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EARTHQUAKE IN SYRIA.-The loss cannot be doubted but that some libe of life, the number of maimed andral return will be made to assist them wounded, the destruction of property, in the deplorable and wretched cir. the length of time during which the cumstances in which, they ar

are now shecks have beeu continued, the disa placed. It is a high gratification, that cases to which the exposure of the so sure a channel as that of the Levant, people to the sun by day, and the cold Company is opened for the conveyance dews by night, have given rise-alf of British benevolence, and that such give to this calamity a peculiarly awful respectable means are adopting for an ebaracter.

impartial and judicious distribution, The spirit of travelling having in according to the ascertained degrees duced many of our fellow-subjects to of misery of the various individuals. visit the eastern parts of the Mediter- We have heard with pleasure that ihe racean, now desolated by the horrors, Committee for managing the collection, which have been the consequence of have already forwarded a second sum the long-continued earthquake in Sy- of One Thousand Pounds to their trearia, and our countrymen having been surer at Coustantinople. received with generous hospitality; it


SONS. The Lady of the Hon. J. H. Knox; at Brussels Mrs. Cole, Highbury terrace The Lady of B. J. Hodges, Esq. Lambeth The Lady of E. J. Crutchley, Esq. DittonThe Countess de la Warr, at Bourn Hall, conimon, Surrey Cambridge

The Lady of W. Boyd, jun. Esq. Shamrock The Lady of Sir James Milles Riddell, (son, lodge, Belfast and daughter) Edinbro'

Mrs. Otway, Staplehurst, Kent The Lady of J. Grabaın, Esq. Gower-street The Lady of J. Braham, Esq. Gloucester place The Lady of Lieat, Gen. Beli, Doughty street The Lady of. J. W. Bromley, Esq. Bernard-st. The Lady of H. Pownall Esq. Russell-square Russell-square The Lady of Mr. W. Harris, Clapham

The Lady of T. Rowland, Esq. Panton-square The Lady of W. H. Tarner, Esq. Walthamstow The Lady of Chas. R. Morgan, Esq. Upper The Lady

of J. Collyer, Esq. Walthamstow. Bedford-place Lady Frederica Staobope, South Audley-st. The Lady of John Graham, Esq. Gower-street. The Lady of the Rev. H. L. Dillon

The Lady of C. Cure, Esq. Devonshire-place The Lads of W.d. Burdell, Esq. Twickenham The Lady of E. Antrobus, Esq. Hereford-street The lady of Captain R. L. Lewis, Southgate The Lady of B. G. Hodges, Esq. Lambeth The Lady of N. C. Hilliard, Esg. Bernard-st. The Lady of W. Lowndes, Esq. Upper BedfordThe Lady of Dr. Thos. Munroe, Bedford-place place, Russell-square.

DAUGHTERS. The Lady of A. Wighani, Esq. Stamford-hill The Hon. Mrs. Thos, Erskine The Lady of E. B. Tborriton, Esq. Paris Mrs. Humber, Queenborough, Kent The Lady of Mr. Otway, Cottage, Staplehurst, The Lady of Henry Meux, Esq. BromleyKent

common, Kent The Lady of Mr. J. Gathley, Queenhithe The Lady of J. B. Rickets, Esq. Portland-place The Lady of F. De Courtenay. Esq. Waterloo. The Lady of Captain J. Wilson, R. N. Bristol

The Lady of the Hon, and Rev. T. L. Dundas, The Lady of H. Blacker, Esq. South-street,

Nortb Cray Finsbury-square

The Lady of W. H. Hewit, Esq. ClaphamTbe lady of w. Colborne, Esq. Little Berkhampstead

Mrs. W.G. Kirkpatrick, Isleworth The Lady of J. Barker, Esq. North End Villa, The Lady of H. C. Berkeley, Esq. MontaguePulham

street, Russell-square The Lady of the Hon. W. Cast

The Lady of J. B. Rooper, Esq. Woodbury 'The Lady of B. Riekets, Lsq. Portland-place Hall, Cambridge The Lady of J. Hodson, Esq.M.P.

The Lady of W.J. Burdett, Esq. Twickenhamu *The Lady of the Res. John Horseman, B.D. Lady Frederica Stanhope-both since dead.



