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lative system of government is either and heterogeneous as our government bad or good, if bad, let us abandon the may be in theory and practice, we have institutions of our forefathers, and give confidence that his Majesty's adminisup the representative system in Eng- tration will avail themselves of every land; if good, let us extend the bene- safe opportunity of approximating our fits of that sytem to Scotland, for to institutions, both legislative and ex. call the present mode of sending mem- ecutive, to the improved state of the bers to Parliament from Scotland a re- general intelligence of every branch presentative system, is mocking the of society. decency of discussion; but imperfect



The foreign politics of the month into Spain would be justifiable on the are more important in principle, and principle of liberating the majority, in future consequences than in their and establishing the species of governimmediate effects. Since publishing ment wished for by the greater number. our last number, the Duke d’Angou. They have now, however, found that leme has entered the Spanish capital, so immense is the majority in favour of and has placed the country under a the Constitution, that even within the Regency of Spanish Nobles, acting in range of tbeir cannon, and within the the name of Ferdinand. This military influence of their bribery, they cannot occupation of Madrid is so consonant procure any demonstration of public to the Spanish system of warfare, that feeling in their favour.

To be conit forms no promise of success on the sistent, therefore, in argument or just part of the French, and it'has excited in principle, they ought immediately no other sepsation than an anxiety to to retire from the country. The Duke, Jearn what moral effect the possession however, has pushed a force beyond of the capital would have on the coun- Madrid, and which is said to have try at large. The entry into Madrid, passed the Sierra Morena, and to have of the French, was viewed as a baro- defeated several small bodies of Spanish meter, to ascertain the pulse of all forces, but our accounts are derived orders of Spanish people, and we are from the French official documents, and happy to have to record, that this test they are so disgracefully false, that no has put beyond all question the most reliance whatever can be placed upon extraordinary unanimity of the Spa- them, further than ascertaining the pjards in the cause of freedom. The mere possession of their forces. The French, in spite of the eclat of possess- astonishing talents of Mina gives him ing the capital, in spite of their artful a triumphaut possession of Catalonia, use of Ferdinand's name, and in spite of and he has made several irruptions into their military coercion of the poor, and France. The great talents and large tbeir extensive bribery of the higher forces of Moncey, scarcely enable him classes, have created no public de- to keep possession of the plains, and monstration whatever in their favour. every manœuvre which himself and In every revolution, the blind preju- General Donadieu, with the Baron dices of men of weak minds in favour d'Erroles, have practised to entrap of established systems, and the exten- Mina, has been frustrated by this vigi. sive means that a government has of Jant and able Guerilla leader. Valencorrupting and influencing a vast por- cia has been completely cleared of the tion of the community against improve- French ; and excepting their blockadment of every kind, always ensures a ing forces before Pampeluna and St. strong opposition to the patriot cause; Sebastian, and their occupation of but in Spain, more unanimity has been Vittoria, and a few intermediate posts evinced by every class of people in between the Pyrenees and Madrid, favour of liberty, than has been ever they cannot be said to be more in poswitnessed in any crisis of thorough sesion of the country they have over. change of political institutions in other run, than they were before they comcountries. The French justified their menced the war. All doubts as to the invasion of the Peninsula, upon the people of Cadiz receiving the King principle, that the greater part of the and the Cortez within their walls, are Spaniards were averse to the new Cou- at an end, the government having restitution, and that they were coerced moved to that city from Seville, on the by the violence of the constitutionists,

the 12th inst. In the mean time the and, therefore, the advance of an army the French have, by intrigue and buis Eur. Mag. June, 1823.


bery, effected a counter-revolution in ed since the partition of Poland. In Portugal, but the issue of which is in- the case of Wurtemburgh, the people volved in obcurity by the wait of au- and the king amicably settled a free thentic accounts from the scene of and representive system of government. action.

