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COTTON.The Cotton market has were certainly bought on rather lower lately been in a depressed state, and terms; yet the refiner's in generat the sales very triding ; on Friday, were more inclined to wait for a better however, in consequence of the brisk market, anticipating a revival of trade state of the Liverpool market on Wed

in the spring. nesday, inquiries were revived by It is expected there will be little speculators, who would have taken business done in Refined for a week ; largely of Cotion, at or near the late this morning the market is heavy, and depressed prices, but holders were'un- few goods are on sale : there are buywilling to meet the demand, except at ers of Molasses at 27s, 6d. the holders an advance of (d. per 1b., which was ask 288. currently obtained on India, and there In Foreigo Sugars there is no altérawere very few sellers on those terms, tion to notice, either in the demand or The sales amount to about 2450 bales. in the prices. viz, in bond, 1200 Surats,' 53d. ordinary, CORN.--The arrivals of Wheat durto 6 d. middling, 6}d. a 67d: fair and ing last week were not large, but good fair; 600 Bengals, 5id. a 6d. there was a good show of land-carriage middling to good fair; 550 Madras 5şd. samples yesterday from Essex and a 61d. ordinary to middling fair, 6 d. Kent. The surronnding country marå 6 d. fair and good fair; 30 Orleaus, kets having generally advanced, and 8 d. fair; 30 Manilla, 9 d. a 9.d. good baving a good attendance of distant fair; and, duty paid, 30 West India, buyers, we had a brisk sale for good 9d. fair.

dry Wheats, either old'or new, at an The demand for Cotton' at Glasgow, improvement of full .3s. per quarter. which' for a long time preceding had There was more Rye offering, but little been very limited, considerably im- parcels of fine heavy Corn obtained as proved towards the close of last week, bigh as 50s. There was a good supply an advance of id. to a d. per 16. was of Barley from Keot; the fire qualities refused for coosiderable parcels of were taken off early at 28. advance, Boweds. The sales of the week but the trade became duler towards amounted to about 730 bales.

the 'close. - The Oat trade' was not COFFEE._ There was only two pab- brisk, but good Horse Corn obtained lic sales of Coffee brought forward last rather more money.-Beans are in week, consisting of Dominica, a few good supply, and did not sell so well tots Jamaica and St. Domingo descrip- as on Friday, though full as dear as tions; the small proportion of Dominica on the Monday preceding -Grey that was sold went at prices about 2s. Peas are 1s. and Boilers 4s. per quarter per cwt. lower; the whole of the St. dearer -Linseed sells slowly at our Domingo was taken in, on Thursday at quotations, and Cakes sapport prices. 80s. without any offers being made, There has been some' inquiry for Boud. and on Friday at 758. 6d. for fair ed Wheat, and a couple of cargoes or quality, and 748. 6d. for the damaged. so have changed hands during the

SUGAR.-The sales of Moscovades week, and a shipment or two is in prolast week were but limited; one house, gress --Fine Red and White Clovers however, continued selling freely at are in good demand, and obtain 38. the 'reduction ; the decline, however, per cwt, advance.-Trefoil is also 15. was only on the grocery descriptions ; 'higher. the Sugars suitable for refining main- HEMP, Flax, and Tallow. The tained ibe former currency.

improvement in the Tallow market, There have been no Sugars on sale which we noticed on Tuesday last, atthis forenoon, and it is probable there tracted much interest, and the prices will be no buiness done for a week, ou again advanced from 348. a 358. 6d., account of the holidays ; the Sugar but the market has since receded; the market may be stated firm; the exten- nearest price to-day is 358. In Hemp sive sellers we have alluded to, could there is little doing. Flax is without dispose of their Sugars freely, by giv variation. ing way to 6d. per cwt, which can RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLAND5.scarcely be called a general reduction There was some considerable purin the market prices.

chases of Rum last week, and generally The Refined market continued ex- ihe market may be stated firm at the ceedingly dull last week, and goods former currency; the folders are still Eur. Mag. Dec. 1823.

