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Such is the patriot's boast : there'er ve roam,
His first, best country erer is at home.
And yet, perhaps, if countries we compare,
And estimate the blessings which they share,
Though patriots flatter, still shall wisdom find
An equal portion dealt to all mankind;
As different good, by art or nature giren
To different nations, makes their blessings even.'

GOLDSMITH's Trareller.'


(All rights reserred.)



THE FOLLOWING NARRATIVE of a tour round the world, made almost entirely in the course of last year, is taken, in some parts word for word, from a journal kept by the writer while en voyage.' It is not intended to be more than an easy, truthful, and, it is hoped, an interesting account of the men and manners, of the various objects of interest, natural and artificial, seen in the different countries visited.

From the short time occupied in the tour (thirteen months only, of which five were consumed in steamers in passing from one country to another), the writer is well aware that his narrative must be in many respects superficial; nor can he expect to have gleaned many ears in addition to the abundant harvest gathered by previous reapers in the same fields of novelty and interest. For the same reason, and lest he should incur the charge of being guided by that hasty knowledge which “ rushes in ’ where more mature experience “fears to tread,' he has refrained from

entering into discussions on the many moot points of fact, and “vexatæ quæstiones' of theory, which connect themselves in almost everyone's mind with nearly every country, new or old.

If the narrative affords pleasant reading to some, gives information to a few, and encourages anyone who has 1,5001. to spare, and two years' leisure on hand, (for thirteen months is all too short a time), to start on a similar route round the world, the writer's object will be attained.

June, 1871.

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