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Aug. 5.

Gibson, T. jan, and J. Eaves, Liverpool, ship

bread bakers, July 28. Garton, J. Myton, Kingston-upon-Hull, lighter.

man, July 29. Garland, M., M. Magnus, and B. Benjamin, late

of Bunhill-row, merchants, July 29, Gray, C. Upper Montague-street, St. Mary-le

bone, horse-dealer, July 26. Gibson, W. and F. Fomm, Trinity-square, corn

factors, July 22. Gooch, W. Harlow, Essex, wine-merchant,

July 19. Graham, R. Shorter's-court, Throgmorton-str.

stock-broker, Aug. 16. Good, P. P. Clapton, insurance-broker, Aug. 2. Grezg, T. R. and W. Phene,jun. Watling-street,

wholesale confectioners, July 12. Hillary, J. P. Little Tower-street, wine-mer.

chant, July 26. Hillier, W. Winchester, brewer, Aug. 6. Hamper, H. Cheltenham, hosier, July 25. Houghton, H. King's Arms-yard, Coleman-str.

merchant, July 22. Haile, M. Cheltenham, hotel-keeper, July 31. Hayley, T. Long-acre, fringe-manufacturer,

Aug. 9. Haffner, M. Cannon-street, St. George's, car.

penter, July 19. Humphreys, J. King's Arms-yard, Coleman-st.

merchant, July 22. Holman, W. Totnes, Devonshire, ironmonger,

July 31. Hudson, W. late of Havil-street, Camberwell,

bricklayer, July 29. Hartley, ś. and W. Hartley, Tadcaster, York.

shire, common-brewer, Aug. 11. Holt, M. Stoke, Coventry, watch-maker. Hardwidge, J. Wellington, Somersetshire, dra

per, July 23. Henesey, R. White Cross-street, St. Luke's,

timber-merchant, July 26. Houlbrooke, T. High Holborn, linen-draper,

July 29. Henzell, E.W. late of White Lion-wharf, Upper

Thames-street, corn-dealer, July 29. Hollis, J. Goswell-street-road, stone-mason. Henderson, J. Tunbridge-place, St. Pancras,

merchant, July 15. Hardy, W. Manchester, drysalter, Aug 5. Hemming, S. Biriningham, baker, Aug. 6. Hart, S. G. Harwich, merchant. Ivatts, J. Basing-lane, wine-merchant, Aug. 9. Jammison, J. Little Queen-street, coachmaker,

July 26. Jabet, R. Birmingham, bookseller, Aug. 9. Jones, R. P. Abergavenny, linen-draper, Aug. Jackson, J. Coventry, ribon-manufacturer, July

22. Keene, W.C. Mary-le-bone-street, farrier. Kirkland, J. and I. Badenoch, Coventry, ribon

manufacturers, July 19. Leech, J. and J. Hinchcliffe, Cateaton-street,

wholesale hosiers, July 26. Lee, J. Noble-street, jeweller, July 22. Leyburn, G. Bishopsgate-street, provision-mer

chant, July 26. Manning, J. Clement’s-inn, money-broker, July Moody, A. Long-lane, Bermondsey, tanner,

Parry, H. and W. Carleton, Monmouthshire,

tin-plate-manufacturers, Aug. 18. Peats, R. Oswestry, Shropshire, wine-merchant,

Aug. 9. Priddy, J. Oxford-st., wine merehant, July 26. Powell, P. Brighton, silk-mercer, Aug. 9. Phillips, P. King-street, Bartholomew-close,

merchant, July 19. Pattison, c. St Neot's, Hunts., ironmonger,

July 25, Paradise, J. Newcastle-street, Strand, jeweller,

July 26. Pickles, J. Keighley, Yorkshire, corn-dealer,

Aug. 4 Penrith, W. Bath, Irnen-draper, July 30. Petrie, J. late of Kempton, Middlesex, dealer. Richardson, F. Cheapside, merchant, Aug.9. Rolland, F. St. James's- st., perfumer, July 22. Ray, J. and J.R.Clare, Suffolk, bankers, Aug.5. Rowed, J. Queen-street, Finsbury, timber-mer

chant, Aug. 2. Sarvis, A. Sloane-street, Chelsea, upholsterer,

July 19. Shirley, R. Bucklersbury, carpet-manufacturer, ,

Aug. 9. Stevens, R. Soulbury, Buckinghamshire, dairy

man, Aug. 9. Story, T. Hunworth, Norfolk, miller, Aug. 8. Smith, J. Liverpool, leather-cutter, Aug. 7. Smith, W. H. Faversham, Kent, linen-draper, Shackle.J. Milk-st., Cheapside, hosier, July 22. Symes, W. Crewkern, Somersetshire, linen-dra.