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sanguine respecting a reduction of tion there was not the least foundation duty-A very ridiculous report was for the report-Brandies have in. circulated towards the conclusion of proved in France; the letters from last week, that government wanted Bourdeaux state that orders cannot be another supply of Rum; the rumour executed at former prices; Brandies rested upon so slight authority, that here are little varied.-lo Gedeva it produced no alteration in the prices; there is no alteration to notice. it is almost unnecessary for us to men.


To Joho Ranking of New Bond-street, ing of woollen and other cloths.-13th Westminster, Middlesex, esq., for his November.-Two months. means of securing valuable property To Richard Green, of Lisle-street, in mail and other stage coaches, tra. in the parish of St. Anne, Middlesex, velling carriages, waggons, caravans, saddlers' ironmonger, for certain isand other public and private vehicles, provements in constructing gambadoes from robbery.-Dated Ist of November or mud-boots, aod attaching spors 1823 -Two months allowed to enroll thereto, and part of which said imspecification.

provements are also applicable to other To George Hawkes, of Lucas-place, boots.- 13th November.-Two months. Commercial-road, Stepney Old Town, To Robert Stein, of the Tower Middlesex, ship-builder, for his im- Brewery, Tower-Hill, London, brever, provement in the construction of ship for his improved construction of a blast. anchors.- 1st November.-Six months. furpace, and certain apparatus to be

To George Hawkes, of Lucas-place, connected therewith, which is adapted Commercial-road, Stepney Old Town, to burn or consume foel in a more Middlesex, ship-builder, for certain im- economical and useful manoer than provements on capstans -Six months. has been hitherto practised. - 13th

To William Burdy, of Fulham, Mid- November.-Six months. dlesex, mathematical-instrument maker, To Joseph Gillman, of Newgate for his anti-evaporating cooler to fa- street, London, silk - warehousemat; cilitate and regulate the refrigerating and John Hewston Wilson, of Man of worts or wash, in all seasons of the chester, Lancasbire, silk and cotton year, from any degree of heat between manufacturers; for certain improveboiling and the temperature required inents in the manufacture of bats for fomenting. - 1st November. Six and bonnets.-18th November.-Six months.

months. To Thomas Poster Gimson, of Tiver. To John Heathcoal, of Tivertoa, ton, Devonshire, gentleman, who, in Devonshire, lace-manufacturer, for a .consequence of communicatious made machine for the manufacture of a to him by a certain person residing platted substance, composed either of abroad, and of discoveries made by silk, cotton, or other thread or yarı.himself, is in possession of an invention 20th November.-Six months, for various improvements in addition To Thomas Hopper, of Reading, to machinery now in use for doubling Berkshire, esq., for certain improveand twisting cotton, silk, and other inents in the manufacture of silk bats. fibrous substances.-Bth November - - 20 November. Six months. Six months.

To Charles Acthony Deane, of To Thomas Gowan, Fleet-street, Charles-street, Deptford, Kent, shipLondon, truss-manufacturer, for cer- caulker, for his apparatus or machine tain improvements on trusses.- 11th to be worn by persons entering rooms November -Two months.

or other places filled with smoke, or To John Day, of Barnstaple, Devon- other vapour, for the purpose of es. shjre, esq., for certain improvements tinguishing fire, or extricating persons iu percussion gun-locks applicable or property therein.-20th November. to various descriptions of fire-arms.- -Six months. 13th November -Two mouths.

To Jacob Perkins, of Hill-street, To Johu Ward, of Grove-road, Mile- London, and John Martineau the Eod-road, Middlesex, iron-founder, for younger, of the city road, Middleses, certain improvements in the construc- engineers, for their improvement in the tion of lock and other fastenings.-131h construction of the furnace of steamNovember.-Two months.

boilers and other vessels, by which To Samuel Sewill, of Browu's Hill, fuel is economised and smoke is conBisley, Gloucesterslrire, clothier, for sumed.-2011 November. -Şis wontha, bis new mode or improvement for dress

