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Hospital Staff; Staff Surgeon, John Improved System for the Army.Alex. Schetky to be Deputy Inspector Major-Gen. Sir Henry Torreos, K.C.B. of Hospitals on the coast of Africa Adjutant-General, &c. &c. has recently only, vice Dr. Nicholl, deceased. returned from Ireland, where he has

Unattached : Major James Payler, been for several months saperintending from the 10th Foot, to be Lieut.-Col, of the instruction of the troops in that Infrantry, by purchase, vice Major-Geņ. part of the United Kingdom, in bis imM. C. Darby Griffith, who retires. proved system for the Forinations, Field

Brevet, -To be Lieut.-Cols, in the Exercises, and movements of His MaArmy: Major Roger Machneil, of the jesty's land forces. The rules and re2d Life Guards. Major Richard Mon gulations for carrying into immediate tague Oakes, of the 1st Life Guards. and general practice this uniform sysMajor Henry Earl of Uxbridge, of the tem of discipline are expected to be Ist Life Guards.

shortly promulgated, by His Majesty's Members returned to serve in this command, to the whole army. present Parliament.

It has been determined on, by the County of Stafford.

-Sir John Wrot bead of the Orange Lodges in Ireland, tesley, Bart, in the room of Sir John to build a splendid hall for the meetFenton Boughey, Bart. deceased. ings of the Association. Its cost will

Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme be limited to forty thousand pounds, John Evelyn Denison, Esq. in the room and the work will be forth with underof William Shepherd Kindersley, Esq. taken. deceased.

The foundation stone of the New It has been notified by the French Church in Edinburgh, intended to be Minister for Foreigo Affairs to the built-in Bellevue Crescent, was laid in Ambassadors and Ministers of Neutral presence of the Lord Provost, MagisPowers at Paris, “ That the French trates, and Council, and a number of Government has declared an effective Clergymen of the city. The Magis blockade of the ports of Cadiz, Barce trates walked in procession in their lona, Santona, St. Sebastian, and Co robes, from the bottom of Duke-street, runna."

to the site of the intended building.



The Lady of Viscount Chetwynd
The Lady of Viscount Torrington, at Yoles

Court, of twins
The Lady of Major-General Sir William Inglis,

at Geneva
The Lady of the Baron Charles De Thierry, in

The Lady of the Hon. P. B. Pellew, M.P. at

The Lady of Major Sir Henry Floyd, in Bryan-

The Lady of the Rev. Prebendary Dennis, at


The Lady of Major Reid, in Limerick
The Lady of Captain M'Cullock, of his Majes

ty's ship Ramilies, at Deal
The Lady of Captain James A. Murray, R.N.
The Lady of Henry Hobhouse, esq., second son

of Sir Benjamin Hobhouse, bart.
The Lady of George Raikes, esq. at Fulham
The Lady of Wynne Sparrow, esq. of Red hill,

The Lady of W.J. St. Aubyn, esq. in Montague-



The Marchionens of Londonderry, at Holder

ness-house, Park-lane The Countess of Ormond and Ossory, at Brus

sels The Lady of Rear Admiral Moubray, at Otters

ton, Fifeshire
The Lady of Lieut.-Colonel Burgoyne, Royal

The Lady of Lieut.-General Sir John Hope
The Lady of the Rev. Dr. Barnes, Archdeacon

of Bombay
The Lady of Capt. H. Hutchinson, of the East

India ship Barossa, at Brighton
The Lady of Charles Stuart Allen Hay, ésq.
C.B.C.K.M.E, at Edinburgh
Bur. Mag. Aug. 1823.

The Lady of Robert Bill, esq. barrister at law,

at Blackbeath The Lady of Charles Ellis Heaton, esq. of Mor.

timer-street, at Bognor The Lady of the Rev. George Chetwoode, Rec

tor of Ashton-under-Lyne The Lady of Colonel Macbean, at Silver Mills The Lady of Frederick Webb, esq. in Langham

The Lady of the Rev. James Kevill, of Croft

Castle, Herefordshire
The Lady of Henry Lindesay Bethune, esq. in

The Lady of the Rev. John Gould, at the Ree-
tory, Beaconsfield.