There has not been the slightest disThere has been no news from the agreement between the sovereign and Levant, further than the account, that his subjects, nor no collission of parties the Greek Representatives have met, whatever to give a colour to the inter. and have constituted a legislative as. ference of foreign powers, and yet the sembly.

allied despots assume the right of inThe most important continental news terfering with the internal affairs of js from the Rhine. It appears that the that state. Lamentable is it that EngAllied Sovereigns have peremptorily land should have associated herself ordered the King of Wurtemburgh to with the members of a Congress, whose suppress one of the liberal Journals of sole principle is to dogmatize over all bis capital. This is the most nefarous other states that have not physical aggression upon the rights of an inde force to resist their injustice. pendent state that Europe has witness.


In aid of the Constitutional Govern. ately for Windsor, for the purpose ment of Spain, a meeting has been of paying his respects to the King. held in the Great Room at the Lon- VAUXHALL.-This celebrated place don Tavern, Bishopsgate-street. At of public entertainment has been opentwelve the room was filled. Lord ed since our last pomber. The great Erskine took the Chair until the arri. encouragement which the proprietors val of Lord W. Bentinck, to whom he received last summer seems to have resigned it on his lordship's arrival. stimulated them to fresh exertions. The meeting was addressed by Lord The preparations are of an expensive W. Bentinck, the Chairman, and the and costly description--the whole of several resolutions were moved and the boxes have been re-painted and orseconded by Sir James Mackintosh, namented, and a variety of structures Joseph Marryatt, Esq. M.P., General have been formed for the exhibition of Lord Lynedoch, A. Baring, Esq. M.P., various entertainments. Among these Lord John Russel, Lord Ebington, Sir are ballets in the Italian style, and Ronald Ferguson, J. C. Hobhouse, Esq. theatrical representations of various M.P., Lord Erskine, and Mr. Alder- kinds,--Cosmoramas beautifully deman Wood. The following gentlemen signed-Illuminated Fountains and a were then appointed a committee to Moorish Tower from which the Fire manage the subscription :-Mr. Lamb- Works are discharged with great magton, Sir R. Fergusson, Sir James Mack- nificence. In the midst of the gor intosh, Mr. Ellice, Mr. J. Smith, Mr. geous blaze, Mr. Blackmore makes his Hobhouse, Mr. Hume, (M.P's.), Col. ascent on the rope, aud displays variGrant, Mr. R. Slade, Mr. Solly, Mr.J. ous evolutions of a daring and novel Wilkes, and Mr. Bowring. A subscrip- character. A great addition has been tion was immediately entered into, and made to the decorative scenery of the among other subscriptions the follow. place. There is a mechanical view of ing were announced :-Mr. Lambton, an erruption of Mount Vesuvius, with 10001.; Sir F. Burdett, 5001.; Mr. a Moon-light scene of the Bay of Hobhouse, 1001.; the Northern Union, Naples. The Fire-works are truly 1001. ; Mr. Ellice, 501. The Corpora- grand, and call forth the loudest extion of London, bas voted 1,0001. pressions of applause. -Upon the whole

the improvements are tastful and grand, The Duke of Cumberland arrived at the management most judicious, and his apartments in the King's Palace, the arrangements all well calculated St. James's, from the Continent. His to secure a continuance of public paRoyal Higbness left town immedi. tronage.

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Member' returned to serve in this Oxford.—Justice Park and Baron present Parliament. Borough of Bos- Hullock. siney-John Stuart Wortley, of Wort- Northern.- Justice Bailey and Jus. ley-ball, in the county of York, Esq. rice Holroyd. in the room of the Hon. John William Western. Justice Burrough and Ward (now Viscount Dudley and Ward, Justice Best. and one of the Peers of the United CLERICAL PREFERMENTS. · The Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire- Rev. Dr. Birch, LL.D. Dean of Battle, land.

is collated by the Bishop of Chichester CIRCUITS OF THE JUDGES.-Norfolk to the Arch-deaconry of Lewes, vacant Circuit. Chief Justice Abbott and by the resignation of the Rev. E.R. Justice Richardson.

