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Extracted from the London Gazette. N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street,

unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are in Parenthesis.


W. Henty, Pluckley, Kent, smith.
P. Brown, Warton, Lancashire.
T. Gilbert, jun. Lovg-acre, coach-maker.
R. Pullam, Leeds, merchant

8. Field, late of Richmond, wine-merchant.
S. Turner, of the Stock Exchange, Capel-court,


BANKRUPTCIES ENLARGED. W. R, Glasier, of Park-street, Westminster, E. Burgess and J. Gate, Portsmouth, brewers,

money-scrivener, from April 8 to May 27, from July 1 to 17.

BANKRUPTS. Auckland, C. Beauvoir Town-wharl, Kings- Davies, J. Llandorery, Carmarthenshire, groeer.

land-road, builder. (Hodson, King's - road, (Bridges and Quilter, Red Lion-square. Bedford-row.

Darby, D. Olive-hill, Shropshire, miller. (MaArkell, J. Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire, dealer in kinson, Middle 'Temple.

cattle. (Becke, Devonshire-street, Queen- East, w, of Newbury, Berks, coal-merchant. square.

(Aldridge and C. Smith, Lincoln's-inn. Annets, T. Liverpool, stone-merchants. (Low. Field, late of Richmond, wine-merchant. (Bru

tin and Nicholson, Lansdown-place, Bruns. mell, Church-passage, Guildhall. wick-square.

Flat man, T. Hampton-wick, soap-boiler. (Guy, Banks, J. Leeds, flax-spinner. (Stocker and Hampton wick.

Dawson, New Boswell-court, Carey-street. Field, G, Bognor, Essex, grocer. (Osbaldeston Buckle, J. Scarab-mill, Yorkshire, miller. and Murray, London-street, Fenchurch-st. (Spence, Threadneedle-street.

Gee, S. of Cambridge, tinman. (J. M. Nelson, Burton, H. Thayer-street, Manchester-square, Barnard's-inn,

auctioneer. (Calton, High-street, Mary-le- Grierson, A. Dudley, draper. (Cupliffe, Manbone.

chester. Ball, G.M. Shakspeare-walk, Shadwell, auc- Goubau, L. J. of the Haymarket, hotel-keeper.

tioneer. (Downs, Bury-street, St. Mary.axe. (Rigby, Golden-square. Badder, J. Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire, cotton- Gray, W. Birmingham, nail-factor. (Norton and

manufacturer. (Milne and Parry, Temple. Chaplin, Gray's-inn-square. Bell, J. Guernsey, merchant. (Shelton and Gill, R. and Griffin, c. Skinner-street, SnowClark, Sessions-house, Old Bailey.

hill, mercers. (Russen, Crown-court, AldersBell, W. and Harris, J.G. Bridge-street, West- gate-street.

minster, haberdashers. (Gates, Cateaton- Gerhardi, H. Sarage-gardens, merchant. (Nind street.

and Cotterill, Throgmorton-street, Brown, G. of New Bond-street,oilman. (Heath, Hutton, J. of Abchurch-lane, painter. (B.WhitKing's Bench-walk, Temple.

tington, Artillery-lane, Bishopsgate. Burges, E. and Gate, J. late of Portsmouth, Higham, J. Freckleton, Lancashire, conl-mer

brewers. (Bogue, Great James-street, Bed- chant. (Wheeler, Castle-street, Holborn. ford-rov.