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A VERY numerous meeting of the arrived on Friday, December 191h, at Members of the Profession of ihe Law, Woolwich with Captain Sabine, from was held in Lincoln's Ion Hall, on Mon- Greenland and the coast of Norway, day the 13th of December, for the pur. where the latter officer has been some pose of determining on the erection of months continuing lis astronomical oba statue to the memory of the late Lord servations, similar to those he made on Erskine; at the meeting J. Scarlett, the African coast and in the West Esq. M P. presided. It was resolved Indies. During the voyages, they had to open a subscription for the purpose, some intercourse with a tribe of Esquiand a numerous committee were ap- maux on the coast of Greenland, who pointed, consisting of professional gen- were at first extremely shy, but aftertlemen, to whose discretion it was left wards became familiar. to determine where the statue should The gentlemen appointed to be Conbe erected. The subscriptions entered suls in South America transacted busiinto at the meeting amounted to a con- ness at the Foreign Office, and received siderable sum.

their 6nal instructions from Mr. Planta, Sunday the 21st of December, being the Voder Secretary of State, in the St. Thomas's Day, wardmotes were beld absence of Mr. Secretary Capning, on on the following day throughout the Friday, December 19. The gentlemen city, for the election of fit and proper, were 10 leave town for Portsmouth the persons to represent the different wards following night, and to sail on board in the City Council. The opposition His Majesty's ship the Cambridge, with to the members for last year were but all possible speed. few, and only one ward, Farrington The Synod of Glasgow have set an Without, presented the appearance of example of clerical independance, in a severe contest. The following wards sustaining by 40 to 35 votes, the reremain the same as last year : Alders. fusal of the Presbytery to admit the, gate within, Aldersgate without, Ald. Rev. Dr. M'Farlane, principal of the gate, Bassishaw, Billingsgale, Bish. University, to the Parish of St. Mungo, opsgate within, Bishopsgate without, to which he had been presented by the Bridge, Broad-street, Candlewick, Cas- King. The refusal was grounded on tle-Baynard, Coleman-street, Cornhill, the impropriety of one clergyman hold. Dowgate, Farringdon wiihin, Lime. ing a plurality of offices. street, Portsoken, Queenbithe, Tower, Double Sovereigns have been issued Vintry, Walbrook. in Cordwainers from the Mint, but the number is so ward, and in that of Cheap, there is one very limited (only 5000, it is said) that new member arising from resigna- there is no chance of their getting into tion.

general circulation. As a model, the We understand notice has been given double sovereign is finely executed. to the army surgeons and assistant-sur. The coin nearly resembles the single geons on half-pay, that their services sovereigos, only upon a larger scale, are likely to be soon required. The and with the addition on the rim of new levy is to be raised by beat of Anno Regni IV. Decus et Tulamen : drum; and orders have been issued, on the exergue is the year of coinage, with a view to the more expeditious 1823. raising of the men, for the officers em- A plan for a new and praisworthy ployed to repair to those parts of the institution is now putting forth its kingdom in which they may be sup- claim to patronage in Bath; the object posed to possess the most influence. is to afford an immediate asylum, or

The building in the late King's Pa. temporary lodging-house for Female lace, known as the office of the Board Servants, until they can establish themof Green Cloth, is to be pulled down selves in places after being dismissed forth with to complete the new arrange- or leaving their respective services. ments for His Majesty bolding his The mischief, and in too many cases irreCourts there. The books of the office, parable ruin, brought upon this useful several hundred years old, and other and numerous portion of society, for official property, have been removing want of proper household protection on during the week to some rooms in the quitting their employers, render the Palace, till the new office at the east undertaking worthy the cherishing end is ready for their reception. efforts of the benevolent, and also of The Griper bris, Captain Clavering, imitation in the metropolis.