Arabiu, Captain Frederick, R.A. fourth son of

H. Arabin, esq. of Maglare, to
Miss Eliza Mountain, eldest daughter of the

Lord Bishop of Quebec
Anstey, John Thomas, esq. of the Madras Civil

Service, to
Charlotte, grand-daughter to the late Rev.

Sir Edmund Filme
Anderson, Rev. T. S. M. of Baliol College, Ox-

ford, to Barbara, C. second daughter of G. Wrough.

ton, esq.of Newington-house Barton, N.esq. at the British Ambassador's

Chapel in Paris, to

M. Susannah, second daughter of H. Scott, Bradley, Mr. F. son of the late Rev.J. Bradley,

Vicar of Farringdon, to
Augusta Frances Gertrude, daughter of the

Right Hon. Lady Hawke
Bliss, Rev. Phillip, LL.D. Fellow of St. John's

and Sub-librarian of the Bodleian, to
Sophia, second daughter of the late Rev. R.

B. Bell, M.A.
Bruen, Francis, esq. at Dublin, to

Lady C. Nugent, second daughter of the Earl

of Westmeath Barnes, Lieutenant-Ger. Sir Edward, K.C.B.

Governor of Ceylon, to
Maria, eldest daughter of W. Fawkes, esq. of

Farnley-hall, York
Benyon, S. G. esq. of Ash-hall, Salop, to

Caroline, eldest daughter of J. Thorp, esq. of

Chippenham-park, Cambridge Berkbeck, H. esq. of Lynn, Norfolk, to

Lucy, youngest daughter of the late R. Bar. clay, esq. of Clapham Common Bland, Rev. Miles, B.D. Fellow and Tutor of

St. John's College, Cambridge, to
Anne, youngest daughter of Thomas Temple-

man, esq. Cunynghame, F. A. esq. to

Anne, youngest daughter of E. Earl, esq. Chairman of the Board of Customs for Scot

land Calthorpe, Hon. Frederick, brother to Lord Cal.

thorpe, to Lady Charlotte Somerset, eldest daughter of

the Duke of Beaufort Coesvett, W. G. jun. esq. of Upper Brook-st., to

Anne Maria, daughter of H. Baring, esq. of

Davidson, T. R. esq. of the Civil Service, to

Helen Eliza, eldest daughter of Lieut.-Col.

S. Paton, Com.-Gen, in Bengal Elderton, C.F. esq. of the East India Company's

Service, to

S. S. Graves Farquharson, Lieut. William, R.A. at Ealing,

to Margaret, M. daughter of Frederick Cooper, esq. of Jamaica

Fitzwilliam, Viscount, of Ireland, to the

Dowager Lady Ponsonby, mother of the

Countess Grey Farrer, W. E. esq. of the East India Company's

Service, to the only daughter of H. Cracklow, esq. of St.

Olave, Southwark 'Gore, Hon, and Rev. George, Dean of Killala, to

Maria B. Isaac, widow of the late T. B. Isave,

of Holywood-house, Down Hoskin, Mr. Edward, to

Miss Jane Jones, of Wokingham, daughter of Asher Jones, esq. late of his Majesty's

King, J.J. esq. eldest son of J. King, esq. of

Grosvernor-place, to
Charlotte Wyndham, youngest daughter of

the Earl of Egremont Morrison, Isaac Hawkins, esq. Post-Captain in

the Royal Navy, to Louisa Adams, daugbter of J. P. Smith, esg. of Upper Berkeley-street Montague, Capt. John, of 81st Foot, nephew to

Admiral Sir G. Montague, to Jessy, eldest daughter of Lieutenant-Colone! Warsley, of the Royal Artillery Mackinnon, Colonel, at St. George's, Hanover

square, to Anne Jane, eldest daughter of J. Dent, esa.

