. Chalford, Gloucestershire, claJohn-street, America-square.

thiers. (King, Sergeant's-inn, Fleet-street. Cooper, H. A. Stocklinch-Ottersay, Somerset. Jepson, T. Heaton Norris, Lancashire, brewer.

shire. (Poole and Greenfield, Gray's-inn-sq. (Ellis and Co. Cursitos-street. Chabaud, H. Plumtree str. Bloomsbury-quare, Johnson, W. Grange, Bermondsey, tanner.

jeweller. (Hurd and Johnson, King's Bench- (Walker, Rankin and Richards, Basinghall-st. walk, Temple

Jarmain, J. Cumberland -treet, New road, ipCullingham, H. Kensington, carpenter. (Poole hulsterer. (Clarke, Little St. Thomas A postle, and Greentield, Gray's-inn-square.

Queen-street. Dryden, J. Rathbone-place, Oxford-street, ha. Jeferis, J. Lisson-green, Paddington, ink-manuberdasher. (Fisher, Bucklersbury.

facturer. (Rogers and Son, ManchesterDavies, E. High-street, Southwark, batter, buildings, Westminster.

(Blake, Great Surrey-str., Blackfriars-road. Joseph, M, J. Fox, Ordinary-court, Nicholas. lane, Lombard-street, merchant. (Hird, Ber- Robeon, J. H. Sunderland near the Sca, mercer. wick-street, Soho.

(Blakiston, Symond's-inn, Chancery-lane. Kirby, J. Chelsea, linen-draper. (Gates, Catea- Roper, J. Norwich, woollen-draper. (Poole and ton.street.

Co. Gray's-inn-square. Kinning,'T. Oxford-street, linen-draper. (Willis, Robertson, J Wilton, Wiltshire, surgeon. (Sarr

Watson and Bower, Tokenhouse-yard, Loth- ter, Chancery-lane. bury.

Shaw, W. Thornbill Lees, Yorkshire, boatKimber, C. Lamhourne, Berkshire, brewer. builder. (Battye, Chancery-lane.

(Bousfield, Chatham-place, Blackfriars, Sprent, J. Gosport, builder. (Bogue, Great Lidbetter, T. Southwick, Sussex, corn-mer- James-street, Bedford-row.

chant. (Gregson and Fonnereau, Angel- Starmar, W. Odell's-place, Little Chelsea, linencourt, Throginorton-street.

draper. (C. Hertslet, Northumberland-street, Lucas, C. Kennivgton, dealer. (Perkins and Strand. Frampton, Holborn-court, Gray's-inn.

Spendelow, R. Drayton in Hales, Shropshire, Lowe, J. Warrington, currier. (Mason, Cres. ironmonger. (Benbow and Co. Lincoln's cent-place, New Bridge-street.

inn. Lowe, S. Burton-on-Trent, scrivener. (Caser, Skinner, W. Bradninch, Devonshire, sergeWolverhampton.

maker. (Darke, Red Lion-square. Lomer, W.jun. Southampton, printer. (Slade Spikins, C. Bethnal.green, bookseller. (White, and Jones, John-street, Bedford-row.

Garden-row, London-road. Leonard, W. Norfolk-place, Newington-butts, Syker, T. Rath-Easton, Somersetshire, clothier. tea dealer. (Gellibrand, Austinfriars.

(Nind and Cotterill, Throgmorton-street. Lewis, L. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, milliner. (Bell Thompson, J. Manchester, tea.dealer. (Adling. and Brodrick, Bow.church.yard.

ton, Gregory and Faulkner, Bedford-row. Lambert, C. Sloane-street, Chelsea, school. Thompson, J. and W. Walker, Wolverhampton,

Inster. (Stafford, Buckingham-st., Strand. draper. (Chester, Staple's-inn,
Middleton, J. New Tothill-street, Westminster, Titterton, J. Wilmington-square, Spa-fields,

smith. (Way, Lucas and Parkinson, Argyle- surgeon. (Heard, Hooper-square, Lemanstreet, Oxford-street.

street, Goodman's-fields. Murrell, W. Skinner-street, Snow-hill, anc. Tomlins, J. Boddicot, Oxfordshire, nurseryman,

tioneer. (Russen, Crown-court, Aldersgate- (Makinson, Elm-court, Temple, street.

Thomas, J. Kent-street, Southwark, builder, M'Queen, W. H. and S. Hamilton, Newman- (Newbon, Great Carter-lane, Doctors'-com

street, Oxford-street, stationers. (Hutchinson mons. and Co. Lincoln's-inn, New-square.