Raynes. Home, Justice Dallas and Baron The Rev. W. Aldrich, Fellow of MagGraham.

dalen College, Oxford, to the Rectory Midland.Chief Baron and Baron of Boyton, in the county of Wilts. Garrow,



The Lady of Philip James Grcen, esq. Consul

General for the Morea
The Lady of the Rev. John Coles, Milland-

house, Sussex
The Lady of Dr. Golding
The Lady of Charles Wake, esq. Rainsbaw,

The Lady of Fletcher Wilson, esq. Bedford-

The Lady of William Hay, Albermarle-street
The Lady of John Ravenbill, esq. Lavender

Sweep, Clapham-common
The Lady of S. G. Smith, esq. Palmer's-green,

The Lady of the Rev. J. Brasse, M.A. Wood-

house, Essex
The Lady of Horatio Ripley, esq. Lawrence


The Lady of Josiah Spode, jun. esq. Great Fen

ton, Staffordshire The Lady of Dr. Fitton, Hastings The Lady of John Plummer, esq. M.P. Carshal

The Lady of the Rev.William Vansittart White,

The Lady of Lieut. Colonel Sir Charles Dance,

Merry-hill, Bushey, Herts
The Lady of Lieut. Col. Dawkins, Green-street
The Lady of G, H. Wilkinson, esq. Harperley-

park, Durham
The Lady of Michael Bruce, esq. Upper Brook.

street The Lady of Sir Richard Paul Jodrell, bart.

Manchester-street The Lady of W.y. Surtees, esq. Devonshireplace.


Lady William Fitzroy, Great Cumberland-street
The Marchioness de Riazio Herza, Royal Hotel,

The Lady of Wiliam Alcock, esq. Great Coram-

The Lady of D. Maclean, esq. Brunswich-square
Mrs. Bellchambers, Dorset-street, Salisbury-

street The Lady of the Hon. William Coventry, Le

vant-lodge, Worcestershire
The Lady of Lieut. Colonel Cookson, Ayton,

The Lady of Arthur Norris, esq. Langley, Bucks
The Lady of T.R. Thellusson, esq. York-place

The Lady of Captain Blanshard, of the Hon.

Company's Ship, Marquis Wellington
The Lady of William M.Kenzie, esq. of the 3d

Dragoons, Russell-equare
The Lady of J. B. Nicholls, esq. Parliament-st.
The Lady of John F. Monkhouse, esq. Turn-



Andrews, Mathias, esq, to

Salmon, Miss Mary Prances, both of Read

ing, Berks Boys, James, esq. of Rochester, to

Tanner, Miss Eliza, daughter of Thomas 'Tanner, esq. of his Majesty's Customs Bolingbroke, Horatio, esq. of Norwich, to

Peyton, Miss Hannah Shaw, St. Mary's-sqr.

Bucknall, James, esq. Fellow of the Royal Col-

lege of Surgeons, London, to
Pingo, Miss Mary C. daughter of Lewis
Pingo, esq. of the Royal Mint.
Doswell, Rev. Martin, of Southgate, Middlesex,
Chatfield, Miss Dorethea, daughter of the

Rev. Dr. Chatfield, ricar of Chatteris Cook, James, esq. of Brighton, to

Churchill, Miss Maria, Watlington, Oxford. shire

Cunliffe, James, esq. Blachburn, banker, to

Ostle, Miss Mary, Clifford-house, North

Cory, Lieut. G, C., to

Berry, Miss, 'Triplow, Cambridgeshire
Duffield, John, esq. Bernard-strect, Russell-

square, to

Bovill, Miss Eliza, Putney
Dewell, Rev. Charles, of Malmsbury, to

Hughes, Miss Sarah A., Devizes
Forster, Richard, esq. of Hunter-street, Bruns.

wick-square, to
Rabbeth, Miss Mary Ann, Bedford-street,

Howden, Alexander, esq. Torrington-square, to

Gardner, Miss Christian, Mecklenberg.