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Beckwith, Thomas, esg. Bedford-place, to
Spottiswoode, Miss Sophia
Brass Captain W. St. Botolphs, to

Stanes Miss E, Minories
Bury, John, esq. Southgate, to

Bellamy Miss Ann, Trinity.square Croismaire, Le Compt de, to

Syer, Miss S. daughter of Sir W.S, Bombay Cassidy, Lieut. Col. 1st W. 1. reg. to

Troy, Miss, Wells, Norfolk
Craigic, Major John, to

Churchill, Miss Emily, Gloucester-place
Coombs, Rev. J. A. Manchester, to
• Miss Eliz. Highbury place
Chater, Mr. N. Fleet-street, to

Wanestrocht, Miss M. Alfred House, Surry
Dymoke, Henry, esq. Scrively Courts Line, 'to

Pearce, Miss Emma, Richmond
Dance, Henry, esq. Manchester-street, to

Matthias, Miss, Saville-row
Dyer, C. A. esq Little Ilford, to

Greenhill, Miss Sarah, East Ham, Essex Dawson, Mr. J. Camberwell, to

Derrett, Miss Emma, Gloucestershire Dodson, John, of Doctor's Commons, LL. D. to

Pearson, Miss, George-street, Hanover-sq. Edwards, Mr. George. Halifax, to

Smith, Miss Eliza, Cateaton-street Fermor, Hon Major Gen, to

Borough, Miss, daughter of Sir R. B. bart.

Hogan, W.jun. esq. Dublin, to

Lea, Miss Ann, Kidderminster
Hartley, Rev. R. S.M.A. Haydon-bridge, to

Gilpen, Miss Mary, Whitehaven
Lainson, John, esq. Bread-street, to
* Barrow, Miss, Forton Lodge, Hants,
Leatham, Flintoff, esq. Pontefracts, to

Blackburn, Miss E. Clapham Common
Longlands, Rev.D. Oxford, to

Pendrill, Miss J. Campbell, Bath
May, James, esq. Blackheath road, to

Collyer, Mrs. of the same place
Montefoires J. esq. Kennington, to

Mocatta, Miss, Woburn-place
Neal, Mr. Edward, of Newel-court, to

Lock, Miss Frances, Edgeware-road
Pugh. John, esq. Gray's Inn, to

Singer, Miss, C.J. Beckington, Somerset,
Reeves, Charles, esq. Ely-place, to

Edmonds, Miss Elizabeth, Clapham
Stone, J. A. esq. Argyle-street, to

Gream, Miss F. A. Richmond
Saunders, Mr. Richard, St. James's, to

Chew, Miss, Leighton-Buzzard.
Whitbread, Geo. esq. to

Burnaud, Miss S. c. Regent's Park
Wright, Henry, esq. Cornbill, to

Wilts, Miss, of Camberwell Grove, Surry
Ward, John, esq. Christ's College,Cambridge, to

Merriman, Miss Ann, Brook-street.

DEATHS. Abbs, Henry, Fifth son of B. Abbs, esq. of Great Ormond-street-Lancaster, W. N. ésg. • Cleadop-house, Durham, 15.

Walthamstow, 45—Leader, Mrs. And, Well. Blackbourne, Mrs. the wife of J. B. esq. street, Oxford-street-The Lady Catherine Til. M.P. for Lancashirė-Banfield, J. esq. 83– ney Long, Draycot, Wiltshire-Leach, John, Briscoe, the Dowager Lady, Soathainpton csg.Leycester, Ralph, esq. Toft, Cheshire, 86, row, 67 - Burton, Mrs. Mary, sister of F. Montague, The Right Hon. Francis Visa Burton, esq. Upper Brook-street-Brotherston, 'countess Dowager-Miller, Miss C. D. Harlow, Mr. Dentist, Charlotte-street, Bloomsbury Vicarage Morris, Mr. R. only son of J. square, 83—Charlotte, daughter of Mr. Jolin Morris, esq, East Hill, Wandsworth-Mangles, Blandy, of the Island of Madeira, Boston Letitia, the wife of R. Mangles, esq. Sunning. place - The Right Hon. the Dowager Ladyhill, Essex - Macclesfield, Mary Frances, Blantyre, Lennox.grove-Brown Captain E. Countess of Meggs, Mrs. relict of the late Royal Marines-Bocket, Mrs. Sarah Camber H. Meggs, esq. of the county of Dorset-Milwell, 68.