Todd, E. Liverpool, woollen-draper. (AdlingMiller, H.F.T. Prome-Selwood, money.seri- ton and Co. Bedford-row. vener. (Williams, Red Lion-square.

Viney, J. Bristol, cabinet-maker. (Williams and Nasb, D, Finsbury-place, Finsbury-square, sta- White, Lincoln's ini.

ble-keeper. (Coates, Pump-court, Temple. Vivian, S. Tywarureath, Cornwall, linen-draper. Nichols, J. Pincbingtield, Essex, tanner. (Ni- (Shaw, Ely-place.

cholls, Great Winchester-street, Old Broad- Wainwright, H. and J. Liverpool. (Blackstock street.

and Bunce, Temple. Penn, B. Birchills, Staffordshire, coal-master. Wilde, J. Adlington, Cheshire, farmer. (Milne (Hunt, Surrey-street, Strand.

and Parry, Temple. Phillips, T. Strand, victualler. (J. Newton, Wright, G. St. Martin's-lane, boot-factor. Serle's-place, Carey-street.

(Jeyes, Chancery.lane. Powell, P. Brigbton, silk-mercer. (Tanner, Weild, G. Nottingham, draper. (Hurd and Fore-street, Cripplegate.

Johnson, Temple. Roberts, T. and J. de Yrigoyti, Broad-street, Williogham, G. Great Mary-le-bone-str. Mary

«tock-brokers. (Farren, Scrivenor and Stuart, le-bone, money scrivener. (Tanner, Fore-st. King's Arms-yard, Coleman-street.

Cripplegate. Read, R. Newcastle-under-Lyme, carpenter. Wilkin, T. Soham, Cambridgeshire, scrivener.

(Stocker and Dawson, New Boswell-court, (Leuber, Newmarket. Carey-street.

DIVIDENDS. Abithol, late of Bury-street, St. James's, mer- Birch, J. Birmingham, jeweller, May 13. chant, May 24.

Bowditch, B. T. and R. Wilks, Bristol, hat-maAmbrose, E. King-street, City, warehouseman, nafactuerers, May 20. June 17.

Brammall, G. Sheffield, file-maker, May 12. Alvin, R.P. Elm-street, Gray's-inn-lane, ale and Croft, J. late of Kingston-upon-Hlull, draper, table beer brewer, May 17.

June 11.
Axford, T. Abington, Berkshire, wine-merchant, Caude, L, Liverpool, merchant, June 5.
May 20.

Cragg, J. Whitehaven, ironmonger, June 3. Asquith, s. otherwise T. G. Asquith and D. Carter, H. Ratclitfe-highway, linen-draper, July

Asquith, Bermondsey, and T. Mellish, New 26.
Kent-road, ship.owners, May 27.

Clarke, T. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer, May
Bosisto, W. Reading, Woollen-draper, May 20. 23.
Bowring, T. G. Fenchurch-buildings, broker, Cive, T. and S. Richardson, Tokenhouse-yard,
May 31.

merchants, May 27. Beadey, J.Wootton Underedge, clothier, June 4. Cowell, J. jun. Torquay, Devonshire, wine-merBillingham, J. Uttoxeter, nail-manufacturer, chant, June 10. May 28.

Cumberlege, J. George-yard, Lombard-street, Bell, G. Berwick-upon-Tweed, cooper, May 27: merchant. Bennett, S. A. Worship-street, Shoreditch, and Candler, J. Jewry-street, Aldgate, flour-factor,

Battle-bridge, coach-manufacturer, May 17. May 17. Bradford, G. Bristol, broker, May 12.

Coates, J. Edrith, Huntingdonshire, liquor-merBaker, W. and N. Portsea, grocers, April 26. chant, May 7. Bedson, T. and R. Bishop Aston, near Birming- Cleugh, J. and R. Leadenhall-street, wholesale hara, brass-founder, May 21.

linen drapers, May 10. Berriman, w. late of Lyneham, Wiltshire, Callow, Princes-street, Sobo, medical bookseller, dealer, June 9.

June 3. Bromley, T Circus-street, New-road, Mary-le. Dawson, J. Bury, Lancashire, linen-draper, bone, ironmonger, May 13,

June 9. Body, E, Morice-town, Stoke Damerell, Devon- De Roure and J. Hambrook, Angel-conrt, shire, merchant, June 6.

Throginorton-street, merchants, June 10. Bird, T. Solihull-lodge, Warwickshire, coal- Deschamps, W. W. B.S. Morgan, and P. M. dealer, May 14.

Taggart, Suffolk-lane, merchants, May 24. Branwhite, Bristol, fringe-manufacturer, May Dick, Q. and J. Dick, Finsbury-square, mer.

chants, May 21.

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