per, July 21. Scott, S., W. Scott, and J. Smith, Ashford, Kent,

grocers, Aug. 2. Slater, A. late of Cuddington, Cheshire, corn

dealer, July 16. Swan, R. late of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire,

merchant, July 15. Smeeton, G. St. Martin's lane, printer. Sborey, J. Croydon, coal-merchant. Staff, Ē. Norwich, brick-maker, Aug. 9. Seaman, G. Bishopsgate-street, linen-draper,

July 26. Thomson, P. and C. A. Cornhill, wine-merchants,

Aug. 2. Tippetts, E. and E. Gethen, Basinghall-street,

factors, July 19. Tyler, W. Kimbolton, Hunts., currier, July 25. Vaughan, T. Chorley, Lancashire,cotton manu

facturer, July 30. Underhill,' I., J. Thomason, and J. M. Guest,

Birmingham, merchants, Aug. 5. Wight, T. Duke-street, St. James's, tailor, July

26. Westbrook, J. St. Albans, farmer, July 26. Woodcock, C. Norwich, coach-maker, July 26. Warner, R. Huntingdon, ironmonger, July 25. Wortley, V. Henry-street, Hampstead-rvad,

grocer, July 15. Worrell, S., A. Pope, and J. Edmonds, Bristol,

bankers, Aug. 15. Winch, B. sen. Hawkhurst, Kent, farmer, July

19. Warneford, J. York, grocer, Aug. 12. Wright, R. Hatfield Broad Oaks, Essex, grocer,

Aug 9. Wallis, C. Cheltenham, builder, July 30. Worhall, J. and J. 'Thurston, Catherine-street,

Strand, upholsterers, Aug. 9. Woolcock, J. Truro, draper, Aug. 2. Wilson, R. Birmingham, merchant, Aug. 5. Webster, R. and W. Bishop-Wearmouth, Dur

ham, merchants, Aug. 5. Warrington, 0. Manchester, linen-draper, Aug. Ward, J. Stratford-upon-Avon, stationer, Aug.

July 22.
Martindale, J. St. James's-street, Westminster,

wine-merchant, July 29.
Mitchell, T. Bow, Middlesex, linen-draper, Aug.

Miller, W. Rye, draper, Aug. 16.
Maxwell, T. Salisbury, linen-draper, Aug. 9.
M'Alpine, W. and A. Young, Charing-cross, and

J. Barr and W. Maddocks, Cheapside, calico-
printers, July 19.
Newell, R. Hereford, tailor, Aug. 5
Owen, J. Madeley Wood, Salop, dealer in coals,

Aug. 12,

6 Wilkinson, H. Liverpool, merchant, Aug. 6. Young, P. and B.S. Brockhurst, Wapping, rope.

makers, Aug. 2.




From JUNE 25, to JULY 28, 1823.
By T. BLUNT, Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, No. 22, CORNAILL.


Bar. Ther. Wind. Obser. Bar. Ther Wind. Obser. Bar. Ther. Wind. Obser. 26 29-59 65 S.W. Fair 7 29-66 63 S.W. Fair 18/29 74 54 S.W. Rain 27 29.28 60

Ditto 829-62 60 S.W. Ditto 19 29 89 57 S.W. Ditto 29 29 29 64 S.W. Rain 9 29-85 62 NW. Ditto 20 29-75 73 S.W. Fair 29, 29.58 65 S.W. Ditto 10.30-10 64 S.W. Ditto 2129-73

67 S.W. Rain 30 29.90 60 S.W. Fair 11'29 69 62 S.W. Ditto 2229-78

63 S.W. Ditto 129 86 62 N.E, Ditto 12 29-65 60 S.W. Rain

23 29:59

58 S.W. Ditto 2 29-94 64 S.W. Ditto 13 29-59 69 S.W. Ditto 24 29 61 54 W. Fair 3 29.99 66 N Ditto 14 29-68 62 S.W. Ditto 25 29 64 57

SW. Shwy. 4 29.94 57 S. Rain 15 29.69 63 S.W. Fair 26 29.58 54 W

Ditto 5 29 90 60 S.W, Fair 16 29-57 60 S.W, Ditto 27 29-94 56 N.W. Fair 6'29.76 68 S.W. Ditto 17 29 79 58 N. Ditto | 28 29-82 58 S.W. Shwy.