roy, Mrs. George-yard, Lombard-street-Mel. Clamtree, J. S. esq. Bloomsbury-square ton, Mrs. M.A. Walcot-place, 33-Merricks, Cole, Martin, ésq. Southampton-street, Blooms. Richard, esq. Backton-house, Chichester, 72 búry, 79-Currie, 'T. Earle, esq. Liverpool Musgrave, Lady, relict of Sir R. Musgrave, Louisa Caroline, daughter of Sir J. Colleton, Bart. Barnesley, Gloucestershire Bart, and wife of Rear Admiral, Richard Nash, Samuel, esq. Skinner-street Grares - Coles, Mrs. M. Little Trinity-lane, Olive, Rev. James, rector of St. Paul's, Queenhithe, 71-Cape, Mr. Thomas, Panton Bristol square, 52

Phillips, Miss E. A. Wandsworth-roadDrury, Mrs. of Covent Garden, 69-Drog. Pett, Samuel, esq. Clapton, 58—Pedder, Mrs. heda, Marquis of, Dublin, 94 — Dobree, Mrs. Jane, Brighton-Philpot, Mr. Wm, High Hol. Caroline Clapton, 27 -- Davis, Ann, relict of born, 53— Plummer, Dr. Swaby, M.D. son of T. Þaris, esq. Great Surrey-street-Dent, W. the late-Plaminer, esq. Jamaica exg. Wandsworth-eommon, 83.

Strettell, Mrs. relict of the late E. Strettell, Evans, Rev. E. A. B. Hiranant, Montgome esq. advocate-gen, at Calcutta-Saunders, Mrs. ryshire Ellice, Mrs. H. East Sbeen-Egre. Wm. Chapel-street, Grosvenor-square-Saville, mont, the Countess of Waterloo-place, 53 J. esq. Little Waltham-lodge,50_-Snow, George,

Freer, Lucy, the wife of the Rev. R. Freer, esg. Jangton, 78-The wife of Robert Selby, Cumberland-street Chapel, 64-Fenwick, Ni. esq. and sister to the Earl of Shrewsbury, cholas, esq. Lemington, Northumberland Portman-square, 62-Smith Richard, esq. North Freer, George, esq. Birmiogham-Fillingham, End, Hammersmith, 63—Sutton, Henry, esq. Mrs. Aon, esq. Seymour-street, 71.

Tavistock-place-Stanhope, Lady Frederica. Graves, Mrs, widow of the late C. Graves, Taylor, Jane, the wife of J. S. Taylor, esg. esq.-Glover, Col. John, Bath-Graham, Thos, Bedford-row, 35— Taylor, Mr. George Burn. Brookborough, 102.

foot Stapleton, 103Try, Mr. Fdw. solicitor, Hudson, Sarah, wife of J. A. Hudson, esq. Stockwell, Thorp, Samuel, esq. Walthamstow, M. P. for Wigham - Henekel, James, esq. 85--Till, Maria, wite of John Till, esq.ChathamWandsworth-common-Hadden, Mrs. widow of place, Hackney. the late Dr. Hadden, rector of Stepney-Ann, Victor, G. P. wife of Lieut. G. Victor, London, daughter of the late G. Hicks, M. D. St. James'se Warr, infant son of the Earl and Countess palace-Hall, James, esq.-Hore, Herbert, Wm. de la-White, Rev.R. Y. B.D. Newton Valence, esq. commander in the R. N, Ryde, Isle of Hante-West, Thomas, Esq. Twickenbam, 73 Wight, 36-Hambley, Miss A. L. Sittingbourn, Woodeffe, George, esq. late chief prothonotory Keut - Huiston, John Pratt, esq. Newman of the court of common pleas-Elizabeth, wife street, 58

of George Wilnott, esq. Shoreham, KentIreland, Caroline, the wife of E.Ireland, esq. Wormald, Richard, esq. Leeds, 48 Waruer, Hou, E.J. Company-- Naval Service.

