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private contributions, and eventually acquired, a large farm, and they there the patronage of the King and Princes, fore now possess three estates worked enabled him to found a considerable by themselves; and, although contigiestablishment, and to extend his cares ous to each other, they differ much to 400 children.

with respect to soil, aspect, and cli

mate. Every modern improvement is Amongst the many evident proofs of practised, and the best machinery is a progressive improvement in the pub- used in this establishment, and the proJic institutions derived from the Prince prietors have erected a distillery from whom Sweden bas elected to her throne, potatoes, with a brewhouse and works we may cite the three following regu- for making vinegar. The board of a Jations. 1. That the people shall vote pupil is 1000 francs, or 411. 35. 4d. not by tribes but individually. 2. That sterling per annum. the Universities shall be represented A patriotic old Hungarian, possessed in the Diet by professors, who shall sit of 100,000 forins, in 1806, offered a with the ecclesiastical order. 3. That premium of 150 forins for the best the sittings of all the courts of law shall essay upon the following question, be public. M. de Landblad, Consul “ How can an aged Hungarian, whose General, has just undertaken to pub children are dead, and who has no near Jish a Swedish Plutarch, to contain the relations employ his money in the most biography of the most eminent charac useful manner to his country and his ters of Sweden.

countrymen." There were sixty-seven DENMARK.

essays sent to him from Germany and M. Thorvalsden, the celebrated sculp- Hungary; the views of which were tor and rival of Canova, during his re widely different. That of a priest of cept stay at Copenhagen, had heard of Earlsrube perhaps was the best, he rean old friend, the father of seven young commended that every year the ille children, who had just been deprived terest of the capital should be given to of his liberty by distresses, which were the Hungarian, who in the preceding far from the result of any disgraceful year had been adjudged the most deconduct on his part. M. Thorvalsden, serving by the Voiversity, or by some not being possessed at that moment of other learned body. any money, immediately made his friend There are now published anrvally, a present of one of his finest works, in Hungary, two poetical collections, being a marble group of a mother and the Aurora and the Hebe; the object her two children. The work is now in of which is to disseminate the works of the hands of M. Stub, a merchant at the poets. The latter work has already Livournia, to be sold by order of the existed three years, and it frequently present proprietor. This unfortunate contains pretty engravings and pieces man is named Gunnerus, and is of the of musical composition.family of the celebrated Bishop of Drop Minden. -The bones of the celetheim, the author of several esteemed brated Wittikind, a Saxon warrior who, works upon Natural History, and Pre for thirty years, defended the indesident of the Academy of Sciences at pendence of Germany against CharleDrontheim. We are glad to record magne, have since 1673 been preserved this singular and noble act of an artist, at Herford. They have been just conof whose great professional merits we veyed to Enger, near Minden, and are have often spoken in our Magazine. now kept in the church.

M. Escher, of Basle, has computed Hamburgh. There is a useful insti. that the quantity of water annually tution in this city, which examines into discharged into the Rhine pear Basle, the condition of women hiring them is 1,046,763,676 cubic toises, each conselves out as wet nurses. At the ex

taining 1000 cubic feet. aminations in October, November, and

GREECE. December last, 118 nurses were exa The learned ecclesiastic Theoclitus mined ; of these, some were rejected Pharmacides, who has long been resiuntil generous living might restore the dent at Vienna as Arcbimandrite of injuries they had sustained from labour the Greek church, and who has conand poverty; others were declared in ducted in that capital a Literary Jourcapable pro tempore from disorders, nal, called the Greek Mercury, has and twenty were rejected for want of just been nominated the President of wilk, or on account of diseases incom- the Council, which bas been established patable with the office of a nurse. at Euboea. This island has been or

Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt.-The ganised by the Greek government, and proprietors of the practical and theore made a separate province, under the tical school of agriculture have just management of a local government.