SONS. The Lady of Capel Core, eeg. of Blake-hall, in The Lady of Joseph Tasker, esq., of Fitzwalthe county of Essex, at Beverley

ters, Essex The Lady of T.F. Ellis, jun. Bedford-place. The Lady of William Walton, esq., of GirdlertThe Lady of Jobn Forster, esq. at Lambeth

hall The Lady of the Rev. H. Lindsay, at Wimble- The Lady of William Whitaker Maitland, een ton

at his father's house, Woodford-hall, Essex. The Lady of C. Lawrence, esq. jan, of Burtoncrescent

DAUGHTERS. The Lady of Captain P. H. Bridges, R.N., at The Lady of Robert Harrey, esq. at Asheati, in Blackneath

the county of Somerset The Lady of Isaae L. Goldsmid, esq. of Wim- The Lady of Edward Lawford, esq. Bloomsburypole-street

square The Lay of G. Fincham, esq. Spring-gardens The Lady of Colonel Reere, at Ladenbam. The Lady of J. C. Forsyth, esq. at Leyton

MARRIAGES. Joseph Arden, esq., of Red Lion-square, to At Allhallows church, Lombard-street, Mr. Miss Munro, of Paliner-terrace, Islington. James Henderson, of Gracecbarch-street, to

At Amwell, Herts, James Barry, esq., of Mary, second daughter of James Cooper, esse Mincing-lane, to Miss Ann Candel, of Hoddes. of St. John-street. don, daughter of the late Henry Cundell, esq.. At Mortlake, the Rev.John Thomas James, of the Minories, London.

to Marianne Jane, daughter of FredericĖ Mr. Charles Burrows, of the Clapham road, Reeves, esq. of East Sheen. to Sarah Maria, eldest daughter of the late Herry Bellernen Ker, of Lincoln'a-ino, *** James Brewer, esg. of Clapham-common. to Elizabeth Ann, eldest daugbter of B. Clarke,

At Madras, Joseph Cox, esq., surgeon to the of Cheshunt, Herts., esq. Hon, the Governor's Body Guard, to Catharine At St. Pancras new church, by the Very Res. Grace, eldest daughter of Major Waugh, of the the Dean of Ross, John, only son of Mr. Jabar Madras artny.

Matthews, to Louisa Sarah, only daughter et At St. Mary's, Islington, Mr. W. Diekinson, W. Squance, esq., and niece to Lady Bond. of Finsbury-square, to Lydia Mary, eMest At St. John's, Hackney, Mr. S.H. Stepheard, daughter of Mr. N. Jourdain, of York-place, to Sophia, eldest daughter of the late I Miles, City-road.

€99., of Southampton-row, Russell-square. At St. Thomas's church, Dublin, Alexander At St. George's church, Hanover-quare, Carroll, exq., of Mountjoy-square, to Mary Jackson Muspratt Williams, second son of John Anne, relict of the late William Taylor, of Tor, Williams, of Elm-grove, Southsea, Hants, ese, Devon.

to Ann Belmuade, daughter of the late At Chichester, by the Rev. Dr. Challen, Cap- Houghton, esq., of the Cape of Good Hope. tain Gillum, of the East India Company's ser- At Stoke church, Plymonth, by the Rev. Dr. vice, to Augusta, youngest daughter of the Jacob, John Wordinghiam, esq., M.D., of Kenlate John Chaldes, esq., of Shermanbury-place, sington, to Hannab, eldest daughter of Thomas Sussex.

Alldridge, esq., R. N. The bride was gives Mr. Haaxwell, of London, to Elizabeth, away by Admiral Sir Manley Dixon, K. Č.B., fourth danghter of Mr. Wm. Barber, of York. her father being absent in His Majesty's ship

At Lewisbam, Kent, Mr. James Heath, of Superb. Blackheath, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. At Walcott church, Bath, Frederick Henry James Pidding, of Cornhill.

Yates, esq., of Charlotte-street, to Miss BrunAt St. Giles's Camberwell, Mr. Richard lon, daughter of John Brunton, esq. Heath, of Bristol, to Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Edward Byers, of Bow-street, Covent-garden.