Mrs. Ruth, Stockwell, 81--Wilson, Marianne, Jones, Miss Sophia, Gower's-walk, Good daughter of Thomas Wilson, Esq. M.P.man's fields.

Whitefield, George, B. esq. Denbam, Bucks, Kingston, Caroline, Countess Dowager of, 69.. 60Wilkie, Patrick, esq Sloane-street, 80Kert, Mury, daughter of B. Kent, enq. Cashio

Young, Chas, K. esq. son of the late lamented bridge, Watford, Herts King, Mr. M.P. Professor Young, of Glasgow, 27 — Young, Chenics-street, Bedford-square, 50

George, esq. Camberweli, 63-Yallowley, Mrs. Lane, Mrs, relict of the late T. Lane, esq. Grace, 78


SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF TRADE. The Secretary to the SOCIETY of directed to inform you that the persons GUARDIANS for the PROTECTION undernamed, viz. of TRADE by Circulars has informed Peter UPSDELL, late of 16, Cle. the Members thereof, that at the pre- ment's Ion, and now in White Cross sent January Westminster Sessions, Street Prison ; and

GEORGE SMITH was convicted for WILLIAM NORTON, Market Garfraudalently obtaining Goods from dener, of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, Messrs. Robarts, Griffiths and. 'Crick, attending the Market of Watford, HertMembers of this Society, by falsely fordshire, are reported to this Society pretendiog that he was the servant of as improper to be proposed to be bal. Messrs. Harding, Ashby aod Co. also lotted for as Members thereof. Members of this Society. And I am


(London, Jan. 24.) COTTON—The Cotton market conti. Smyrnas 60s. a 61s.; Black Smyrnas. dues very quiet; the sales since our (fine) a large parcel, a few lots only of last are confined to small parcels of which appeared to be sold, from 45s. Ül Bengals and Sarats. The India sale 46.; small drums pulled Figs 598. a 6ls. declared for the 7th proximo, consists half-drums 526. 548., quarter-chests now of about 27,000 bags, viz. -14,429 458., quality very good; also a cargo Bengals6656 Sarats-8364 Madras. of new Currants from Cephalonia, the

SUGAR.—The demand for Musco greater part appeared to have been vades this week has been steady, and taken in, apd the prices obtained for the business done very considerable; those sold were from 1148. a 116. the late prices are fully maintained. CORN.—The business of the Corn tnar.

The Sugar market to-day has closed ket has been completely interrupted by exceediogly firm, and we think a ge. the severe weather; the only purchases neral advance of Is. per cwt. since reported are a few parcels of Oats for Tuesday may be stated..

immediate consumption, for which the In the Refined market there have buyers are obliged to pay an advance been few purchases, on account of the of 2s. a 3s. per quarter; the quotations bavigation being suspended; no re of every description of Grain are noduction in the prices can be stated, yet minal. the trade is very heavy to-day. The RUM, BRANDY, AND HOLLANDS.price of Molasses 29s.

Toe Government contract for 100,000 la Foreign Sugars there bave been gallons of Rum coming out this nuornDo purchases reported; few parcels are ing unexpectedly, has a very favourable offering for sale.

effect upon the market ; the purchases COFFEE.—The public sale yesterday this foredooni arë considerable, and was considerable; it consisted of 324 generally at rates which were not atcasks 83 bags British Plantation, and tainable previously-Brandy continues 104 bags St. Domingo : the former was to be held with much firmness-In chiefly Demerara agd Berbice descrip Geneta few sales are reported, but tions, which sold rather lower than by the holders are asking high prices, on private contract; the greater portion account of the scarcity. of the Jamaica Coffee was taken in; SALTPETRE.-The demand has lately good ordinary brown rank '955. á. been considerable, on account of the 98s. 6d., clean good ordinary coloury warlike reports; the prices are fully 101s. a 1045. od., ordinary pale st. 18. higher. Domingo sold at 100s. Generally of

Tallow. - Notwithstanding the the public sale it may be stated that great consumption of Tallow during the whole went off heavily, and gene- the present season, yet the market rally at lower prices.

must be stated. lower, and heavy at This forenoon there were nó public the decline;

the nearest price of Yel-
sales, and no parchaves by private con low Candle Tallow to-day is 39s.
tract were reported.