M.P. Milles, Hon. G. J. of Elmham-hall, Norfolk, to

Eleanor, second daughter of Dowager Lady

Knatchbull Praed, James Backwell, esq. of Tyringham

Bucks, to

Sophia, sister to Charles Chaplin, esq. M.P. Smith, R. esq. of Edinburgh, to Sarah P. eldest

daughter of Captain Bridge, of the East India Company's Service Shuttleworth, Rev. P. N. Warden of New Col

lege, Oxford, to Emma Martha, second daughter of George Welch, esg. of High Leck, Lancasbire Sidmouth, Lord Viseount, at St. George's, Han

over-square, to Hon. Mrs. Townsend, daughter of Lord Sto

well Waldegrave, Hon. Captain, G. G. R. N, eldest

son of Admiral Lord Radstock, to
Esther Caroline, youngest daughter of J. Pu-

gat, esq. of Totteridge, Herts Waldron, Edward, esq. Lieutenant of the 61st

Foot, to Ann Bate, daughter of John Garnett, esq. Walter, Lieut. H. of the Madras Army, to

Mary Anne Pinder, eldest daughter of W.

Dermer, esq.
Vaughan, J. esq. Sergeant at Law, to

Right Hon. Louisa, Baroness St. John, wi-
dow of St. Andrew, Lord St. John.


*Townsend, Baron Bayning, He is succeeded in At an advanced age, at his seat, Pepper-hall, his titles and estates by his brother, the Hon. near Northallerton, Yorkshire, John Arden, and Rev. Henry Townsend, of Broome, in Suresq. of Arden-hall, near Stockport, elder brother folk.–At Southwell, Elizabeth Anne, wife of to the late Lord Alvapley, and uncle to the pre the Rev. Dr. Barrow, Prebendary of the Collesent, by whom he is chiefly succeeded in his im giate Church of that place.--AtRamsgate, after mense wealth.–At Church-house, Leatherhead, lingering three years in a deciine, Miles James Surrey, the Rev. John Atkinson, after a long Beevor, eldest son of Colonel Beevor, of the and painful illness, 51.-General Sir Charles Royal Artillery, 17.-Maria, widow of the late Asgill, bart. Colonel of the 11th Foot.-At Dar. Robert Burrow, esq. of Starboro' Castle, Surlington, Juliet, fourth daughter of the Rev. W. rey.--At High-grove, J.H. Babb, esq..

89.-At Addison, late of Dinsdale, Durham.- On the

Southampton, Susan, only danghter of Dr. Bor31st July last, at Ravensbury, near Mitcham, land, of Teddington.-In Upper Wimpole-street, Mr. Bailey Austin, of that place, an eminent Lieut.-Gen. Thomas Bridges, of the East India calico-printer, 38.

Company's service, 80.-At Bronwhylfa, Louise B.

Anne, wife of Lieut.-Col. Browne, and daugh. At Winchester, Charles Frederick Powlett ter of the Rev. Dr. Gray, Prebendary of Dus.

ham and Chichester, 22.-Eliza Mary, daughter relict of the Rev. George Moore.--At Bath, Mr. of John Breynton, esq. of Haunch-hall, Staf. T. Meyler, bookseller and proprietor of The ford, 23.

Bath Herald, 42.

N. At Barrogill Castle, near Thurso, the Right At Dacre-lodge, Middlesex, the Right Hon. Hon. James Sinclair, Earl of Caithness, Lord Francis Lord Napier, of Merchistoun, N.B. Lieut. of that county, and Post-master General Lord Lieutenant of the county of Selkirk, and for Scotland, 57.-In Old Burlington-street, the one of the sixteen representative Peers of ScotMarquis Cornwallis, 48.-In Curzon-street, Mrs. land.- Esther, wife of the Rev. Francis North, Mary Cotterell, sister to Sir John Geers Cot. Prebendary of Winchester.-At Chiswick, the terell, bart. M.P. of Garnons, in the county of Rev. Cornelius Neale, A.M. late Fellow of St. Hereford, 64.-The Rev. John Coates, M.A. John's, Cambridge, 34. thirty-one yeary Vicar of Huddersfield, 61.-At