Haygarth, Vicar, of Stapleford, Notts, to

Miss Elizabeth Catherine, daughter of the
Samuel Leach, esq.

Modgeon, Lieut. Gen. Binfield, to

Neate, Miss, Binfield-lodge, Berks Hankinson, Rev. R. E. of Walpole, St. Peter's,

Norfolk, to Chatfield, Miss Susannah Mary Anne, daughter of the Rev. Dr, Chatteld, vicar of Chat

teris Jolinson, Captain D. E. of the 5th Reg. of Foot,

to Bates, Miss Sarah Ellis, Kennington-com

mon Johnson, Captain of the Ilon. East India Com.

pany's service, to Walker, Miss Dorothy, daughter of the late llenry Walker, esq. Whitby, Yorkshire Kershaw, Mr. Samuel, of Stoke Newington, to

Parquot, Miss Harriet, daughter of A.J. Par.

quot, one of the Cashiers of the Bank Kemp, Nathaniel, esq. of Ovingaleane, to

Eamer, Miss Augusta Caroline, daughter of

the late Sir John Eamer Marshall, Edward, esq. of the War Office, to

Faulder, Miss Mary, Gower-street, Bedford.

square Norris, William, esq. M.D. Stourbridge, to

Miss Blake, daughter of the late Capt. Geo.

Blake, Royal Navy
Owen, Charles Gustavus, esq. Queen's College,

Oxford, to
Hicks, Miss Elizabeth Sarah, Davies-street,



Arnold, Mr. Edward, late of New-st., Springgardens---Abbott, Captain Peter Duprey, R. N. Leigh street, Burton Crescent.

Bury, Mrs. Mary, widow of the late Richard Bury,esq. Whitley, near Coventry--Bally, John, esq. late of Kingston-upon-Thames, 80--Birch, Rev. James, B.D. rector of Great Wishford and Vicar of Ashbury,

Cooper, Miss Caroline, youngest daughter of the late Francis Cooper. esq. Claptop-Cheslyn, Richard, esq. Kennington-Cook, Sir George, Wheatley, near Doncaster, 80.

Elliott, John,ceq. Nottingham, 66— Miss Anna Maria, daughter of Sir Christopher and Lady Bethell Codrington, Doddington, Gloucestershire-Eakins, Jobn, esq. Frognal, Hampstead -Ellis, Mrs. Mary, widow of the late Mr. John Ellis, Wimborneminster, Dorsetshire,

Forster, Henry, esq. M. A. Commissioner of Bankrupts, nephew of Lord Eldon and Lord Stowell, Calais--Mr. Justice Fletcher, Dublin -Toulston, Mrs. widow of the late Daniel Foulston, esq. Norton-street, Fitzroy-square.

Hamuam, William, esq. Covent-garden--Hall, Mr. Anthony, solicitor, Coleman-street-Hodg. son, Henry, esq. of the Bengal Civil Service Miss Harriet, youngest daughter of the late Richard Harris, esq.of Fisher, Surrey-Hewlet, Mrs. Frances, wife of Mr. Hewlet, HollowayHyde, Charles, esq. Moore-place, Lambeth.

Jones, John, esq. Norwood-green, Middlesex, 274-Joues, Samuel, esq. Laytonstone, Essex, 55 -Jepson, Rev. Charles, curate of Heighington, near Lincoln.

Keith, George Mouat, esq. son of Captain Sir George Keith, bart. R.N., at Sierra Leone.

Leatham, John, esq. Pontefract, 84-Longdill, P. W. esq. Sidmouth-place-Laidlow, Mrs. Ann, wife of Mr. Laidlow, Coventry-street, St. Jarues's.