Hurry, J. Liverpool, ship-chandler. (Taylor and Burry, T. late of Little Hampton, Sussex, gro- Roscoe, King's Bench-walk, Temple.

cer. (Freeman and Co. Coleman-street. Halford, G. of Shipton-u pon-Stower, Worces. Burtitt, T. Canwood, Somersetsbire, wood-mer. tershire, auetioneer. (Eyre and Co., Gray'schant (Popkin, Dean street, Soho.

inn-square. Buck, J. Goldsmith's row, Hackney-road, car- Hitchins, J. Littlington, Sussex, farmer. (Pen

penter. (Hewitt, Tokenhouse-yard, Lothbury. fold, Temple. Cave, J. Coventry, riband-manufacturer. (Long Hall, T. Crown-street, Sobo, carpenter, (Mangand Austen, Gray's-inn.

ham, Great St. Helen's. Corby, J, Kingsland-road, carpenter. (Hut- Herbert, G. Sibbertoft, Northamptonshire,

chinson, Crown-court, Threadneedle-street. salesman. (Fuller avd Saltwell, CarltouClubbe, T. Chester, ale-brewer. (Philpot and chambers, Regent-street.

Stone, Southampton-street, Bloomsbury-sq. Hollander, L. A. Winchester-street, diamondCorney, J. Beauchamp, Essex, shopkeeper. merchant. (Warne and Son, Leadenhall-st.

(Harvey and Wilson, Lincoln's-inn-fields. Hawkins, R. P. Leadenhall-street, patent anCowie, J. George street, Mansion-house, wine. chor-manufacturer. (Hutchinson, Crown

merchant. (Stephenson, New - court, St. court, Threadneedle-street. Swithin's-lane.

Inglis, J. B. and J. Mark-lane, merchants. Coster, W. Mount-street, Hanover-squ., briek- (Healing, Lawrence-lane, Cheapside.

laver. (Hamilton and Twining, Berwick-st., Jones, W. Handsworth, Staffordshire, farmer. Soho.

(Willis, Watson, and Bower, Tokenhouse-yard Cole, J. of Wolverhampton, currier. (Williams Kingston, V. Martin's-lane, wine-merchant. and Co.,Old-buildings, Lincoln's-inn.

(Paterson and Peile, Old Broad-street. Cornwell, W. Trinity-place, Charing-cross, lea- Lax, J. Liverpool, brewer. (Leicester, Liver

ther-breecbes-maker. (Dennis, Austinfriars. pool. Denne, J. Lamb's Conduit-street, watch-maker. Lowe, J. Newman-street, Painter on glass.

(Osbaldeston and Murray, London-street, (Glabon, Mark-lane. Fenchurch-street.

Leighi, c. and W. Tootil, of 'Tyldsley, LancaDicas, J. Manchester, dealer. (Jay, Gray’s-inn- shire, calico-printers. (Milne and Co., Templace.


Moses, J. Bankhall, Cumberland, dealer. (Moun

sey and Gray, Staple-inn. Milnes, B. Halifax, grocer. (Watson and Son,

Bouverie-street, Fleet-street. Millart, w. Carnaby-street, Carnaby-market,

victualler. (Adams and Tilleard, Old Jewry. Manser, T. Caroline street, Commercial-road,

cooper. (West, Red Lion-street, Wapping. Marsh, G. W. Hope Bowdler, Shropshire, tlan.

nel-manufacturer. (Lane and Bennett, Lawrence Pountney-place. Milburn, J. of Newcastle upon-Tyne, woollen.

draper. (Grace and Co., Birchin-lane, Lom.

bard-street. Mercer, W. of Packer's-court, Coleman-street,

wine-merchant. (Burnley and Atkins, Fox

Ordinary-court, Nicholas-lane. Nelson, W. late of Jewin-crescent, Aldersgate

street, brewer. (T. N. Williams, Bond-court,

Walbrook. New, C. Paternoster-row, umbrella-panufac

turer. (Hindmarsh, Crescent, Jewin-street. Parry, J. Everton, Lancashire, joiner. (Taylor

and Roscoe, King's Bench-walk, Temple. Pearse, W. C. formerly of Fleet-street, and now

or late of Baintree, Essex, grocer. (Amory and Coles, Throgmorton-street. Pitcher, W. Salisbury-square, carpenter. (Vin.

cent, Bedford-street, Bedford-square. Pullan, R. of Leeds, Yorkshire, merchant. (Par.

ton, Bow Church-yard, Cheapside. Prowse, A. Haselbury, Somersetshire, tinmad.