0. Landaff Court, Mrs. Coffin, niece of the cele The Right Rev. C. O'Donnel, D.D. Roman brated Dr. Price, 71.-John Crouch, esq. Sur Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Derry, 76. veyor-General of his Majesty's Customs.--At Epping, the Rev. James Currey, Preacher of

P. the Charter-house, and Rector of Thirniog, In Wimpole-street, Major-General Sir Denis Norfolk,

Pack, K.C.B.C.T.S., Colonel of the 84th Foot, D.

and Lieut-Governor of Plymouth.–At Bath, Maj. Gen.

Darby, of Padworth-house, Berks. Lady Palliser, widow of the late and mother of -At Paris, W. Dickenson, esq. formerly a mez the present Sir Hugh Palliser.-At the Cape of zotinto engraver.-At Cuckney, James Dow. Good Hope, Captain Pearson, late Commander land, esq. Steward to Earl Bathurst.-At Lea of the General Hewitt East Indiaman.--At mington, near Alawick, Thomas Davidson, esq. Kirkbaen, Humphrey Phillimore, nearly one of Newcastle, 70.

hundred years of age. He was one of those who F.

supported General Wolfe, when he received bis John James Earl of Farnham, one of the re mortal wound at Quebec.--At Melford House, presentative Peers for Ireland, Governor of the the wife of Major Plunkett, of Kinnard, in the county of Cavan, 56.—Colonel Barry, the repre- county of Roscommon, Ireland, only child of sentative of the county of Cavan, succeeds to the late General Gunning.–Mr. Sampson Perry, his estates, and to the Barony of Farnham. of Southampton-street, Bloomsbury. At Stanmore, Lady Mary Finch, sister to the Earl of Aylesford.

At Sheerness, Edward Quin, esq. many years G.

connected with the public press of the metroAt Leamington, the Rev. John Gooch, M.A. polis, and formerly a member of the Common Archdeacon of Sudbury, Suffolk, brother to Sir Council. T. Gooch, 71.-At Knutsford, the Hon. Mrs.

R. Booth Grey, aunt to the present Earl of Stam At Fleurs, near Kelso, the Duke of Roxburgh: ford and Warrington.-At Madras, Lieutenant bis Grace succeeded William (Bellenden) who and Adjutant William Graham, of the 1st bat succeeded John Ker, the Duke of Roxburgh so talion, 14th regiment N. I.-In Bedford-square, eminently known to the literary world as the Major-General Darby Griffith, of Padworth Nobleman whose taste for old books led to the house, Berks.-Thomas Gifford, esq. of Cbil foundation of the club which bears his name : lington, 60

the descent and property have led to much liti. H.

gation; but the heirdom is at present clear in the At Langley Park, Bucks, of a decline, Louisa person of the young Marq.of Beaumont, the only Harvey, youngest daughter of Sir R. B. Har. child of the deceased Duke: the Marquis (now vey.-On bis passage to the East Indies, with Duke) is about five years of age; his father was all the passengers, and every suul on board, nearly eighty when he died.-Mrs. Rolfe, relict John Hely Hutchinson, nephew to the Earl of of the Rev. Robert Rolfe, formerly Rector of Donoughmore and Lord Hutchinson.At Park Hilborough, in Norfolk, and aunt to the late ball, near Mansfield, Major-General Hall, late Viscount and present Earl Nelson, 94.-At Lieut.-Col. of the 23d or Welch Fusileers, 53. Ludlow, the Rev. T. C. Rogers, Rector of At Reading, the Rev. James Hinton, of Oxford, Hunt's-pill, Somersetshire. A.M., 38.-The Rev. Benjamin Holmes, B.D. Rector of Freshwater, in the Isle of Wight.