Molesworth, Mr, wife of the Res. William Molesworth, St. Breoke ectory, County of Cornwall-Maltman, Licut. Robert, R., at Elie, Fifeshire-Mordaunt, Sir Charles, bart., Walton, Warwickshire-Manners, Geu. Robert, of the 30th Foot, and Member of Parliament for (ainbridge- Mitchell, Mrs. wife of air, Thomas

Osborne, Edward, esq. Loddenden-lodge, Sta.

plehurst, Kent, to Downing, Miss Ann, Thomas-street, South

wark Price, Rev. Thomas, M.A, to

Teape, Miss Elizabeth Margaret, George-st.,

Robinson, Rev. John, of Doncaster, to

Foljambe, Miss Arrabella, Savile Osberton,

County of Nottingham
Sheldon, S. esq. Woburn-place, to

Barry, Mrs. John-street, Bedford-row
Sidney, Rev. Edwin, A.B. to

Vaughan, Miss Eliza, Shrewsbury Stacey, Courtney, esq. of Hill-green, to

Tyssen, Miss Charlotte, Fitzroy-square Simpson, Mr. Robert, of Wallington, to

Addis, Miss, Croydon Stallard, Samuel Frampton, esq. Burton Cres

cent, to Nicholls, Miss Eliza Catherine, Toft, Lipcoln

shire Trimmer, Rev. Henry, B.A. Exeter College,

Oxford, to

Deacon, Miss Mary, Russell-pl., Fitzroy-9q. Uniacke, John, esq. of Baughton, Cheshire, to

Pierrepoint, Miss Anne, only daughter of the late William Pierrepoint, esq. Admiral of the

Blue, of Farley-hi County of Surrey Williams, Col. Sir Daniel, of Stamford-hiu, to

Stable, Miss, of the Terrace, Kentish Tow..

Mitchell, Leadenball-street – Myers, Joseph Hart, M.D. John-street, America-square, 66 M'Intosh, George, esq. Charterhouse-squareMagniac, Francis, esq. Kensington, 71,

Noble, William, esq. Foley-place, 78.

Ovenden, Mrs. widow of Thomas Ovenden, Barnes-terrace, 79.

Plampin, Rev.John, M. A. rector of Whattield and Stanstead, Suffolk, 69-Peyton, Mrs. Julia, relict of the late Mr. William Peyton, Wimbleton-Preston, Mrs. widow of Jacob Preston, esq. Berston-ball, Norfolk-Piesse, Mrs. wife of Mr. Charles Piesse, Lisson-grove, North Emily, Miss, third daughter of John Pearson, esq. Albermarle-street.

Ridout, John Gibbs, M.D. Crescent, New Bridge-street, 66.

Sharpe, Mrs. Jane Mary, wife of the Rev. Lancelot Sharpe, rector of Allhallows, Staining. lane-Standley, Mrs. widow of the late Henry P. Stanley, esq. Paxton-place-Stopford, Lieut. Col. James, at Pisa-Shotter, Mr. James, Sunbury, Middlesex, 67.

Tatlock, Gresley, esq. Upper Gower-street, 21 -Thomas, John, esq. Grampound, CornwallThompson, Rev. George, D.D. Principal of Ed. mund-hall, Oxford-Maria, the infant daughter of the late William Tufnell, esq. Cavendishsquare-Taylor, Mrs. Susannah, wife of Mr. John Taylor, Norwich, 68

Wightwick, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of John Wightwick, esq. Sandgates, Chertsey, SurreyWhite, Captain Charles Samuel, R.N., Paris, Watson, Thomas, esq. Judd-street, Brunswicksquare, 71--Western, Mrs. Mary, wife of the Rev. Thomas W. Western, Rivenhail-place, County of Essex-Wedderburn, George, esq. only child of Sir David Wedderburu, bart. at Brompton-Wequelin, John, C. esq. New Bondstreet,67_Walker, Mrs. relict of the late Joseph Walker,esq. Eastwood, County of York-Wilks, Miss, Harriet Mary, daughter of Joseph Wilks, esq. Westham, County of Kent--Wilson, Mr. Thomas, Wigton,Cumberland, 80-Young, Miss Jane Margaret, eldest daughter of Col. Young, Holly-bill, Sussex.