(Bennett, Symond's-inn. Rowley, J. and Clarke, J.B.B.Stourport, Wor.

cestershire, timber-merchants. (Blackstock

and Bunce, King's Bench-walk. Read, J. Love-lane, Aldermanbury, cloth-work

er. (Walker, Rankin, and Richards, Basing.

Lall-street. Randall, J. A. Walworth, corn-dealer. (Hodg.

son and Burton, Salisbury-street, Strand. Rowley, J. late of Stourport, Worcestershire,

timber-merchant. (Becke, Devonshire-street, Queen-square.

Sutcliffe, B. Cheapside, warehouseman.' (Bol

ton, Austin-friars. Score, G. Tokenhouse-yard, serlvener. (Bur.

foot, King's Bench-walk, Temple. Salisbury, A. Windsor, and D. Salisbury, Not.

tingham, drapers. (Clarke, Richards, and

Medcalfe, Chancery-lane. Sedgley, W.jun. Dudley, grocer. (Hindmarsh,

Crescent, Jewin-street, Cripplegate. Sparks, W. and Sparks, J. of Frome Selwood,

Somersetshire. "(Williams, Red Liou-square. Scott, J. Preston, draper. (Ellis, Sons, Walms.

ley, and Gorton, Chancery-lane. Simpson, J. Birmingbam, plater. (Long and

Austen, Holborn-court, Gray's-inn. Tate, J. Adam-street, Adelphi, coal-merchant.

(Hodgson & Burton, Salisbury-street, Strand. Taylor, J. Lydeard St. Lawrence, Somerset

shire, dealer. (Shaw and Stephens, Bedford.

row. Thatcher, s. J. Worth, Sussex, innkeeper.

(Leigh, Charlotte-row, Mansion house. Trail, A. Hanover-street, Hanover-square, boot.

maker. (Pugh, Langbourn-chambers, Fen

church-street. Thomas, W. L. Brighton, grocer. (Osbaldeston

and Murray, London-street, Fenchurch-st. Turner, J. Fleet-street, silk-mercer. (Hutcbin

son, Crown court, Threadneedle-street, Tayler, H. Leominster, Herefordshire, grocer.

(Richardson, Lincoln's-inn-tields. White, B. Maiden-Bradley, Wiltshire, farmer.

(Dine, Lineoln's-inn-fields. Witcomb, J. Warmiuster, money-scrivener.

(Popkin, Dean-street, Soho. Whitehead, R. Norwich, bombazine-manufac.

turer. (Taylor and Roscoe, King's Bench

walk, Temple. West, Á, Ramsey, Huntingdonshire, grooer.

(Long and Austen, Holborn-court, Gray's-inn. Wilkie, T. Paternoster-row, bookseller. (Clare,

Dickinson, and Delamare, Frederick's-place, Old Jewry.


Atmore, W.C. Wood-street, London, Manches.

ter, warehouseman, July 12. Arnall, Leamington, Warwickshire, wine-mer

chant, July 7. Adams, W.W. Bow.lane, merchant, July 5. Adams, J. Stamford, liquor-merchant, July 5. Abbotts, T. and R. Skinner-street, wine-mer

chants, July 12. Bewley, Manchester. tailor, June 10. Bruggenkate, G. A. T. Little East Cheap, mer.

chants, June 24. Bosisto, W. Reading, woollen-draper, June 17. Bancks, W. and J. P. Perry, Birmingham, mer.

chants, June 17. Benham, H. High-street, Southwork, ironmon

ger, June 28. Browa, J. Fleet-market, grocer, June 24. Bevill, C. P. Ipswich, jeweller, July

5. Brnggenkate, G. A. T. Little East Cheap, mer

chant, June 24. Bradock, J. Manchester, merchant, June 9. Barnard, w. Frampton-upon-Gloucestershire,

June 23. Brown, G. Broad-street, Westminster, uphol.

sterer, June 24. Barry, C. Jermyn-street, surgeon, June 21. Bysh, J. Paternoster-row, bookseller, June 21. Bennett, B. Little Dea, Glucestershire, nailer,

June 28. Bromley, J. jun. Stafford, shoe manufacturer,

June 27. Bradock, J. Manchester, merchant, June 9. Barry, E. Jermyn-street, St. James's, surgeon,

June 21. Bertheud, H. Soho-square, bookseller, June 28. Bostock, E. Earl Shilton, Leicester, bleacher, Bell, G. Berwick-upon-Tweed, cooper, June 24.