8. At Hastings, Anne, the wife of William Horne, Of atrophy, Wm. Beauchamp St. John, second .esq. of Lincoln’s-inn, one of his Majesty's Coun son of Henry St. John, esq. of Hornsey, and sel.

cousin of Lord St. John, of Bletsoe, 21.-In J.

Richmond Park, of internal abscess, the eldest James Justice, esq. of Justice-hall, Berwick son of Viscount Sidmouth.--At Mutton, York. shire, 70.

shire, suddenly, while attending his clerical K.

duty at the visitation of the venerable ArchThe Rev. Thomas Klyne, in Jermyn-street, deacon Wrangham, aged 58, the Rev. William St. James's.

Smith, A.M.-At Shrubbery-cottage, Walworth L,

the Rev. Shomas Stretton, 71. Lieut-Colonel William Lambton, superintendant of the Grand Trigonometrical Survey

T. in India.-At Stifkey, Xorfolk, Col. Henry Lof At South Luffenham, Rutlandshire, owing to tus, of the Coldstream Guards.-In York-street, a fall from her horse, Miss Trollope, aout to Dublin, the Rev. Dr. Edward Ledwich, author Sir J. T.- Francis Travers, M.D. late of of "The Antiquities of Ireland," &c. 84.--At Newark, Notts, 37. - After a long illness, * Woolwich, Douglas Lawson, esq. R.A.-At Francis, wife of Jas. Tilson, esq. of Foley-place. Hanwell Grove, Middlesex, Mary Ann Harriet, -At Bath, Sir Henry White, of Portsmouth, daughter of Edmund Henry Lushington, eaq. 61.

Robert Woody, esq. of Tamworth, M.D.

and F.L.S.-At Walthamstow-House, Essex, M м

Harriet, daughter of Sir Robert Wigram, bart. At Glasperin, after a long illness, Vicountess -At Serampore, East Indies, of cholera morbus, Mountmorrea, 48.-At Crofton Hall, Kent, Gen. the Rev. W. Ward, the missionary - The Rev. Morgan, formerly of the Coldstream guards, 82. David Williams, Master of the Free Grammar -In Old Manor-street, Chelsea, Charles Maude, School of Ystradmeirig, in Cardiganshire, 38.esq. late of the Ordnance Department, 34.-In Of a locked-jaw, occasioned by the severe injury New Burlington-street, Andrew Mathias, esq. he received in being suddenly attacked and deeply lamented by his family and friends, 55, bitten by his own ass, Mr. Nathaniel Wyld, of At Sorton Parsonage, near Exeter, Catherine, Nottingham, 65.


Friday, August 15. COTTON.- The business in our cotton the merchants keeping back their sumarket was rather limited last week, gars, in anticipation of higher prices. no more than 950 bales having been The sugar market this afternoon consold, all East India, in bond, viz. -350 tinues firm; there are considerable Madras 67d. good fair, 7d. for good; sales, but there is no alteration in the 200 Surats 6fd. middling fair, to 73d. a prices. 7d. good; 400 Bengals 6ld. fair, 6. In refined sugars there is more doing; 'a 6 d. good fair, and 6 d. good. A large lumps have been in request for Treasury order was issued on Friday, the Hamburgh market, and an advance allowing Brazil cotton from Lisbon to of ls. has been obtained; the Medibe entered for home consumption, terranean houses have likewise been which, by the late Warehouseing Act, doing considerable business in crusted was prohibited.

sugars at improved prices; strong orSUGAR.The demand for raw sugar dinary large lumps 788. good crushing Jast week was rather checked by the ditto 80s.; the grocers are also strong importers demanding higher prices; buyers of fine goods; the market, in nevertheless a good proportion of busi fact, is by no means fully supplied ness was done, and an advance of ls. with goods of any description. obtained on the brown and middling Foreign sugars are in better request, qualities. The market was rather bare and prices 18. a 28. higher have been of good working qualities, owing to obtained by public sale.