Tuesday, June 24, 1823.

COTTON.—There has been a fair de. ing week. The public sales were mand in our Cotton market this week, brought forward, consisting of 203 hhds partly for export, but cbiefly by specu- St. Lucia, and 277 hhds Barbadoes; the lators and for home consumption. The whole went off with great briskness; sales amount to 1400 bales, viz. in bond, St. Lucia brown 53s. 6d. a 058.; mid. 500 Bengals 5d. a 5.d. ordinary and dling 56s. a 588.; good 598 a 638. 6d.; middling, 5 d. good fair ; 370 Surats Barbadoes 588. a 678. 6d. 5 d. a 5 d. good fair, to 6d. a 6 d. very CORN.-A good deal of Wheat regood; 450 Pernams 11 d. fair, 11d. mained over for last week, but the fresh good ; 30 Smyrnas 7 d. good fair; and arrivals yesterday from Essex, Kent, duty paid, 30 West Iodia sid. a szd. and Suffolk were not large, and in conCotton offers less freely, and Brazils sequence of the unseasonable weather in particular are much wanted and during the last few days, there was scarce.

more disposition to purchase : good SUGAR.—There was a considerable runs fully recovered the decline which demand Plantation Sugars last was noted on Friday, and in a few in. week, and at the close of the market stances rather better prices were obon Friday an advance of 1s. a 2s. must tained than the preceding Monday, and be stated on the prices of the preced- the trade closed briskly.


Thomas Hancock, of Goswell Mews, of the Cockley iron-works, near KidSt. Luke, Old-street, Middlesex, patent derminster, iron-manufacturer; for imcork-manufacturer ; for an improve provements in the preparation of iron ment in the preparation of pitch and for chains and chain-cables. Dated tar. Dated March 22, 1823.

April 12, 1823. Thomas Whickham, of Nottingham, John Martin Hanchet, of Crescentlace-manufacturer ; for a compound place, Blackfriars, London; for impaste and liquid for improving and provements in propelling boats and colouring lace and net, and all other vessels. Dated April 12, 1823. manufactured articles made of fax, John Francis, of Norwich, shawl cotton, wool, silk, or other animal or and bombazine-manufacturer; for an vegetable substance. Dated March 24, improvement in manufacturing a cer1823.

tain fabric, composed of silk and William Jessop, of Butterley Hall, worsted. Dated April 12, 1823. Derbyshire, iron-master; for an elastic Gerard Granlhie, of Castle-street, metallic piston or packing of pistons, Holborn, London, gentleman; for a to be applied either externally or inter- machine or apparatus, adapted to the nally to cylinders. Dated March 27, conveyance of persons and goods over 1823.

water or ravins, for military or other William Warcup, of Dartford, Kent, objects. Dated April 16, 1823. engineer ; for an improvement in the Joseph Johnson, of Waterloo-bridge coostruction of a machine called a Wharf, Middlesex; for improvements mangle. Dated April 3, 1823.

on drags, to be used for carriages. James Frost, of Finchley, Middlesex, Dated April 16, 1923. builder, for inprovements in forming Samuel Hall, of Basford Notts, cottoncements with calcarious substances. spinner for a method improving lace, Dated April 3, 1823,

net, muslin, calico, &c. Dated April Christopher Pope, of Bristol, spelter 18, 1823. maker and metal-merchant; for a com- Wiliiam Southworth, of Sharples, position of metals for the sheathing of Lancashire, bleacher; for an apparatus the bottom of ships, and for roofing to facilitate the operation of drying houses. Dated April 8, 1823.

calicos, muslins, linens, or other simiDaniel Wade Acramap, of Bristol, Tar fabrics. Dated April 19, 1923. iron-manafacturer; and William Piper,

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