Greece is divided into four govern. from 1805 to 1819, was 94, but suche ments, each having a Council and a have been the happy effects of the President. These governments united constitution, that, independent of news form a central government, subordinate papers, the publications have already to the supreme authority. The central been increased threefold. government is composed of deputies

NETHERLANDS. from the four provincial governments, Brussels.-M. Simon has begun a which have no legislative authority) collection of 100 medals, containing the but are divided into departments and portraits of the illustrious characters sections, having particular magistrates of the low countries. He has already The central government is divided into executed the King, the Queen, and the a legislative and an executive body. Princes, Rembrandt, Gretry, Rubeos, These central bodies remove according Boerhave, André Vesal, Quintin Matsys, to the exigencies of circumstances, and Lens, Vandyck; the Admirals Tromp have not as yet any fixed seat of resid- and Heyn, Breugel, Balthazar Moretus, ence.

Lucas of Leyden, Ooeck, Erasmus, and Greece is divided into Northern and the last Duke of Arenberg. The meSouthern Greece, Peleponpesus and dals are executed in the most finished the Islands. Northern Greece com- style, but unfortunately the inscriptions prehends Etolia, Acaruania, and the are extremely negligent, confounding towns and districts of Misilongi, Ana the Latin aud French languages, and tolia, Opocoro, Gramati, and Suli. one of them contains even a solecism. Southern Greece contains Athens, The The dean of the Flemish school bes, Livadia, and Negropont except its of painting, Andrew Corneille Lens, castle. The islands contain all ibose died at Brussels on 30th March, 1822, in the Archipelago, except Rhodes, in bis 82nd year. He painted porCyprus, Chios, Cos, Mitylene and Lem- traits and bistory, and his work ennos. The President of the central go- titled " The Costumes of the People vernment is Prince Maurocordato. of Antiquity, proved by their ModuPORTUGAL

ments,” evinces bis research. He was Public Instruction-Societies, fc. a corresponding Member of the losti -This kingdom contains 873 elemen tutes of France and Holland. tary schools; there is taught in 266 of

ITALY these schools the Latin language; in Poisonous qualities of the Berries of 21 Greek and rhetoric; in 27 pbiloso Melia-anzedarach. The fruit of this phy and ethics. The University and elegant tree is noxious to some animals, preparatory college of Coimbra con whilst others eat it without injury, and tain always from 12 to 1600 students, even with delight. Its injurious effects and the total number of scholars in upon man has long been known. M. these 873 schools, is about 30,000. Acerbi of Milan has proved its effects There are besides several special esta upon four cows. These animals, it is blishments, such as the Commercial true, had eaten considerably, nearly and Marine Academy at Porto, which five pounds. Three of them were quickly in 1820 contained 315 students and rccovered, whilst the fourth required that of Lisbon, which in 1821 contained prompt and reiterated measures of an equal number. This last city bas relief. also the Royal College of Nobility; the The Obituary of Naples gives the Academy for the Arabian language; following instances of Longevity durthe School of Drawing and Civil Archi- ing the year 1821. Seventeen persons tecture; the Royal Academy of sculp- above 100 years, amongst whom are ture and that of Engraving; the Insti V. Genarelli, 117 years; G. Finamora, tute of Music, and several others of 107; Elena Fivizia, 114 ; Maddalene minor importance. There is also the Maiona, 110; Aona · Mariotti, 107; military school of mutual instruction, Giovanna Sterlitz, 106; and Nicolletta (Lancasterian) admitting the children of Delicato, 105. the citizens, and which contained in Le Chevalier Rosa has sown with 1818 2518 scholars; the number of much success, some dry Chinese rice, which has since increased. The Royal at Brescia which he had received from Academy of sciences at Lisbon pub Vienna. Of six grains, four produced lisbes annually its proceedings, and fifty-eight ears, containing 2680 grains. which are not destitute of interest. An experiment io 1821 produced the Other societies bave recently been es same result. tablished, and amongst others the Li In the high road, near Corneto, has terary Patriotic Society, and the So been discovered a sepulchral vaulte cut ciety of Encouragement. The medium in the rock, and containing a dead body number of books published in Portugal in a coffin, cut likewise in the soek,