INDIGO. The fine Judigo, at the
FRUST.- À cargo of new Turkey India House, has supported the former
was put up to public sale on Tuesday prices; all other descriptions are
Jast, prices obtained as follows;- fine Tower.
Carabournas 66s. inferior 63s.; Red



Extracted from the London Gazette.

N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-streel,

unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are in Parenthesis.

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BANKRUPTS. Allot, G. Sandall Magna, Yorkshire, tobacco 21, and Feb. 15, George Im, Cranbrook.

manufacturer, Jan. 3, 6, and Feb. ), Ses (James, Ely-place, and Ottaway, Staple. sions-House, Wakefield, (Few and Co. Hen hurst, Kent. rietta street, Covent-garden, and Huxby Dikens, G. J. Skinner-street, Snowbill, cordand Co. Wakefield,

wainer, Jan. 25, Feb. 4, and March 1 Allen, C. Tavistock - street, Covent-garden, (Carter, Lord Mayor's-court Office.

Woollen-draper, Jan. 7, 14, and Feb. 4, Edwards, J. C. Throgmorton-street, stock(J. A. Mercer, Furnival's-inn.

broker, Dec. 24, 31, and Feb. 1. (J. Lowe, Agard, M., F. S. Agard, and W.T. Agard, Bor. Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane.

Towa3h, Derbyshire, millers, Jan. 3, 4, and Eaglesfield, J. and J. Wall, Hinckley, LeicsterPeb. 4, King's Arms Tavern, Derby,(Simp; shire, hosiers, Jan. 20. 21, and Peb. II, son, Derby, and R. Barbor, Fetter-lane.

Ram Inn, Hinckley. (Long and Co. HolAlloway. J. Rotherhithe, timber-merchant, Jan. born-court, Gray's-inn, and Cordell, or

25, Feb, 1, Mareb 1. (Prickett Odiham, Sculthorp, Hinckley Hampshire and Bridger and Co. Angel Eastwood, J. and G. Kay, late of Menham, court, Throgmorton-street.

Yorkshire, clothiers, Jan. 10, 11, and Feb. Buxton, T. Ingol, Lancashire, corn-merchant, 11, George Inn, Huddersfield. (Jacomb,

Jan, 4, 15, and Feb. I. White Horse Inn, Hudderstield and Clarke and Co. Chancery: Preston, (Blacklock, Serjeants-inn, and H.

lane. Dewhurst, Preston.

Flynn, J. Turton, Lancashire, blacksmith, Feb. Bennett, J. St Helen, Worcester, glover, Jan.

7,8, and 18, Dog and Patridge Inn, Wigan. 6, 7, and Feb. 4, Star and Garter Inn, Fore (Ellis, Chancery-lane, and Morris, Wigan. gate-street, Worcester. (Long, Worcester, Greenwell, T. late of White Lion-court, Cornand Collett and Co. Chancery-lane,

hill, merchant, Dec. 28, Jan. 1, Feb. 4.(T. Bailey, W. Butt-lane, Deptford, merchant, Jan.

S. Hewitt, Token-house-yard, Lothbury. 7.11, and Feb. 4. (C. Batsford, Horsely

Goldsmith, W. Benball, Suffolk, corn-merchant, down-lane, Soutlıwark.

Jan. 14, 21, and Feb, 18. (Carpenter, Rurz Barnes, J. Pendleton, near Manchester, brewer, ’nival's-inn, Holborni.

Jan. 10, 11, and Feb. 4, White Bear Inn, Humphreys, H. late of Well's-row, Islington, Piccadilly, Manchester. (Hurd and Co. grocer, Dec. 23, Jan. 4, Feb. 1. (Jones and

Temple, and Brackenbury, Manchester. Co. Minciog-lane. Benson, J. York, coach-master, Jan. 20, 21, and Hoofstetter, s, R. late of Sheffield, merchant,

Feb. 18, Baynes' Hotel, York. (Bell and Jan. 1, 2, and Feb. 4, Commercial Inn, Co. Bow Church-yard, and Brook and Co. Sheffield. (Branson, Sheffield, and H. York.

