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daughter, received the greatest num. rical friend when they were alone. ber of votes. She was unquestion. “I have already, General, been in ably the most virtuous maiden in fear of that question,” replied the the little community, and every- Pastor. “I know the maiden's body loved her because, though an origin; but it is a secret that was uncommon beauty, she was withal confided to me under the seal of as modest as if she had never looked concealment. All I now dare say in a glass. The umpire, therefore, is this :-About seventeen years ago instantly proclaimed her Queen of Evelina's mother was delivered with the Fête. “I protest against it,” the utmost privacy, and then went exclaimed Mr. Muffel, the overwise abroad, having first entrusted her barber and tooth-extractor of the infant to the care of the school. village. “ Upon what grounds ?? master and his wife, depositing with demanded the umpire.Pro pri- the worthy couple a considerable sum mo," answered Muffel; " Miss Eve- of money to defray the expenses of lina is not a native of the hamlet." her nurture and education. She has

“Who asserts that ?" spake the since maintained a regular epistoMinister ; "the records of the lary correspondence with them, and church attest the contrary."

her last letter announces her inten" And were it not so," said the tion of coming shortly to claim her General, falling in, “ Mr. Muffel daughter.” The General contented has no authority to make a law himself with this half answer, and which has not yet been thought of the Minister rejoiced to come off so Nevertheless it is but right and just easily. that the Rose-Queen should bave The preparations for the fête were been born in the village, and it may, now carried on with alacrity. In therefore, stand as a law for the order to form an appropriate salle future."

de danse the General caused the Mr. Muffel, who would fain have grass plot before the castle to be seen the election fall on his own cut and rolled smooth, and the surlittle ugly daughter, drew a second rounding birch trees hung with an arrow from his quiver. “Pro 8e- intinite number of lamps ; the castle cundo; though I would it were far itself was to be illuininated with from me to say any thing ill of the equal splendour and taste. The all-be-praised Evelina, yet she is, cook found himself immersed to the in point of fact, too charming and ears in official business ; the whole attractive to have escaped entirely village was to be feasted, and from pure and unspotted, amid the many the neighbouring Residence,* which temptations to which beauty is in- lay only three miles distant, unin: variably exposed : since virtue is a vited guests were to be expected; fragile glass that is easily cracked, for it might be presumed that the or at least loses its polish."

report of the intended novelty would “ How strange and offensive this presently reach there, and entice language!" exclaimed the General friends and acquaintances of the Gewith indignation. “Then, in the neral to honour him with a visitaopinion of Mr. Muffel, beauty and tion on the occasion. Yet he was virtue are incompatible with each not much pleased at the thought. other? A very false and injurious He rather feared that the licentious notion. Who can advance no better gaiety of the Capitol would ill bararguments may hold his peace.” monize with the serious tone of the

The barber was silent, other ob- ceremony, and might tend to sojections were not started; the Ge- phisticate and destroy the natural neral appointed the following Sun- purity of bis happy tenantry. A day for the fête, and the electors guest of this description, a nobleman dispersed.

named Saloni, arrived at Linden « But who is this Evelina ?" in- kron on the eve of the fète. The quired von Lindenkron of his cle. General had ridden out for an air

The name given to the chief town of a petty priocipality, where the Prince, wolds his Court, and commonly resides.

ing, ‘so by way of killing time, the timid maid, which alone would great enemy of the profligate, he have ensured her the protection of entered into conversation with the every honourable man; all failed domestics, and inquired very oppor- to check the impetuous tide of lawtunely about the Rose-Queen. They less passion. She escaped, however, drew'a rapturous portrait of Eve- from his unhallowed touch, sprang lina. Burning with desire to be- out of the church and locked him hold so perfect a beauty he imme. in. He, the most timid of mortals, diately inquired the road to her was horror-struck to find himself dwelling, and posted away thither. encaged in the still, dark chúrch.