Moncriffe Willoughby, Esq of Fair Stephen Fairbanks of America, now street, Horsleydown, for certain im residing in Norfolk-street, Strand, for provements in the construction of ves improvements in the construction of sels, so as to enable them to sail with locks and other fastenings, communi. greater velocity. Dated June 26, 1823. cated to him by a certain foreigner

John Green, of Mansfield, Notting residing abroad. Dated July 10, 1823. Lamshire, for certain machines used John Leigh Bradbury, of Manchester, for roving, spinping, and twisting cot- for improvements in the art of printing, ton, fax, silk, wool, or other fibrous painting, and staining silks, cotton, substances. Dated June 26, 1823. woollen, and other cloths; and paper, - William Vere, of Crown-row, Mile. parchment, vellum, leather, and other end, Old Town, Stepney; Henry S. substances, by means of blocks or surCrane, of West Ham, Essex, for certain face printing. Dated July 15, 1823. improvements in the manufacture of Ben ton Gill, of Birmingban, for infiammable gas. Dated Jane 30, 1823. improvements in the construction of

Thos. Woolrick Stansfeld, of Leeds; saws, cleavers, straw-knives, and all Henry Briggs, of Lunderfort, Halifax'; kinds of instruments that require or William Richard, of Leeds; William admit of metallic backs; communicated Barraclaugh, of Burley, Leeds, for im to him by à certain foreigner résiding provements in the construction of looms abroad. Dated July 15, 1823. for weaving fabricks, composed wholly Sir Isaac Coffin, of Pall Mall, for a or in part of woollen, worsted, cotton, certain method or methods of catching linen, silk, or other materials, Dated or taking mackerell and other fish; July 5, 1823.

communicated to him by a certain George Clymer, of Finsbury-street, foreigner residing abroad. Dated July Finsbury-square, for certain improve 15, 1823. ments on agricultural ploughs. Dated William Palmer, of Lothbury, for July 5, 1923.

certain improvements in machinery John Fisher, and John Horton, jun. applicable to printing on calico or other of Great Bridge, West Bromwick, Staf woven fabricks, composed wholly or in fordshire, for an improvement in the part of cotton, linen, wool, or silk. .construction of boilers for steam-en Dated July 15, 1823, gines. Dated July 8, 1823.



Extracted from the London Gazette.

N.B. All the Mectings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street,

unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are to Parenthesis.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. G. Rivers, Judd-street, Brunswick-square, ca. J. Nettleton, Sloane-square, Chelsea, fronbinet-maker.

monger. E. Hastings, Lower Smith-street, Northampton Joseph Munton, of Highgate, Middlesex, cornsquare, milkman.

chandler. W. Rashbrook, Lavenham, Suffolk, farmer. John Thomas, late of Kent-street, Southwark, J. O'Brien, Broad-street-buildings, merchant. builder, (now iu the King's Bench). J. Lax, Liverpool, brewer.

William King, of the Edeware-road, Middlesex, J. Hutchings, Stoke Damerel, Devonshire, cheese-monger. builder.

James Rowley, late of Stourport, Worcester, J. Hellyer, Hayliog North, Southampton,farmer timber-merchant. J. Chambers, Wolverhapton, agricultural ma



J. Bell, Guernsey, merchant, from July 26 to
Sept. 13.

C. J. Tribaudino, Cleveland-street, Mile-end,

silk-dyer, from Aug. 9 to Sept. 27.


BANKRUPTS. Alderson, R. Newcastle upon Tyne, surgeon. draper. (Sweet, Stokes, and Carr, Basing(Constable and Kirk, Symond's-inn, Chancery

hall-street, lane.

Hopwood, J. Charcery-lane, bill-broker. (Mott, Adams, J. Union-street, Southwark, oil-man. Essex-street, Strand. (Drew and Sons, Bermondsey-street.