and by the side of which were a casque, and these were in the neighbourhood two very long spears, a sword, and iwo of grounds to which the cords of flaxmetal shields, decorated with 'bas straw had not been applied, and whilst reliefs, well executed, but defaced. moreover, twenty adjoining communes, There were also several elegant brazen which had not taken this precaution, and earthenware vases, some of which lost the greatest part of the produce by were floridly ornamented. It has been the hail. M. Beltrami, a physician of Sapposed that this was the tomb of Milan, intends to repeat the experisome warrior of the ancient city of ment. Tarquinia, a city that has now ceased Two years ago, Mr. John Dortie, one to exist for more than twenty-five cen of the directors of the experimental turies. These objects of antiquity have farm of the Gironde, published a very been carefully placed under the pro- interesting pamphlet upon the possibi. tection of the magistracy of Corneto. lity of growing cotton in the Southern

The celebrated sculptor, Liborio departments of France. The pamphlet Londini, has made an imitation in Pa- made a considerable sensation, and the Jombo marble of Trajan's Column, with Prefect of the Lot-et-Garonne applied its 2,000 figures, its bridges, its edifices, to the Minister of the Interior for a and machines. This work which is grant to purchase seed, and the money only six palms high, has attracted the was distributed to several landed attention of connoisseurs.

proprietors in the arrondisment of There has been discovered in the Nerac. The results of the experiments vineyard of Raffini, near the Via No- have been satisfactory, and some of the mentana, a Columbarium, in good pre. cotton produced has been very remarkservation, with fine paintings and 200 able for the fineness and length of the inscriptions. A short time before, fibres. there had been discovered near the M. Georget, the eminent painter upon church of Saint Agnes a similar mono- Porcelaine, died at Paris on the 26th of ment, which contained a vumber of March last, aged about 60. Having bones half burnt, with thirty-seven in studied in the school of M. David, he scriptions relative to the family of the gave himself up to minature painting, Emperor Claudius Tiberius.

discontinuing which, he and his wife SWITZERLAND.

entered at the Feydeau. He then quitCommittees in favour of the Greeks ted this theatre, and resumed miniature are established in every part of Swit- painting, but the celebrated artist Mazerland, where an enthusiasm for the dame Jaquotøt, having introduced him cause is at the bighest. The following at Sevres, he continued there to his pamphlets have been published, the death. He had great freedom of exeprofits being destined to aid the Greek cution and felicity of colouring, and cause. “A liberal Appeal to the In- he has left two works that will prehabitants of Appenzel, beyond Rhoden, serve his name from oblivion. Charles to come to the Succour of the Greeks, V. and Francis 1. visiting the tombs at by M. Frei, Svo. 16 pages. “ Reasons St. Denis, from the painting of M. Gros; which ought to Influence the Swiss and the dropsical woman of Gerard more than any other people, to wish fora Dow. This last work is the most dispoble Freedom for the Greeks,” by the

tinguished. Pastor Muller. Zurich, 850., 28 pages. Subscription in favour of the Greeks. “ An Appeal in favour of carrying suc -The misfortunes of the Greeks have cours to the Greeks,” an eloquent dis- long excited the attention of every course, published at Arau, by the Pas friend of religion, humanity, and freetor Schuler,

dom; but siuce the late events which FRANCE.

have secured the emancipation of the Upper Pyrennees.-M. E. H. Thol. Morea, the most unfortunate of the dard, Professor of Mathematics and Greeks are those who, inhabiting the Natural Philosophy at Tarbes, bas pub extremities of Greece, are exposed to Jished a small tract or essay, entitled be re-conquered by the Turks, and are * Means of Protection against 'Thunder liable to their utmost vengeance. There and Hail, with Observations on Bearded are many that have with the utmost Rye,"&c. Thispbysician maiutains, that difficulty escaped from the massacres cords, of fax-straw, placed at a certain of Scio and Asia-Minor, and are now heighth above fields and vineyards, at exposed to waut and misery in the tract the electric fuid and prevent the towns, upon the coast of the Adriatic, formation of hail. In 1822, of eighteen on the western coast of Italy, and at parishes or communes which had every Marseilles. Those who have taken year been deluged with hail, only three refuge in France, might return to the were slightly injured by hail storips, asylum which the success of the Greeks