The schoolmaster and his wife The corpses of the interred arose were gone to the neighbouring town out of their graves before his eyes, to provide several necessaries for and pointed at the hoary sinner; the their foster child on the occasion of Apostles of stone around the walls beher triumph: Evelina was alone in came animated, and their eyes flashed the school-house. Saloni, accus- indignant at the profanation of the tomed to the sight of beauty height- holy sanctuary. His coward heart ened by coquetry and art, and ren- sickened and shrunk within him as dered more dazzling by the ac- the recollections of past and uncessories of princely pomp and avenged offences crowded upon his courtly splendour, started involun mind. He flew to the door and tarily at the sight of this simple but thundered until his hands were sore lovely pattern of it. She too shud with bruises. But these signals of dered to behold Saloni, for, in spite distress were heard by none but of the furrows that fifty years or

Evelina, who, dreading his impormore had graven on his forehead, tunity and vengeance, formed the there glistened in his eye an unhal resolution to keep him close until lowed fire, a something plainly in- her parents returned. This hapdicating that he was no saint among pened not till after a full hour. the sex. He enquired for the school. The schoolmaster heard with con. master, adding, as a reason, that sternation the strange and unache was desirous of viewing the countable noises, as he passed ; church. Evelina replied, that her Evelina ran to meet him with the father was not at home, and that keys of the riddle and the church. the church did not contain any The good man commended her thing interesting or worthy of the conduct, sent her home, and

opened least notice. si It rests with you,

the prison door himself. Saloni Miss, to make it interesting.”- came out imprecating, curses, and " How so, Sir ?"-"By having the threatening to complain to the Gekindness to conduct me to it. I am neral of the treatment be had rea passionate admirer of churches, ceived. He did so, but found no and the smallest house of worship compassionate hearer. Von Lin is sure to possess some attractions denkron, who had little esteem for for me." But it is nearly dark.” him, said, with a smile, “I don't » Your eyes will light ns," re- pity yon Saloni; you men of fashion plied the courtier. In short, she and 'intrigue imagine that every might excuse herself how she would, pretty country lass is a fruit cultivathe had always a ready and compli- ed expressly for your eating. I rejoice, mentary answer to every objection. therefore, that one rustic beauty at She found it impossible to rid her- least has undeceived you. She has self of his importunity. At length, proved herself, thereby, doubly dethe desire to escape his persecution serving of the crown which is determined her to comply with his awarded to her, and I shall add request. She would fain have taken ten to the fifty ducats which I had a third person with her as a safe- destined for her promised present, guard, but the solitary situation of in token of my admiration of her the house rendered it impracticable. virtue and courage. The KammerShe was compelled to accompany herr was too cowardly to resent this the dangerous man alone, and too unexpected reproof. He proposed soon her fears were verified : the to himself, however, to punish Evesanctity of the place, the exposed lina the following day. and defenceless situation of the The morning of the important

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day broke forth in splendour, and tended to be 'amused with his it was still early when the General friend's joke, yet forbade, in decided was surprised by the beating of a terms, the appearance of the soldrum in front of the castle. Re- diery at the fête, because it must pairing to the window he beheld bring the whole into ridicule and with astonishment a little troop of contempt. The Colonel insisted, the oddest soldiers he had ever seen however, that his chosen band, drawn up before the castle-gate. It which he had made up, with the consisted of about twenty very old, exception of the Captain and Entottering, bandy-legged little men, sigo, of the most decrepit objects a true body-guard of death. They the invalid house could furnish,swam in enormous grenadier's coats; should, at least, mount guard at the wore, all of them, large wigs with castle, and he instantly assumed the bag pigtails, surmounted by Willipu- command of the garrison. The Getian hats of the Guy Fawkes fashion, neral was obliged to submit to this, Their appearance, nevertheless, was and to witness the field movements ludicrously formidable, for they of the corps, which the Colonel comwere armed in a terrific manner with manded from the window. He muskets, naked sabres, pistols, and hunted the old warriors about the daggers. A crook-backed ensign court-yard in quick and doublesupported their colours, inscribed quick time, made them fire blank with the words “Conquest or Death,” cartridges, and laughed heartily as and near him was their Captain, a some of the weakly heroes of the barrel-shaped dwarf, mounted on a front rank, who had to fall on one diminutive donkey, richly ,capari- knee, were unable to raise them soned. After surveying this extra- selves from that posture without as ordinary regiment for some time, sistance. The General turned away the General sent a servant down from the window, saying " Enough! with the question, “ What their friend, enough. You give the young marching into his territories signi- people below an example destrucfied ?"-" This paper will explain," tive of good morals. They will replied the leader, drawing a letter learn of you to ridicule old age, from his holster-pipe. Von Linden- which they ought to venerate." kron immediately recognized the The poor soldiers were halted and hand-writing of his facetious friend, marched to the kitchen, where the Colonel Solmitz, who wrote him as campaign closed much to their safollows: “ Bravo, Comrade! It is tisfaction. Many guests arrived in well that you are resolved manfully carriages and on horseback from to stand forth in the defence of vir- the residence, and among them setue, wbile in other places she is tram. veral young libertines whom the pled under foot. But, however, as General welcomed with secret disit is notorious that she has many and gust.. powerful enemies, you will require a A sepere sky favoured the fête, considerable force to be present at the which commenced as soon as the ceremony of her coronation, for her sun, having withdrawn his vertical protection and the keeping of order rays from the earth, allowed her to and the King's peace, I have there feel the refreshing influence of fore selected a handful of choice the western breeze. The villagers and trusty fellows, who served with formed themselves into a procession distinction in the army of the Pope to conduct Evelina to the castle.some years ago, and, being dis- A simple robe of white muslin, upon banded, bave wandered to Germany; which her brown and silken tresses and I promise myself from you, who hung down in rich luxuriance, formwere always so proud of coinmand- ed her sole attire; and she was woning a regiment of picked men, the derfully beautiful. Younger maidmost unqualified approbation. . Of ens strewed flowers before her; the the cost of enlistment and equip. General and the venerable Pastor ment of this band, we will talk in supported her on either side, and half an hour."