JULY 18, 1823.

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Messrs. WOLFE and EDMONDS, No. 9, 'Change-Alley, Cornbill.

[F. Warr, Red Lion Passage, Holborn.]


AUGUST, 1823 :




Member of the Academy of St. Luke, Rome, &e.



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Original Essags.



Durazzo; a Tragedy, in five acts.. 157 MEMOIR OF JOHN JACKSON, Esq. R. A.

Ancient Mysteries Described, especially

99 Memoir of Sir John Fleming Leicester,

English Miracle Plays, among the MS.S. Bart.

in the British Museum. By William

161 The Three Sisters ; a Tale from the Geral Honovil

A Letter to Mistresses of families, on the

105 Lines to her who will understand them 111

Cruelty of employing Children in Sweep

163 Epistles of Mary, Queen of Scots. By

ing Chimnies. By J.C. Hudson.....

The Life of Ali Pacha, of Jannina, Vizier 110

Paris, ()
Memoir of Kosciusko, the Polish Patriot.. 119

Essay on Latin Verbs, by Dr. Gilchrist 167 The Orphan....

Points of Humour, illustrated by platës,

129 St. Kevin's Bed

167 from designs by George Cruikshank

130 The Death of a Miser; a Tale........... 138 An Easy Introduction to Short Hand ....

The Temple of Truth, an allegorical poem 168 Sketches of Popular Preachers-Rev. Basil Wood, A.M.

142 The Songs of De Berangetrabismo...... 143 ... Science and Literatuvel: sit

FOREIGN. - America - Africa -- Asia Fine Arts. i , si .'.', 2 Depmark-Swede Russia Poland) 1

-Germany--Italy--Switzerland--France. 171 Exhibition at the British Gallery


Engli89.-Literary Intelligence-Works Exhibition at the Gallery of the Society of

in the Pressfitd...id.se

176 Painters in Water Colours

148 Society of British Artists, and their new

The Drama. Rooms now building ...

150 Intelligence relative to the Fine Arts..... 152

Haymarket Theatre

180 English Opera House

180 London Keview. POLITICAL DIGEST.....


184 FOREION BOOKS, Births, Marriages, and Deaths

185 Critical Examination of Mad. de Stael's Commercial Report

188 "* Considerations on the French Revolu

List of Patents

188 tion," &c. by J. Ch. Bailleul

List of Bankrupts and Dividends

189 Tales of a Grandmother ; or, a Visit to East India Shipping List

191 a Chateau, during a Snow.

Meteorological Table

192 Countess d'Hautpoul 157 Price of Canal Shares, &c,


By the


Published for the Proprietors,
And Sold by all the Booksellers in the United Kingdom.



Intelligence relative to the Fine Arts, at Leeds, shall appear in our next number.

Memoir of Archdeacon Wrangham is received.
We thank our “ Subscriber,” near Kendal, for his suggestions.
I. B. D. will find our opinion of his Poem in our notice of last month.
Verses by W, T, in our next number.


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This distinguished Artist was born Mulgrave, and in the following at Lastingham, a small village in the year became a student of the Royal North Riding of Yorkshire, on the Academy, 31st of May, 1778, He had from In 1807 he was established as a his childhood a predilection for portrait painter, and has every sucdrawing; and by the time he left ceeding year furnished some speci. school, (by the assistance of his men of his abilities for the Exhibi. master;) had made greater profi- tion at Somerset House. ciency than the slender means he In 1816 he was elected an Associate possessed appeared to warrant. of the Royal Academy; and in the

In 1797, at nineteen years of age, same year accompanied the Hon. he ventured to offer himself as a General Phipps, in a tour through painter of portraits in miniature, at Holland and Flanders. York; and during one of his itine- In 1818 he was elected R. A. rant excursiops to Whitby had the In 1819 Mr. Jackson and Mr. honour of an introduction to Lord Chantrey, the celebrated sculptor, Mulgrave, by whom he was patron. made the tour of Italy, by the way of ized, and recommended to the notice Geneva, Milan, Padua, Venice, Bo. of the Earl of Carlisle, At Castle logna, Florence, and Rome, where Howard he had the great advantage he met with great attention from of studying a magnificent collection Canova, who sat to him for his of pictures, in itself an excellent portrait, for Mr. Chantrey.-An school; where he copied the Three engraving of this painting, so celeMaries, by Annibale Carracci, with brated for its spirited and faithful considerable success.

resemblance, embellished the numIn 1804 he came to London, ber of our Magazine for the month under the patronage of the Earl of of November last.

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