Barnard, W. Frampton-upon-Severn, Glouces.

tershire, grocer, June 23. Cracklen, J. jun. Enfield-wash, farmer, June 28. Clemonts, J. Newport, Monmouthshire, shop

keeper, June 23. Cotterell, W. Bishop's-Cleeve, Gloucestershire,

farmer, June 24. Carberry, R. and D. Howell, St. James's-street,

Westmioster, hatters, July 5. Colson, W. Plymouth, grocer, June 24. Daers, E. Chancery-lane, victualler, July 5. De. Rowre, J.P. and J. Hambrook, Angel-court,

Throgmorton-street, merchants, June 10. Dunkin, E. Shad-Thames, Horsleydown, light

erman, June 28. Dorset, G., J. Johnson, J. Wilkinson, W. Ber

ners, and J. Tilson, New Bond-street, bankers,

July 22. Day, J. and R. Camberwell-green, stone-masons,

July 28. Day, R. H. Tovill, Kent, seed-crusher, June 17. Deschamps, W. W. B. S. Morgan, and P. Mc.

Taggart, Suffolk-lane, merchants, June 28. Dicks, J. London-street, Tottenham-court-road,

carpenter, July 8. Elam, T. W. Bradford, Wiltshire, clothier, June

28. Elliott, G. Rochester, grocer, June 21. Emett, H, Liverpool, colour-maker, June 17. Enoch, J. Birmingham, brush-maker, July 8. Fairhead, J. Cressing, Essex, jobber, July 2. Feise, G. Lawrence Pountney-hill, merchant,

July 5. Friend, D, late of Ramsgate, shipwright, June

16. Poster, T. and E. S. Yalding, Kent, maltsters,

June 14.

Fothergill, W. Cannon-street-road, ship-owner,

June 14. Gower, J. Mark-lane, wine-broker. Giblett, P. New Bond-street, and W. Giblett,

Micklefeed - hall, Hertfordshire, butchers,

June 17. Garrod, S. Paddington-street, Mary-le-bone,

bookseller, June 14. Gray, C. Upper Montague-street, Mary-le-bone,

horse-dealer, July 15. Garnett, A. Liverpool, merchant, July 7. Green, w. jun. Exmouth-street, Clerkenwell,

ironmonger, June 28. Gregson, W. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant,

June 28. Green, W. Gracechurch-street, stationer, June

28. George, T, Leeds, merchant, June 30. Hart, J. Edwardstone, Suffolk, malster, July 4, Handscome, J. H. Newport Pagnell, Bucking

hamshire, lace-merchant, July 5. Harvev, M. B. Witham, and J. W. Harvey,

Hadleigh-hall, Essex, bankers, June 24. Hall, T. Old Compton-street, Soho, woollen

draper, July 5. Howard, J. Norwich, butcher, June 26. Marailton, R. Old Broad-street, underwriter,

June 21. Haynes, W. Stourbridge, Worcestershire, cur.

rier, June 19. Henshaw, J. Glocester-place, Portman-square,

bookseller, July 5. Hall, R. jun. Bury, Lancashire, cotton-manu.

facturer, July 7. Hall, C. G. Grosvenor-street, West Pimlico,

carpenter. Hart, S. G. Harwich, merchant, June 24. Heap, W. and J. Hepworth, Yorkshire, clothier,