the former restrained the young The General had scarcely perused townsmen who crowded round with this letter before the Colonel came. many, a severe glance. Arrived at The former, out of civility, pre- the greca plot chosen for the corde nation, the Minister delivered a lina, and had followed her when short oration in praise of the worth she was called away from the comand blessings of virtue. The greater pany. He overpowered his oppopart of the country people were nents, and, bursting into the room, moved to tears; but it excited exclaimed in a voice of thunder, laughter only in the profligate part “ What is here ?" The lady relinof his auditors, and some of them quished her prey and concealed her even endeavoured to cajole the pret- face. Erich, not satisfied with this, tiest of the village maidens out of insisted upon an answer, but before the treasure which had just been so he received it he found himself surhighly extolled and recommended rounded by ten armed skeletons, to them as their greatest happiness. whom the servants had called to The General, after a suitable enco- their assistance. They advanced mium on Evelina's courage and gallantly to the charge, but the prudence, placed the fragrant crown Jager entreated them, compassionupon her head, and the Magistrate, ately, not to compel him to crush a venerable and dignified personage, their venerable bones and tumble presented her with the more sub- them one over the other like cardstantial, and not less honorary re- houses. During this moving repreward of sixty ducats on a silver sentation the commandant of the waiter. The procession then en- garrison, having received due notice tered the castle; the music struck of the affair, made his appearance. up merrily, and the General danced “ What is all this?" demanded his the first dance with the Rose-Queen. powerful and authoritative voice. The whole village was content and Erich answered, “ That the dumb happy; Muffel and his daughter, figure upon the couch had offered only, were absent. However, his violence to the Rose-Queen."_" Is assertion, that beauty is beset with that true?" cried Solmitz to the temptations and dangers was again mask. The figure sprang up and .verified in the instance of Evelina. attempted to make his way out; but She found it necessary to keep as the Colonel held him fast, and declose as possible to the General for livered him over as a prisoner to his protection against the freedoms of attendants, who conducted him to his fashionable guests. In this she an empty apartment, and placed a succeeded pretty well for the first guard at the door. hour, and she was grieved to see Von Lindenkron, informed of the her guardian withdraw to an upper circuinstance, rose from the table in chamber of the castle and seat him- anger to examine the criminal. All self at a card-table, where to stay his male guests followed him; the would be intrusion. Shortly after- ladies only were restrained by dewards a servant whispered in her