Blakelock, Sergeant's.inn, Fleet-street. Boardman, J. late of Great Poltop, Lancashire, Heath, W.T.Cushion-court, Broad-street, Jan.

cotton manufacturer, Feb. 1, 3, and 22, 11, 18, and Feb. 4. (Hurd and Co. King's Swan Hotel, Great Bolton. (W. Hampson, Bench-walk, Temple, , and Fearnhead, Great Bolton and Milue and Co. Temple.

Nottingham. Bates, T. Cushion-court, oid Broad-street, Haughton, J. Liverpool, merchant, Jan. 29, 30,

mercbant, Jan. 18, 25, and Feb. 22.(Cousins, and Feb. 15, at the Office of Bardswell and

Great Winchester-street, Old Broad-street. Son. (Blackstock and Co. Temple, Orred Bunn, E. Hermitage-place, St. John-street and Co. and Bardswell and Co. Liverpool. Road, Clerkenwell, merchant, Jan. 18, 25,

Hicks, H. and S. W. Woodward, Bankside, and Peb. 22. (Jackson, Garden - court,

timber-merchants, Jan. 11, 25, and Feb. 18. 'Temple.

(Davison, Bread-street. Beverley, B. Bridge-yard, Bucklesbury, Upper

Hammond, W. Wickhambrook, Suffolk, shopMontague-street, Russel-square, mercbant,

keeper, Jan. 18, 25, and Feb. 22. (Stevens, Jan. 18, 26, and Feb. 25, (Farren, King's

Gray's-inn-square. Army Yard, Coleman-street.

Hall, T. Old Compton-street, Soho, woollen. Childs, W. Whitehall, victualler, Dec. 28, Jan. draper, Jan. 18, 28, and Feb. 25. (Barrow

4, and Feb. 1. (W. Wood, Richmond-build and Co. Basinghall-street. ings, Dean-street, Soho,

Johnson, N. S. late of Manchester, fustianCuffiey, J. R. Ipswich,' malster, Jan. 7, 21, and manufacturer, Jan, 17, 18, and Feb. 15.

Feb. 11, Great White Horse, Ipswich. (S. Star Inn, Manchester. (Atkinson, St. B. Jackaman, Ipswich, and Bromley, James'-square, Manchester, and Markin. Gray's-inn-square.

son, Middle Temple. Carey, 'T. Satiron-hill, cordwainer, Jan. 11, 21, Jackson, J. Halifax, dealer, Jan. 28, 29, and

and Feb. 18. (Perkins and Co. Holborn Feb. 18. (Lewis and Co. E. N. Alexander, court, Grav's-inn.

Halifax, and Walker, Lincoln's inn-fields. Collier, J. Rathbone-place, silk-mercer, Jan. 18,

Jones, J. Great Commercial-buildings, Black25, and Feb. 22." (Knight and Co. Basing

friars-road, haberdasher, Dec. 27, Jan. 18, hall-street,

and Feb. 1. (J. Phipps, Weaver's-hall. Cannon, G. Darenth, Kent, mealman, Jan. 14, Irvings, C. Southampton, school-master, Jan. Feb. 1, and 22. (Davison, Bread-street.

29, Feb. 3, and March 1, Guildhall, SouthClark, R. H. St.Mary-at-hill, wine-merchant, ampton. (B. and J. Pepper Southampton,

Jan. 25. Feb. and March 1. (Watt, and Brundrett and Co. Temple.
Cushion-court, Old Broad-street.

Lang, J. late of Manchester, draper, Jan, 6, 7, Dickinson, J. aldersgate-street, leather-seller, and Feb. 1, Star Inn, Deansgate, Man.

Jan, 7, 14, and Feb. 11. (Pullen and Co. chester. (J. Higson, Cross-street, ManFore-street, Crippie gate.

chester, and R. Ellis, Chancery-lane. Daw, W. High Halden, Kent, potter, Jan. 11, Lamplough, T. Billington quay. Yorkshire,

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corn-factor, Jan. 6,7, and Feb.ll, Dog and Duck Tavern, Kingston-upon-Hull. (Rog.

ser, and Co. Bartlett's-buildings, Holborn. Leach, J. Manchester, merchant, Jan. 24, 25,

and Peb. 22, Bridgewater Arms Inn, Manchester. (J. Taylor, Spring gardens, Man

chester, and R. Ellis, Chancery-lane. Larton, W. Peterborough-court, Fleet-street,

gold-beater, Jan. 25, 28, and March 1.