June 26, Hollis, J. Goswell-street-road, stone-mason,

June 24. Hays, C. and W. H. Blunden, Oxford-street,

linen-drapers, July 12. Jeaffreson, W. Framlingham, Suffolk, apothe.

cary, June 24. Jones, D. Mathrafall, Montgomeryshire, tanner,

July 8. Jones, T. Abergavenny, tanner, June 28. Ivens, M. Catesby, Northamptonshire, grazier,

July 7. James, E. and R. Weston, late of Manchester,

hop-dealers, June 11. Keni, T. Kirtou-Holme, Lincoln, butcher, July 7. Keene, W. C. Mary-le-bone, farrier, June 10. Keene, W.C. Mary-le-bone-lane, June 24. King, W. Cavendish, Sutfolk, grocer, July 5. Lettsom, Cannon-street, Loudon, tin-plate ma

nufacturer, July 12. Lowndes, W., J. Robinson, and H. Neild, Man

chester, cotton-merchants, June 10. Leyburn, G. late of Bishopsgate street, provi

sion-merchant, June 17. Leigh, S. Strand, bookseller, July 12. Longrigg, J. Liverpool, linen-draper, June 17. Lawton, J. Delph, York, inukeeper, July 12. Miles, S. Ludgate-street, watch-maker, July 5. Monk, E. and J. Hodgskin, Maidstone, grocers,

June 28. Messenger, S. Louglaborough, Leicestershire,

victualler, July 21. Miles, S. Ludgate-street, watch - maker, July

6. M'Intire, J. Tenby, Pembrokeshire, cattle-dea

ler, July 2. Moss, T. Vauxhall, potter, June 14. Mingins, G. and J. Boothman, Carlisle, hat-ma

nafacturers, June 27 Moorsom, W. Scarborough, banker, June 18, 19

Nunn, H. and J. Barber, York-street, Covent

garden, haberdashers, July 15. Netler, H. Bristol, dealer, July 2. Petrie, J. Kempton, Middlesex, dealer, June 24. Porter, J. Sheffield, ironmonger, July 2. Party, H. and W. Parry, Carleon, Monmonth

shire, tin-plate manufacturer, June 23. Paley, R. Leeds, soap-boiler, June 30, Pearson, E. and Li Claude, Liverpool, mer

chants, July 9. Peet, W. Ironmonger-lane, merchant, June 28. Parsons, J. Long-acre, coach-lace-manufac

turer, July 5. Prole, W. Georgeham, Devonshire, yeoman,

July 3. Petrie, J. Kempton, Middlesex, and J. Ward,

Hanworth, June 24. Payn, T. and J. D. Cateaton-street, warehouse

men. Parker, J. and T. Robert, Birchin-lane, mer

chants, July 5. Phillips, J. B. Bartlett's buildings, jeweller,

July 5. Pix, W. Northiam, Sussex, merchant, July 5. Peytan, W.G. Upper Thames-street, June 17. Quiller, H. now, or late of Leicester, victualler,

July 17. Roberts, J. Stoney Stratford, tanner, June 28. Rawe, W. Padstow, Cornwall, mercer, July 4. Richardson, G. Mecklenberg.square, Middle

sex, and T. Vokes, latc of Gloucester-street,

Queen-square, merchants, June 28. Robinson, S. Huddersfield, Yorkshire, hosier,

July 1, Robinson, T. and J, Stead Dalton, Kirkeaton,

Yorkshire, clothiese, June 25. Ronksley, J. Shetheld, grocer, June 23. Richards, J. Derelend, Warwicksbire, brewer,

June 18. Stanley, J. Rochester, coal-merchant, June 23. Seaman, C. and G. Etheridge, Norwich, gold

smiths, June 19. Sleddon, W. Stockport, machine-maker, June Sherbrook, T. Leeds, merchant, June 23. Stanton, T. Drury-lane, cheesemonger, July 12. Satterthwaite, T. Kendall, Westmorland, tan

per, July 16. Stirling, J. and W. Copthall-court, merchants,

June 24. Smith, A. J. and J. Shepherd, Brierley, Staf

fordshire, iron-inasters, June 24. Statham, P. and G. Shakespeare, Pall-Mall,

blacking.manufacturers, July 5, Sowerbe, P. and P. Liverpool, provision-mer

chants, June 26. Sergeant, D. Whitlesey, Isle of Ely, money scri

vener, July 9, Smeeton, G. St. Martin's-lane, printer, June 24. Shorley, J. Croydon, Surrey, coal-merchant,