Hobbs, T. Westminster-road, victualler. (BenAstor, W. H. Sun-street, Bishopsgate-street, nett, Symond's-inn, Chancery-lane.

musical-instrument manufacturer. (Lester, Humphreys, H. and W. Lacon, Liverpool, iron. New-court, Crutched-friars.

merchants (Taylor and Roscoe, King's Austin, J. Little St. Thomas Apostle, Cheap Bench-walk, Temple.

side, warehouseman. (Gilbank, Coleman Holroyd, W. Leadenhall-street, machine-maker, street.

(Farris, Surrey-street, Strand. Awty, R. H. Bolton-le-Moors, dealer. (Batty, Haselden, J. Grub-street, horse-dealer. (Gray, Chancery-lane.

Tyson-place, Kingsland-road. Baker, T. W. Foley.street, Foley-place, tallow Hawkins, J. U. Star-corner, Bermondsey, carchandler. (Mayhew, Chancery-lane.

· penter. (Lee, Three Crwn-square, SouthBond, J. Cawston, Norfolk, farmer. (Fisher wark. and Sudlow, Thavies-inn, Holborn.

Harris, John, late of Llandarog, Carmarthen, Butcher, T. Holborn, victualler. (Carpenter, dealer in cattle. (Hilliard and Hastings, Furnival's-inn.

Gray's-inn. Broadhead, W. H. and T. B. Artillery-court, Jones, T, St. John's-street, West Smithfield,

Chiswell-street, printers. (Allen, Bouverie stationer.(Tanner, Fore-street. street, Fleet-street.

Kenning, G. Church-street, Spitalfields, silkBeart, J. Limebouse, timber-merchant. (Beat, man. (Webster and Son, Queen-street, CheapStamford-street, Blackfriars.

side. Clark, J. L. Honiton, saddler. (Luxmore, Red Longworth, J. Liverpool, joiner. (Leigh, Char. Lion-square.

lotte-row, Mansion-house. Consitt, R. and R. Lee, Kingston upon Hull, Ladd, Sir J. Cornhill, watch-maker. (Spyer,

merebants. (Shaw, Ely-place, Holborn. Bartholomew-lane. Copp, J. High-street, Bloomsbury, draper. Lucas, J. Weymouth-terrace, Hackney-road, (Gates, Cateaton-street.

musical instrument-manufacturer. (Ltesr, Cocker, George Henry, late of Grenville-street, New-court, Crutchett Friars,

Brunswick-square, and Wood-lane, Shep Lean, T. Liverpool, coach-maker. (Chester, herd's-bush, Middlesex, and now of Belvidere. Staple-inn. place, Surrey, bill-broker. (Wigley, Essex. Mandale, E. jun. Sebergham, Church-town, street, Strand.

lime-burner. (Falcon, Elm-court, Temple. Drummond, W. Kingston upon Hull, draper, Middleton, R. of King-street, Rotherhithe, (Chester, Staple's-inn.

Surrey, merchant. (Dennett and Co. King'sDavies, M. Bodynfol, Montgomeryshire, farmer. Arms-yard, Coleman-street. (Rogers, Lincolo's-inn-fields.

Norton, R.jun. Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, Dawson. Henry, of Leeds, silk-mercer. (Makin paper-hanger. (Hill, Welbeck-street, Carenson, Middle 'Temple.

disb-square. Evans, D. Swansoa, draper. (Bridges and Rogers, 'R. sen. Piddle-Hinton, Dorsetshire, Quilter, Red Lion-square.

farmer. (Hine, Essex-court, Temple. Evans, E. Bolingbrook-row, Walworth, baker. Rothwell, P. Runcorn, Cheshire, corn-dealer. (Lys, Took's-court, Chancery lane.

(Brundrett, Spinks and Reddish, Temple. Green, J. White Horse-terrace, Stepney, coal. Righton, J. Bristol, haberdasher. (Clarke,

merchant. (Freeman and Heathcote, Cole Richards, and Medralf, Chancery-lane. man-street.

Ramsden, H. Iate of Walworth, Surrey, coach Green, G. York-street, Covent-garden, woollen master. (Charlsley and Barker, Mark-lane.

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