(Hodson, King's-row, Bedford-row. Marsland PH. Hand forth-cum-Bosden, Cheshire,

cotton-mannfacturers, Jan. 7, 6, 8, and
Feb. 4, Warren Bulkeley Arms Inn, Stock-
port (Tyler, Pump-court, Temple, and

Harrop. Stockport.
Mills, T. Milverton, Somersetshire, baker, Jan,

2, 3, and Feb. 4, White Hart Inn, Milverton,
(Norton and Co. Gray's-inn-square, and J.

Payne, Milverton.
Morgan, A. Bedwetty, Monmouthshire, inn-

holder,Jan, 20, 21, and Feb. 22, at the Office
of Mr. Prothero, Newport, 3. Platt,

New Boswell-court, Lincoln's-ina.
Mausea, T. Tinhurst, Sussex, farmer, Jan. 28,

29, and Mareb 1, Bell Inn, Tinhurst. (Stone
and Co. Mayfield, Sussex, and Palmer and

Co. Bedford-row.
Melyneus, T. Holborn, boot-maker, Jan. 25,

Peb. ), and March 1. (Allen and Co. Car.

lisle-street, Sobo. Newelt. T. Amberley, Sussex, innkeeper, Ja.

9, 19, and Feb. 15, Crown Inn, Arundel.
(Freeman, Arundel, and Freeman and Co.

Oland, J. Bristol, potter, Jan. 8, 9, and Feb. 8,

Rammer 'Tavern. All Saints'-lane, Bristol.
(Holme and Co. New Inn, and Greville,

Pullen, R. Leeds, merebant, Jan. 8, 9, and Feb.

11, Nag's Head Ian, Bradford, Yorkshire.
(Evans, Hatton-garden, and Bentley, & Co.

Parkes, T. Stourbridge, Worcestershire, grocer,

Jan. 20, 21, and Feb. 15, Wheat Sheaf Inn,
Bewdley. (Wright and Co. Inner Temple,

and Hunt, Stonrbridge.
Pain, R. Chillon-Trivett-Cannington, Somer.

setsbire, malster, Jan. 24, 25, and Feb. 22,
Crown Inn, Bridgewater. (Nethersoles and
Ce Essex-street, Strand and Codrington,

Packwood, J. Ratcliffe-highway, carpet-dealer,

Jan 25, Feb. 1, and March 1. (Fisher and

Co. Furnival's-inn.
Radford, J. S. Kingston-upon-Hall, merchant,

Jan. 9, 10, & Feb. 4, George Inn, Kington-
upon Hull (J. Knowles, New Inn, and s.

Scholefield, Hull.
Roose, T. Liverpool, baker, Jan. 20, 21, and

Feb. 8, George Inn, Dale-street, Liverpool,

(Chester, Staple-inn, and Hinde, Liverpool. Redmayne, J. Burton, Yorkshire, corn-dealer,

Jan. 13, 14, and Peb. 11, Royal Oak Inn, Lancaster. (Jackson, Garden-court, Temple, and Bradley, Kirby Lonsdale, West

morland. Reader, R. Old Street-road, timber-merchant,

Jan.ll, 18, & Feb. 15. (Young, Mark-lane. Rushton, J. Bolton-le-Moors, grocer, Jan. 30,

31, and Feb. 22, Talbot Ion, Liverpool. (J. Paterson, Lower Castle-street, Liverpool,

and Hurd and Co. Temple. Ryley, J. Birmingham, spoon-maker, Jan. 21,

22, and Feb. 22, Swan Hotel, High-street,
Birmingham. (Sparrier and Co. Paradise-
street, Birmingham, and Norton and Co.

Saxton, J. Batheaston, near Bath, saddler, Jan.