June 21. Sate, W. Cateaton-street, bookseller, June 7. Townsend, W. B. Little Chelsea, brewer, June

7. Taylor, W. jun. Liverpool, merchant, June 17. Tucker, E. Deptford, tallow chandler, June 28. Thomas, B. Liverpool, merchant, July 2. Vernon, T. Bath, picture dealer, July 1. Vieira, A. J. L. and A.M. Bragd, Token House

yard, merchants, June 28-July 12. Vertue, S. Mark-lane, corn-merchant, June 28. Windealt, T. and W, Windealt, Tavistock, De

von, fellmongers, July 9. White, C. H. Upper Montague-street, Monta

gue-square, milliner, July 5. Watson, W. and W. Warren-house, Northum

land, corn-factors, July 21. Warwick, J. Rotherhithe, ship-builder, July 5.



To be
Ships' Names. Consignments.
Commanders. First Officers. Second Officers Third Officers. FourthOficers... Surgeons.

To be


in the


1822 18:22 1822
2 Royal George --Beng. & China 1333 John Fam Timins Chris. Biden J.H.Buttivant R.H. Treherne A. C. Watling William Carr Thomas Hog John Ward 14 Oct. 4 Dec. 10 Dec
B General Kyd ..
1200 James Walker Alex. Nairn
Rd. Alpin John Pearson J. M. Ralph H. Thompson F.P. Alleyn Jas. Cannan

-8 Jan
2 Kent
} Beng.& China
1332 S. Marjoribanks Henry Cobb James Sexton Fran. Daniel W. Mac Nair B. W. Mure James Don John Allan

-7 Jan
5 Herefordshire

1200 John Locke William Hope Robert Card Richard Card Wm. Robson T. G. Adams Richard Boys E. Crowfoot

8 Jan.
6 Inglis

13Nov 3 Jan.
Bomb.& China 1200 R. Borradaile S.Serle (shank Jos. Dudman Fred. Orlebar C. Pennington 11. Harris John Lawson Wash. Smith

-7 Jan.
2 Farquharson.
1326 J. Chris. Lochner Willm. Cruick- u. Cowan W. H. White-H. Colombine George Lloyd John Scott George Adam

2 Repulse
2 St. Hele. Ben 1334 John Fam Timins J. Paterson Edw. Foord Edward Jacob W.H. Walker Chas. Clarkson Samuel Symes G. R. Griffiths

-8 Jan.
coolen & China
2 Hythe

1333 S. Marjoribanks J. P. Wilson
Beng. & China 1332 George Clay

A. W. Law Robt. Lindsay A. C. Proctor Robt. Jobling 2. Alexander John Ranney
3 Windsor
T. Haviside A. F. Proctor Mark Clayton R.C. Fowler Wm. Edmonds Edw. Edwards Jas. Thomsom

13Dec. 2 Feb. 27Feb.
6 Bridgewater....and China,
St. Hel. Bomb. 1200.James Sims
W. Mitchell H. Bristow T. Buttenshaw Fred. E.Waine- James Walker James Arnott Joseph Cragg

4 Waterloo

1335 (Company's ship) R. Alsager Chas. Shea John Brown Bomb.& China

G.T. Calvely Fred, Hedges Jas. Halliday George Homer 9 Sealeby Castle

-28 Feb. 1242 Company's ship) D. R. Newall W.R. Blakeley John Hillman Robt. Robson Chas. Allen A. Johnstone William Bruce

-15 Mar 27 Dec. 16 Feb.