DEATHS. At his bouse in Spring-gardens, after a long At his house in New Kens-roal, Heury and painful illness, Christopher Allett, esq. Hieronymus Deacon, esq., one of the oldest army agent.-At Newton, near Portsmouth, T. members of the Stock Exchange, 80,-At his Anldjo esq , of East Cowes, Isle of Wight, 67.

bouse, Pratt-place, Camden-town, Christian In the Minories, after a long and painfal ill Dietrichsen, esa, el. ness, Robert Brock holes, esq. of Chigwell-row, At Abbots, Brumler.sincerely and deserredly Essex.-At Charamuth, Lieutenant Gabriel lamented by her family and friends, Mrs. Bray, R.N, many years Captain in the Custom. Flesber, wife of W. Flesber, e q.. house service, 7.-At Sidmwuth, the Rev. Joseph Gundry, of Bridport, esq. banker, 73, James Barnard, rector of Combedlory, in the -In Devensbire-street, Portland-place, Cathe. county of Suinerset, and of Stoodleigh, in the rine Spencer, the beloved wife of Mr. Oetarius rounty of Devon, 70-Hannah, the wife of Greene, and danghter of Benjamin Norton.esq. James Birt, esq. Laughton, E-BOX-At her of Bawburgh-hall, in the county of Norfolk. house, 13, Upper Wimpole-street, Mre. P.H. At Lieutenant-Colonel Cavendish's, at Chis. Bridges, relict of the late Lient.-General wick, Villiers Frederick Francis, youngest son Bridges, much regretted by her friends, 75, of the late Hon. Frederick Howard, 8. At her

At his residence in Brook-street, Sir Byre house, Maryland Point, Stratford, Essex, ElizaCoote, of West Park, Hants, wbo served his beth, relict of the late Sir Charles Higden, est. king and country in various climates for up

81. wards of forty years, and with distinguished At his house at Deptford, John Mason, esa.. merit as an officer. He has left an ainiable a Justice of the Peace for the counties of Kept widow and son lo lament his loss, whose atten, and Surrey, 58.--In Ludgate-street, while on a tions to him have been unremitting, 63.-At visit to Charles Cands and Mre, W. Candy. Sutton, Thomas Creser, esq.-At her house, Eliza, widow of lieneral Keith Macalister, late Newington, Surrey, Mrs. Francer Crubin, in of Wimpole - street, Cavendish - quare, and the Sith year of her age.

Toresdale Castle, Argyleshire, N. B. 32.

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Extracted from the London Gazette.

N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street,

unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are in Parenthesis.

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BANKRUPTCIES ENLARGED. W. Horrocks, Liverpool, corn-dealer.

R. Nunn and T. Fisher, Grub-street, Fore-street, J. Matthews, jun. Brixham, Devonshire, ceal- timber-merchants. merchant.

J. Tarbuck, Sutton, Lancashire, brewer. T. Maydew, Corbridge, Staffordshire, blue- Llewellyn Watkins Williams, now or late of the manufacturer.

Old Bailey, eating-house-keeper. Frederick and Godfrey Molling, Jerusalem

court, Gracechurch-street, merchants.

BANKRUPTS. Abraham, 1. Castle-street, Houndsditch, jewel. mason. (Ellis, Sons, Walmsley, and Gorton,

le (Aspinall, Jackson, and Robins, Fur- hancery-lane. nival'sinn, Holborn.

Davies, J. Hereford, victualler. (Atherton, Allum, T.W. Great Marlow, Bucks, bricklayer Clerk's Ofice, Castle-street, Leicester-fields.

and builder. (Ellison and Bloxam, Lincoln's. Dowling, W. King-street, Tower-hill. (Bad. inn-fields.

deley, Leman-street, Goodman's-fields. Appleton, J. Tottenham-court-road, cooper.

Dixon, G. Chiswell-street, Finsbury-square, (Watson and Son, Bouverie-street, Fleet- ironmonger. (Hewitt, Tokenhouse - yard, street.

Lothbury. Appleyard, J. Catharine-street, Strand, book- Damms, G. Chesterfield, Derbyshire, draper. seller. (Eyles, Worship-street-road.

(Taylor, Clement's inn. Atkinson, T. Bradford, Yorkshire, worsted- Ella, J. Lower Thames-street, wine-merchant.

spinner. (Stocker and Dawson, New Bos- (Pain, Lyon's-inn. well-court.

Ellaby, T. Emberton, Buckinghamshire, face. Bailey, J. Liverpool, merchant. (James and merchant. (Taylor, John-st. Bedford-row. Henry Lowe, Southampton-buildings, Chan- Farrer, W. Friday-street, Cheapside, victualler cery-lane; and Orred, Lowe, and Hurrey, and wine merchant. (Spence and Desborough, Exchauge-alley, Liverpool.