2, 3, and Feb. 1, White Lion Irin, Bath.
(Mackinson, Middle Temple, and Hellings,

Strickland, Sen, and J. Strickland, Jun. New.

gate-market, Cheese-mongers, Jan. 7, 14,
& Feb. 11. (Alliston and Co. Freeman's-

court, Cornhill. Slaughter, T. Seal, Kent, farmer, Jan. 18. 25,

and Feb. 22. (Sherwood & Co. Canterbury

square, and G. Garrett, Sandwich, Kent. Sharpley, A. Binbrook, Lincolnshire, farmer,

Jan. 24, 25, and Feb. 22, Lodge of Harmony, Boston. (J. Taylor, Clement's-inn,

and P. Tuxford, Boston. Sanders, J. Aldersgate-street, painter, Jan. 21,

28, and March 1. (Keeling and Co. Token

house-yard. Sheill, A. High-street, Wapping, baker, Jan. 21.

Feb. 1, and March 1. Clarke, Gray's-inn

square, Sutton, T H. Strood, Kent, innkeeper, Jan. 25,

Feb.), and March 1.(Flexney Bedford-row,

and Simmons, Rochester.
Ward, J. Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire,

Stationer, Jan. 8, 9, and Feb. I. White Lion
Inn, Stratford-upon-Avon. (Adlington and
Co. Bedford-row, and Wyatt & Son, Strat-

White, R. late of Maiden, Bradley, Wilts. farmer,

Dec. 27, 28, and Feb. 1, Castle & Ball Inn,
Bath. (Williams, Red Lion-square, and
Knight, Warminster.

DIVIDENDS. Armistead, J. Clapham, Yorkshire, Jan. 15. Dowley, J. Willow-street, Bankside, cornAtherton, J. Warrington, Lancashire, cabinet merchant, Dec. 28, Jan. 14. maker, Feb. 14.

Drake, J. Lewisham, master-mariner, Jan. 11. Arthur, T. Neach, Glamorganshire, Feb. 6. Diston, T. Tewkesbury, corn-dealer, Jan. 20. Bell, J. Freemason's Arins, Downsbire-hill, Dalton, J. Tottenham-court-road, merchant, Hampstead. Jan. 2).

Jan. 21. Blackley, E. Wood-street, Cheapside, ware Dobson, T. & G. Thompson, Darlington, Dur. houseman, Jan. 11.

ham, Jan. 30. Buchanan, D. S. M. Smith, and Ashley, Liver. Dean, R. W. and T. W. Cook, Sugar-loaf-alley, pool, merchants, Jan. 15.

Bethnal-green, Feb. I. . Beleber, J. London-lane, Enfield, stone-mason, Durant, W. Castle-street, Finsbury, Tailor, Jan. 23.

Feb. 4. Barnascbina, A. Gravesend, Jan. 21.

Emmott, W. Leicester square, tailor, Jan. 21. Blacklee, D. Cambridge, bricklayer, Feb. 7. Evans, J. Wapping, Linen-draper, Jan. 21. Bell, J. & G. Bell, Berwick-on-Tw ed, coopers, Ellis, S. and G. Glover, Aldersgale-street, dryJan. 25.

salters, Feb. 1. Brewer, T. corn-merchant, Alderton, Suffolk, Emmery, T. Worcester, wine-merchant, Feb. 10. Feb. 5.

Flanders, J. Atherstone, Warwickshire, Feb. 25. Bargie, J. Mark-lane, carpenter, Feb. 8.

Poster, T. & E. S. Foster, Yalding, Kent, maltCossart, J. I, & P. Cosgart, Clement's-lape, sters, Jan. 11 wine-perebant, Peb. 8.

Forbes, J. and D. Gregory, Aldermanbury, mer. Clough, J.H. J. S. Wilks, and J. B. Clough chants, Jan, 19. Liverpool, merchants, Jan. 28.

Fairchild, J. L. Thurlby, Lincolnshire, Jan. 27.
Cames, W. Canal-row, Bermondsey, Jan. 21. Farmer, N. East-lane, Bermondsey, Feb. I.
W. J. West-smithfield, copper-smith, Jan. Field, T. White Hart-yard Inn, St. John-street,

Feb. 8,
Cobb, H. Grafoney, Kent, farmer, Jan. 21, and Gray, B. Liverpool, merchant, Jan. 18.
Feb 4.

Gray, J. Liverpool, merchant, Jan. 15.
Caldwell, T. S. Norwicb,coacb-masters, Feb. 3. Gardiner, G.St. John-street, ironmonger,Jan.18

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