in the Morea would afford them, if they The pastor Uelzerfort, at Hattingen, had the means of making the voyage bas presented to the Museum of Bonn, and of supplying themselves with the the head of an idol in black stone, necessaries of life. The Society of found a few years ago on the banks of Christian Morals, desirous of affording the Roer. The head is supposed to these wretched persons the means of re- have been that of Crodo; it has an turning to their country, have appealed opening in the crown. to their members and to all who feel an The French Press. It is said that interest in the cause, and assure the the English resident in Paris and otber public that subscriptions will be duly parts of France are to have a new Engapplied to this object; they have form. Tish paper started for their accommoed in Paris a committee of their own dation. There is already an English members, and of several respectable Journal in Paris, which is well circuGreeks residing in the capital. M. Jated, and the proprietors of which are André, the banker, has undertaken to reaping a good profit. It appears, therereceive the subscriptions, and to remit fore, that there is a fair opening for a them to Marseilles and other points, second enterprise of this nature. A and to secure, by means of his cors list of the French Newspapers published, respondents, their equitable and ju with the amount of the number of dicious distribution to the distressed copies printed, will shew that, notwithGreeks. The members of the Committee standing the low price of Newspapers are the Duke de la Rochefoucauld, Presi. (a paper being sold for 2d. English) dent of the Society of Christian Morals, there is by no means the same extent the Duke de Broglie, the Count de of intellectual anxiety here as in EngLasteyrie, Count Alexander de La land. The Moniteur, 3 to 4,000; Deborde, the Baron Delesert, Charles de bats, 11,000 ; Journal de Paris, 8,000; Remusat, Alphonsus Mahul, A. Coray, Courier Français, 5,000; QuotidiM. Schinas, A. Vogoridi, M. Contzofski, enne, 3,500; Drapeau Blanc, 3,500; Demetrius Photelas, M. André, banker, Journal du Commerce, 4,000; Gazette No. 9, Rue Cadet. Subscriptions are de France, 2,200; Pilote and Etoile received at the above address, or at together, about 4,000; Oriflamme, 500; the Office of the Society, by M. Cassin, Constitutionnel, 17 to 18,000. These No. 12, Rue Paranne.

are all daily papers; no weekly news In the Pays de Vaud, there has been paper, or three day newspaper, is pub discovered two Mosaic pavements, one lished in Paris. representing the head of Ceres,


There are in England ninety-seven sword set in diamonds, a belt, and canals, and five in Scotland and Ire sword knot; the latter composed of Jand, exclusive of those not exceeding diamonds and other precious jewels of five miles in length. The total length the most costly description, and susof these canals is 2682} miles; or 2471 pended to it is an emerald of great in England, 149 in Scotland, and 694 value, it being considered the largest in Ireland. The expense of these has extant, and nearly the size of an egg. been thirty millions, and many of them A bird of Paradise alive, has also been have encreased in value from fifteen brought to England in this ship. A to twenty times their original cost. In bull and cow, of a small white breed, these canals there are forty-eight tun which the Hindoos worship, have also nels, of which forty measure thirty- arrived as a present to the Princesses. two miles, The first canal, which It appears that the number of steam was cut in 1755, was the project of the engines at the present in action in this Duke of Bridgewater and the cele country may be reckoned at 10,000; brated engineer Brindle, who com and one with another each may be espleted it in 1759, and thus solved the timated to be equal in power to 20 contest relative to the utility of canals. horses; that each borse will do the

The Glasgow frigate (on board of work of six men, and that consequently which the late Governor-General came the acting powers of our steam engines to Europe) has brought to England, as are equal in effect to 200,000 horses, or presents from the Nabob of Oudé to 1,200,000 nen. his Majesty, sereral articles of consi. In the Press, the Third Edition of derable value, being estimated at up Sir Astley Cooper's work on Dislocawards of 200,0001. Among them are a tions and Fractures of the Joints. Au