Sise-lane. Baylis, E. Painswick, Gloucestershire, manu. Fasana, D. Bath, fancy-stationer. (Courteen,

facturer of cloth. (Becke, Devonshire-street, Size-lane. Queen-square.

Grace, R. Fenchurch-street, bat-manufacturer Baines, B. Canterbury, bookseller. (Smith (Willis, Finsbury-place. and Weir, Austinfriars.

Grant, M. Clifton, Glocestershire, lodgiugBromige, W. Hartlebury, Worcestershire, tai. house-kecper. (Hurd and Jobpson, Temple.

lor. (Cardale, Buxton, and Parlby, Gray's Gough, J. Little Tower-street, vintner. (Wils inn.

kinson, New North-street, Red Lion-square. Bruggenkate, G. A. T. and T. H. Payne, Fen- Holbrook, J. Derbyshire, groces, dealer and

church - buildings, Fenchurch - street, mer- chapman. (T. Ley Greaves, Derby; and 'r. ebants. (Gatty, Haddon, and Gatty, Angel- Wragg, Ave Maria-lane, St. Paul's. court.

Hooper, J. Mitre-court, Fleet-street, stationer. Bosher, J. St. Stephen's, Hertfordshire, dealer (Dickens, Bow.lane.

in cattle. (Tanner, Pore-street, Finsbury. Hodgson, T. „Newgate-street, linen draper. square.

(Butler, Watling-street. Bathurst Symes, G. New-terrace, Camberwell. Heavy, J. Worship - street, cabinet-maker,

green, dealer. (Jones, Brunswick-square, (Webb, Bartlett's-buildings, Holborn. Bidder, T. Ilfracombe, Devonshire, tallow. Holland, T. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer.

chandler. (Clowes, Orme, and Wadlake, (Briggs, Taylor, and Mould, Lincoln's-innKing's Bench Walk, Temple.

fields. Cutmore, J. Birchin-lane, jeweller. (Pownall, Harris, J. Adle-hill, Doctor'scommons, liveryOld Jewry.

stable-keeper. (Clayton, New-inn, Strand." Cronshey, s. King-street, Westminster, cheese. Hill, T. West Smithfield, grocer. (Whitton,

monger. (Watson and Son, Bouverie-street, Great James-street, Bedford-row. Fleet-street.

Hutchinson, J. Little St. Thomas Apostle, Chambers, J. Gracechurch-street, tobacconist. wholesale ham-factor. (Steel, Queen-street, (Jones, 'Threadneedle-street.

Cheapside. Cook, J. Rochdale, Lancashire, ironmonger. Hodge, H. Duval's-lane, Islington, brick-maker.

(Blakelock, Sergeant's-ing, Fleet-street. (Williams, Bond-court, Walbrook. Cordingly, W. Russell-place, Lower Russel- Hodges, J. Aldgate, blanket-warehouseman.

street, Bermondsey, brewer. (Townshend, (Tilson and Preston, Coleman-street. Crooked-lane.

Hamilton, R. Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, Candlin, Feuchurch-street, merchant. (Tilson, manufacturer of earthenware. (Wolston, and Preston, Coleman-street.

Furnival's-inn. Cox, J. Wells, Somersetshire, miller. (Adling- Jones, W. Dog-row, Mile-end, wheelwright.

ton, Gregory, and Faulkner, Bedford-row. (M'Duff, Castle-street, Holborn. Cross, R. Manchester, leather-factor. (Edger- Isaacs, J. Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, dra. ley, Shrewsbury.

per. (Pearson, Pump-court, 'Temple. Champtaloup, J. Connter-street, Southwark, Jones, E. A. and Jones, W. H., Hackney-fields,

orankr-merchant. (Blunt and Roy, Old brewers. (Huxley, Pump-court, Temple Broad street.

Joyce, L. Keyford, Somersetshire, innholdet. Davidson, J. Chorlton-row, Lancashire, stone- (Hartiey, New Bridge-street, Blackfriars.

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