-27 Feb.
3. Kellie Castle...
1332 Stewart Erskine E. L. Adams W. H. Lada John Hay R. Pattullo T.Shearman Robt. Elliot

William Cragg
Madr. & China 1200 Jasper Vaux
6 Atlas
C, O. Mayne Jog. Stanton G. M. Braith- P.C. Shadwell B.J. Thomson John Dill J. W. Cragg

-15 Mar

7 Charles Grant
Maur. Penang 1246 William Moffat William Hay Geo. Denny

Jos. Coates C.A.Eastmure Thos. Thoms Robt. Strange Fred. Palmer 27 Jan. 19 Mar.
and China,

-27 Mar

5 Vansittart

1200 Joseph Hare W. H.C. Dal-J. R. Mander- Wm. Allen J. Sercombe F. Bayley J. W. Wilson [A. Beveridge
7 Bombay

1242 Henry Templer John Hine H. Clement W.H.Edmonds George Wise T. Iogram Robt. Murray Robt. Miles

China. 4 Warren Hastings

1276 William Sims Rd. Rawes Jas. Eyles H. Edmonds W.B. Coles John Ricketts James Bruce David Liddell 7 Lowther Castle 1427 JohnCrosthwaite Thos. Baker J. Wilkinson R. K. Lloyd C.W.Francken C.S. Bawtree J. H. Blenner. Nic. G. Glass

[hasser/ 6 P. C. .

978 C. B. Gribble C. B. Gribble Josiah Thomas John Burt C. Ingram Nath. Knox Matt. Lovell W. E. Brown asiarWellington:} Mad. & Beng. 961 Henry Bonham J. Blanchard Stephan Pointz G. R. Parkers J. Haworth Jolin Sparks Wm. Winton w.J. Shepherd | 12Mar 1 May. } 18May

886 (Company's ship) W. Manning J. B. Burnett P. Pilcher John Relvatts wm Taylor Adam Elliot J. Benifold 5 Minerva

18Jue. 976 George Palmer Geo. Probyn Edw. Ireland Hector Rose J. Drayner E. N. Briggs H. Mitchell Wm, Allen

24Apr. 15 June.

$ 16Jne. 4 Buckinghamsh. -China, 1369 (Company's ship)'Rd. Glass poolel W. Longeross Alex. Bell Thos, Allchin James Crozier

R.G.Lancaster 16 June. 15 July.


-29 Apr 24Feb. 17 April. 20.Apr.

From MAY 28, to JUNE 25, 1823,
By 'T. BLUNT, Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, No. 22, CORNALL.

Bar. Ther. Wind. Obser. Bar. Ther. Wind.Obser. Bar. Ther. Wind. Obser. 28 29-94 62 N.E. Fair 829-68 52 S.W. Fair 19 30-09 58 N.E. Fair 29 30-06 51 N.E. Ditto

929-87 52 S.W. Ditto 20 29-96 58 N.E. Ditto 3030-11 63 N.E. Ditto 10 29.89 52 N. Ditto 21 30-01 53 N.E. Ditto 31 30-15 62 N.E. Ditto 11 29.99 54 N.E. Ditto 22 30-01 53 N.E, Ditto 1 20-97 60 N.E, Ditto 12 29.98 57 N.E. Ditto 23 30-01 53 N.E. Ditto 2 29-84 58 S.W. Ditto 13 29-85 61 N.E. Ditto | 24 29-86 56 W. Ditto 3 29.56 56 W. Rain

14 29-83 62 N. Ditto 25 2970 61 S.W. Ditto 29-45 55 S.W. Ditto 15 29.99 58 N. Ditto 5 29 46 56 S.W. Ditto 16 30-21 56 N.

Ditto 29 73 51 N.E. Fair 17 30.24 57 N.E. Ditto 29 99 52 S.W. Ditto 18 30.14 53 N.E. Ditto


JUNE 17, 1823.

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Messrs. WOLFE and EDMONDS, No. 9, 'Change-Alley,Cornbill.

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