Appendix will contain a Refutation of the most splendid age of Grecian peralmost every statement made in a late fection, (that of Pericles,) for its archicritical publication, on a subject treated tectural, as well as sculptural magniof in the former editions of the above ficence: these designs in the original work.

are peculiarly spirited and diversified, A series of French Classics, in 18mo, and proclaim the very high degree of is now in the course of publication, sculptural perfection then obtained edited by M. Ventouillac, and hands among the first artists of that justly somely printed in the original, with celebrated people. The subject ofeach elegant engravings and vignettes by plate is intended to be illustrated on a eminent artists : they are also accom separate leaf, facing the plate, by read. panied with notes and the lives of the ings collected from the classic authors authors. Elizabeth, by Mad. Cottin, is of antiquity, historians and poets, who already published, and is a very fa have written upon the subjects, and vourable specimen of typographical from which the original artist is preaccuracy, and general execution. sumed to have obtained the idea for

A Society of South American gen his design. tlemen have, we understand, under A gentleman, well know in the litetaken to publish every three months in rary world, is at present occupied in London a work chiefly relatiug to their preparing a History of Modern Italy. own country, called the Biblioteca This work, offering a compressed verAmericana, and intended to diffuse sion of M. de Sismondi's invaluable knowledge respecting a Continent so Histoire des Republiques Italiennes, Jittle known in England, and also to and completed from Muratori and other excite a taste for reading among their original authorities, is nearly ready for own countrymen.

publication in Svo. A singular work has just appeared, Early in August, will be published, entitled “ Sketches in Bedlam; or, Adratus, a Tragedy, with Amiabel or Characteristic Traits of Insanity as dis- the Cornish Lover, a Metrical Tale, played in the Cases of 140 Patients of founded on fact, and other poems. By both Sexes now or recently confined in R. C. Dallas, Esq. New Bethlem.” Drawn up from the in Preparing for the press, and shortly cidents supplied by such an Institution, will be published, a New Way to Pay it can bardly fail to be useful, as it will Old Debts. By John Scott, Esq. De-make its merits more generally known, dicated to the gentlenien of Bartholoand remove prejudices in the minds of mew-lane, and that neighbourhood. the uninformed on the subject. To the Edited by competent persons. inquisitive mind, a faithful exhibition The Seventh Edition of Mr. Fairof the various modifications of manja man's Account of the Public Funds, (and “ the correctness of the respec with considerable Additions, is in the tive statements, we are told, is entitled press. The work has been completely to the most implicit belief”) presents re-modelled; the accounts of the difan interesting field of study.

ferent stocks revised, corrected, and Mr. Williams has in contemplation brought down to the present time; and to publish, as soon as subscriptions for a variety of interesting and valuable indemnity can be obtained, designs information added, the whole calcufrom a complete series of antique lated to furnish a complete Manuel of Friezes, commonly known as the Phi. the Finances of Great Britaip. galian Marbles, comprehending the In a few days will be published, a celebrated contest between the Cen- volume, which has bitherto been contaurs and Lapithæ, and the battle of fiu.ed to private circulation, by Mr. the Greeks and Amazons; which for Alaric A. Watts, entitled, Poetical merly ornamented the cella of the Tem Sketches with Stanzas for music and ple of Apollo Epicurius, at Pbigalia, in other Poems. Arcadia, Greece : taken from these In the press, a new and handsome marbles, now deposited in the British edition of the works of the Rev. John Museum; consisting of 23 tablets, the Hurrions, viz. Sermons on Christ Crudesigns for wbich are made by various cified and Glorified, and on the Holy young artists of rising emigence of the Spirit. Now first collected with a Life British school; and are to be engraved of the Author, in 3 vols. 12 mo. in exact imitation of the original draw Also a New Edition of the Lime ings, in the lithographic manner, by Street Lecture Sermon, beautifully Mr. F. 0. Fioch.-The Temple was printed in 1 vol. 8vo. an object of universal admiration in

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