Meanwhile the “ gentle ear that a lady, who was among lady," had become transformed into the visitors, desired a private inter- the ungentle and unmanly Kamview with her for a few moments. merherr Saloni. Disentangled from She followed him to a distant apart. his masquerade attire he stepped ment on the ground-floor. Here she forth with a smiling countenance; found a female figure seated on a as if he had intended nothing but a sopha, who begged her, in a lisping harmless joke. But the General tone, to take a seat beside her. She thought very differently; his brow obeyed, and in an instant, a pair of was knit into a tremendous frown. nervous arms thrust from under the “You allow yourself, Sir, unwarsilken mantle grasped her waist. rantable liberties in my house," said She struggled and uttered a loud he, “and shew yourself a general scream, when instantly a scuffle en- disturber of peace and tranquillity. sued between the servants who kept You have given the lie both to the sentry at the door, and Erich, the courtier and the gentleman, who General's Jager," who loved Eve- never oversteps the bounds of deco


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Jager, a soldier, or confidential servant armed, attached to persons of distination.

rum, and shuns every action that. inevitable. The unhappy lover, can render him troublesome-to so called suddenly to the field, pre ciety. I now see that it was a fool- sented her with 2,000 dollars, and ish attempt to establish a fète of was compelled to leave her to her. this kind, whose object is the en- self. She turned towards Lindencouragement and reward of virtue, kron where she had spent the prein the vicinity of a large town. Not ceding summer with her benefae your conduct alone, Sir, but also that tress, and had formed a favourable of other gentlemen present has con- opinion of the schoolmaster's wife. vinced me of this, who, at the very After her recovery she attached hermoment that a just eulogium was self to a lady of quality as travelbeing passed on virtue, the chief, ling companion. With her Charthe worthiest ornament of the female lotte spent about sixteen years in sex, went round the circle of youth- visiting most of the countries of ful innocence, with the base at Europe, and became at length so tempt to sow the seeds of vice!" weary of this ansettled mode of life, Here he was interrupted by a servant that she was glad to accept a fawho whispered a message in bis ear. vourable offer of marriage that was I must leave you for an instant, made to her in one of the capital gentlemen," said the General, “ but towns of Germany. She had acyou shall not lose the remainder of knowledged to her husband that my lecture," added he, smiling and she had a daughter, and he joined making a sign with his finger. ** in her desire to have her home..

It was announced to him that a This proposition she now made to strange lady, travelling across the the General. “Let us talk of it tocountry, requested an audience. He morrow," said he," wait the confound, in a chamber to which he was clusion of the fête without suffering conducted, a veiled female, who an- anybody to recognize yon; then swered his inquiries after her name follow Evelina to the school-house and hercommands by raising her veils and discover yourself to her there. The countenance was that of a lady I have a strong reason for requestof about five and thirty, bearing evi- ing this." dent marks of former beauty; it And who does not guess this reaseemed familiar to him, yet he con- son ? He dreaded ridicule and defessed that he could not recollect rision, because at the very moment who she was.

that he was reading a moral lecture “ Have you quite forgotten Char to his guests, he was himself

relotte Walter ?" inquired the lady in minded of a youthful offence. The a tremulous voice. " Charlotte !" threatened continuation of the ser exclaimed the General, while a deep mon was omitted, and the guests blush crimsoned his manly face. gradually disappeared. "My dear Charlotte !-Is it possi- Early the following morning the ble? Do we again meet after you General surprised the mother and have concealed yourself from me for daughter at the school-house, and more than seventeen years ?" embraced Evelina , with parental “ Shame and remorse," she replied, tenderness; they seemed, however, “ drove me into exile from my na- rather sorrowful than joyous. He tive land, but the anxious longing inquired the cause, the maiden was to see my daughter and you again silent, but the mother betrayed her has brought me back."-" Then the secret. “The dear child," said she, dear pledge of our affection lives ?" " can hardly relish the idea of being said Lindenkron, while joy sparkled the daughter of a nobleman; and, on

“ She lives, and, is the other hand, she is fearful lest she called Evelina." Conceive his as. should be compelled to abandon tonishment !

a poor friend."-" Who is this Charlotte, the orphan daughter of friend?" inquired Von Lindenkron. a poor country curate, had been “Erich, the Jager,"answered Char adopted at the age of fifteen by the lotte. — “I rejoice to hear that General's mother. He saw, loved, name," continued the General ; and conquered the too charming “Erich is a noble youth, and wormaid. The Baroness died just as thy of your love, my daughter. He the detection of her erime appeared was attached to my person, and


in his eyes.

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